• Natural Hazards and Disasters
    Natural Hazards and Natural Disasters A natural hazard is a threat of a naturally occurring event will have a negative effect on humans.   This negative effect is what we call a natural disaster.  In other words when the hazardous threat actually happens and harms humans, we call the event...
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  • Natural Devastation
    Natural Devastation The largest earthquake in 40 years shifted huge geological plates beneath the Indian Ocean on Dec. 26, 2004, causing a immense and abrupt displacement of millions of tons of water. Indonesia villages closest to the epicenter were swamped within minutes, while elsewhere the wav
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  • Hurricane Katrina: a Natural and Political Disaster
    "Hurricane Katrina: A Natural and Political Disaster" Four days after Hurricane Katrina devastated much of the northern Gulf Coast, tired and angry people stranded at the convention center in New Orleans welcomed a supply convoy carrying food, water and medicine with cheers and tears of joy. Hur
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  • Natural Gas and Its Future Utilization in Bangladesh
    Introduction India and Myanmar have attracted considerable interest from international oil and gas companies (IOCs) in recent years following a number of significant discoveries in the Bay of Bengal. Now it appears that Bangladesh is ready to tempt the worldwide petroleum industry into investigatin
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  • China Population and Natural Resources
    CHINA POPULATION AND NATURAL RESOURCES With more that 1.3 billion people living in China it is one of the most populous countries in the world. With the worlds population currently at aprox 6.6 billion people China makes up 20% of the worlds population. This means one in 5 people in the world a
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  • Man Made Natural Disaster: Acid Rain
    Ozone depletion, greenhouse effect, and acid rain are man-made disasters. The ozone layer is the part of the Earth's atmosphere which contains relatively high concentrations of ozone (O3). The cause of ozone depletion is the presence of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and related halocarbons gases in the
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  • Natural Disaster
    Natural Disasters With the tropical climate and unstable landforms, coupled with high population density, poverty, illiteracy and lack of adequate infrastructure, India is one of the most vulnerable developing countries to suffer very often from various Natural Disasters, viz. flood, cyclone, e
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  • Legal Crime vs Natural Crime
    Legal Crime vs Natural Crime The natural definition of crime is any act that is seen as fundamentally wrong, strongly disapproved, and deserving of punishment”, regardless of whether it is legal. Natural crime is one that is mala in se, or wrong in itself. Meaning that is wrong to do regardles
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  • Natural Disaster
    A disaster is the tragedy of a natural or human-made hazard (a hazard is a situation which poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment) that negatively affects society or environment. With the tropical climate and unstable landforms, coupled with high population density, pov
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  • Natural Disaster
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  • Poverty - a Natural Inevitable Phenomenon
    “Poverty is a natural phenomenon-it cannot be eradicated” Poverty dwells amidst the hungry, within the homeless, dealing with hardships of heat and frost. Poverty is the helplessness felt when the sick are deprived of medical care, when the society drowns deeper into the realms of illiteracy,
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  • Natural Calmities
    Natural Calamities In India, we have various kinds of natural disasters take place. The followings are the common natural disasters, which occur very often at different parts of the country. Droughts Drought is perhaps the manifestation of desertification, which may be because of unprecedented
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  • “History Shows That Human-Made Disasters Have Consistently Been Caused, Not by Individuals, but by Errors, Misjudgments, Failures or Even Negligence by Senior Management Because They Have Failed to Instill a Culture of
    “History shows that human-made disasters have consistently been caused, not by individuals, but by errors, misjudgments, failures or even negligence by senior management because they have failed to instill a culture of safety within an organization.” Critically discuss this statement, giving
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  • Man Made Disasters
    Man-made disasters Man-made disasters are disasters resulting from man-made hazards (threats having an element of human intent, negligence, or error; or involving a failure of a man-made system), as opposed to natural disasters resulting from natural hazards. Man-made hazards or disasters are somet
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  • Global Warming Natural
    Arguments over Natural Global Warming For the past few decades there has been a growing concern about earth and its future. The concern that has gotten many people’s attention is global warming, “because scientist and politicians have put the blame on humans” (Hannity). Recent scientific
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  • The Impact of Disasters to the Economic Growth of a Country a Study Case of Indonesia
    Economic growth is defined as the increase of per capita gross domestic product (GDP) or other measure of aggregate income. It is often measured as the rate of change in real GDP and it refers only to the quantity of goods and services produced. As we all know, each country has its own economic deve
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  • Natural Disaster
    our india suffring from many disaster but mast important disaster is natural disaster . natural disaster is the impact of the human causing the wasteage of natural resoures andusing it very widly range becaus of using natural resoures in bulk amount it harmes pur planet as well as our country .the g
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  • Natural Disaster in Bangladesh
    A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard. Bangladesh, a country in southern Asia that is home to 140 million people, is widely known as a land of natural disasters. It is highly vulnerable to floods, famine, drought, earthquake, cyclones, and river erosions. Due to the effects of these
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  • Natural Diasaster
    A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard (e.g., flood, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, or landslide). It leads to financial, environmental or human losses. The resulting loss depends on the vulnerability of the affected population to resist the hazard, also c
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  • Managing Disasters
    Government of India Ministry of Home Affairs DISASTER MANAGEMENT IN INDIA TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I II III IV V VI Introduction Institutional and Policy Framework Early Warning System Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Preparedness Conclusion Annexure (i) Subject Page No. National
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