"Nurse Manager Or Leader Play A Role In The Reengineering Of Health Care" Essays and Research Papers

Nurse Manager Or Leader Play A Role In The Reengineering Of Health Care

 Health Care Managers Roles and Functions HCS/325 Health Care Managers Roles and Functions Health care managers play a part in many roles and functions. “A manager is anyone in an organization who supports and is responsible for the work performance of one or more other persons. Managers can have a variety of titles (including supervisor, team leader, division head, administrator, vice president, and more), but all managers share some common traits”...

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Leaders and Managers in Health Care

Leaders’ and Managers’ Impact on Health Care Healthy working areas are necessary in preserving positive interactions amongst nurses and between the patients and the nurses. The stressors within nursing may cause burnout and nonattendance or absenteeism which then may cause a shortage in health care (Shirey, 2006). A leader is vital in helping to maintain retention of the nursing population as this person will have positive influence on the environment where nurses practice. A smooth operating...

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Role Play in Health Care

Role Play � PAGE * MERGEFORMAT �4� "Ok Sam, the patient in trauma room 7 needs an x-ray". "Ok Smith, what's the status of the patient"? "Sam, she is a 20 year old female with potential bilateral fractures to both femurs, a potentially pelvis fracture, non-ambulatory, and non-weight bearing". I remember this scenario so well because it was the first time I had to actually perform outside of textbook knowledge. As I think about my clinical experiences while going through school for my Associates...

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Nurse: Health Care Field

The Importance of Communication When Delivering Patient Care Valerie Davenport Ohio University The health care field has numerous amounts of individuals that care for patients or assist with their care. All persons that assists with a patients care must be able to communicate effectively amongst each other and this includes the nurse. Nursing is a communicative intervention and is founded on effective communication. Nurses have to communicate with various people such as: patients, families...

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Interview of a Health Care Leader

INTERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE LEADER Interview of Health Care Leader Jonell Benson University of Phoenix NURS/492 August 16, 2010 Charles Silveri Interview of Health Care Leader A leader is a person who has a vision (Owen, 2002). A leader has drive and is committed to achieving their goals and vision. Leaders focus their attention on problems that need to be fixed, and will tackle the situation at hand. Leaders are determined, motivated, careful planners and effective communicators. Leaders are positive...

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Nursing and Health Care Delivery

Master's Prepared Nursing Roles RSMT Task 1 Form 1. According to (“Roles & Responsibilities”, 2008) Master’s prepared nurse’s role as a researcher includes collaborating and coordinating with others to identify significant researchable problems. In doing so the nurse must be involved in scientific investigation and must be a consumer of research findings. As a nurse researcher you must be conscious of the research process, how it would improve health care by utilizing evidence based practice...

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Roles and Function of Health Care

Roles and Function of Health Care Mangers Shelly Williams Hughes HCS/325- health Care Management Shawn Matheson February 18, 2013 Introduction In the new health care work place everybody must respond and adapt to rapid changes in sociality, science as well as the shifting need of today’s patient(). These changes have also changed the role of health care managers. The four major functions of health care managers are organizing, planning, controlling and leading. How these functions...

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Interview of Health Care Leader

Interview of Health Care Leader Lori Raulerson NUR/492 April 30, 2012 Berthenya Dunbar Interview of Health Care Leader In today’s rapid changing world, leaders are very pertinent, especially in the field of nursing. Good nursing leaders have the ability to provide direction, facilitate structure to reach goals, and cohesiveness throughout team members. Leader by definition is “someone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish specific goals” (Sullivan & Decker, 2009...

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The History of Public Health and the Role of the Community/Public Health Nurse

Running head: PUBLIC HEALTH AND ROLE OF THE COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE 1 PUBLIC HEALTH AND ROLE OF THE COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE 2 The History of Public Health and the Role of the Community/Public Health Nurse When considering the evolution of healthcare and the role of the nurse in the United States, many people might first consider this in the context of the hospital setting. While the history of acute care is an important area to consider, it is imperative that equal attention be given...

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Novice to Expert Nurse Leader

NOVICE TO EXPERT NURSE LEADER By Gwen Travis Gonzaga University NURS 553 The path to nursing leadership most often progresses from novice to expert nurse and then onto a novice nurse manager. The novice nurse manager is asked to lead and rarely given the tools or knowledge to be successful in this new role. The Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition discussed by Patricia Benner includes the following five levels of competency in the clinical nurse (Benner, 1982): * Level I – NOVICE –...

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Professional Role of a Nurse

A nurse is defined as a person that is trained to take care of the sick as well as those who are injured, especially in the hospital. Nursing, however, is defined as the promotion and protection of health and abilities; the prevention of illness and injuries. Having a clear understanding of the history of nursing allows other nurses to gain more of an appreciation for the important role that the profession has played in the Health Care System. (Egenes, 2007) According to the American Nurses Association...

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Environmental Health Care Check List

are discharged in a timely manner – Yes • Case management is the system of nursing care delivered for inpatient and outpatient care – Yes • Home care services are provided – Yes • Ambulatory or outpatient surgery services are offered – Yes • Opportunities exist for advanced practice nurses – Yes • Standardization of medical and nursing care plans are in effect using critical paths and evidence-based care – Yes • Skilled nursing units are available – Yes • Staffing requirements are based...

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Roles: Management and Health Care

Roles and Functions HCS/325 November 3, 2011 Delores Ireland Roles and Function The role of a manager is interpersonal, decisional, and informational. Within these roles the manager must be able to interact with others within the company structure as well as external structures. They must also utilize information through analysis, distribution, and receiving. Information must be used for opportunities, decision making, and problem solving. Functions of managers are to use strategy to...

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Nurse Leader Interview

Nursing Leader Interview The nurse manager of the cardiac rehabilitation unit has been a formal nurse leader for the past five years. The conversation began with a discussion about her personal leadership style and how it evolved from a knee jerk style to her current democratic style. Being a nurse leader requires adaptation and flexibility. Administration, Medicare, and certifying organizations require changes to be made frequently to improve patient care. These changes are often tied to service...

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One of Characteristics of Clinical Leader: Be Supportive to New Nurses

One of characteristics of clinical leader: be supportive to new nurses Introduction In health care, the leader role in medical units has evolved from solely medical to more managerial as well (Maddux, Maddux, &Hakim, 2008). It has been noted that leadership styles are important in transforming, creating meaning, and producing desirable employee outcomes; thus they can benefit organizational performance and even survival, especially for new employee (McNeese-Smith,1995). Employee behaviors such...

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Education: Nursing and Clinical Nurse Leader

Question 1 identify the educational preparation and role(s) of the clinical nurse leader (CNL) designation. Give an example of how the CNL influences direct patient care whether in a hospital or out in the community. Answer1  There are six elements to the CNL role, they are: leadership and change, interdisciplinary relationships, knowledge transfer, outcomes management, clinician at the point of care, and professional development. CNLs should be assigned to a specific unit of the hospital...

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Nursing: Health Care and Nurses

evolving in the health care system, there must be a transformation in nursing education, practice and leadership. Based on these changes and transformation, the Institute of Medicine (IOM), released the report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.” This comprehensive report explores the need of the profession to adapt to changes and prepare to meet challenges that will occur as a result of the health care reform. With the recent passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions...

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Organizational Analysis Nurse Leader

Running heading: ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS: THE NURSE LEADER Nurse Manager Melissa Herpel is the Nurse Manager at Express Family Clinic (EFC). She is remarkably achieved her Master's degree of science in Nursing from University of Texas at Austin in 2005. She also holds Family Nurse Practitioner Certification (FNP-C), which is designed for current registered nurses who carry their Master of Science in Nursing. Individual in the program have the opportunity to learn and understand...

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Nurse Leader

Nursing leaders are crucial to any nursing organization. They motivate, empower, influence, and communicate the organization’s vision to create change within the organization. Respectable nursing depends on noble nursing leaders. This paper will highlight Florence Nightingale nursing leadership and describe her leadership characteristics. It will further depict the democratic style Florence Nightingale utilized throughout her career. Florence Nightingale was not only a nurse, she was a researcher...

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Health Care Delivery Models

 Health Care Delivery Models March 10, 2015 Leanne McLeod LBWCC The primary goal of all health care facilities is to provide safe, quality cost-effective to all patients. This is best accomplished when the number of staff members are closely matched to the number of patients. According to Cherry and Jacobs (2014), patient care delivery systems detail the way task assignments, responsibility, and authority are structured to accomplish patient care. Through different delivery systems...

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Nurse Staffing Ratios CORRECT

 Nurse Staffing Ratios Grand Canyon University Roles and Responsibilities in Leadership NRS-451V April 26, 2015 Nurse Staffing Ratios There have been series of changes in the way healthcare professionals carry out their clinical practices in recent years. Some of these changes are because evidenced-based practices based on scientific research is now being used, in clinical practices. These innovations have affected both the patient and the nurse who provides the care. According to Welton...

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Nursing Leadership/Management Role in Budgets

Nurse Leadership/Management Role in Financial Management and Budgeting Kimberly Lizama Holy Names University NURS 151 10 FS December 6, 2010 Abstract The following paper discusses the nurse manager’s/leader’s role in healthcare financial management and budgeting. The definition of a budget is a detailed financial plan. The nurse manager/leader is responsible in knowing and understanding the different types and budgets within the healthcare organization: operating, capital expenditure, and...

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Role of the Health Care Worker

The role of the health and social care worker HSC025 ALL OUTCOMES IN RED ARE OBSERVATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY YOUR ASSESSOR. THE INFORMATION GIVEN INDICATES THE TYPES OF THINGS YOUR ASSESSOR WILL BE LOOKING FOR Understand working relationships in health and social care OUTCOME 1 1. Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship A working relationship is where you are placed with other people and work as part of a team where each individual is working...

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the role of the Health and social care worker

025: The role of the health and social care worker. 1.1 A personal relationship can come under three categories, family, sexual and friendships. A working relationship is different from a personal relationship. A family relationship is a relationship that you would have with parents, grandparents, siblings and children. Depending on the type of family they can be close or distant. Family is one where you get most of your influences from and as you grow up they play a large role in the type...

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The Role of the Nurse in Interdisciplinary Rounds

The Role of the Nurse Historically the role of the nurse has been as a patient advocate. Nurses’ have advanced from being seen as low cost labor to an autonomous practioner. Prior to Florence Nightingale the nurse was a member of a religious order or under the direction of the military. Florence Nightingale established the first nursing schools and was responsible for their own practice. In the early 1900’s nursing education was taken over by hospitals and the licensing of nurses began...

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Nurse Staffing Ratios

Nurse staffing ratios Running head: NURSE STAFFING RATIOS Nurse Staffing Ratios Maureen K. Halstead Grand Canyon University: Theories and Concepts in Leadership and Management/451V September 15, 2012 Nurse Staffing Ratios Over the past number of years there has been a nursing shortage which has led to the need of more registered nurses in the hospital setting. This is due to the uprising acuity of patient care and a decrease in there overall hospital stay...

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Approaches undertaken by leaders and managers in nursing

Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management The arrangement of health care system has reciprocated in regard to provide quality and modest care. The treatment of healthcare facilities have changeover at different levels in speciality care and acute illnesses to defensive health plan. The changes have seized effective direct approaches and delivery care. With the effort to balance the demands of patient needs in health care, many considerations are made including adjustments with budgets, decreasing...

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The Role of a Nurse

| The Role Of A Nurse | Child Nursing | | Leann oneill | [Pick the date] | | The role of a nurse I have been asked to research and write a report about the role of a nurse. The particular nursing profession I am going to write about is that of a Child nurse. The purpose of this report is to identify the duties of a Child nurse, and the training needed to qualify in this branch of nursing. To do this I am first going to explain the role of a Child nurse then I will look at...

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Nurse Educator and Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator Role in Health Care Changes Teaching is an integral part in the practice of nursing. Every Nurse Educators (NE) plays a fundamental part on the enhancement of the nursing workforce by serving as role models in the improvement on management, implementation and evidence-based practice of an effective patient care. Whether they work in schools or clinical environments, NE equips and guides future patient care providers into future leaders of the nursing profession...

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Health Care Management

Health Care Management Lisa Eisele Brown Mackie College My career is going to consist of being able to manage a health care facility and to be a manager or supervisor in any health care field. Also, I could work in the department I work for now as a supervisor or manager of Health Information Management. I will be able to do these things since I am going for my Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management. The reason that I chose this program is because I have worked in Health Information...

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A Nurses Role in Relation to Promoting Clients Oral Health

A Nurses role in relation to promoting clients oral health This essay will describe the nurse’s role in relation to promoting the adult clients oral health. As a nurse will have to promote or provide oral care for a client, it is essential for the nurse to have an understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the mouth. This essay begins by briefly describing the basic structure, functions of the mouth, and then describes the nurse’s role in promoting oral hygiene to the non-dependant patient...

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Nurses: Nursing and Health Care

Branches Nurses have a great contribution to our society. Nurses are professionals who are specialized in caring for human’s health such as sicknesses, diseases, and illnesses. The nursing profession is divided into many different kinds of branches, in which the responsibility of the nurses vary according to their specialization. Licensed Practical Nurses provide the most basic health care to the patients. Registered Nurses have a greater responsibility; they provide direct health care to the patient...

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Communication in health and social care

In any health and social care setting communication is extremely important. The way we communicate with people depends on the situation and the environment; there are different types of health and social care settings some of these include, residential nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s surgery and schools and many more. There are a huge range of people that use these services and we call these the service users, each service user has different needs that must be met. Health and social care professionals...

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Health Care Roles in Communication

Health Care Roles in Communication Healthcare communication can be perceived and affected in many different ways. Some of these ways include the perspectives of the caregivers, the roles of the patients and the caregivers, cultural views or beliefs, over or under supporting strategies, boundaries of job parameters, body language, time restraints, environmental factors, and levels of stress and burnout. “How would patient care change if the entire team of providers (nurses, doctors, and therapists)...

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Nurses Promoting Mental Health

Promoting Mental Health Introduction The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” and that the “enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.” (World Health Organization. 2006) As nurses, health and health promotion are fundamental...

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Quality Improvement in Primary Care

Improvement in Primary Care Veronica Oglesbay Davenport University HCMG770 Lynn Szostek, PhD November 20, 2010 Abstract Primary care is medical care provide to patient on first contact with the medical system (primary care definition). Essential primary care provide health care for most of the simply illness before the patient need reference to a specialist. The actual health care environment has to deal with rapid constant changes. Changes that also affect the primary care practice, this means...

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Role of Nurses

Nursing is a healthcare profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses work in a wide variety of specialties where they may work independently or as part of a team to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate care. Nursing Science is a field of knowledge based on the contributions of nursing scientists through peer-reviewed scholarly journals and evidenced-based practice. Nursing as a profession ...

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The role of the health and social care worker

attachment and it is based around role, where personal relationship is based around emotion and attachment. A personal relationship is a relationship formed through choice, with someone who I like, who I share interests and feelings not goal with need to be rich. 1.2 Describe different working relationships in health and social care settings There are many different relationships in my work. A first relationship with come to my head is between team leader and staff. Team leader act in accordance with policies...

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Healthcare Promotion a Nurses Role

Health Care Promotion the Nurses Role Beverly C. Easterwood Grand Canyon University Healthcare promotion is very complex and has many facets that have to be addressed in order to have an effect on the population. There are three levels of health promotion; primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary health care promotion is teaching how to prevent a...

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Telenursing: Health Care and Nurse

Krystle Gonzales College of Nursing NR 305 Health Assessment Professor Sherer Telenursing Telenursing is a new technology used to deliver nursing services to patients where the patient and the nurse communicate directly through audios or videos. It was developed in the 1970’s to curb the professional nurse shortage. Telenursing seeks to monitor a patient while at home, therefore preventing admission and readmission of a patient in a health facility. The telehealth equipment used to...

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Nurses Role and Individualised Patient Care

will describe the nurses role and discuss individualised patient care based around legal and ethical frameworks that guide and govern nurses in their roles as healthcare professionals. A five stage process to nursing care is one framework use to deliver this care and consists of assessment, diagnosis, care planning, implementation and evaluation and is an on-going, continuous cycle that only ends when goals are achieved and homeostasis is restored, or reasonable expectations of health for individuals...

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Health Care Management

Health care management and technology Introduction Clearly, there are many reasons why health care in general is a very important aspect of our daily lives. Many people don't tend to realize that healthcare just doesn't consist of just doctors, but it also consists of dieticians, nurses, physicians, dieticians, and therapists. They all tend to play a major role into making sure that all people whether American or from a foreign country are maintaining their health. "An ounce of prevention...

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Interview a Healthcare Leader

Interview of Health Care Leader Interview of Health Care Leader My background and role in the interview was to determine what it takes to be an effective leader. The central issue to understand before conducting an interview with any subject is to ask oneself these following questions. They include, who is this subject? What does he or she do? How does he or she work and what makes them who they are? Asking these questions also are important when one is conducting an interview with a leader of a health...

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Roles of Managers and Leaders

Roles of Managers and Leaders Introduction An organization without a leader with a vision may be destined to fail. In the same respect, an organization without a qualified manager to carry out that vision could be in total chaos. It may be possible for the role of leader and manager to be played by the same person; but in all likelihood, they are portrayed by two totally different individuals; especially if within a large organization such as the United States Postal Service (Postal Service)....

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Quality of Care in Health Care Settings

Questions Answered: What is the problems with quality care today? Why is quality of care lacking in areas? Quality of care plays an important role in assuring the standards of nursing performance. By providing specific performance requirements, standards of nursing performance can improve and provide quality of nursing care in health care settings (Scope & Standards, pg 33). Quality care is one of the most significant nursing standards of modern time. This particular standard must be implemented...

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Nursing and Health Care

report focuses on the nurses as the largest group of health care professionals and identifies nurses as key leaders in health care reform. The nursing profession is the largest group of healthcare professionals, consisting of over 3 million members (Battie, 2013). As the cornerstone of the medical system and essential in providing patient care, nurses are the key stakeholders in any change in the structure of the medical field. As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, nurses will be expected...

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Respective Roles of Other Health Care Professionls

Respective Roles of Other Health Care Professionals Richard Marte HS 100 Introduction to Health Science Kaplan University Abstract The field of medicine includes many different professions. Some serve a more inclusive role than others, but are equally important. Others serve vital proactive roles in the effort to avoid or minimize the risk of experiencing decease. The interaction of many Health Care Professionals is what makes it all work. Effective communication and the collaboration of all Health Care...

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Healthcare Leader Interview

Health Care Leader Interview NUR/492 June 17, 2013 Healthcare changes occurring today along with shrinking budgets and reimbursement rates for hospitals has forced institution CEOs to do more with less. Changes and restructuring of various health facilities require nursing leaders with flexibility and adaptability. Nurse leaders must also consider budgetary constraints, cost effectiveness, patient safety, and quality care while maintaining focus on improved patient outcome. The responsibility...

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The Retention and Shortage f Nurses in Healthcare

The Retention and Shortage of Nurses in Health Care The current nursing shortage and high turnover rate among nurses is a great concern, not only for health care organizations but also for the general population. The increase in an older population, as the “Baby Boomers” approach retirement age will add to this shortage, leaving many to wonder who will take care of them in their golden years. Subsequently, many of these “Baby Boomers” are nurses themselves and will be retiring, adding to the...

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Government's Role on Health Care

government does for our country in regards to health care? Many have the impression that the government is not really of much assistance to them. However, in reality, the government does more than most people realize. The government actually plays a vital role in health care but most people look past it. I am sure very few people have actually sat down and pondered or even have done research to find out the impact of the government’s role in health care. However, I intend to clear up this misconception...

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Nurse Satisfaction

How Nursing Leadership Affects Staff Nurses’ Job Satisfaction Rhonda Rychlik Queens University How Nursing Leadership Affects Staff Nurses’ Job Satisfaction The constant and rapidly changing health care environment dramatically affects nursing practice today. Health care leaders are faced with the problem of achieving their strategic goals while balancing finances, productivity, quality outcomes and employee and patient satisfaction. The health care environment is competitive and chaotic...

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Nurse Leader Interview

 Nurse Leader Interview Tonya Reed NUR/587 – Leadership and Management in Nursing and Health Care January 12, 2015 Lita Tsai Nurse Leader Interview Leadership is the inspiration for desired response and getting work done through others (Tomey, 2009). The person, I have chosen to take part in helping me to do the interview, is T.E. She is a 30 year old African America. T.E. was born in Kingston, Jamaica on January 18, 1984 and lived there until she was ten years old. She grew up in poverty in...

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Advancing Diversity Leadership in Health Care

Advancing Diversity Leadership in Health Care In 2011, the search and consulting firm Witt/Kieffer conducted a survey of US health care leaders. The survey was conducted to gain a perspective of challenges and success factors in regards to increasing leaders who are ethnically diverse. The article gives a brief overview of social science principles, and cultural values which are strong influencers on the choices we make and the people we become. If, conceptualized, such approaches should prove...

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Health Care and Student

Self Assessment A career in health care is a growing segment in the developing world. Home health care is not a considerably understood role for nurses. In some ways because people view home health care as care only for the older patient and in some ways because the responsibility of a nurse in home health often varies. The nurse’s role in home health is one of a nurse, professional, companion, friend, and much more. Nurse’s job duties in home health never end. In this paper the student...

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My Role as a Nurse in Canada

order for collaboration to be successful. As a nurse in a health care setting, collaboration is very important to facilitate better patient outcomes. During my practice in the hospital communication is vital for collaborative nursing to be successful. Team work is the key for all staff member. Working together requires communication. As healthcare professionals, we need to look at the whole picture and meet all of the needs of our patients. As nurses, it is essential that we give up some power and...

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How Can Inter-Proffesional Working Improve the Quality of Health Care

improve the quality of health care. Concepts of interprofessional working will be looked at. Examples observed or carried out on assessment ward in the mental health practice area will be drawn upon to explore the concepts of interprofessional working and quality. Issues relating to interprofessional working will be identified and will explored based on experience. ‘Quality’ is very difficult to define so this will be attempted using certain criteria. The report ‘High Quality Care for All’ published...

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Human Resources in Health Care

Human Resources In Health Care Francine Mahase HCS 341 April 9, 2012 Deidra Johnson Human Resources in Health Care The health care industry is an ever changing, rapidly advancing industry. Each health care facility tries to be the leader in the industry and outshining the competition. To accomplish such tasks, it is essential for an organization to have the best technology and the best employees; this requires an efficient human resources department. Human resource management has many applications...

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Health Care Compliance Manager

Dawn Campbell Healthcare Compliance Manager Course Project Ms. Tammy Card February 23, 2008 “Healthcare Compliance Manager provides career tracks for compliance specialists who are responsible for monitoring health and human services program operations for compliance with federal and state regulations and standards in order to promote health and safety, assure that public services are delivered properly, or prevent fraud. Areas assessed may include service delivery, eligibility determination...

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Nurses Role in Substance Abuse

Nurses Role in Substance Abuse Introduction: Nurses Role in Substance Abuse The purpose of this Power Point is to bring awareness, education, and recognition to this growing disease called SUBSTANCE ABUSE: the associated risk factors that accompany substance use and addiction that challenges the nursing role of today. Substance abuse remains a major health concern affecting not only the patient but also families and their communities. As nurses we play a vital role in assessing, evaluating...

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Educational Entry Level for Professional Nurses

requirement for entry into professional nursing was released in 1965 by the American Nurses Association. This stimulates an ongoing frustrating debate among nurses. The Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is the largest healthcare profession with 2.5 million jobs and is projected to generate 587,000 more jobs between 2006-2016. Despite strength in numbers nurses are the least educated of all the interdisciplinary healthcare team members...

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