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New Yorker In Tondo By Marcelion Agana Jr

The New Yorker in Tondo By Marcelino Agana Jr. SCENE 1 In New York | | KIKAY | (Kikay is reading a letter from her Mother )Dear Kikay, I miss you na, please go home, coz I’m very lonely. Love, Your mommy dear, Atang. | | I told her to call herself Mrs. Mendoza! Oh well, I need to go back to Tondo… | (plane lands) SCENE 2 | MRS. M | (A knock is heard) (As she walks toward the door) Visitors. Always visitors, nothing but visitors all day long. | | (She opens door. Tony steps...

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New Yorker from Tondo

MRS M: Its only orange juice, Nena. I was preparing some for Kikay. She takes nothing else. She says that in New York nobody eats breakfast. Come along Totoy. NARRATOR 1: Exit Mrs. Mendoza and Totoy. Left alone, Nena and Totoy are silent for a moment. Tony is seated; Nena stands beside sofa. NENA: Well, Tony. TONY: You shouldn’t come here Nena. NENA: Oh, why not? TONY: I haven’t talked with Kikay yet. NENA: You haven’t talked to Kikay yet.! I thought you were here to tell her everything last...

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New Yorker in Tondo (Marcelino Agana, Jr.)

NEW YORKER IN TONDO (Marcelino Agana, Jr.) SCENE: The parlor of the Mendoza house in Tondo. Front door is at right. Curtained window is at left. Left side of stage is occupied by a rattan set –sofa and two chairs flanking a table. On the right side of the stage, a cabinet radio stands against a back wall. Open door-way in center, background, leads into the rest of the house. (As she walks toward the door) –Visitors, always visitors. Nothing but visitors all day long. Naku, I’m beginning to...

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New Yorker to Tondo

Date: May, 09, 1991 Civil Status: Single Gender: Female Citizenship: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic Name of Father: Francisco R. Omus -Cook Name of Mother: Teresita R. Omus -House Wife Name of Brothers: Francisco R. Omus Jr. -College Graduate -Tempura Restaurant Patrick R. Omus -College Student Person to notify in case of emergency: Francisco Omus – 3662275 SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES: * Can speak in English and Filipino...

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The New Yorker in Tondo

the mid-seventeenth century (earlier in Italy). During this period, there was an enormous renewal of interest in and study of classical antiquity.       Yet the Renaissance was more than a "rebirth." It was also an age of new discoveries, both geographical (exploration of the New World) and intellectual. Both kinds of discovery resulted in changes of tremendous import for Western civilization. In science, for example, Copernicus (1473-1543) attempted to prove that the sun rather than the earth was...

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Analysis And Reflection

Dancer, The New Yorker in Tondo, The Scent of Apple, The Will of the River, and Geyluv Submitted to: Professor Dorothy Agnis Submitted by: Leigh Ann B. Cabanilla The Dancer By: Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Analysis: Reflection: The New Yorker in Tondo By: Marcelino Agana Jr. Analysis: • • • • • Plot: New Yorker in Tondo is a play about a girl named Kikay who has fallen in love with the concrete jungle, New York, and has forgotten about her native land, the Philippines. New Yorker in Tondo is a very...

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New Yorker

Occupy Movement that occurred on Wall Street and many individuals were struggling against the local government and police because they did not believe in the idea of a single governing body ceasing the majority of the power. Graeber states that if a new society were to be created that people would have the ability to have a wider range of options. A big topic of discussion surrounding this article was the idea that as the government begins to expand it is even more necessary to try and shrink it. At...

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Carls jr

Essay #2 October 12th 2014 Carls jr. is selling women not burgers Daddy why are those girls dressed like that? As an average dad scrambles to find an answer, he wonders why Carl’s Jr. Exposes such pornographic clips, these clips may generate interest to the male youth of America, but what about everyone else? These commercials have created a worldwide controversy. People are asking questions like what is Carl’s Jr. trying to sell? Hamburgers? Or women? Carls jr.’s current commercial campaign to...

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Social and Economic Development Towards Sustainability in Tondo, Manila

ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING Social and Economic Development towards Sustainability in Tondo, Manila I. Abstract Every day, people suffer from hunger, poverty, and pollution as a result of a low economic standard of a locale. It is caused by either the misleading of the government or the community or society itself, their lack of obedience to higher authority. The main problem in this locality involves the social, environmental, and political aspects within. For this reason, the community within...

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Sherlock Jr.

in the first scene 5 4. Pace of the film & the scenes about ‘one dollar’ 6 5. The same actions, different outcomes 6 Reference 7 Main Character 1. Buster Keaton---------------leading actor; projectionist in the reality/ Sherlock. Jr. in the film (I will call him ‘The projectionist’ in the following text.) 2. Kathryn McGuire-----------the leading actress (I will call her ‘The girl’) 3. Ward Crane------------------The Local Sheik in the reality/ The Villain in the film (I...

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The History Of New York City

2013 New York City and All That It Is New York City is one of the most world renowned cities in the world, it is the most populated city in America, and also the center of America. It is the center of America because of its vast history and its connection to the rest of the country in everything they do. New York City may not be the official capital of The United States of America, but it sure could be because of its overwhelming presence in the United States as well as the whole world. New York...

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Martin Luther King Jr

 Simmons 1 Gabrielle Simmons Mrs. Fitzgerald Social Studies 8A 4/27/10 Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a well known and an inspiring man to all cultures of the world. King was and still is one of the most influential heroes. King's views and believes helped African Americans through the 50's and 60's to the rights and liberties that was their right. King faced many obstacles on his journey, things like jail and even assassination attempts. Despite these obstacles, he...

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Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr.: His Life and Battle for Freedom In my unit 5 project I will discuss the life of Martin Luther King Jr. I will define how his personal ideologies might have contributed to his assassination. I will discuss the implications of his assassinations from a sociological perspective. All through the discussions, I will explore his life and journey as freedom leader and his will to gain justice via nonviolent and peaceful protest against racial discrimination and oppressions. ...

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Donald Marshall Jr.

Donald Marshall Jr. Facts Of Donald Marshall Jr. Shortly before Midnight on May 28, 1971,in Sydney Nova Scotia Donald Marshall, Jr., a 17-year-old Micmac, and Sandy Seale, a 17-year-old Black, met by chance and were walking through Wentworth Park in Sydney when they met two other men, Roy Ebsary, 59, a former ship's cook, and James (Jimmy) MacNeil, 25, an unemployed laborer. Marshall and Scale had an altercation with Ebsary and MacNeil. Which triggered a deadly over reaction in the drunken...

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John Gokongwei Jr

Lahug, Cebu City A book review on John L. Gokongwei Jr. “The Path of Entrepreneurship” by: Marites A. Khanser In Partial Fulfillment For the Requirement in MGT 202 – Organizational Behavior Submitted to: Dr. Neri R. Gantuangko Submitted by: Pete Anthony Polo March 2009 Summary of the book and its contents This book is about a rich Chinese-Filipino businessman John Gokongwei Jr. who built his companies into a highly diversified and large business...

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Analysis of New Yorker Cover: 9/11/01

New Yorker Cover: 9/11/01 Writer, editor, and artist, Art Spiegelman, created the very controversial cover for The New Yorker magazine. Mr. Spiegelman worked for The New Yorker for ten years, resigning a few months after the September 11th terrorist attacks, living within walking distance from the world trade center. The cover of the September 24th issue of The New Yorker was voted in the top ten of magazine covers of the past 40 years by the American Society of Magazine Editors. The cover was...

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

King, Jr. Student Name Institution Famous Deeds of Martin Luther King, Jr.Change is the single permanent thing in this world. Time passes, events happen and soon they are forgotten, but some people leave permanent marks on history and the life of others. People who leave marks are said to be famous. These people have the courage to dream, change the lives of others, and have the capacity to accept the new and escape the old. One such person is Martin Luther King, Jr. born Michael King, Jr. in...

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martin luther king jr

Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential man in American society. His leadership in the civil rights movement helped change the racially separated world that once lived in America. An Indian leader, Mohandas Gandhi, influenced his philosophy of nonviolence. King never used violence in his fight for equality, even when violence was used upon him. This got him and all the black Americans the rights, freedoms and equality they deserved. In present day America he is...

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Nathan Grass Ms. Grace English 9/Period 2 18 October 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. One name changed the face of America. One man had an ambitious dream. That man was Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that one person could change everything. MLK Jr. was the most important man in the Civil Rights movement. He experienced racism at a very young age and later was the biggest contributor to the Civil Rights movement until his life came to an abrupt end. Martin Luther King...

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Carl's Jr. Commercial

use women as bait to reel in men and buy the product without any hesitation. If I told you that if you go to Carl’s Jr. and purchase a cheeseburger and a gorgeous model comes with the burger, would you buy it? I sure would…if only it were true. Carl’s Jr. is known for having its famous juicy, charbroiled, seven hundred calorie burgers. Anytime they want to promote a new burger, they use a model dressed revealingly to present the burger. They have the model eat very slowly and take big...

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Martin Luther King Jr.

a non-violent and positive direction for the fight to secure rights and equality. These reasons make Martin Luther King worthy enough of the title "hero." Martin Luther King was born on January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Martin Luther King, Jr. Chronology) Michael Luther King was King's original named before he had it changed. King was a well-educated man who went to high school in Georgia and attended Morehouse College, at the age of 15. He later continued his studies at Boston University...

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Carls Jr Burger

2. Are there any parts in the Supply Chain that could be outsourced? And why? Carl´s Jr Burger uses a complex supply chain of their products. The following picture shows different steps through which products pass and later an detail explanation of each stage. Products are breed in a farm from where they are transported to the industry supplier. At industry zone products are frozen and stored. From industry zone all production are transported to the package store where it is sorted by...

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American Dream Essay on Mlk, Jr.

“American Dream?” An American dream is when someone effects human society by giving up what they have to give others freedom, success and prosperity. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an African American that contributed to the Civil Rights Movement. King, Jr. was born to be a minister but during his life he began to be a Civil Rights Activist. King Jr. lost his life trying to better the lives of African Americans during the late 1950s. He was one of the greatest African American Civil Rights leaders of the time...

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Martin Luter King Jr

A Leader of Respect: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Submitted By: Lorianne Fedée Submitted To: Blake Lambert Course Code: AHSS 2310 - 01 Due Date: Thursday, March 15th, 2012 A Leader of Respect: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There are various leadership traits and behaviors which make up an individual’s definition of an ideal leader. While some leaders may often possess similar leadership traits and behaviors, they do not necessarily acquire equal acceptance and likeability, thus...

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My Love-Hate Relationship with New York

New York City is a fascinating place with too much charm for its own good. It is evident in both E.B. White’s Here is New York and Goodbye to All That, by Joan Didion that it is easy to fall in love with New York. However, it isn’t too hard to fall out of love with this city, either. White mentions three types of New Yorkers: natives, commuters and non-natives, and how they contribute to the quality of this city. Didion tells us the story of her arrival to New York from the West, and discusses her...

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martin Luther king jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Throughout the centuries, racism and prejudice have been leading issues that have a great affect on global communities. With regards to the discrimination within the United States of America, the great bitterness of Caucasians towards those of different ethnic groups, principally African Americans, became comprehensible. During the twentieth century, African Americans encountered racial prejudice from day-to-day and soon became completely segregated. Although these communities...

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Robert Downey Jr. Heath Essay

Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey, Jr., is, as we all know, the great Iron Man ! In that movie, he portrays his character in a futuristic Robot suit. He was born on April 4th, 1965 and now is, at the age of 47, is considered too old to be playing with robotic toys. Today, he is a well known actor to both adults and teens, respectively,  for his range of acting in such movies as Less Than Zero (1980s) to his latest movie, Iron Man 2 (2010). Now, with his new movie, The Avengers, premiering in 2013...

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Miguel Rodriguez Centenary College Abstract This paper will analyze and study the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and how leadership skills helped him in accomplishing his goals. The characteristics that made Dr. King a great leader will also be addressed. By studying great leaders, insight can be gained into what qualities they possess. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a vital figure of the...

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Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King Jr. was a revolutionary man. He spoke of non-violent ways to create a fair and equal society. He preached that all men are the same and created equal no matter the color of your skin. He was a great public speaker and reached many people in his speeches. Martin King even got to speak to thousands of people at the footsteps of the Lincoln Memorial where he spoke these words. "I have a dream that my four little children...

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Roger Angell: The New Yorker's Best Baseball Writer

Throughout his tenure at The New Yorker, Roger Angell has received the reputation as one of the best baseball writers ever, though his contributions to the magazine do not stop there. His family likely influenced his decision to join the magazine as both his mother and step-father worked for The New Yorker. This Harvard graduate began his work at the newspaper in 1962 as an editor, but now mostly writes about his passion: baseball. (Weich) Roger Angell grew up in a less-than-perfect household....

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Robert Downy Jr Psychological Assessment

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. DIAGNOSTICS PROJECT Robert Downey Jr.’s Diagnostic Evaluation Assessment Michelle Nguyen University of Texas at Arlington Mutiaxial Evaluation This diagnostic assessment evaluates Robert Downey Jr. previous lifestyle between 1996 and early 2001, before rehabilitation in late 2001. The following multiaxial evaluation is followed by different examples of each diagnostic criterion on the DSM-IV Axes and Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scores. DSM-IV Multiaxial Evaluation ...

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Urban Farming in New York

System ​Nowadays, a life in a huge megalopolis like New York can be very advantageous for a person in things like an easy access to business, culture, politics, and entertainment. However, live in the big city can has its own negative sides. Scott Stringer, in the report “Food NYC: A Blueprint for Sustainable Food System” points out serious nutrition and pollution issues in the city. Indeed, there are a lot of problems that New Yorkers have to face with, but a lack of “affordable and healthy”...

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Irish Immigrants and the New York Draft Riots of 1863

The New York Draft Riots of 1863 In the summer of 1863 New York experienced one of the most violent protests in the American history. The riots were mainly in reaction to the Union draft for the Civil War, which Abraham Lincoln enacted when volunteers began to run out. The riots lasted for five days, and the mob consisted of almost 50,000 angry men who opposed to the Civil War, draft and Emancipation Proclamation. This paper will discuss how the Irish immigrants in New York affected the draft...

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Martin Luther King Jr.: An Innovator of Change

Luther King Jr.: An Innovator of Change Martin Luther King Jr. was a peaceful and courageous man who used a non-violent manner to stand up for all that he believed in. King Jr. sought for equal rights for African Americans during his life. He not only participated but led many of the acts to push equal rights such as the bus boycott, antisegregation campaigns, the March on Washington, and civil rights rallies throughout the United States. Due to his strenuous work for equal rights, King Jr. was one...

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The New York City Draft Riots

John Etefia Tomek Research Paper The New York City Draft Riots that took place July 13-16 of 1863 during the Civil War are considered the largest civil insurrection in the American History. The riots started off as a protest against the Conscription Act passed in March of 1863, which made all single men age 20-45 and married men up to 35 were subject to the draft lottery. The part of the Conscription Act that really caused an uproar was not only the fact that it forced men to go and fight in...

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Jr Smith

JR SMITH Great Depression The Great depression probably the hardest time, financially, for most Americans. The GD went on for a while but the hardest time would be from 1929-1939. It was so bad the eventually other countries were affected by it. During the Great Depression there were many life stories, major events, government reaction, and a comparison to modern day America. With so many things going on, families being financially distraught, war, strikes, and a bad economy, it set the U.S...

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Order and Disorder in New York City in the 1800s

In 1825 there were just over 100,000 people living in New York City. Life for New Yorkers had been a steady, regular flow of every day life but the period between 1825 and 1860 was a time of truly unprecedented growth but a new era of modern lifestyle was about to emerge and take New York’s citizens by surprise. What used to be a very traditional way of life started becoming more modernised and by the end of the 1960s, the New York population had reason to that of one million people. There were...

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George Herman Ruth, Jr

George Herman Ruth, Jr •By Woody Pierre and Nick Falco Tuesday, February 5, 13 Background on Babe • Born on February 6, 1895 • When he turned 7 years old, his parents sent him to the St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys where he learned vocational skills, but mainly, his passion and love for the game of baseball. • He was 6'2" 220lbs. • Professional Career • Boston Red Sox (1914-19) • New York Yankees (1920-34) • Boston Braves (1935) • Babe lost his battle with cancer on August 16,...

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New Deal

 Visions of The New Deal and Civil Rights Despite many dissatisfied Americans, the national mood was mixed as the 1932 election approached. Many discouraged Americans had blamed themselves for their economic hardships. Other unemployed Americans felt the deeper frustrations of the nation’s economic hardships. Regardless of their circumstances, most Americans believed that something completely new had to be tried. The Republicans unenthusiastically renominated Hoover, while the Democrats...

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Mlk Jr. Speech

Taylor Peabody I Have a Dream In the speech titled, I Have a Dream, by Martin Luther King Jr., King is expressing his emotions and feelings towards the racial issues that were present in the 60's during the civil rights movement. He goes through his speech informing the public of the abomination known as racism. He tells of why racism was hurting the society and how the removal of racism would make it better. It is King's most well known speech. He uses poetic...

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The Inspiring Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

­Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15,1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin's birth name is Michael Luther king Jr. after his father's name. MLk's mother was a schoolteacher named Alberta king and his father was a Baptist minister named Micheal Luther King. MLK's father changed both their names Michael to Martin to honor the German Protestant Martin Luther. MLK had an older brother named Alfred Daniel Williams King. Also, a sister named Willie Christine King.("Martin Luther King Timeline." Martin...

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The Purpose of Education: Martin Luther King Jr.

News and Announcements Welcome to Parenting Skills Mrs. Giardino-Zanegood Mrs. Jeanne Giardino-Zanegood Available 8am � 8pm No Need to Make an Appointment Phone & Text: (407) 476-5217 Email: jgiardinozanego1@learn.flvs.net My Instructional Leader (Principal)would love to hear about your successes in this class! Please do not hesitate to contact my principal! Gisela Delgado at (305) 510-0991 or gidelgado@flvs.net Image and video hosting by TinyPic ...

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New Kid, New School

New Kid Being the new individual to join a group is, most likely, an unenjoyable experience. When the group being joined is one in which there is no option to remain distant from, becomes even worse. Specifically, in my life there was the dreaded task of changing schools my junior year in high school. Being forced into a new group of people, a group that one must interact with on a daily basis is a difficult task. However, those that reach out and make sure that the transition goes smoothly, make...

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New Places, New Faces

Ashley Weaver Session B Topic 4 New places New faces Whether you are speaking of jobs, friends, scenery or state of mind, in life change is inevitable. Some welcome it with open arms, while others fight it until the end, whatever “it” may be. We make a choice to handle such things or allow ourselves to be handled. Success is determined by ability, or lack thereof, adjusting to these changes presented in our lives. In my case, the change was in residence. Though my birthplace happens to...

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Sherlock Jr. plot segmentation

Sherlock Jr. (Buster Keaton, 1924, 44m) Plot Segmentation I. Opening Title Cards A. Joseph M. Schenck presents Buster Keaton in “Projectionist”, A Metro Attraction B. Directed by Buster Keaton C. Story by Jean Havez, Joe Mitchell and Clyde Bruckman, Photography by Elgin Lessley and Byron Houck, Art Director, Fred Gabourie, Electrician, Denver Harmon D. Distributed by Metro Pictures Corporation, Controlled by Loew’s Incorporated E. Passed by the National Board of Review II. Act One A...

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Platform Development for Online Jr. N.S.E

Project Synopsis Template Format Index-(Content of the Project Synopsis) Project Title: Platform Development for Online Jr. N.S.E Project Sponsor Company : Brilliant Info systems Pvt. Ltd. Office no.6, 3rd Floor, Puneet-Yash Arcade Karve Road, Opp. Hotel Konkan Express Kothrud Pune-411038 Group members: |Student Name |Roll No |Email Id |Mobile no | ...

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The Dragging of James Byrd Jr.

dragged by the back of a truck by three white men just because they hated black people. The black guy was innocent and did nothing wrong but these white men didn’t care. On June 7, 1998, in Jasper, Texas an African-American man named James Byrd, Jr. accepted a ride from three white men. These men were Shawn Berry, Lawrence Brewer, and John King. Brewer, the man that was driving, knew Byrd from around town. It all started when these three men were driving around to find a certain party but couldn’t...

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No Gay News is Good News

(No) Gay News = Good News 2012 has been a year of celebration for the LGBT family. Gay news has constantly dominated the media, became a buzz, and even a topic in the City Forum (城市論壇). In March, Anthony Wong proudly shouted “I am gay!” (「我是一個同性戀者」) on his concert,DJ-turned legislative councilor Ray Chan publicly disclosed his sexual orientation after winning the 2012 legislative election, followed by Gigi Chao announcing her marriage with her wife, Sean, and then concluded by Denise Ho saying...

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Introducing New Coke

New Coke Assignment 1. What historically had been the value proposition of Coca Cola? Coca Cola’s value proposition has historically been to evoke a “comforting nostalgic appeal”[1] by associating itself with positive human moods/emotions - primarily happiness, belonging and celebration. The way to make this proposition possible has been to “place Coke within arms’ reach of desire...wherever there are people who get thirsty”.[2] The company has gone out of its way to develop distribution...

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’...I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Not only did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have a dream, he had a vested interest...

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New Deal Or Not New Deal

issue was a poultry slaughterhouse that received chickens from various sources out of state but did all their respective dealings within the state of New York. Also at issue were the NIRA's demands on labor requirements. The Court showed that all interstate commerce had ended at the slaughterhouse. If the chickens had been shipped out of the state of New York, then the United States Congress would have had the power to control aspects of the business under the Commerce Clause. It also stated that since...

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The Life of a Visionary Leader: Martin Luther King Jr.

whole life, he was being laughed at, got put down, rejected, and was even assassinated for standing up to what was right and equal. Martin Luther King started out his life and planned on becoming a lawyer. Later on, he discovered himself from a whole new side; that he is a speaker. After that, King decided that he will become a preacher and enrolled into a theology school. MLK became one of the most popular figures in the United States, especially amongst the blacks. He stood up for civil rights and...

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Primary: African American and Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech. Martian Luther King’s speech took place after the March on Washington on August 28, 1963. He delivered the speech on the Lincoln Memorial steps. He voiced this speech to millions of people both blacks and whites. This speech is one of the greatest speeches of the civil rights movement, because it has many rhetorical tropes such as; repetition, assonance and consonance, pathos, logos, metaphors and ethos. Martin Luther King Jr. uses a lot of repetition...

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Homicide: Murder and New York

pardoned. Excusable homicide was not considered a crime. U.S. courts adopted the English law and added a few modifications. Felonious (criminal) homicide now consists of murder and manslaughter. (Torcia, Charles E. 1994. Wharton's Criminal Law. 15th ed. New York: Clark, Boardman, Callaghan.) Murder is separated into first and second degrees. Murder in the first degree is murder that is planned and premeditated. Murder in the second degree is murder that is committed that had no prior plans. Manslaughter...

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Bill Martin Jr.

Bill Martin Jr. was born on March 20, 1916 in Kansas. Bill’s full name was William Ivan Martin Jr. after his father William and his mother Iva. He grew up in the small town of Hiawatha. When it came time to learn to read Bill really struggled. Mr. Martin once said he did’nt read his first full book until he entered college. After graduating high school Bill went on to Emporia State University and was accepted into their Teaching College. Although Mr. Martin really struggled to read he truly loved...

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Compare the strategies and goals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X during the Civil Rights Movements

In the history of the American civil rights movement, two seminal figures emerge: that of the peaceful and nonviolent Martin Luther King, Jr., and the revolutionary and radical Malcolm X. From these two contrasting images, America did not know how exactly to classify the movement. On one hand, Malcolm X preached independence and a "by any means necessary" approach to achieving equality in America. And on the other, King preached a nonviolent, disobedient philosophy similar to that of Gandhi in the...

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Adapting to a New Culture

Composition 09 December 2012 Adapting to a New Culture As an immigrant we are faced with the fear of forgetting our culture, it’s values, and the root or our origins. We have to deal with the guilt of leaving our beloved land of birth behind and emerging in a new homestead with all of its uncertainties and cultural changes. Empathy invading us as we fail to comprehend if these adjustments in our life will transform our identities as we strive to adapt and conquer this new journey. Most likely there will be...

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Early Life Of George Herman Ruth, Jr.

Early Life George Herman Ruth, Jr. was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents were Kate Schamberger-Ruth and George Herman Ruth, Sr., who tended bar and eventually owned his own tavern near the Baltimore waterfront. The Ruths had a total of eight children, but only two survived past infancy: a daughter named Mamie and a son named George, Jr.--the boy who would grow up to be an American hero. George, Jr. did not have a happy childhood. His parents worked long hours in...

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Outline I. Martin Luther King Jr wanted unity. 1. Dr. King wanted people of all races to work and live together in peace 2. Dr. King considered us all as brothers and sisters 3. Dr. King wanted all children regardless of race to be able to play together II. Martin Luther King Jr was able to address everyone equally. 1. Dr. King had amazing confidence when it came to addressing people who thought he was beneath him. 2. Dr. King...

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Biography of Arthur Ashe Jr.

Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. is a man of trust, courage, grace and honor. Although many of these attriobutes I share with Arthur, his high level of moral values and self reliance I aspire to achieve. Arthur was of African American decent and being born on July 10, 1943 in Richmond, Virginia he had to face many racial struggles and hardships. On the contrary, I was born and raised in somerset, New Jersey, in the 1990's so my racial struggles were close to non-existent. Being of Italian- American decent...

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