• Workplace culture
    HR articles: Workplace culture Workplace culture is often hard to describe, because it means something different in every organisation and many times employees feel it’s ‘just the way things are’. But so often it can define a company and when it’s not working well, everyone knows about it.
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  • Importance of Understanding Culture Diversity in the Workplace
     Importance of Understanding Culture Diversity in the Workplace Jennifer Schulz Devry University Cultural Diversity in the Professions SOCS350 William Tutol January 10, 2014 Importance of Understanding Culture Diversity in the Workplace In business today it is...
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  • “Sexual harassment should not be tolerated at the workplace”.
    In the age of high powered lawsuits and increasing bankruptcies, companies cannot afford any misstep. Hence, firms are encouraged to portray their corporate profile and culture as transparently as possible to the public audience to ensure that all company’s communications and concerns are disclose
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  • Culture and leadership
    Northouse(4e)-13.qxd 9/15/2006 7:01 PM Page 301 Culture and Leadership 13 DESCRIPTION As the title suggests, this chapter is about culture and leadership. Like the previous chapter, this one is multifaceted and focuses on a collection of related ideas rather than a single unified
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  • Cultural diversity in the workplace
    Introduction Canada has prides itself in immigration, which is one of the biggest sources of its population growth. In order to sustain the growth it is a key that we foster an environment that is comfortable for all. We see the effect of this diversity mostly within our workforce. This has then ca
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  • Differences in culture
    RELIGIOUS AND ETHNICAL SYSTEM ➢ Religion - may be defined as a system of shared beliefs and rituals that are concerned with the realm of the sacred. ➢ Ethical Systems – refer to a set of moral principles, or values, that are used to guide and shape behavior. Most of the w
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  • Corporate culture in a diverse environment
    Corporate Culture in a Diverse Environment As most affluent business people know just being a regional company is not good enough, we must be competitive in the global economy to ensure survival. Globalization is now the norm in the technological age where innovation happens every day. In
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  • Organizational culture
    ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Organizational culture is the workplace environment formulated from the interaction of the employees in the workplace. Organizational culture is defined by all of the life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education, upbr
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  • Organisational culture
    Organization Culture Report Prepared By. :- M E M B E R S ROLL NO. T Hemant Shewakramani 04 E Margaret Fernandes 23 A Jude D'lima 07 M Pravin Lalwani
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  • Diversity in workplace
    or the entire workforce of the organisation are treated equally and fairly. Recognising and respecting employee rights is another major element in HRM. Various policies and procedures have being enacted by HRM to ensure equal employment opportunity to all its employees. Presently, in Australia, a
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  • Workplace observation
    Every type of business or workplace has an organziational system in place. In some instances it is a top-down structure where upper management makes the decisions and it is then passed down to middle management, and finally to lower level employees. In other workplaces a more colleagial structure
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  • Workplace harassment
    An Analysis of Workplace Harassment and Bullying in Today’s Society Introduction Workplace harassment and bullying occurs when an employee subjects another employee to degrading behaviour, whether verbal abuse and threats or actual physical violence. It is an inappropriate expression of power th
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  • Culture
    Journal of College Teaching & Learning – November 2007 Volume 4, Number 11 Organizational Culture At The University Level: A Study Using The OCAI Instrument Barbara Fralinger, (E-mail: barbara.fralinger@keystone.edu), Keystone College Valerie Olson, (E-mail: olsonval@shu.edu), Seton Hall Un
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  • Sexuality in the workplace
    SEXUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE: Organizational Control, Sexual Harassment, and the Pursuit of Pleasure. by Christine L. Williams , Patti A. Giuffre , Kirsten Dellinger INTRODUCTION Sexual bantering, flitting, and dating are commonplace at work, but with few exceptions极少例外, sociologists hav
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  • Grief at your workplace
    Abstract The purpose of this paper is to answer my preliminary question “How to deal with loss and grief in the workplace?” There are several articles and stories that have been addressed in this paper that deals with loss and grief in the workplace. This literature review explores what grie
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  • Cross culture communication
    Cross Culture Management Pupaa Taechanarong March 31, 2012 Table of Content Pages no. Introduction 3 Problematic 4 Objective 4 Research Questions and Hypothesis 4 Methodology
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  • Electronic surveillance in the workplace
    Electronic surveillance in the workplace Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace: Concerns for Employees and Challenges for Privacy Advocates Anna Johnston and Myra Cheng Paper delivered 28 November 2002 International Conference on Personal Data Protection Hosted by Personal Information
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  • Gender, generational and office culture
    Introduction Gender, Generational Differences and Culture are all interpersonal communication factors in organisations where strategy needs to be in place to enhance greater social awareness, understanding and sensitivity in the diversity of office culture. Today's workforce is diverse not only wi
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  • Workplace relationships
    Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction: 3 Peer Co-workers/ Supervisors’ Relationships 3 Workplace Relationship Quality: 4 Peer Relationships 4 Study Description and Results 5 Interpersonal Conflict 6 Identifying Conflicts and Causes 6 Dealing with Interpersonal Conflict
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  • Managing the negative
    Good morning Pooh Bear. If it is a good morning. Which I doubt. Many of us grew up laughing at the donkey Eeyore's charming pessimism, a trait that made him one of the most endearing inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood. But working with someone chronically gloomy, worried, or otherwise negative is
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