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National Unity In Malaysia

differences and interests and to work untimely for the realization of collective national objectives. This welding force in Pakistani community is Islam. It is for the glory and spread of Islam as the best system of life that the Muslims of Pakistan separated themselves from the Hindus. Therefore the secret of our survival and progress lies in holding fast to the rope of Islam. There is greater need of national unity in Pakistan because our powerful neighbour and enemy India has not yet reconciled...

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National Intigration in Malaysia

This article examines the direction of ethnic politics in Malaysia by investigating the 2008 election results and the subsequent political maneuverings of political parties following the election. The results do not clearly demonstrate the demise of ethnic politics; however, the communal political paradigm of the Barisan Nasional Party (BN) has become increasingly ineffective in its attempts to appease both Malay and non-Malay communities. Following the election, the BN seems to have moved towards...

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Obstacles to National Unity

The obstacles to national unity Racial Inequality, Social Inequality, Religious inequality... etc (1) Regionalism/Separatism (ii) Linguism (iii) Casteism and (iv) communalism. (i) Regionalism/Separatism: Regionalism or Separatism is the most advance obstacle in the way of National Unity and development. Above all regionalism and separatism are threatening to balkanize the country. Aggressive regionalism has gravely undermined the feeling of unity of the people. It creates a parochial outlook...

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urdu asa basis of national unity

nation. Pakistan is a federation of four provinces and its national language is URDU. URDU- THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE OF PAKISTAN Urdu is our national language. It has played an importyant role in the articulation of muslim culture in South East Asia.It has been rightly said that urdu had been the a symbol, an issue and a weapon in our struggle for independence. The 1973 constitution of Pakistan has also declared Urdu to be our national language. History of Urdu language; Urdu is nearly 300 years...

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National Service in Malaysia

INVESTIGATIVE ON MALAYSIA’S NATIONAL SERVICE. 1. Are you interested to go to National Service training program? a) Of course b) Never c) Considered 2. How did you enter to NS? a) Randomly chosen by Government b) Volunteer 3. How did you imagine NS will be before you went? a) Strictly b) Dirty training c) Bored d) Great 4. Do you think that NS is important to Malaysia? a) Yes b) No c) I’m not sure 5. Did you face any problem...

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National Unity

CPPS Policy Factsheet: National Unity CPPS is pleased to bring to you its “CPPS Policy Fact Sheet” on national unity. In this factsheet, we will look at government policies which affect national unity and explore their effects on social cohesion and integrity in Malaysia. BACKGROUND Malaysia is one of the most plural and heterogeneous countries in the world, with three major ethnic groups — Malay, Chinese, and Indian — plus several other indigenous tribes. It has a checkered history, having...

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Basics Concepts of Unity and Integration

CONCEPTS OF UNITY AND INTEGRATION Unity is generally known as the united of different social and cultural backgrounds, into one physical entity. National unity is one of the targets of government policies in task to promote the greater integration amongst different race, different background of country’s committees. The unity of the country will be exist when the sharing of power, a democratic government sound economic distribution and cultural tolerance were found. For example, in Malaysia, to unite...

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Public Speaking Speech: Unity in Malaysia

Gain The Harmony’, I will explain, why I should be on a par with Geetha. A very good morning to the wise and honourable judges, teachers and members of the floor. You must be still wondering why I relate the previous incident with the theme ‘Unity’ for my speech today. Now, listen to this one, my sister had always complained to me that it was impossible for her to beat her friend, Mei Mei in Mathematics. Her logic in it was, and I quote: “Well, you know, the Chinese are always good in Maths...

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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian nation that exists on two sides of the South China Sea, splits into Peninsular Malaysia which covers the southernmost point of Eurasia, and Malaysian Borneo (East Malaysia), which is on the island of Borneo. Malaysia is bordered by Thailand on the peninsula, and Indonesia and Brunei on the island of Borneo. Malaysia covers an area of 329,847 square kilometers (127,355 square miles). Malaysia is divided into two regions, with a total of thirteen states based on Malay...

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formation of malaysia

MALAYSIA CONSTITUTION The Constitution is a document that contains all of the order of rules and regulations constitute an important policy for removing a country's governance and administration. Determining the constitution of the Kingdom,a form of government and the rights of the people. The Constitution also contains principles that form the national institutions like the executive, legislative and judicial with the powers and role of each institution within the framework of governance and...

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One Malaysia

ONE MALAYSIA Since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak became the sixth Prime Minister, he introduced a concept of solidarity, which is One Malaysia. It is not a new concept. In fact, he states that it is the goal of national unity envisioned by past prime ministers of this nation with a different approach and method according to the current condition of the world. In the other words, he updated the concept which is brought by the previous Malaysian leaders. The Prime Minister also states that the...

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Formation of Malaysia

16 September- The Day Malaysia was formed Perhaps, not many who know that, today, 16th of September is Malaysia Day, the day Malaysia was formed. The Malaysia day is very significant although it's not really well known as compared to the Merdeka Day. Malaysia day is the day to commemorate the formation of the establishment Malaysian Federation on 16th of September 1963. On this day, Malaya, North Borneo (now Sabah), Sarawak, and Singapore (Singapore left Malaysia in 9th of August 1965 to form...

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Unity is foreign

 Since the independence of Malaya in 1957 and the formation of Malaysia in 1963, Malaysians are supposed to bind to their land and be united. However, unity is still foreign to Malaysia. It is difficult for Malaysians to be really united due to the fact that its formation was race based, adding the prejudices and stereotypes that causes Malaysians suspicious with each other. It is quite difficult to have real unity since there is still racism, followed by the political system which is race based...

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multiracial country. Malaysia has a population of 23.27 million consisting of 61 percent Malays, 30 percent Chinese, 8 percent Indians and 1 percent of other ethnic groups. Malaysia is unique because of its diversity of races, religions and cultures, the stability of the country and many places of interests. Besides, there are many international achievements which are the pride of our nation. Diversity of races, religions and cultures is a significant characteristic of our nation. Malaysia is a multiracial...

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Promoting National Unity in Sri Lanka Through Education

for Sri Lankans to realize the importance of unity. Sri Lanka now stands in a position where the country is gradually recovering from brutal wounds of war and this is high time for the nation to look into aspects of promoting unity among diverse cultures and ethnic groups to avoid the reoccurrence of such a tragedy. One way of achieving unity among different ethnic groups is through education. Enlightenment of the nation about the importance of unity can only be achieved by educating people. This...

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English vs. Bahasa Malaysia

English vs. Bahasa Malaysia A German friend of mine once asked me why I did not use Malay as an every day language when I am Malaysian. What piqued his curiosity was when I had a Malay friend over and both of us had a conversation in flawless English. My German friend could not help but to ask us why the national language was not used. “In Germany, everybody speaks German!” he said. And then it hit me, that in Thailand, locals speak Thai every day on almost every occasion. In Philippines...

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national unity

Search Results National Unity Free Essays 1 - 20 - StudyMode.com www.studymode.com/subjects/national-unity-page1.html‎ Free Essays on National Unity for students. ... is Coming Soon - Major improvements and new features www.unity3d.com/4.0 Pre-order today and get $200 off. Essay on "National Unity" | Free Writing : HSEB Notes www.myhsebnotes.com/2013/09/essay-on-national-unity.html‎ by Digvijay Chaudhary - in 22 Google+ circles Sep 30, 2013 - Free Writing | Essay National Unity Write an essay...

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Integration and National Unity

LESSON 9 INTEGRATION AND NATIONAL UNITY 1.0 Introduction In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Malaysia is a unique country. It is made up of multi-ethnic group who are living in harmony. Conflict among ethnic group is rare and even if conflict occurs, is not to the extent of destroying the country. In fact, it is the diversity that drives the development of the country and makes this country colourful. Malaysia has been recognized by the world as a model for other plural...

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Unity and National Integration

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Concepts of Unity and Integration:  3.0 Basic Concepts of Unity and Integration 3.1 Assimilation 3.2 Amalgamation 3.3 Pluralism 3.3.1 Plural society 4.0 Challenges to National Unity and Integration 4.1 Unified Education System the Way to Achieve National Unity 4.2 Different Focus in Economic Sectors 4.3 Different Political Ideologies and Influences 5.0 The Approach and Policy to Overcome the Obstacles and Challenges ...

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One Malaysia

south east Asia country, Malaysia, to be different compared to other multiracial country too? My answer is “to lead 1malaysia publicize their basic, greatest asset splendidly, that is multiracial and placing unity the top priority” What really inspires me is what our beloved prime minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak idea for 1malaysia, even though at first sight it might sound another useless propaganda from the government, and many of my friends take it as a joke for the unity among the nations in this...

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UNITY OF THOUGHT •A sentence has unity if it expresses only one main idea. SENTENCE UNITY HOW TO ACHIEVESENT ENCE UNITY? Consistent Use of Tenses • A verb in an adverbial clause generally agrees with the tense of the verb in the main clause. • Avoid unnecessary shifting from first person to third person or vice versa Consistent use of Number • Shifting persons of pronouns will destroy unity. The pronouns must agree with their antecedents Consistent Use of Persons of pronouns • Do...

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One Malaysia

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi came up with Islam Hadhari. Now, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced to achieve 1 Malaysia. As it appears to be sort of political measures, many people think that it is nothing much but a political plan created by the prime ministers so that they have an issue to talk about throughout the years as a prime minister. This is my opinion about one Malaysia. Just like Islam Hadhari that no longer being concerned by people, the same thing might happen to 1Malaysia. Therefore...

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History of Malaysia

QUESTION: In 1961, Tunku Abdul Rahman propsed the creation of Malaysia and this proposal led to the formation of Malaysia. Trace events that led Singapore joining Malaysia and the reasons for its eventual exit from Malaysia in 1965. IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS THAT LED TO THE FORMATION OF MALAYSIA In the year 1887, Lord Brassey, director of North Borneo Company suggested that the Malayan states and Singapore be joined with Sarawak and Sabah. The purpose of this joint was to look after the British...

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Culture of Malaysia

 MALAYSIA The flag of Malaysia, also known as the Jalur Gemilang (Malay for "Stripes of Glory"),[1] comprises a field of 14 alternating red and white stripes along the fly and a blue canton bearing a crescent and a 14-point star known as the Bintang Persekutuan (Federal Star). The 14 stripes, of equal width, represent the equal status in the federation of the 13 member states and the federal government, while the 14 points of the star represent the unity between these entities.[2] The crescent...

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Solidarity: Race and National Unity

Nowadays, Malaysia is considered a leading tourist destination because we are famour for our multiracial society living together in peace and harmony. In my opinion, I strongly agree that national unity can be enhanced to strengthen solidarity among all the various race in this country. In this essay, I will discuss three solid strategies for enhancing national unity which include every individual's role in being more patriotic, be respectful of each different culture and mould a racially tolerant...

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malaysia culture

 Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society which consist of three major races; the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians. They are once immigrants who are brought in as workers by the British. The tribal people who lived in Malaysia long before the existence of the three races are known as the Orang Asli which means “Original People”; they populate the East Malaysia more in Sabah (Dayak, Iban, and Bidayuh) and Sarawak (Kadazan) in our current era. There are also other immigrants...

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Malaysia Budget 2013: Strengthening Education

Malaysia Budget 2013: Strengthening Education. According to the Malaysia Budget 2013, there are 5 key focus areas. One of the focus areas is strengthening education. There are 5 sub allocations from the Malaysia Budget 2013 to strengthening education which including Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025, enhance teaching skills, development of the education sector, strengthening the Role of Pre-Schools and Pilot project for TASKA OKU. Since the Malaysia government has view education as the...

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National Day of Malaysia

National Day of Malaysia In 1956, the then Prime Minister of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj led a delegation to London to hold talks with the British Government concerning independence for Malaya. The Malayan delegation, comprising of four representatives of the Malay Rulers and four Alliance representatives, convinced the British Government to set a date for independence: 31st August 1957. And so it came to pass that on the eve of 31 August 1957, at the Selangor Club Padang (now...

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National Monument of Malaysia

National Monument/ Tugu Negara of Malaysia The memorial site where the National Monument stands is located within the tranquil Lake Gardens, close by to the Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur, occupying an area of approximately 48,562 square metres. The National Monument memorial site was completed after 5 years of construction and was officially opened on February 8, 1966. There are 5 principle components that comprise the memorial site: the monument itself, a long rectangular reflecting pool...

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educational policy in Malaysia

contained in this Report was to establish two types of primary school; they were the National Primary School (SRK) with the Malay language as medium of instruction and the National Type Primary School (SRJK) using Mandarin, Tamil and English as the mediums of instruction. However, it was the first time that the Malay language was taught in all the National Type Schools. This was a process to transform it into the National Language. The Razak Report also proposed a secondary education system with the Malay...

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National Vision Plan in Malaysia

National Vision Policy (NVP):  National Vision Policy (NVP) was an extension of the NDP (1991-2000) and covers the 8th and 9th MP. Also the second phase of Vision 2020 Objective: same as NDP i.e. national unity. The aims of NVP is to establish a united, progressive and prosperous Bangsa Malaysia that lives in harmony and engages in full and fair partnership Was launched with a focus on building a resilient and competitive nation Incorporates the past key strategies of eradicating poverty irrespective...

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Assignment: 1 Malaysia

Assignment Group: Reborn Group Assignment tittle: 1 Malaysia 1 Malaysia concept has been introduced since year 2009, on 16 September 2010 due to the official independence day of Malaysia, the sixth prime minister of Malaysia which is Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak designed this new long-run campaign for Malaysian. The priority of the aim of 1 Malaysia is calling cabinet, government agencies and civil servants to emphasise harmony, unity among national and efficient governance more strongly than previous...

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Malaysia Economic Growth

Malaysia Economic Growth At independence from the UK in 1957, Malaysia had a population of just 7.4 million. Its population has since grown swiftly. 2005 the country had around 26.8 million people and the current estimation is that it will rise by 2010 to around 29 million. Before Independence, Malaysia was a low‐income economy. Business enterprises were small scale, largely localized, and primarily family‐based. Over time, the economy has diversified beyond agriculture and primary commodities...

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Essay: National Unity at Integration The Khmer Rouge and the Ku Klux Klan or better known as the KKK are the few of the many groups or clans that enjoy torturing, abusing or even annihilating people who are not of their own kind. Even sometimes these days, racial issues and conflicts often occur in our own country which we call our home. What is worse is that these problems do not only happen within adults but even among the students. The numbers of group fights that involve racism between pupils...

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National Culture of Malaysia

NATIONAL CULTURE OF MALAYSIA Professor Geert Hofstede conducted one of the most comprehensive studies of how values in workplace are influenced by culture. He defines these dimensions as follows: Power Distance: 'the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions (like the family) expect and accept that power is distributed unequally'. Uncertainty Avoidance: 'intolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity'. Individualism versus Collectivism: 'the extent to which individuals...

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Invented Tradition” of Eric Hobsbawm : Headgear “Songkok” and Prayer (Bacaan Doa) as an Invented Tradition in Malaysia

NAME: SITI FAIROS BT ALI AL TAMAS MATRIC NO: 204289 QUESTION NO: 2 SUBJECT: NATIONALISM AND ETHNIC CONFLICT RELATION (GFPP 2623) “Invented Tradition” Of Eric Hobsbawm : Headgear “Songkok” and prayer (bacaan doa) as an invented tradition in Malaysia According to Eric Hobsbawn (1983), state is the one that make sure the existence of the invented tradition and create sense of belonging among the citizens. This means that the government has the authority to choose the new invented tradition...

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National Development Policy Framework

NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY FRAMEWORK National Vision Policy (2001-2010) The National Vision Policy aims to establish a united, progressive and prosperous Bangsa Malaysia. It endeavours to build a resilient and competitive nation, and equitable society with the overriding objective of National Unity. It has seven critical thrusts, as follows: • Building a resilient nation; • Promoting an equitable society; • Sustaining high economic growth; • Enhancing competitiveness; • Developing...

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National Integration

National Integration National integration is the awareness of a common identity amongst the citizens of a country. It means that though we belong to different castes, religions and regions and speak different languages we recognize the fact that we are all one. This kind of integration is very important in the building of a strong and prosperous nation.____(www.preservearticles.com) National integration is a positive aspect. It reduces socio-cultural and economic differences or inequalities and...

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Malaysia Plan

Malaysia Plan (1-9) Print Malaysia Plan is the implementation of development programs / projects of the Government of Malaysia to be implemented within the next five years. This five-year plan are relics from the time of British rule in Malaya after the Second World War. Five-year plan beginning with the First Malaya Plan, from 1956 to 1960 and followed the Second Malaya Plan from 1961 to 1965. After the formation of Malaysia in 1963, this five-year plan known as Malaysia Plan where the First...

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unity is strength

UNITY IS STRENGTH If united a smallest nation rises If discord a powerful country falls. Men were bound within the stone age then they came together and formed family again society community gradually country finally a long tale of the world where the terminology 'Unity'stand as vivacious virtue...

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Ecotourism in Malaysia

ECOTOURISM IN MALAYSIA - THE TROPIC TRACK Home to an incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna, Malaysia is one of the twelve mega-biologically diverse countries in the world. Under its forest canopy, one can find a kaleidoscope of wildlife including some which have not been discovered. This nature’s haven, a million years in the making, provides a phantasmagorical stage for exciting and memorable eco adventures. Whether it is high-impact activities in the midst of the jungle or just taking...

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Multicultural in Malaysia

According to the Minister of Malaysia Education, progress in the field of sport is becoming increasingly important nowadays because it is capable of universal solidarity, promote peace and improve the image of a country. Sports field also is one of the best platforms in the development of human capital of a vibrant, creative, and competitive and have a strong identity for the sake of the survival of a nation's integrity. To ensure that these goals can be realized, sports need to provide opportunities...

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The Implication of National Language Policy on English Language Teaching in Malaysia.

The Implication of National Language Policy on English Language Teaching in Malaysia. Introduction • Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English are the major languages spoken by the different ethnic groups in Malaysia. • Due to the British colonization, the English language once has become the official language of the country. • In 1956, Malay language was given the status of national language in The Razak Report, and supported by The Rahman Talib Report in 1960. • Both reports became the basis of...

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Factors That Promoted National Unity

Log 4- Factors that Promoted National Unity There were many factors that promoted national unity during the early 1800’s. The creation of national literature and art, an increase in economic activity, and the western expansion were some of the most significant. In the beginning of the nineteenth century, there was a creation of national literature. Many authors began to write about America instead of Europe like they had been prior to the war of 1812. By this time, we had been in America for...

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National Identity

National Identity * National identity is derived from: * History and tradition – a recognition of the past and how it impacts today (speech writers use evidence from history to give their piece ‘textual integrity’) * a perceived sense of belonging * shared values * a sense of national pride * All speeches examine what makes an’ Australian National Identity’ National Identity >> Purpose >> Keating and Dean * Aimed to create a national identity based on...

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Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools

HBEF 1103 SOCIOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION IN MALAYSIA TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Inculcating national unity in education: A pre-Independence to present day 2 review of the educational reports 3.0 Impact of Educational Reports towards Inculcation of National Unity 4 4.0 Introduction to National Key Results Area 4 (NKRA) 5 5.0 The Interview Results...

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Social and Cultural Environment in Malaysia

Social and Cultural Environment of Malaysia The cultures around the world are very different and very much the alike at the same time. The way people live around the world depends on the norms internalized by their societies. The given circumstances that differ around the world limit individual’s chances for fortune and life chances. There are endless questions that can be asked to compare or contrast culture from culture and nation from nation, but the fact that there are so many similarities...

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National Integration

The Problem of National Integration |   | |   National integration means the unity of the nation. It has been rightly said “United we stand but divided we fall”. A nation which is not united falls like a house of cards. India is a country where persons of different castes, colors and creeds live together. Narrow considerations like communalism, regionalism, casteism and linguism seem to rule the country. National integration, therefore, has become the most urgent need of the hour. There are...

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National Integration

Ways And Means of National Integration Education is of great significance for bringing out about National and emotional integration. It is a strong weapons which can be used effectively for achieving our national understanding. Some of the ways And means to promote National Integration are as under :- 1) National Policy of Education The policy should have the uniform pattern from primary to university level throughout the length and the breadth of the country. The following things should be...

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Unity and Integration

Since the implementation of the New Economic Policy in the 1970’s, Malaysia has been developed rapidly. Followed by the Master Industrial Plan and Outline Perspective Planning 1 and 2 (OPP1 AND OPP2), the economic structure has been changed from an agricultural economy to an industrial and knowledge-based economy. Also, the government of Malaysia implements the National Education Policy. The National Education Development Plan 2001-2010, the Third Outline Perspective Plan 2001-2010, and the...

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Unity of Muslim

over two hundred years; whether in the colonial era, the neo-colonial era, or in modern era, this zone has served the political goals of arrogant world, which America could be considered as the top leader of them. If the Islamic nation obtains its unity, if Islamic power shows his true meaning, if actual independency in this area is realized, the economical and political and cultural dominance of the enemy will be stopped. Enemies do not like this, and they are trying to prevent this phenomenon from ...

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Malaysian Unity

Title Malaysian Unity Introduction Malaysia is one of the countries in the world populated by various racial, ethnic and religion. Malay, Chinese and Indians form the largest ethnics group. Islam is the official religion in Malaysia. However, there are other religions practiced including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and various other tribal religions. Although Malaysian comes from diverse background, there is a unique unity in its diversity. Body United by Language Why unity is important...

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Trip to National Museum of Malaysia

Trip to National Museum of Malaysia Museum is a place used for storing and displaying different objects, illustrating different cultures, natural history, art and craft. It aims to bringing before public mind new things discovered and new researches made. National Museum is one of the great museums of Malaysia. It is located on Jalan Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The museum is situated in close proximity to the Perdana Lake Gardens. The national museum was opened on 31 August 1963, and...

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Challenges Faced by Malaysia in Its Journey Towards a High Income Nation at 2020

announced his new program named as New Economic Model (NEM) to make Malaysia a “developed” and “high income” country at 2020. To be more specific the main target is to increase the per capita income to 17,700 USD from 7558 UDS by 2020. But what are the problems for the Malaysia in this way to become a developed and high-income nation? 1- The Economic Transformation And Need For New Institutions: In the past years, Malaysia has used a growth model to become a middle-income country. Now, it...

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Greek Unity

Evaluate Greek Unity as the main reason for Greek Victory against the Persians in the years 490BC-479BC. There is much discussion over whether it was Greek unity that caused the victory against the Persians in the years 490BC-479BC. The three main points of view on the matter is that they were not united at all, which can be seen from the accounts of Herodotus, that they were united, which can be seen in the Themistocles Decree and that it was Themistocles himself that made them unified. It...

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Malaysia: the National Day

celebrate the National Day. A lot of people enjoy celebrating the National Day. We enjoy singing the National Songs, decorating our classroom, watching the countdown concert, counting down the time to midnight and watching the parade on National Day. But when we do all those things, do we feel anything or we just celebrate National Day without understanding or feeling anything?? Don’t you at least feel proud being a Malaysian?? At least, we should APPRECIATE living here in Malaysia. There are a lot...

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National Integration

National Integration: A myth or reality The integrity of any nation invariably depends on the integrity of its citizens. After all, it is the individuals who constitute society or a nation. Society or nation minus individuals is nothing. The individual is a reality; whereas the society is a myth. The society exists because of individuals. Therefore, the integration of a nation is only a mere manifestation of the integrity of the individual. The more one is integrated and undivided, the more the...

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Tourism in Malaysia

seeks to assess the performance of tourism in Malaysia, its development, impacts and future. Implications for students will also be discussed. Tourism success in any country begins from the priority placed on it by the government. The Malaysian government through its Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (hereafter referred to as Tourism Malaysia) plans develops and oversees tourism policies, projects and other activities to realize its vision of making Malaysia an international tourism destination. The activities...

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Patriotism in Malaysia

The Malaysian Bar Patriotism cannot be forced onto a Malaysian Contributed by Charles Hector The compulsory national service training 'programme is intended to foster the spirit of patriotism, encourage racial integration, and develop "positive and noble traits" among the younger generation' (Malaysiakini 13/6/2003). The targeted group is our youth of about 18 years. The object of this programme was expressed by Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak, who chairs the special cabinet committee. 'The...

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Constitution of Malaysia

CONSTITUTION OF MALAYSIA DEFINITIONS • K. Ramanathan: prinsip-prinsip asas yang mengasaskan sesebuah negara, memastikan bagaimanakah sesuatu keputusan kerajaan itu akan dibuat, bagaimana kuasa akan diagih-agihkan antara institusi-institusi kerajaan, menetapkan satu kewibawaan ideal sesebuah negara itu dan memperkenalkan satu sistem pemerintahan seperti termaktub sama ada dalam undangundang, adat mahupun Majlis Piagam Perjanjian”. Malaysian Constitution consists of 3 list • a. Federal List • b...

Constitution of Malaysia, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur 910  Words | 3  Pages

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