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Non Technical Paper Presentation Topic

most customers. Achieving Big Hairy Audacious Goals Do your leaders and teams’ goals inspire them to achieve extraordinary results? Do they understand your long-term vision for the company, and how they fit into this long-term vision? This presentation or workshop will provide you with some proven techniques to ensure that your people achieve inspiring and audacious short-term goals, and will show you how to coach them to have long term personal goals that are in congruence with your company...

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A Paper Presentation Contest in Retail Management

Retailers Association of India (rai) Announces A Paper Presentation Contest in RETAIL MANAGEMENT At “Talking Shop” -The RAI-GSB Retail Conclave Retailers Association of India (rai) announces a Paper Presentation Contest for the management students of B-Schools in Retailing Excellence in India on the occasion of ‘Talking Shop 2010’ to be held from September 29th – 30th, 2010 at Gnanam School of Business,Thanjavur. We invite papers on the following guidelines: Defined Areas in Retail...

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Technical Paper

Technical Paper: Risk Assessment Strayer University CIS 502 December 15, 2013 Risk Assessment Describe the company network, interconnection, and communication environment. In order to support their growing business, Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) has taken necessary actions to ensure their network remains fault tolerant and resilient from any network failures. GFI has acquired network devices in order to support their network and maintain interconnection among their employees and...

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Possible Topics for Marketing Paper

Possible Topics for Marketing Paper Identifying good topic for marketing paper is a challenging task even for a qualified and professional academic writer. It's not a secret that your topic should correspond to specific class or subject. For instance, “Marketing mix of Google” can be a good topic for a marketing paper prepared for “Introduction to Marketing” class. However, such kind of a topic for a marketing paper is not relevant to such classes as “International Marketing” or “Marketing Management”...

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Technical Communication

Technical Communication Chapter 1. Introduction to Technical Communication. Communication is the exchange of thoughts, message or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. Derived from the Latin word “communis”, meaning to share. Communication requires a sender, a message, and a recipient, although the receiver need not be present or aware of the sender’s intent to communicate at the time of communication; thus communication can occur across vast distance in time and...

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Technical Paper

Technical Paper: Information Systems Security Shauna Martin Professor Keppler CIS 333: Networking Security Fund 6/8/12 As an information security officer for a small pharmacy there are a few things that need to be addressed. As with all companies it is top priority to make sure that the data that is input into the machines stays safe and to make sure that the people using the computers know it is their responsibility as well. As a security officer my supervisor has asked me to identify...

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Presentation Analysis Worksheet

Phoenix Material Presentation Analysis and Adaptation Worksheet Speaker Silas Orozco_____________ Topic Windows 10_______________________________ Who is the audience for this presentation? General public and computer programmers. What is the purpose of this presentation? Inform people of the new windows operating system by Microsoft, how it is improved over the last system, and the advantages it will bring. Explain how the topic is specific and relates to the audience. The topic relates to everyone...

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Presentation Analysis and Adaptation Worksheet

Material Presentation Analysis and Adaptation Worksheet Speaker ___________ Topic: Jalapenos Stuffed with Cream Cheese, Bacon-Wrapped Who is the audience for this presentation? Family and Friends who want to host impromptu gatherings, and wanting to learn how to create simple refreshments. What is the purpose of this presentation? Because of work, school, and family time these individuals have little to no time to prepare for a gathering. Explain how the topic is specific...

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Topic Paper

 The Scarred Teen: Adolescent Self-Mutilation Christina M. Nicholson Liberty University: PSYC 231-B02 Abstract Self-mutilation in teens is not a new or abnormal trend and is not one that will be going anywhere any time soon. This paper will review the basics of self-mutilation, in all areas, such as the origin of the issue, facts and statistics about it, ways to help cope and treat it, and also the overall worldview about it. Self-mutilation can affect males or females, usually...

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Technical Writing

In order to be a good technical writer a good grasp of the English language, spelling, and grammar is necessary. Other skills such as organization, problem solving, and good communication are also good skills to have. Organization consists of not only keeping notes and information organized in order to formulate the writing, but also creating an organized and logical piece that follows the necessary order and is complete. Solving problems includes the ability to create alternatives or rework issues...

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Non Technical Topic

against the body of regional writers, we considered the body of IWE writers as a unified whole. Peering closer into the latter, we find there exists the boundary between the native writer (meaning IWE writer based in India) and the NRI one (meaning the Non-Resident Indian IWE writer). The divide is yet another facet of the all-pervading issue of authenticity. What the regional writer wields as a weapon against IWE as a whole, the native IWE writer wields against the NRI. The thrust of his argument...

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Hints on Writing Technical Papers and Making Presentations

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION, VOL. 42, NO. 2, MAY 1999 Hints on Writing Technical Papers and Making Presentations Victor O. K. Li, Fellow, IEEE Abstract— This paper is an attempt to give some guidelines on how to write a good technical paper and to make good presentations, important skills for a successful career in research and teaching. Index Terms—Technical presentation, technical writing, thesis presentation. I. INTRODUCTION I have been involved in a career in research and...

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Topics: Agriculture and Size Paper

(Arts/Commerce/Science/M.C.V.C.) The students of above classes are requested to complete and submit the EVS project and Journal assignment. The instructions regarding it are as follows:Part A: E.V.S. Project 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 E.V.S. Project Topics Modifications in your village/city over last two generations Management of solid waste in our city Value of several factors( other than income) in perception of a good quality of life Awareness about forest conservation Possible ways to reduce...

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Hot Topics

emg;kwrn Current Topics In Decision Making LA#2: Current topics in Decision Making/ Value Chain and Structuring Problems / This will be done as a pair or as a group of up to three people. Names__Yiping Ma... Current Topics ABB Drives Application Guide Adaptive Program Adaptive Program Application Guide 3AFE64527274 Rev C EN EFFECTIVE: 08.04.2005 © 2005 ABB Oy. All Rights... Current Topics I like the Bangladesh observer very much. Since newspapers bear the current information, we can not do...

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Psychotherapy and Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics The best research paper topics are those that are interesting to you, argumentative, and scholarly. For that reason, you should try to pick a topic within your major or field of interest, and then it will be more likely that you will enjoy learning about the topic as you do the research for the essay. I encourage you to generate your own topic, but I have provided a list below of about 100 of the top research paper topics that I have ever encountered in my years of teaching...

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EASWARI ENGINEERING COLLEGE Bharathi salai, Ramapuram, Chennai- 89 Department of English Communication skills lab PRESENTATION TOPICS 2014-2015 1. India-Emerging as major Cyber Crime Centre 2. Medical tourism in India 3. Educated Indians lack Patriotism 4. Has the parliamentary form of democracy failed in India? 5. Education- Is it solely government responsibility? 6. Examinations- has it killed education? 7. Invasion by MNC’s is a drain on the resources of...

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There are many presentation topics that college students can select. However, a successful presentation is determined by a number of factors, thus it is important for a student to understand that an interesting presentation topic will not be enough. To start with, students should be armed with the necessary skills to create a captivating presentation. Using images in your college presentation Balance of graphics in your presentation is very important. Although images and beautiful fonts cannot...

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Governing the Nation Paper and Presentation

Governing the Nation Paper and Presentation HIS/110 January 25, 2010 Governing the Nation Paper and Presentation Introduction The Anti-Federalist considered as men who opposed the ratification of the Constitution in 1789. The Federalists were those who favored a strong national government and supported the ratification of the constitution proposed at the American constitutional Convention of 1787. The Federalist supported a federal union a decentralized system. The Federalists...

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Report Journal Technical Analysis

TABLE OF CONTENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This review critically reviews the article ‘A Momentum Trading Effect In Real Estate Funds: An Analysis with TIAA-CREF’ by Greg kuhlemeyer and Robert kunkel which appeared in the Journal Of Technical Analysis. The review will first summarise the article. Secondly, it will briefly analyse the effectiveness of the article’s structure, investigating how the information is set out and whether the reader can access it efficiently. Thirdly, the review will critique...

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Non Profit Accounting Paper

21, 1821 as a non-charter government when the Provisional Governor Andrew Jackson signed an ordinance making the county one of the first two counties in Florida, the other being St. Johns County (Escambia County – CARF, 2013, p.7). Escambia County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) focuses on several factors that affect the financial statement such as local economy, long-term financial planning and major initiates, and relevant financial policies. The purpose of this paper is to provide...

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Concept Paper

Prepare a Concept Paper of your research proposal using Word Processing software based on the guidelines below. Be ready for oral presentation during the class using Presentation software.  Presentation Outline for Concept Paper The following guidelines should enable you to write a concise concept paper (about 2 to 3 pages) on a research topic that you intend to develop further and subsequently submit as your graduate thesis. Title The title should be comprehensive enough to indicate the nature...

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Technical Paper 502

Technical Paper: Risk Assessment Global Finance, Inc. Network Diagram Above is the Global Finance, Inc. (GFI) network diagram. GFI has grown rapidly this past year and acquired many network devices as displayed in the diagram. The company invested in the network and designed it to be fault tolerant and resilient from any network failures. However, although the company’s financial status has matured and its network has expanded at a rapid pace, its network security has not kept up with the company...

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Term Papers∗ Raechelle Mascarenhas and Jan Crouter Department of Economics Whitman College August 2008 This guide is aimed at helping you write an effective undergraduate economics term paper. The guide offers advice on selecting a paper topic, describes the structure of a typical economics term paper and provides some miscellaneous helpful hints. Following these suggestions will ensure that you write a coherent and well-structured paper. Choosing a Topic for Your Instructor’s Paper Assignment ...

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Research paper topic

Research Paper Topic Information Template Prerequisite: Prior to working on this assignment, complete Unit 2 studies, discussions, and assignment. In addition, review the Unit 3 studies. Upon completing Unit 2, the next step in the research paper is to revise your research paper’s business-related topic and problem statement. As you compose this assignment, avoid performing research and using citations. Internet research is not needed because you are sharing your thoughts and not those of...

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The presentation highschool of san jose Interesting Ideas for School Project Presentations Presentations for school projects must be prepared in a manner that their content is easily understood by the audience. School projects can have a wide variety of subjects like science, history, geography, etc. Many different ideas for the respective subjects can be used for presentation of school projects. The ones that are commonly used include activities like preparing models, creating charts, etc. in...

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Fundamentals of Technical Writing

Fundamentals of Technical Writing ENG221 University of Phoenix Technical writing and expository writing are both designed to instruct the reader, however technical writing expects the reader to take some sort of action based upon the reading. In the workplace technical writing seems to be more prevalent in the form of technical manuals and instruction booklets, whereas expository writing has a wider variety of uses. Although...

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Technology and Management Functions Paper

ToolkitComplete the Learning Team Charter. | 2/4/2013 | | Individual Technology and Management Functions Paper | Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper based on personal experience in the workplace that gives examples of how management at your company expects technology to improve business. Discuss how your company’s current technology is meeting or not meeting business needs. * Format your paper according to APA standards. | 2/4/2013 | 10 | Week Two: Personnel in Technology | |...

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Non-Verbal Communications

Method………………………………………………………………………….5 Non-Verbal Communication Introduction: Non-verbal communication can be summed up as speaking without words. It includes body language, posture, gestures, facial expression and eye contact. Furthermore, this style of communication includes physical appearance, for example what you are wearing or the hair style you choose. Even the way in which people speak contains non-verbal cues. These cues include the tone and emotion behind verbal communication. Non-verbal communication...

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Technical Term Paper

Technical Paper It Project Management Technical Paper Project Information Technology Project Management (CIS517) Date: Introduction There is an old adage which insists “time is money.” While simple, in concept, it has been proven true, in fact. In a global, technologically driven society, however, the very idea of time has changed. Having once implied a spanning space between the hours of “nine to five” relative to the person or organization from whose vantage money was viewed, time is now...

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How to Create a Topic Map ?

Topic maps are a new ISO standard for describing knowledge structures and associating them with information resources. As such they constitute an enabling technology for knowledge management. Dubbed "the GPS of the information universe", topic maps are also destined to provide powerful new ways of navigating large and interconnected corpora. While it is possible to represent immensely complex structures using topic maps, the basic concepts of the model — Topics, Associations, and Occurrences...

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Glossophobia Outline for Speech Presentation

Speech 1608-S40 September 12, 2013 Topic: Glossophobia General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Glossophobia and how to overcome it. Central Idea: Today I want to share what a Glossophobia is, what are the causes and symptoms, how can affect your life and how can you overcome it INTRODUCTION How many of you have fear to speak in public? How many of you had bad grades on a presentation because of the fear of speaking in public? Well...

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topics for term paper

Topics for summer project FINANCE 1. vendor performance 2. quality circle 3. TQM 4. ISO 9000 5. value engineering 6. centralize purchase 7. management audit 8. company analysis with ratio/fund flow 9. study of stock exchange 10. role of SEBI 11. joint venture 12. takeover 13. merger 14. marginal cost as management tool 15. product life cycle 16. media plan 17. test marketing 18. export pricing 19. role of small scale industries in developing nation 20. role of SIDBI 21. role...

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presentation A Presentation Is... A Presentation Is...  A presentation is a means of communicati on which can be adapt ed to various speaking situations, such as talk ing to a group, addres sing a meeting or brie fing a team. A Presentation Is...  Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or learner. Preparing for a presentation  Preparation is the single most important part of making a successful presentation. This is the crucial founda...

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Technical Writing Paper

Midterm Spring 2013 Name: Yanelys Rodriguez 5 pts. each: Rewrite (don’t just scratch out) the following sentences for more effective prose: active sentences, parallel structures, concision, You-centered tone, non-biased lang., positivity, etc. 1. We cannot ship your merchandise until we receive your check. Unfortunately merchandise cannot be shipped until payment is received. 2. Failure to follow the directions may cause the blender to malfunction...

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Research Paper Basic Requirements

RHET 1020 Basic Requirements for the Research Paper PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE RESEARCH PAPER PROMPT Requirements: A research paper of 2,250 – 2,500 words; A minimum of twelve sources – at least six must be academic; A cover page; A works cited page. Differences and Similarities between 1010/101/102 and 2010/1020 It is to be hoped that the end product on this course demonstrates a more sophisticated piece of writing reflecting the student’s journey through the processes of rhetoric; In...

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Business Portfolio Presentation and Paper

 Business Portfolio Presentation and Paper Michael A. Choi BUS/211 July 22, 2014 Brigitte Culberson-Austin Business Portfolio Presentation and Paper The business organization of the consulting company is that the leadership group will work hands-on with the consultants to ensure internal customer knowledge and external customer satisfaction. The consultant staff will work with the sales staff for a week to understand the tasks that they have. The sales staff will work with the consultants at...

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Presentations Organizational Communication 410 In today’s society there is a need to provide the masses with valuable information. From small businesses to massive corporations. Presentations can be given in a multitude of ways, written in an email or memo, face to face interaction or on a larger scale in an auditorium to a group. “Communication, both spoken and written, is always addressed to an audience, a set of listeners or readers you are intending to convey information to or have...

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Powerpoint Presentations

online classroom environment at Axia College of University of Phoenix, you will create Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations. (If you do not already have the software, make sure you get access to it.) This tutorial gives you the very basics for starting up with the program. Getting Started • Open Microsoft® PowerPoint®. • Start a new presentation: Click on Blank Presentation, then OK. • Choosing a slide layout: Click on Format, then Slide Layout. A good one to start with is one...

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research paper

Part I: The Paper The Harlem Renaissance was a time of explosive cultural and intellectual growth in the African-American community. During this time in the 1920s and 30s, we saw not only the birth of jazz, but we also heard the voices of the African-American authors and philosophers who were taken seriously by their white contemporaries for the first time in history. In your research paper, you will be focusing on one aspect of this period. You will be responsible for writing a paper that explores...

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Technical Communications

HW0210 Technical Communication TUTORIAL 1 COURSE INTRODUCTION Your Tutor Aileen Ng Lecturer from Language & Communication Centre 6592-1556 asccng@ntu.edu.sg Consultation Hours: Thursday: 9 – 11 a.m. Friday: 9 – 11 a.m. How is this course different from HW110?  Much of your time will be devoted to project-based learning.  This involves working on a science/engineering research project in groups of 4/5.  The outcome is an academic product comprising:  Research...

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Technical Email

presenting the differences between technical writing and expository writing methods. The writing elements to be covered in this email are related to the following aspects of writing: • Audience • Formatting • Purpose • Tone • Personal Experience I am certain you will find the following information to be of value and this email will serve its intended purpose, to verify my knowledge as it relates to technical writing. Audience- Technical writing always has a very specific...

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Reaction Paper Non-Fiction

Reaction Paper-Non-Fiction Carolyn C. Jolley ENG/125 July 31, 2013 Dr. Ozichi Alimole Reaction Paper-Non-Fiction Having traveled a great deal since birth, partly due to my father being in the Air Force and the rest is blamed on some gypsy spirit residing deep within, much of Gretel Ehrlich’s story, “About Men” resonated with me. I understood her loneliness for places once visited, and the need to find solace in the now places as she did while on the New York Subway searching for posters of...

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Non-Western Paper

Non-Western Paper The two artworks I have chose are the Goddess Uma and Armored Guardian King Trampling Demon. The reason why I chose these sculptures are because I thought the Goddess Uma was interesting in beauty because she has four arms, has very long and skinny legs, and just the way the top of the body was formed. I chose the Armored Guardian King Tramping Demon because the colors intrigued me and he looked strong and was wondering at first what was he was standing on, his costume was well...

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Lamborghini Outline Technical

Title of Presentation: LAMBORGHINI, THE FASTEST BULL ON EARTH 1. Yes. This topics explain the brief history of Lamborghini Company, how it evolves to be a supercar manufacturer, car manufacturing process, and quality check. This provides the audience with general information of the Lamborghini story line, detailed flow process of building its supercar and quality check run onto it. Audience 1. I have conducted some interviews with all of the audiences. In that interviews, I have questioned...

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Application of Effective Communication: Rationale for Presentation

Abstract This paper outlines the topic I have chosen to cover for application Task 1 Part A for the course Effective Communication. The topic to be used as the basis of my presentation is the importance of educating parents of preschool and school age children the necessity of teaching proper hand washing techniques and habits at the earliest possible age. Included in this paper is my rational for choosing early hand washing education as a topic and the purpose of my presentation. I have also clearly...

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Reflection Paper 1

February 10, 2013 Theo 104 Reflection Paper #1 I. Introduction This paper will be written to discuss ideas that have been discussed in Theology 104. This class has covered such a wide range of topics in just the first 4 weeks. The 2 topics I have decided to write about are the importance of personal testimonies and God’s grace. II. Part One a. Theological Definition A testimony is how one person’s Christian walk came to be. They are used to show how someone was saved. It tells about their...

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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Final Paper

 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Joy W. Harrison COM/172 January 26, 2015 Jennifer Kubach One deadly form of cancer is Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Accounting for about 4 percent of all cancers, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is the most common cancer in the United States. (What is Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, 2015) It is surprising when people are asked if they know what Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is, or have they ever heard of this form of cancer, the response is close to a blank stare...

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Introduction to Technical Report Writing

Chapter # 01 Introduction To Technical Report Writing Technical report writing is a practical writing that people do as a part of their jobs. It is a different form of writing, both different from and similar to other forms of writing. Technical writing both analyzes and explains in order to communicate with the reader. Definitions: 1. Technical Report Writing aims to get work done, to change people by changing the way they do things. (Killingsworth and Gilbertson) 2. The most critical...

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Theo 104 Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper #1 Introduction: Within this paper I will be reflecting over the first part of Theology 104. This class has addressed many topics that have given me a better understanding on Christianity, the Bible and most importantly Jesus Christ. I will be addressing two topics that I feel are very important to Christianity the first topic being the Importance of Personal Testimony and the second topic covering the Importance of Maintaining a Christian Lifestyle. Both of those topics I think...

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Technical Drawing Lecture

DRAW 111-Technical Drawing with CAD INFORMATION SHEET 1 The Graphic Language 1. Drawing is a graphic representation of real thing an idea or proposed design. 2. Drafting began when the early people started drawing objects on earth sand and stone 3. Drafting accurate manual or computerized presentation of working plans and detailed drawings. 4. CAD stands for computer aided drawing 5. Lettering is a very important part of drawing 6. Alphabet of lines examples of these...

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Reflection on Oral Presentation

Giving good academic presentations in front of an audience may be a common issue for most students who are non-native English speakers. I have been delivered several oral presentations in individual and group scenario, but only a few attempts reached my expected effect. The ability to prepare high quality oral presentations is the competency standard for graduate engineers. Therefore, it is essential to reflect on my previous performance on oral presentations and try to develop implementation plans...

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Tips for Creating a Powerpoint Presentation

Axia College Material Appendix B Tips for Creating a PowerPoint® Presentation Your Week Three assignment requires you to use the Microsoft® PowerPoint® graphics presentation program. This lecture provides you with the very basics for starting up with the program. Getting Started • Open the Microsoft® PowerPoint® program. • Start a new presentation: Click on Blank Presentation and then click OK. • Choosing a slide layout: Click on Format and then click Slide Layout....

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BUS 680 Week 6 Final Paper

This paperwork of BUS 680 Week 6 Final Paper includes: Training and Development Paper Business - General Business   Focus of the Final Paper Each person must complete a research paper addressing one of the following topics or a mutually agreed upon topic between the student and instructor: § Training Needs Analysis § Training Strategies for Small and Medium Sized Businesses: One Size Doesn’t Fit All § Management Development Techniques § Training...

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EEOC Presentation Paper

transfer out of a store on the southwest side of Chicago because of his race, then fired him for resisting (EEOC, 2014). The black manager was forced to transfer to a different store because in 2012 AutoZone managers decided to limit the number on non-Hispanic employees working in that particular store. EEOC District Director John Rowe revealed that the employer appeared to believe Hispanic customers that came to the store would prefer to be served by Hispanic employees (EEOC, 2014). It is also illegal...

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Writing and Multimedia Presentation Assignment

units to work on your essay. Planning Review the assignment instructions and grading criteria thoroughly. Keep in mind that the expository essay is divided into two units and includes a multimedia presentation. Choose a topic for an expository essay. Develop ideas and information about the topic. Create a plan for your essay, including a thesis, a pattern of organization, and a paragraph outline. Submit the Expository Essay Planning Assignment to your teacher. Your teacher will give you feedback...

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Gap in Education between Aboriginal and Non-aboriginal People

Topic My Topic for this assignment will focus on the different factors that explain the gap in Education between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Assimilation will also be discussed as the main factor in transforming the lives of native children. Further, the content of my essay will tackle the different negative consequences of Assimilation and racism on the children and on the people responsible for their growth. Research Question How does the education system contributed...

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Climate Change Paper Presentation

Repercussions of extreme inequality caused by runaway Climate Change Sandip Chowdhury PGDFM, IIFM Bhopal schowdhury16@iifm.ac.in Methodology • • • • Literature review IPCC report SPM, INCCA reports Papers by researchers working in this field Contemporary narratives on climate change and inequality , collected online from leading newspapers of the world Climate Change is a Social Justice issue Poor Rich Political Voice Resources Numbers Less Exposed Connecting the dots.. Climate Change...

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Business Presentations

objectives for your presentation. This is addressed on p. 14 of the Munter book and includes answering "As a result of my presentation the audience will..." and "identifying exactly what you want your audience to do, say or know as a result of your talk." (p. 14) 3.) List topics that will be covered in the presentation 4.) Select a medium for your presentation to the CEO and explain why you chose it. 5.) Determine the image you wish to portray at this presentation and provide details...

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Social Studies Sba Topics

Used to Collect Data) Task 6 - Present and explain the data in three ways (Presentation and Explanation of Data) Task 7 - Analyze and interpret the data in the form of the question asked in task 1 (Analysis and Interpretation of data) Task 8 - State three (3) findings (Findings) Task 9 - Give two (2) recommendations and suggestion based on your findings (Recommendations and Suggestions) Presentation 1. The Research must be collected in order of task, i.e. task 1, task...

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Topic Paper on Friedrich a Hayek

particular capital goods along with the relations between them establish the nature by which the present capital structure realistically adapts to alterations within inter-temporal preferences. In regard to the aspects explained within this paper concerning Hayek’s economic theories, it is without doubt that they are of great essence within the economic field. They are crucial because they pin point that monetary injections have the potential of having a systematic impact on the prices’ inter-temporal...

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