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Nebosh Igc 3 Practical Project

  NEBOSH IGC 3 – Guidelines & Sample report_V.2.0  The aim of the ‘practical assessment’ is to examine a candidate’s ability to complete a health and safety assessment of a workplace. A candidate need to observe and submit a report to the management based on the observed hazards Part – I – Observations Range and outline of hazards and consequences (15 Marks) – Candidate should identify 20 different types of hazards from each one such as Electricity, Ergonomics, Falling objects, Fire, First...

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nebosh igc 3 student declaration

IGC3 – The Health and Safety Practical Application Candidate and course provider declarations: For completion by the candidate: I declare that the work submitted for this practical application assessment i.e. the completed observation sheets and the report to management, is my own work. I recognize that contravention of this statement constitutes malpractice and may result in my being subject to the penalties set out in the NEBOSH Malpractice policy. Name (Print) ________________________________ ...

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Frequently Asked Questions on NEBOSH International General Certificate 1. What is NEBOSH and NEBOSH IGC NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board Occupational Safety Health. IGC stands for International General Certificate Worldwide over 30,000 people take a NEBOSH qualification every year. NEBOSH qualifications are globally recognised and taken by people working in all types of industries, as well as national and local government organisations. NEBOSH's Certificate-level qualifications...

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NEBOSH practical FAQ

Practical FAQ’s 1. When is the practical undertaken? The practical is undertaken on a day you select during the set practical period – this runs 2 weeks before your written exam date. 2. Where is the practical undertaken? The practical is undertaken in your own work place or a workplace of your finding such as a family or friends’ workplace. 3. When will I receive my practical documents? The practical documents will be emailed to you by your designated practical marker 3 weeks before the...

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Nebosh Igc Practical Assessment Report (Sample)

specification) UNIT IGC3 – THE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICAITON Candidate report template Student number _______________________________ Location ______________________________________ Date of review / / Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place This report follows an inspection of the worksites of an oil and gas company based in XXX in order to meet the requirements of the NEBOSH IGC 3 practical application. The Company is a leading engineering...

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B allii Full Time (3 days) nd on es a,, Ba V e w P e- Re qu s tte s Vii ew Prre -R eq uii sii es TBC contact for details 2013 15 to 17 April 2013 20 to 22 May 2013 28 to 30 October 2013 03 to 06 December 2013 17 to 19 April 2013 USD $1399.00 SGD $1750.00 SGD $1750.00 SGD $1750.00 GBP £800.00 GBP £800.00 S ng ap orre Siin ga po e S ng ap orre Siin ga po e S ng ap orre Siin ga po e U K,, A be de en UK Ab errd ee n U K,, UK D un errm ne Du nffe mlliin e Full Time (3 days) V e w P e- Re...

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NEBOSH practical report

Woodworking Workshop and Offices Introduction Earlier today, I carried out a Health and Safety inspection of the above areas of our premises. The purpose of the inspection was two fold. First of all, to satisfy the requirements of the practical aspect of the NEBOSH General Certificate, and secondly to ensure that health and safety control measures in the above areas remained in force, and that we were complying with our statutory duties. Summary The inspection revealed that health and safety...

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Nebosh Igc Questions and Answers

responsible of the Regulatory Compliance drawings, firefighting / lifesaving plans, Hazardous Area plans and Helideck Markings /Obstacles compliance as per IMO MODU CODE, ABS MODU Rules, Helicopter countries agencies Regulations , supporting and attend projects (upgrade and reactivation) , Recently due to outsourcing engineering requests, Im responsible to deal with the third parties to get thing done with all what required (drawings , calculations, ABS submittals, coordinate with rigs to get the job done)...

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Nebosh Igc3

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety UNIT IGC3: HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Student Name: Student Number: Date of Submission: APPENDIX 1 IGC3 – The Health and Safety Practical Application Candidate and course provider declarations: For completion by the candidate: I declare that the work submitted for this practical application assessment ie. the completed observation sheets and the report to management, is my own work. I recognise...

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IGC 1 Nebosh

issue a formal notice to correct mistakes within a certain time. Prosecution, fines and prison sentences can result due to non compliance. 3. Outline reasons why an organisation should review its health and safety performance. To deter main if the health and safety plans are appropriate. To deter main if the objectives and targets are met and practical. To check if adequate risk control is in place and to revise it. To provide information on the progress and current status of the strategies...

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Nebosh Igc

............. 3   The Written Exams .................................................... 3   Length of Answers ..................................................... 3   Pass Guarantee ......................................................... 3   Paper 1 – IGC 1 ......................................................... 3   The Management of International Health and Safety  ............................................................................... 3   Paper 2 – IGC 2 ...............

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Nebosh Igc 3

NEBOSH International General Certificate (2011 specification) Observations Hazards / Good Practice for NEBOSH International General Certificate Observations Marble cutting machine, generate high level of noise and poor lighting. Exposure to high level of noise, long term hearing injury and cut by machinery Control Measures Immediate, medium and longer term actions Stop...

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Nebosh IGC 1

NEBOSH(IGC-1) TOPIC FOCUS ELE-1 TO ELE-5 1. DEFINATIONS         Health the absence of disease. Safety the absence of hazards, risks & serious injury at workplace. Environmental Protection the prevention of damage to air, land, water and living creatures. Accident an unplanned, unwanted which lead to injuries, loss and damage. Near Miss an unplanned, unwanted which has potential to injuries, loss and damage. Dangerous Occurrence a specified event which must be reported to...

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Nebosh Igc 3

INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE Candidate’s observation sheet IGC3 - THE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Sheet number: Student Number: Date of inspection: Student Name: Place Inspected: of You should have about 8-10 of these sheets printed off which you should be able to compete in the 60 minutes allocated to this section. Observations Hazards and consequences Control measures Immediate and longer-term actions Timescale (immediate, 1 week, etc) In the first column of the observation...

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Nebosh IGC

and safety not be seen as a priority by the management of an organisation? (2) Define: (i) An accident. (ii) A hazard. (iii) A risk. (3) What two types of hazard are there? (4) What factors are assessed in determining the magnitude of a risk? The suggested answers are given at the end of the element. 1–10 NEBOSH International General Certificate © RRC Business Training Health and Safety Foundations | Element 1 Element 1 REVISION QUESTION 2 (1) Identify...

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Unit 3 Project

PS300 Unit 3 Project May 10, 2011 Unit 3 Project Part 1: (This section of the project should be 1-2 pages in length) What were the results of your MBTI assessment? The outcome of my MBTI assessment test resulted in the qualitative analysis of my personality type to be ENFJ (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging). The strength of preferences in percentage form is as follows: • 89%- Very extraverted personality, • 25%- Moderately expressed intuitive personality, • 75%- Distinctively...

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Nebosh Igc

to forward my CV for the position of “HSE OFFICER” Besides my Bachelors in Commerce, Diploma in Industrial Safety, I have very good exposure in Drilling and Work over Rig Operations, in construction of GAS PLANT and possessing good knowledge in NEBOSH & OSHA Standards enable me to shoulder all the challenging assignments for the position applied. I will deliver my splendid efforts to implement the Esteemed Organization’s HSE Policies & Procedures in other words Safe System of Work for the Drilling...

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Project 3

what we wanted to write about. Cecilia Conrad, author of “Our Society Discourages Risk”, claimed, “Creativity thrives in an environment where individuals have the freedom to devote time and effort to ideas and projects that may not have an immediate payoff ”. Putting a time limit on a project in a classroom is understandable and necessary, but eliminating students’ options destroys their creative process. In contrast, the view of how creativity seems to be limited in schools, and areas of strict...

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assessment 3 NEBOSH

Assignment 3 1. (a) Explain, using examples, the meaning of EACH of the following terms: Motivation is the internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal. An example is a student that spends extra time studying for an exam because they want a better grade at the end. (2) Perception is the process by which people translate sensory impressions into a coherent...

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Week 3 Practical Problem. a+

Week Three Practical Problem In this assignment, you examine a practical procedure used in computer-aided design and computational fluid dynamics. You will make some assessments regarding this procedure. The word triangulation has two definitions. The first, and most common, is the use of trigonometry to establish the position of an object relative to two or more fixed, known locations. This is common in navigation. The second definition is the decomposition of a polygon into triangles. This...

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Nebosh Igc

that the health and safety responsibility of an organization are: 1. To provide safe workplace, equipments, and work safe methods which are safe and no risk to health 2. To provide adequate training and clear instructions on the relevant job 3. To provide and maintain a safe place of work with safe entry and exit 4. To provide all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to enable individuals to be safe 5. To provide any necessary personal protective equipment and clothing...

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pak safety solutions

NEBOSH IGC IN ASSOCIATION WITH SHEILDS UK. SPECIAL OFFER On the propitious occasion of 1st anniversary of PAK Safety Solutions and New Year celebrations, we are offering NEBOSH IGC with free international course of “Introduction of Health & Safety” from British Safety Council UK. NEBOSH IGC + Free Course of “Introduction of Health & Safety” (E-learning) from British Safety Council UK. Overview & Syllabus: The syllabus omits specific reference to any national legal requirements ...

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Identifying Problems, Solving It by Practical Projects, Formulating Problem Statements, Designing a Project Charter and Explaining the Project Objective in Detail.

it by practical projects, formulating problem statements, designing a project charter and explaining the project objective in detail. BY M.A. van Rensburg STUDENT NO: 77899741 DAPM01M - 807109 UNISA 20 May 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: LITERATURE STUDY 1. INTRODUCTION 3 2. REAL PROBLEMS SOLVED BY PRACTICAL PROJECTS 3 3. PROBLEM STATEMENT FOR PRACTICAL PROJECT 4 4. PROJECT CHARTER 4 5 PURPOSE - BREAK- UP INTO PROJECT OBJECTIVES:...

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Nebosh Igc

Vakulab PL All-rounder for laboratory and research Long life time and short cycle times Space saving and ergonomical Model diversity and tailored to specific application MMM. Protecting human health. Vakulab PL All-rounder for laboratory and research MMM offers customized autoclaves to suit every demand of the great universe of micro-organisms. In research and industry, micro-organisms bear a great potential for both life and death. That is why our customers need a highly versatile...

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Paper IGC 1 Mock examination.001 Section 1 This section contains one question. The marks for each part of the question are shown in brackets. You are advised to spend approximately half an hour on it. 1. (a) Identify the possible consequences of an accident to: (i) the injured workers; (3) Moral: Any health and safety accident which leads to human harm will involve a degree of pain and suffering for the individual, possibly their family and friends. (ii) their employer. (3) Failure to comply with...

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3 Generations - Project

Three Generations Project This project involves interviewing three people, each from a different age group: Early Childhood (age 4-6) Middle and Late Childhood (age 7-12) Adolescence (age 13-19) Early Adulthood (age 20-39) Middle Adulthood (age 40-64) Late Adulthood (age 64 and older) As a result of your interviews, you should be able to compare how subjects were similar or different in their levels of biological development, cognitive development, and/or social development. The...

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DOCUMENTS BY THE COMPANY HRD. ====================================== 1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents. 2) Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any) 3) Photo-copies of Address Proof 4) Two Passport Size Photograph. ====================================== And kindly send to us the below via email : 1. Name: 2. Address: 3. Mobile: 4. Sex: 5. Age: Send your details to this email (marutisuzuk@manager.in.th) You have to deposit the (Cash) as an initial amount in favor of our...

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product they want to sell. Organizations are releasing more modern and advanced products all the time and so are their competitors but the question we all want to know is what’s next? The answer to that question is Razor’s upcoming gaming tablet “Project Fiona” which has been renamed as “The Razor Edge Tablet”. In this paper you will read an overview of the organization, a description of the product or service, a SWOT analysis of the organization and offering, a competitive analysis of the organization...

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BA 555 group project #3

BA 555 Practical Business Analysis Group Project 3: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Due: March 14, 2013 at the beginning of the class NAME NAME NAME 1. Insert a time series plot. Comment on the underlying trend and seasonal patterns. This is your own observation. There is no need to run any forecasting model here. (Insert the plot here.) (Insert your comments here.) 2. Forecasting using a Multiplicative Model: a. Use the time series decomposition...

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Chemistry Mini Project 3

SC155 – Mini-Project #3 Please remember to show all your work for the calculations in questions 1 and 2. These can be added at the end of this document (see Calculations Section). Complete the yellow shaded regions in the document below. Question #1 Antacid Volume NaOH used in back-titration (mL) Volume NaOH used in back-titration (L) Moles NaOH used in back-titration Maalox 24.1 mL 1.205 .001205 Tums 22.4 mL 1.00 .00112 Mylanta 20.0 mL 0.995 .001 CVS 19.9 mL 1.220 .0009995 Rennies...

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risk of dermatitis from handling chemicals and the filthy state of the print workarea gave serious cause for concern. Chemicals should be sorted out at once and the ventilation in the darkroom attended to before any work is permitted there. 3. There are very serious electrical hazards which arise from improper use of sockets – implying a cavalier disregard of safety by those responsible and also from a number of items of portable equipment which were probably brought in as ‘foreigners’ and...

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LAS432 Project Rubrics 3

 Team Project Week 1 Topic and Outline Group Grade Team Name/Topic: Group Members’ Names: Includes a clearly stated thesis statement /20 Outline has sufficient detail with at least 2 levels of headings. All sections have been included and assigned. /20 Spelling and grammar /10 Please Note: I reserve the right to deduct points from individual team members for lack of participation, late participation, and/or quality of work that does not meet expectations. It is important to adhere to...

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igc 3

NEBOSH INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE 1 03 OCT 2011 AT KOCHI Section 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Identify costs that may organization incur due to inadequate standards of health and safety (a) Uninsured cost that are required to be incurred (4) (b) Outline purpose of statement of intent of H& S policy (2) ...

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Term project phase 3

Jaime Hamilton 22 May 2014 Phil 3 Term Project Phase 3 A very controversial argument amongst Americans is determining that the current legal drinking age which is 21 should be lowered to eighteen or not. Alcohol consumption has become the number one choice drug to be used by America’s adolescents. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) wrote in their fact sheet titled “Underage Drinking”: “Particularly worrisome among adolescents is the high prevalence of binge drinking... Underage drinkers...

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The Crucible Project 3

Year 10 – ‘The Crucible’ Project Each activity has a value. Your minimum amount of credits to reach is 90, but the more the merrier! This is a fun but serious project to help you understand the play, themes, context and characters, so I am expecting the highest of standards in presentation and effort. Your project must include a title page about ‘The Crucible’ AND be presented in a folder of some sort. Even if you do anything on a computer, it must be printed out and stuck in. Create a quiz on...

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Project 3 Final

baseball, don’t let anyone tell you that you cant. Tell yourself that you can! If you believe in yourself then you will overcome the odds. Im telling you boys just go out and play the game of baseball like how you always have and well be just fine. Project Narrative: The solution to it boys is coming together as a family. If we can become one, no one will ever be able to break us. The only way we will lose is because of us. You need to treat each other with respect. Include everyone to outings and...

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Individual Project 3

Technology Age Professor Melvin Sanchez Colorado Technical University Phase 3 Individual Project By Richard Fauvell June 10, 2013 For this project I have chosen to do the first problem about C#. Since I’m not that familiar with the C# program, I first would like to explain what C# program is. C# program is a programming language that is very similar to both Java and C++ in many respects. But for this project I’m only going to give a couple of the similarities that Java, C++, and C# have...

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Unit 3 Individual Project

Unit 3 Individual Project | MGT 330 | Michael L. Battin | I believe that Jennifer is right in wanting to evaluate the employees formally. By doing so you are communicating with your employees and giving them a clear ground to stand on. Formal evaluations will allow the employer the opportunity...

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Conveyor Belt Project Part 3

BA562 Conveyor Belt Project Part 3 Part A 1. Which if any of the resources are over allocated? Design, Development and Documentation. 2. Assume that the project is time constrained and try to resolve any over allocation problems by leveling within slack. What happens? The design and documentation over allocated problem is solved. However, Development is still over allocated. (See Gantt chart 3.1) 3. What is the impact of leveling within slack on the sensitivity of the network? Include a Gantt...

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3 Month Wedding Project Emily

 PROJECT CHARTER 3-Month Wedding Project Emily Chan MGT5164 March 14, 2013 Business Case This charter proposes the business case of planning a proper wedding for Mary-Jo and Bobby Doe, named the 3-Month Wedding Project. This project has been initiated in response to Mary-Jo's engagement by her parents. It aims to provide her with a legal wedding, a memorable wedding experience, and leave all parties involved with a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction, given the time constraint of three...

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Is418 Project 1-2-3

* Project: Linux – Based Web Application Infrastructure * Project: Logistics * Project Part 3: Executive Summary * Project Part 3: Tasks 1 * Project Part 3: Tasks 2 * Project Part 3: Tasks 3 IS-418: Security Strategies in Linux Platforms and Applications 3: Executive Summary * Project Part 3: Tasks 1 * Project Part 3: Tasks 2 * Project Part 3:...

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Unit 3 Individual Project

conclude with an applied critical thinking in analyzing business situations. Familiarizing Oneself With In/Out Groups When working for a company everyone enjoys being a part of the in-group. According to American Intercontinental University Unit 3 Article Reading’s – Leader-Membership Exchange Theory (2012) the in-groups are loyal, committed, willing to take on administrative duties, and will stay focus on completing task. When a person is in the in-group they tend to be the most favorable group...

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Project Management Case Study 3

 Case Study 3 It was agreed upon by a board of top engineers that the basic design was sound and the suspension bridge had been constructed competently. The project’s original plan and scope management may have been an appropriate one if it was for a shorter bridge. Since this bridge was so long The planners started taking unknown and unnecessary risks when they determined the width of the bridge would be single lane versus double and when they changed the girders from round to flat, preventing...

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Citation Generator * More Igc3 Nebosh Essays and Term Papers ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form * * Bottom of Form 1 - 20 of 33 * Nebosh Igc3 NEBOSH USE ONLY NEBOSH Moderators comments: APPENDIX 4 INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE Candidates observation (2010 specification) sheet IGC3... Premium * Igc3 Certificate NEBOSH CERTIFICATE PRACTICAL EXAMINATION Written Report To successfully complete the Practical Examination, it is necessary to write...

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Phase 3 Individual Project

Phase 3 Individual Project Instructor: Clement Yedjou SCI210-1301B-09: The Sciences: Inquiry, Innovation and Invention Donald R. Wallace Jr. Monday, June 10, 2013 The ‘Greenhouse effect’ is gases in the Earth’s atmosphere that absorb infrared radiation that makes the world temperature increase more than it would be without the gases. In understanding the ‘Greenhouse effect’ there is a couple of ways to comprehend this occurrence. The first is there are some gasses...

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Nebosh Igc Study Notes

principles of prevention that can be applied to eliminate hazards and reduce the risk in the workplace. These principles rely on the correct selection of technical, procedural and behavioral controls. 1. Avoid risk: 2. Evaluate risks which cannot be avoided 3. Control hazards at source: 4. Adapt work to suit the individual 5. Adapt to technical progress 6. Replace the dangerous with the non dangerous or less dangerous 7. Develop logical overall prevention policy 8. Give priority to collective protective measures...

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IGC 3 Answer Book

THE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Sheet number of _____ Student name _______________________________________ Student number _________________ Place inspected _____________________________________ Date of inspection ___ / _____ / _____ Observations Hazards and consequences Control measures Immediate and longer term actions Timescale INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE (2011 specification) Candidate’s observation sheet IGC3 – THE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Sheet number...

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NEBOSH IGC 3 Example Observation Sheets

Name: Sheet Number: 1 Place Inspected: Date: Observations List hazards, unsafe practices and good practices found Action to be taken (if any) List any immediate and long-term actions required Priority 1 = immediate 2 = medium 3 = long-term Housekeeping - Corridors – 2 x chairs in gangway Return to classroom area 1 1 x brush angling into gangway Return to stores 1 2 x fire extinguishers on floor in gangway Mount on wall hangers provided 1 1 x electrical cable from TV across walkway...

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sample proposal for project

 PRACTICAL PROJECT: Fun with English DATE: 30th October2014 VENUE: Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Sea ORGANIZED BY: Students of SESS, FBMP MANAGEMENT & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. PROGRAMME Practical Project: Fun with English 2. ORGANIZER MSU Practical Students 3. DATE 30th October 2014 4. DURATION 2 hours and 30 minutes 5. VENUE Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Sea 6. PROGRAMME PARTICIPATION 6.1 All the students from Year 4 ,5 and 6 6.2 All subject teachers...

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Project 2 Essay 3

Leroy Catholique, Khris Weeks, EN 0120, Project 2 March 5, 2015 The Effects of Cell Phones/Facebook/IPods on Society Modern technology can provide many benefits to society; however, there are many negative effects on society to be considered. The distraction of cell phones, the time consuming use of Facebook and hearing loss due to listening to music too loud. If not careful, they all can be time consuming in general. Technology these days can be good in most ways of communication, but can also...

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NEBOSH International Certificate courses INTERNATIONAL GENERAL CERTIFICATE IN OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN CONSTRUCTION HEALTH & SAFETY INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN FIRE SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT RRC Training 27-37 St George’s Road London SW19 4DS United Kingdom T +44 (0)20 8944 3100 F +44 (0)20 8944 7099 info@rrc.co.uk www.rrc.co.uk Skype ID rrctraining Valuable skills, valuable training RRC delivering real value in health, safety and environmental training ...

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1. Does Project 2007 function more like Microsoft Office Excel or Microsoft Office Access? Why? Complete Project Plan Schedule Creation & Integration with Resources along with Resource Allocation & Cost estimation is easier & unique to Project 2007. With knowledge of further VB Scripting or Macro creation – we can create these functions in all 3 application --Data is stored in Table Views; We have the capability for Charts; Time / Resource Allocation & Calculation; Database functionality (ODBC...

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Sc155 – Mini Project #3

Question #3 What might you have used in the above experiment in order to see a visible color change in the solution? At what pH would the solution have been neutral? Question #4 If you had walked into the lab, only to discover that you only had 0.1 M sulfuric acid available to run you tests, how might this have affected your calculations? Why? Question #5 Balance the following reaction. Al(OH)3 + HCl  AlCl3...

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Danielle Grecowriting project 3 2

Danielle Greco writing project 3 Robert Morris Engl 1100 October 18th 2013 Binge drinking and Education In today’s society many individuals will try to find a way to cope with everyday life. Some will turn to Gambling, Drug abuse or Alcohol abuse. Among these individuals a high percentage are college students who will turn to substance abuse to help them deal with the stress of campus living, academic problems and acceptance .In the narrative” Too many colleges are still in denial...

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HOLIDAY HOME WORK-DEPT.OF COMMERCE BUSINESS STUDIES Project: Principles of Management The students are required to visit any one of the following: 1. A departmental store. 2. An Industrial unit. 3. A fast food outlet. They are required to observe the application of the general Principles of management advocated by Fayol. Fayol’s principles 1. Division of work. 2. Unity of command. 3. Unity of direction. 4. Scalar chain 5. Espirit de corpse 6. Fair remuneration to all. 7. Order...

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nebosh igc study material

................................................................................... 3  Introduction................................................................... Answer length............................................................... Define .............................................................................

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Tea Project

Chemistry Project ~~~~~~~~~ [pic] Submitted by Radhika H XII B CHINMAYA VIDYALAYA VADUTHALA CHEMISTRY PROJECT WORK CERTIFICATE This is to certify that ………………………………… Roll no……… of Class……… Division……… has completed the project work during the academic year …………………. REMARKS: DEPARTMENT: …………… …………… …………… Instructor in Head of the Principal Charge Department DATE: …………… INDEX ➢ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT……………………...

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Transmission Project 3

http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/electric-car2.gif It is a little more complex in an AC controller because this controller type would be 6 sets of transistors while Dc controller requires only one set of transistor. This is because AC controller creates 3 pseudo-sine waves and it needed each set of transistors to pulse voltage for each phase while another set is to reverse the polarity. An AC controller can deliver a maximum of 50,000 watts to the motor. Hybrid Drive System A hybrid drive...

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Chunnel Project

3004ENG PROJECT MANAThGEMENT PRINCIPLES THE CHUNNEL PROJECT Project Background * Objective is to create an underground tunnel connecting England and France * Create a fixed transportation link between England and France in an attempt to spur economic development, improve European trade, and provide an alternative high-speed transportation method. * Requires cooperation between two countries, numerous banks, contractors, etc to initiate, plan, executive and complete the project. ...

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Chapter: Chapter05: The Project in the Organizational Structure Revised by Dwayne Whitten, Texas A&M University Multiple Choice 1. Identify a major advantage of placing a project in the matrix approach. a) Multiple individuals, including the project manager, take responsibility for managing the project b) The project will have permanent use of representatives from the administrative units of the parent firm c) The division of authority between the project manager and the functional...

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