• Bangladesh Commerce Bank
    1. Introduction Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited (BCBL) was established by the act no. I2 of 1997, passed by the Parliament of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Subsequently on February 8, 1998 as per clause 7(7) of act 12 of 1997, the Government constitut
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  • Issue in Corporate Failure of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Bcci)
    Issue in Corporate Failure of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) Introduction and background: Bank of Credit and Commerce International known as BCCI was founded by Pakistani financer Mr. Agha Hasan Abedi in 1972. It’s headquarter was located in London and was incorporated in Lu
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  • Credit Risk in Bank Sphere
    University of Nottingham Credit Risk Management in Major British Banks By Xiuzhu Zhao 2007 A Dissertation presented in part consideration for the degree of “MA Finance and Investment” Acknowledgement I would like to express my special thanks to my supervisor Mrs. Margaret Woods, wh
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  • Csr Activity of Eastern Bank Limited
    EASTERN BANK LIMITED The objective of EBL’s CSR policy is to promote education and extend help to any activity that relates to the development of education system in Bangladesh. At the time of national requirement, EBL generously came forward with helping hands to serve the humanity Disaster rel
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  • Credit Risk in Bank
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This thesis has been completed with a lot of valuable assistance and cooperation from many people, whom I am sincerely grateful for. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to my supervisor, Luong Thai Bao, PhD, for providing me professional
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  • Internship Report on “the Activities & Performance of “the General Banking of National Bank Limited
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Today, necessity of a Bank as a financial institution is undeniable. A country is financially rice when it has modern financial institutions of its own. These institutions play a vital role in the field of financial stability of a country. Banking sector is on of the stable fina
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  • Intern Report on Credit Risk Management of Ncc Bank Limited
    CHAPTER - 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Report The report is an attempt to provide an orientation to real life scenario wherein one can observe and evaluate the uses and applicability of theoretical concepts that were taught in BBA program. As a partial fulfillment of
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  • Loan Classification, Provisioning and Debt Default Trend in Mercantile Bank Limited
    LOAN CLASSIFICATION, PROVISIONING AND DEBT DEFAULT TREND IN MERCANTILE BANK LIMITED SECTION – 1 INTRODUCTORY PART 1.1 Preface Now a day present world especially the Asian countries are going through an economic recession. Though the Asian economic crisis began few years back and it is
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  • Bank Overdraft
    Definition When a current account holder permitted by the banker to draw more than what stands to his credit, such an advance is called an overdraft. The banker may take some collateral security or may grant such advance on the personal security of the borrower. The customer is permitted to withd
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  • Impact of Group Performance in the Productivity of an Organization Ncc Bank Ltd
    Historical background: National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. bears a unique history of its own. The organization started its journey in the financial sector of the country as an investment company back in 1985. The aim of the company was to mobilize resources from within and invest them in such
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  • Assignment on Ncc Bank
    [pic] Assignment on Customer Satisfaction of National Credit & Commerce (NCC) Bank Limited, Bangladesh Company Profile: National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. bears a unique history of its own. The organization started its journey in the financial sector of the country as an investment comp
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  • About Brac Bank
    BRAC Bank started its journey in 2001 and in just 8 years proved to be country's fastest growing bank. Today, the bank has 74 Branches, 60 SME Service Centers, 3 SME/Krishi Branches, more than 212 ATMs and 424 SME Unit offices across the country. It has disbursed over BDT10,000 crores of SME loan a
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  • Bank Asia Report
    Executive Summary: In this competitive world, it is essential to know how market players of financial markets are actually performing. The international or domestic financial market players, whether in capital or money market, these are very important considerable thing in financial world. What k
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  • Ncc Bank Ltd
    Internship Report On NCC BANK LTD. Anderkilla Branch, Chittagong Title: Overall Banking systems of NCCBL Prepared By Internship Report Submitted to . Submitted By To Dr. Professor Dept. of University of Chittagong. Subj
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  • Retail Credit
    THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF RETAIL CREDIT IN CONTEXT OF PRIME BANK LIMITED IN BANGLADESH By Kashfia Nehereen ID: 0310001 Has been approved September, 2007 _________________________________ Mr. Samir Mainuddin Lecturer School of Business Independent University Bangladesh THE PROBLEM
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  • Asian Development Bank 1
    1.Introduction The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a regional development bank established on 22 August 1966 to facilitate economic development of countries in Asia. The bank admits the members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP, formerly known as
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  • Hr of Ncc Bank Ltd. Banngladesh
    [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] 08 May, 2011 Md. Golam Rabbani Lecturer Department of Business Administration Stamford University Bangladesh Dear Sir, It is a great pleasure for me to present you the internship report on NCC Bank Limited. It is really provi
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  • Credit Ratings of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh (2007-2012) and Long Term Deposit Rate
    Credit Ratings of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh (2007-2012) and long term deposit rate Where CRAB’s AA1 = CRISL’s AA+ Bank Name For 2012 CRAB --CRISL AA+ For 2011 CRAB --CRISL --For 2010 CRAB --CRISL --For 2009 CRAB --CRISL --For 2008 CRAB --CRISL --For 2007 CRAB --CRISL --- Isla
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  • Mercantile Bank
    Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Internship Report On Over all Banking Operation System of NCCBL Emphasis on Application of Accounting & Information System
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  • Review on Ncc Bank
    1. Brief Description of the Organization The institution was originally incorporated as an investment company in 1985 under the Companies Act-1913, in the name & style of ‘National Credit Ltd’. Paid up capital of the company was Tk. 5.00 core only at that time. Subsequently, NCL converted into
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