• Nbc and the Innovation of Television News, 1945-1953
    . The news-anchor would recite the news while music played in the background, complimenting photos, filmed events, and headlines that were displayed on the screen. This program was first used by NBC in 1940 on a show called "The Esso Television Reporter" that was financed by Standard Oil. During...
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  • Google
    bought 97% of network radio time in 1943. Networks ported the sponsored-content model to TV. Agencies owned most big shows in the '50s, and NBC and CBS acted as a sort of "common carrier" for sponsored content, said Tim Brooks, exec VP-research at Lifetime and co-author of a 1,600-page history of...
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  • NBC Tough Decisions
    Difficult Decisions 1 Chapter 8 Case Study: Making Difficult Decisions at NBC Universal The NBC Universal’s late night programming network where faced with some very tough...
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  • Tvbasics
    . See pages 64-67 for more information. The sum of individual telecast ratings on a total program basis or advertiser commercial schedule, without regard to duplication. For example, 10 announcements each with a 10 rating would produce a total of 100 GRPs. L Lead-in A program that immediately...
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  • The History of Nbc
    four hours a week. NBC installed television sets in 80 New York City Police Department Precincts and conducted televised instruction programs for 148,000 air raid and fire wardens. On a jubilant V-E Day on May 8,1945, the station presented an unprecedented 15 hours of programming to bring viewers...
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  • Dtra
    Programs Assessment of Catastrophic Events Center (ACECenter) - The Assessment of Catastrophic Events Center (ACECenter) describes DTRA's hazard prediction and consequences assessment capabilities and how qualified users can obtain them. (Learn more) Center for Special Weapon Effects, NBC...
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  • Teacher
    meet people Production Assistant
-Pay $100-120/per 12
-Foot in the door
-Work hard, little respect -Become friends with other PA’s Post Graduation -PA
-NBC Page Program (job/training program) -Mail room
-Fellowships/Guilds Job Sites
-staffmeup.com* -mandy.com...
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  • Nbc on Trouble
    NBC, CBS and ABC. Alternatively, the TV shows could be aired through cable networks, also called “Service Operators” (SOs). Media consumers can access content in various ways e.g. through TV networks, internet streaming services, or mobile pages. Because media consumers can choose from more...
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  • Obama Poll
    HART/McINTURFF AUGUST 2011 Study #11382--page 1 NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey Interviews: 1000 adults, including 200 reached by cell phone Date: August 27-31, 2011 Study #11382 NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey 48 Male 52 Female Please note: all results are shown as...
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  • General Eletric
    ) | In 1986 GE reacquired RCA, primarily for the NBC television network. The remainder was sold to various companies, including Bertelsmann (Bertelsmann acquired RCA Records) andThomson SA which, ironically, traces its roots to Thomson-Houston, one of the original components of GE. In 2002...
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  • Ge Company Analysis
    General Electric Comprehensive Company Analysis BA 498-Business Policy and Strategy Spring 2010 Table of Contents Executive Summary Page 1 Proposed Mission Statement Page 2 Environmental Mission Statement Page 2 External Audit Pages 2-4...
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  • General Electric
    citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) For a complete list of acquisitions and divestitures, see General Electric timeline In 1986 GE reacquired RCA, primarily for the NBC...
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  • Radio History
     split screen credits. According to James Gleick, an NBC research team discovered that when the credits started rolling after a program, 25% of its viewers would change the channel before it was over. Because of this, the NBC 2000 unit invented the “squeeze and tease” which squeezed the credits onto one...
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  • Dominion Motors & Controls Ltd
    -house management school, known as Crotonville (for its location north of New York City). GE is notorious for demanding performance from its managers, weeding out those who don't deliver and handsomely rewarding those who do. GE followed a performance-review program to identify the top 20 percent of...
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  • Strategic Marketing
    ) • McDonald's - List of McDonald's ad programs • Nabisco - Nibble a Nab for a nickle • NBC - Proud as a Peacock; Be There!; Come Home to NBC (US, 1980's) • New York State - I [heart] New York • Nickelodeon - The First and Only Network for Kids (80's and 90's) • Nike - Just do it. (1988) • Nintendo...
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  • Hulu Case Write-Up
    competitive advantage from a portfolio of relationship with TV networks and studios. Conceived by media giants News Corp. and NBC, and recently adopted by Disney/ABC, Hulu has extensive access to current shows and contents from its three largest equity stakeholders as well as additional sources such as...
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  • Mass Media
    day. The 890 Sunday papers are usually much larger than the 25 regular editions. The record for a Sunday paper is held by The New York Times. One issue on a Sunday in 1965 contained 946 pages, weighed over 7 pounds, and cost 50 cents. Reading the Sunday paper is an American tradition, for some...
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  • English
    . Bishop's actions are in violation of NBC News policy, appropriate action has been taken." Running was the subject of a 2002 Dateline NBC program during which he refused to answer questions about the two Texas killings. The Austin American-Statesman published excerpts of Bishop's letters last...
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  • Essay
    author to Indelible Images: Women of Local Television, published by Iowa State University Press in 2001. tug53514_fm.qxd 5/6/03 5:01 PM Page vi FOREWORD Bob Dotson Senior Correspondent “NBC Nightly News” with Tom Brokaw My grandmother always worried about my life’s work. The first time she...
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  • 911 Hegemonic Coverage
    destroyed lives. America will never forget the attacks of September 11, 2001, but the news value, and associated vending potential of future coverage governing major news firms’ decisions will push a majority of 9/11 anniversary journalism down a page or timeslot. Two years ago, mainstream media...
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