• Positive and Negative Impact of Tourism in India
    Tourism differs from travel in the following aspects: • Reason to travel: It can be anything but remuneration from the place visited. • It requires a change from familiar environment. • Period of stay: The least would be one day and maximum would be a year. General growth of tourism in
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  • Socio Cultural Impacts of Tourism
    Tourism is an activity done by an individual or a group of individuals, which leads to a motion from a place to another. From a country to another for performing a specific task or it is a visit to a place or several places in the purpose of entertaining which leads to an awareness of other civiliza
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  • Socio Culture Impact of Tourism on Women
    Social and cultural impact of tourism on women IVAYLO LOZANOV NIKOLAOS SELLAS NIRAJ GURUNG Page 1 of 18 REPORT Table of contents TITLE PAGE 1 1.0 Abstract……………………………………………………………………………………………..3
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  • Describe and Evaluate the Negative Social, Cultural or Environmental Impact Caused by Tourism in a Destination of Your Choice. Analyse the Causes of This Impact and Judge to What Extent Sustainable Tourism Strategies
    Describe and evaluate the negative social, cultural or environmental impact caused by tourism in a destination of your choice. Analyse the causes of this impact and judge to what extent sustainable tourism strategies and methods could eliminate or ameliorate them and thereby secure the long term fut
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  • Food as Cultural Products by Tourism Industry Today Affects the Culinary Heritages in Negative Senses
    “Generally speaking, the use of food as cultural products by tourism industry today affects the culinary heritages in negative senses “ . INTRODUTION In this essay we survey the use of food as cultural products by tourism industry today affects the culinary heritages in negative
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  • Cross Cultural Marketing by Mncs in India
    Strategies adopted by MNC’s for Cross Cultural marketing in terms of India Introduction Marketing is commonly associated with endeavors such as branding, selling, and advertising, but it also encompasses activities and processes related to production, product development, distribution, and
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  • Cultural and Heritage Tourism in Gisborne
    Cultural heritage tourism is possibly the ‘oldest’ of the new tourism phenomena. It can be seen as offering something more or different to both the tourist and the community. Heritage is significant to different communities, groups and individuals depending on their value and attitudes and the n
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  • The Cultural Impacts of Tourism on the Host Communities
    The cultural impacts of tourism on the host communities The impact that tourism has on the cultural lives of communities is one of the most important issues debated by tourism researchers and academics today. There is an increasingly growing concern that tourism development is leading to destina
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  • Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism
    1. Introduction Nowadays the level of awareness is quite high that tourism has a general impact on the destination. Many times it is talked about the economical impact which is mainly considered positive as it creates jobs in that area and brings people to the destination that spend money there e
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  • Impacts of Tourism on India.
    [pic] From : Authorstream.com India has 5,000 year old ancient civilization 325 languages spoken – 1,652 dialects 18 official languages 29 states, 5 union territories 3.28 million sq. kilometers - Area 7,516 kilometers - Coastline 1.08 Billion population. 5600 dailies, 15000 weeklies and 200
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  • Rural Tourism in India
    Rural Tourism and Rural Development. Introduction: Rural tourism in India: Prospects for rural tourism in India: Role in Rural development: Conclusion: Introduction: Indians believe in holidays: The country has among the largest number of public holidays in the world. Yet the most comm
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  • Socio Cultural Factors in Rural Mktg
    Answer to Question no-1 a) It was observed that the fruits of economic development have been enjoyed by the urban people. They are leading a better life in terms of literacy, sanitation, health facilities than their counterparts in rural areas. But the rural market is huge potential in India, as
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  • Impact of Tourism on Indian Economy
    Market Survey By: Dr C. VETHIrAJAN IMPACT OF TOURISM ON INDIAN ECONOMY Tourism can generate maximum employment opportunity because of a large number of subsidiary industries. September 2008 and a 3.3 per cent growth in passenger traffic through September. The negative trend intensified durin
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  • Impact of Tourism on the Environment
    Impact of Tourism on the Environment (Negril) Negril is situated on the western end of the island of Jamaica. It is known as the 7 mile beach even though it is slightly longer than 6.4 km in length. Negril is also called the tourism capital of Jamaica. Tourism is travel for business, leisure or r
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  • Impact of Tourism
    Impact of Tourism in India Sunday, 15 August 2010 09:17 H.Lalnunmawia [pic][pic] DEVELOPMENT AND IMPACT OF TOURISM INDUSTRY IN INDIA   INTRODUCTION There are various definitions of tourism. Theobald (1994) suggested that etymologically, the word "tour" is derived from the Latin 'torna
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  • Tourism Report India
    INDIA TOURISM STATISTICS 2009 Government of India Ministry of Tourism Market Research Division OFFICERS OF MARKET RESEARCH DIVISION ASSOCIATED WITH THE PREPARATION OF INDIA TOURISM STATISTICS 2009 Dr. R.N. Pandey Additional Director General Shri K.K. Nath Shri S.V. Singh Miss. Neha Sriv
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  • Tourism in India
    Introduction It is boom time for India's Tourism and Hospitality sector. Driven by a surge in business traveller arrivals and a soaring interest in India as a tourist destination, the year 2006 has been the best year till date. Incredible India !! India is probably the only country that offers
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  • The Impact of Tourism in Greece: Future Trends and Prospects.
    DISSERTATION TITLE. The impact of tourism in Greece: Future trends and prospects. SUMMARY. The aim of this study is to investigate tourism impact in Greece into the socio economic life, as well as for small and big businesses, since tourism is one of the most prominent factors of Greek devel
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  • Impact of Toursm in India
    IMPACT OF TOURISM IN INDIA – A STUDY A dissertation submitted to Indira Gandhi National Open University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of BATCHILER OF ARTS IN INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY ADMINISTRATION Submitted By SWAROOP.K.S.
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  • Sociol Cultural Impacts of Tourism
    Socio-cultural impacts of tourism in Turkey [pic] Date: 23 January 2009 Table of Content Page: Introduction…………………………………………………………..3 1.What are socio- cultural impacts in general?...........................3 2.What is the t
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