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Namaz The Best Exercise (STD: V, VI, VII, and VIII) What is Namaz? Namaz is the Urdu word for Prayer. The Arabic word for Prayer is Salah. Namaz is the form of Worship of Allah S.W.T performed by Muslims. Namaz is one of the most important of the 5 pillars of Islam. Allah S.W.T has mentioned the benefits and the importance of Namaz as many as 500 times in the Holy Qur’an. Apart from the spiritual benefits that Namaz offers to Muslim worshippers, it is also one of the best forms of exercise that...

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Namaz Kit

Submitted by:Ambreen Fatima Course title:Pakistani Culture & Society Namaz (Salah) kit Namaz is one of the most important of the 5 pillars of Islam. Allah S.W.T has mentioned the benefits and the importance of Namaz as many as 500 times in the Holy Qur’an. “Salah is to reach one’s aim by turning towards it; it is made to what is denoted by the name ‘Allah’” Apart from the spiritual benefits that Namaz offers to Muslim worshippers, it is also one of the best forms of exercise that one can...

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of prophet Muhammad (saw) Martin Lings 2)Establish Fajar and cover up all previous kaza namaz...remember namaz is the distinction of a Muslim i.e. momin ki mairaj 3) Search for benefits of pukhta eman e.g Bk1pg18( depiction in KGGK:Parvati said k ab bhi upar walay par yaqeen baqi hai)1) Biography distinction of a Muslim i.e. momin ki mairaj 3) Search for benefits of pukhta eman...

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shamil karlo aur umer bhar ka hum se aik aan mein mola! dadi Zainab s.a ka bhi hum se pursa lelo 5. Hai hukm-e-Kibriyaa ki Itaa'at Namaz mei, Wajib hai bandagi ki riwayat Namaz mei, Sajde mei hain Rasool tou hain pusht par Hussain.. Dono ki ho rahi hai Ibaadat Namaz mei... Pakeezgi-e-Rooh-o-Badan hai Ali a.s ka pyar... Hai is liye tou shart Taharat Namaz mei.. {SHOUKAT RAZA SHOUKAT} 6. hamari rooh mein shiyat ki chashni dalnay waly ye zindagi bhi tera qarz hai to tere hai naam ...

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said “Laylatul Qadr min alfi shaher” on this night to read nafil namaz, Quran, Tasbee and Istekfar. On the night of Shab-e-Qadr read as much namaz as possible and pray for all mankind. Nafil Namaz for Shab-e-Qadr • 4 rakat nafil namaz with 1 salaam in every rakats after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlas 3 times (Reading the above namaz will make death easy and the person will be free from the punishment of the grave) • 2 rakats nafil namaz in every rakat after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlas 7 times after...

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40 Common Mistakes in Namaz (Salat)

The Magnifying Glass On Clarifying Many Common Errors AlAlAshAl-Minthaar Fee Katheer Min Al-Akhtaa’ Ash-Shaai’ah A Excerpt Dealing with 40 Commmon Mistakes in Salaat Saalih Ibn Abdul-Azeez Ibn Muhammad Aalish-Shaykh (hafithahullah) Abdul-Qaadir Abdul-Khaaliq – Translator © 1998 Al-Haramain Foundation Mistakes of Salaah 1. Leaving the salaah altogether. This is indeed kufr (disbelief) and the evidence is found within the Qur’aan the authentic sunnah and the consensus of the ummah. Allah...

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last messenger of Allah. After reading this Kalema, Muslims admit that they will follow the rules of Islam and act according to Holy Quran. The Second Pillar of Islam is Namaz. By offering Namaz, Muslims purify their self from sin and get closer to Allah. One of the main actions of Namaz is doing prostration. The advantages of Namaz are huge; these benefits can be proved by only one action of doing prostration of the Sajda. A worshiper keeps his forehead on ground along with four other parts of the...

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haram sources. There are several benefits associated with zakat which the modern economic and monetary systems claim to produce but fail to do so in real. Zakat means prolifraton or growth. It has been said 30 times in Quran to pay zakat along with namaz. The benefits of zakat can be seen from the days of 3rd caliph of Islam hazrat usman r.a. in His time there were no poor people left to get zakat i.e. his time was the most progressive for the Muslims. And they did not pay any extra taxes but only...

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Ramadan Text

of Care A Plate of Luv A Spoon of Peace A Fork of Truth & A Bowl of Duaas. Mix with spices of QURAAN. Enjoy This Meal. RAMADAN MUBARAK Ramzan in details R-Roza Rakho A-Allah se daro M-Masjid ko jao Z-Zakat banto A-A’maal ache karo N-Namaz parho Welcome Ramadan Walk humbly Talk politely Dress neatly Treat kindly Pray attentively Donate generously May ALLAH bless & protect you...

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imprisoned there. Muharram is also observed by Dawoodi Bohras in the same way as Shias.They practice prayers on the sayings of the present dawah of Bohras, Mohammed Burhanuddin. On the tenth day of Muharrum, they pray for Hussein till the magrib namaz. When the namaz ends, Hussein is considered shahid by Yazid. It is also close to the day of resurrection because it said in a book that this world will one day come to an end on Friday 10th of Muharram.[citation needed]]] With the sighting of the new moon the Islamic...

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Zakat in the Light of Quran and Hadith

Prophet. Zakat In The Light Of Quran And Hadith: Among the fundamental tenets of Islam Zakat occupies a great importance and it is the third pillar of Islam. At several places in the Quran Zakat has been enjoined on Muslims side by side with Namaz. “Be steadfast in prayer and practice regular charity.” The Holy Quran says: “….those who spend their wealth By night and by day, Secretly and openly, Therefore for them is their reward with their Lord. And there is no fear on them, Nor...

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fast. Only before sunrise and after sunset they take any food. For the morning "Sehri", generally cooked in milk, and tea or water is drunk. Then the call for prayer is heard from the mosques, and the children and men set to their mosques to offer "Namaz". Women stay at their houses and recite the Koran. But the fasting during the days of Ramzan does not affect the daily routine of the Muslims and they go on with their daily chores. As the sun sets, the call for the Maghrib prayers are heard from...

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Sunni and Shia Islam

Ashura. The two branches pray Namaz differently from each other. There are certain steps and positions to praying in Islam. The Sunni’s and Shi’a’s pray in a similar way, yet, they have different positions and steps. Sunni’s pray on prayer mats. Shi’as pray on stone called turba. Sunni’s pray like this Shi’as pray like this  This is how Muslims pray Namaz 5 times a day Sunni’s...

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Article Analysis

described how to implement the prayer as approbation to Allah SWT. Lastly, he inveigled the readers to perform Salat ad-Dhuha for it brings nothing but betterment for oneself. Solat ad-Dhuha (Morning Prayer) is also known as Chaasht salah or namaz. The permissible time to offer it is 27 minutes after the sun has risen high in the morning, after one/third of the day has passed and it last until zawal which means the time when the sun moves away from its central meridian and not time it is at...

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injuries or swelling. * He Talk suspiciously or scarily. I might report to community service manager. Activity 8: 1. The terms “spiritual and cultural” preference mean; * Requirement for difference food and practice such as halal meals, namaz five times a day, cleanliness and respectfulness to his religion. * Preferences to be treated by his code of believe. 2. By doing follow his preference unless forbidden by laws or regulations. 3. I could ensure my practice by read description...

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Benefits of Salat-UL-Tasbih

Friday, and even if this is not possible then once a month and even if this is not possible then once a year and even if this is not possible then at least once in a lifetime (Abu’Dawood & Tirimzi) How to perform Salatul Tasbih? This salaat (namaz) is offered in four rakat at a time and can be read in any part of the day and night besides Zawal and Sunrise and Sunset makrooh times, keeping in mind the forbidden times for performing Salat (namaaz). But is is preferred before Zuhr (Fatawa Alamgeeri) ...

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Ansari Planning

and Islam » Namaz » Muslim greetings » Cleanliness » Table manners » Stories from the Holy Quran ISLAMIYAT FOR PRIMARY CLASSES 2 » Memorization and translation » Allah » The Prophet » Hazrat Muhammad » The Holy Quran » Namaz » Khana-e-Ka’aba » Mosques » Iman » Getting up early » Generosity » Kindness » Our guests » Good Muslims » Eid, a Muslim festival » Stories from the Holy Quran ISLAMIYAT PRIMARY 3 » Memorization and translation » Allah » The Holy Quran » The Holy Prophet » Namaz » Qibla » Taharat...

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Fasting247. Which is the Third fundamental pillar of Islam?Fasting248. When Siyyam of Ramzan was ordered?2 A.H 249. Tarawih is a prayer of Ramzan. It means…….  To stand250. Which important Ghazwa was fought in the very first Ramzan?Badr251. Who arranged Namaz-e-Tarawih in the leadership of Imam?Hazrat Umar (R.A) 252. Literally meaning of Hajj is……  The will of visit 254. Hajj was made obligatory in…………  9 A.H253. Yome- Afra is called…………  Hajj Day 254. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed……Hajj...

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Individual Paper on Self-Improvement Personal Effectiveness

time that is sufficient to do any one or two of the three excercises. Furthermore even when I am doing that task it’s really hard to concentrate on it instead my mind swirls from the actual task. A practical example is during namaz when I think of every other thing except namaz itself. I would really want to overcome this problem as I think it would help me improve as a person and would have some significant changes on my character. Hence, this is that one tangible change that I wish to bring in my...

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Inspirational Speech

Imam Ghazali was unfolding his prayer mat for Maharif Namaz. At that time, the Shaitan appears in front of him and said, “Respected Imam Sahib, I am just now coming from heaven where there was a discussion about great human beings and you have been judged as the best human being living on Earth. As a recognition of your great stature you have been exempted from the trouble of performing Namaz in future. Imam Ghazali was restless as the Namaz time was approaching. So he looked at Shaitan and said...

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Chisti Dargah

More often than not their wishes do come true and the wish fulfillment is usually followed by devotees offering flowers, gilaf (velvet cloth), ittar (non-alcoholic perfume) and sandal wood powder. Besides these offerings they also recite Quran, Nafal Namaz, Milad and Aayat-e-Karima and Khatam Khawajgan. Services provided by Dargah Shrine: * Sufies, Dervash and Aulia Allah started the custom of arranging Langars (free distribution of food for all the makhlooks (mankind) and this is now considered...

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Autobiography About Myself

doing a job. The more day I am working the more I am learning about life. Religious I am a very religious minded person. My parents gave me a tutor to learn about the HOLY QURAN and SURAS in my childhood. I usually try my best to maintain my NAMAZ and ROJAS (fast). Try not to lie , and give honesty to others when someone is in need of my help. Dreamer: I am a dreamer. I love to dream. My father always taught to dream. He told me to keep the dream alive. He believes that no matter how...

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Punishment of Children

supporters that is essential for education of children. They believe that children may teach social rules thanks to punishment. When parents want to teach some ethics such as sitting down or speaking politely or some religious rules like performing the namaz or memorizing prayers to their children who are reluctant in these fields, they usually force their children by punishing them. Moreover, proponents of punishment may also claim that punishment is essential in order to teach responsibilities like...

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Hindu Dharma

support for virtuous conduct. Ordinarily, it is not easy to develop faith in, or devotion to, God expressed in abstract terms. For the common people devotion must take the form of practical steps. That is how ritual originated. Sandhyavandana, the namaz and other forms of prayer are examples of such ritual. The religious teach people their duties, how they must conduct themselves to God in the very midst of their worldly life. "Love everyone. " "Live a life of sacrifice." "Serve mankind. " Such...

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Reaction Paper 7 Politeness

respect and tolerate people. Otherwise people become narrow-minded and peace breakers of the world are the ones who cannot tolerate others. | Culture and language are indissoluble. Think about Muslim countries. In their language there are words such as namaz, abdest etc. And in Western countries where technology has advanced, there are words related technologic items such as i-pod, podcast etc. This shows that countries’ cultures and their languages are interrelated. | In English literature and language...

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essay my name is khan

when she asks him to give 6 pieces each of the product, he refuses to give 6 each instead hegives 4 each as his products expires in 3 months and they only require 4 each.Moreover, he cannot hide his faith which can be interpreted when he does ‘ namaz ’ (prayer) in the afternoon during one of the songs when the bus stops for lunch even though there were otherMuslims in the bus and they were not doing namaz.T hough he has Asperger’s dis -order he is genius, has high will-power and very intelligent...

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Discipline in School and at Home

should always keep in mind that education should be a big part in our life.We should study well and do our homeworks in time. We should help our younger siblings with their studies and sports. We should also fulfill our religious duties. We should pray Namaz in proper time and we should also recite the Quran. We should lead our life by the commands of Allah and try to be a better person. Though discipline starts at home, there is much more need for it in schools. Schools are nursing places for various...

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Surah. • Al- Kausar is the shortest Surah. • Al-Nass is the last surah. • 14 bows are in Quran. • First bow occurs in 9th Para i.e Al-Inaam Surah. • Al-Faitha is the preface of the holy Quran. • Five verses were reveled in the first wahy. • Namaz commanded in quran for 700 times. • Al-Imarn is the surah in which Hajj is commanded. • Al-Mudassar-2nd Revealed Surah. • Al-Muzammil- 3rd Revealed Surah. • Al-Tauba does not start with Bismillah. • Al-Namal contains two Bismillahs. • Three...

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Assignment No 01Submitted To Miss Riffat

following a blend of modern and traditional customs and the ceremony generally lasts for 3days, Mehndi, Barat (Nikkah+Ruksati) and Walima, followed by Chauti (bringing the bride back to her parents’ home the next day).   Funeral Rituals At funerals after namaz-e-janaza it is customary to offer lunch to people who came for condolence. On 3rdday of the funeral, Qul is held and every following thursday the Quran is recited (jumah-e-raat) followed by prayers for deceased and after 40days the chaliswaan is held...

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Arfa Kareem

Amjad Abdul Karim Randhawa, said Microsoft had raised the possibility of flying Arfa to the US for care. Death On 14 January 2012, 16-year-old Arfa Abdul Karim died at 9:50 pm (Pakistan Standard Time) at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Lahore. Her Namaz-e-Janaza was offered in Cavalry Ground Lahore at 10 am on 15 January 2012, then at 2:00 pm in D Ground Faisalabad, and later in her village Chak Ram Divali at 4:00 pm the same day. The funeral was attended by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif...

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My Daily Routine

get up at 6:00 early in the morning. I set up at least 3 alarms, finally when the third alarm rings and with a great deal of effort when my mind gets conscious I get out of my bed. I tidy my bed, brush my teeth, take a shower or do wazzu. After fajr namaz then I have my breakfast. The breakfast is the best time to communicate with your parents. When we sit down we start talking about our dreams and about whether but since my dad doesn’t live here, he works in K.S.A my mother tends to be a great companion...

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Compare and Contrast: Hinduism and Islam

at the end, all religion in the world will conform to their belief in pantheism. Muslims are very specific to their ritual and religious practices since they observe strict fasting periods to even over five days in special periods such as namaz and roza. Fasting is considered an opportunity to earn the approval of Allah, to wipe out previous sins, and to understand the suffering of the poor (Katme 2009). Fasting is also partly to be in control of appetite and to avoid food addiction (Katme...

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Mujadid Alif Th

he gave his philosophy of Wahdat-ush-Shuhud. He entered into correspondence with Muslim scholars and clerics and laid stress on following the true contours of Islam. To him, mysticism without Shariah was misleading. He stressed the importance of Namaz and fasting. Through preaching, discussions and his maktubat addressed to important nobles and leaders of religious thought, he spread his message amongst the elite in particular. As he and his followers also worked in the imperial camp and army, he...

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Mere Naqsh bhi kitne Hassen hain Maamar jo tere hain Mere Zayreen hain "KAABA" Sari Zameen pe ye mera Imtiyaaz hai meri Taraf he sir ko jhukana Namaz hai Haj ka sawaab meri Ziyarat ka naaz hai Bus mujhko Dekhna he Ebaadat ka Raaz hai Quran ki misal mere badan par Ghilaaf bhi Wajib hain Momineen pe mera Tawaaf bhi "KARBALA" Is khak pe Namaz ka Mayaar Dekhna Sajdo'n se Saj gaya mere Darbar Dekhna Mai hun Ali k Laal Ka Shahkar Dekhna Hai Ek Hazaar Haj,Mujhe ek Baar Dekhna Aksar Faqat...

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Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies

written on the Holy Prophet (SAW) seal? Allah Rasool Muhammad • Prophet performed 1(in10 A.H) Hajj and 4(in7 A.H) umras. • Change of Qibla occurred on 15 Shaban,2 A.H(Monday)(during Zuhr) • Construction of Masjid-e-Nabvi started Rabiulawal, 1 A.H. • Namaz-e-Juma became Farz in Medina. • First man to embrace Islam on the eve of Fatah-e-Makka was Abu Sufyan. • Second woman to embrace Islam Lababa bint Haris (chk Ummay Aiman) (chk Nafeesa) • First to migrate to Madina (first muhajir) Abu Salam. • Last...

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Social Concerns in the Novel "The Kite Runner"

him, for example, Amir describes a normal day for Hassan and himself, “During the school year, we had a daily routine. By the time I dragged myself out of bed and lumbered to the bathroom, Hassan had already washed up, prayed the morning namaz with Ali, and prepared my breakfast. While I ate and complained about homework, Hassan made my bed, polished my shoes, ironed my outfit for the day, packed my books and pencils. I’d hear him singing to himself in the foyer as he ironed...

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bibaholink » jobs link » islamic service » banglalink krishibazaar » banglalink emergency » blood bank » healthlink » banglalink jigyasha » i'info » railway junction » yellow pages » sms (text, quotes & jokes ...) » international sms » namaz alert o Entertainment: » romel ali’s jibon jurey » know your star » bbc bangla » banglalink timer sms » friend finder » amar tune » song dedication » power menu » music station » voice adda » voice portal 4848 » ring tones » logos...

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Naqsh – Clothing Line for men Bed & Kitchen Linen and Accessories Bed sheets Quilts Bed spreads (regular/ bridal sets) Kitchen (table linen, mats, table runners, bread boxes, aprons) Cushions ((Zari, 6 piece sets, matched with bed sheets) Fillings Jai Namaz Fashion Accessories Laces Bangles Shawls & Stoles Handbags Clutches And their famous products are Nisha – Clothing Line for women and Shawls & Stoles. PRODUCT STRATEGIES: Nishat will launch exclusive designs of wear created by a variety of new designers...

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reality of akbar the great

that how would he segregate Pratap’s men. He was replied that this is unnecessary because in either case, Rajputs will die and Islam will be benefited. 26. Col Todd recounts that Akbar had the idol of Eklinga destroyed and put platform to offer Namaz. What could be greater example of religious tolerance! 27. Once Akbar woke early in afternoon and saw a servant sleeping near his bed. He was angered by this and had him thrown away from top of a tower. 28. In August of 1600, Akbar’s army surrounded...

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Pakistan Islamiat 1. Define Wahi in the light of the Holy Quran and Hadith. How Wahisolves our problems? Also write its types. 2. What are the individual and collective benefits of the belief in Tauheed and Day of Judgment? 3. Write notes on Namaz, Roza and Zakat. 4. Define primary and secondary sources of law. 5. Discuss in detail the social, political and economic systems of Islam. 6. What are the problems of Muslim Ummah and suggestions to resolve them. 7. What rights has Islam given...

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cultures of pakistan

(dholki,mayun,ubtan etc.) Traditional customs and the ceremony generally lasts for 3days, Mehndi, Barat (Nikkah+Ruksati) and Walima, followed by Chauti (bringing the bride back to her parents’ home the next day). Funeral Rituals: At funerals after namaz-e-janaza it is customary to offer lunch to people who came for condolence. On 3rdday of the funeral, Qul is held and every following thursday the Quran is recited (jumah-e-raat) followed by prayers for deceased and after 40days the chaliswaan is held...

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"conclusion of the fast"; and so the holiday celebrates the conclusion of the thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal. Eid-ul-Fitr Salat (Namaz in Urdu/Persian) is a Wajib (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory) or mandoob (preferable) – depending on which juristic opinion is followed – Islamic prayer consisting of two raka'ah (units)[1] which is generally offered in an open field...

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Patriarchy and Gender Inequality

in Mohja’s column, “Verily, your period is not a curse but a blessing. It is one of the Signs of God, so learn to read it.” And Hazrat Bint Hawwa remarked, commenting on the words of Our Mother, and explaining in a different way the refraining from namaz during menses: You do not need to pray during your period only because your bleeding is prayer. Not because it is pollution—they got it wrong, it is the other way around. It is prayer so powerful that people, if they knew, would come and touch the...

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Marketing Plan for Old Age Home Business Model

services which give, using our name we can held some competition on radio’s by which we offer some exciting prizes to the winner of the competition. * Around 100 pamphlet were distributed at holy places like mandirs were old people come, maszids at namaz time to distribute our pamphlet which contain our phone number, email id, helpline number. * Pamphlets were also distributed at gym centers at the time where most old people come and present them a small speech about our services. Public relation ...

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Assignment on Zakat

others by force, violence or any such threats. This is a right that is specifically for the Muslim rulers in the lands of the Muslims. Conclusion Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It has been mentioned, along with daily Prayers (Salaat / Namaz), over seventy times in the Quran. Allah's word commanding ".....and establish regular Salaat and give regular Zakat....." are referred to in many parts of the Quran. From this we can conclude that after Salaat, Zakat is the...

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labour and a mouse be result. Khoda pahar nikla chooha. (Urdu meaning) 95) Fine words butter no parsnips. Ghur khenay say mou mehta nai ho jata. (Urdu meaning) 96) To swallow a camel and to strain at a goat. Masjid mai bhetna lakinn namaz say pehraiz. (Urdu meaning) 97) Crooked by nature is never made straight by education. Latoon kay bhoot baton say nai mantay. (Urdu meaning) 98) The butcher looked for his knife when he had it in his mouth. Bacha bhagal mai dandora sher...

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Change of Human resource between warid and airtel

Finance: Finance information, stock alert-live application, currency info, prize bond draw, stock market info, sms banking and sms insurance. 11) Devotional: Hajj info services, application based namaz time, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based namaz time, commodity price and traffic update, sms namaz alert, days ayaat/hadith/Allah’s name, Ramadan special, prayer/ifter/sehri time. 12) FM radio services: Radio amar, abc radio, radio foorti, radio today. 13) Emergency info: Hospital info, blood bank...

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Assalam-O-Alaikum -------MQC-----Quiz # 48 Hajj ke Duran Huzor S.A.W ko Kankrian kon se sahabi Chun Chun ke detay thay? ^-^-^-^PrinceFAN^-^-^-^ ========================================== Assalam-O-Alaikum -------MQC-----Quiz # 47 Hujjaj Kiraam Eid-ul-Azha ki Namaz kahan ada karte hain? ^-^-^-^PrinceFAN^-^-^-^ ========================================== Assalam-O-Alaikum -------MQC-----Quiz # 46 Which Country is Called the "Land of Smiles" ? ^-^-^-^PrinceFAN^-^-^-^ ==========================================...

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This Is the My First Essay

your Silver Jubilee Celebrations. While I am with you, I would like to recall one incident, which occurred during my childhood (Age 10). Each day when I returned home from my school in the evening, my father would have gone to namaz. And my mother would be performing namaz and look angelic. After Thakbhir position, she will recite two suras from Holy Quran. One starts with Alhamdhu, and the other "Lakkum, Theenukum". One day I asked my parents what is the meaning of Lakkum Theenukum? My mother in...

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Employee Welfare - Human Resource Management

it shows that the company believes that providing healthy foods at a subsidized 8|Page rate is a responsibility of the company. The food variety here ranges from local cuisine to Continental dishes. There is also an Office Mosque nicely built. Namaz breaks are observed for every time of prayer. During Ramadan, a highly regarded and respected Maulvi sahib comes to the office mosque on Fridays to deliver a bayan. Also, during Ramadan, Arabic classes are offered to employees. HR Practices at Trade...

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Islam Research Paper

Broomal; Mason Crest, 2004. Print. Grossman, Cathy L. “Number of U.S. Muslims to Double.” Usatoday.com, 27 Jan. 2011. Web. 30 Oct. 2012 Ismail, Ibrahim . Islamic Learning Materials. Muttaqi Ismail, 2011. Web. 30 Oct. 2012 Lutful, Kazi. “Salaat/Namaz or Islamic Prayer”. Islam-muslim.net. 3 May 2012. Web. 10 Nov 2012...

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Communication Practice of United Hospital

the magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, billing, letterhead, envelopes, and business card create the visual pathway through which the professional image of the hospital can be consistently transmitted. Moreover, premises, lobby, cafeteria, namaz rooms, lighting, garden, underground parking zone, lake side view and DBBL ATM booth also help to create visual pathway to enhance the hospital image. Some rules and regulations in united Hospital like- use of intoxicants/ smoking/ carrying explosives...

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Bus comm assignment

coverage area. Push-Pull: GrameenPhone first launched this service in the country. The users can send SMS to some specified numbers to get news/information of interest. The topics of this service includes News, weather forecast, cricket update, Namaz timing, Travel information... etc. One can also dial to some specific numbers to get voice information on these features. EDGE: GrameenPhone brings you EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution), an advanced mobile technology which enables...

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Term Paper on Computer Usage Analysis in Business: a Case Study on Warid Telecom

Travel: * Travel Bag * Airline Information j. Finance: * Stock Alert - Live Application * SMS Banking, SMS Insurance * Prize Bond Draw etc k. Devotional: * Hajj info service * Application based namaz time * Ramadan specials etc l. FM Radio Services: * Radio Amar 8840 * ABC Radio 8920 etc m. Emergency Info: * Yellow pages directory services * Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Police Station etc n. Info Services: ...

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Unreached People Group

seven pillars of faith. Interestingly enough the first five pillars are beliefs that the Shia Muslims have in common with the Sunni Muslims. The first five pillars are confessions of faith or shahada, zakat or almsgiving, ritualized prayer or namaz, sawm which is fasting and meditation during the daylight hours of the month of Ramazan, the lunar month, and hajj which is the pilgrimage to the holy cities of Medina and Mecca. Muslims are expected to make this journey once in a lifetime if financially...

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Glaxose D

family of seven: three children, parents and grandparents. Each family member consumes Glaxose D for a separate reason. The ad also shows the strong love that prevails among the family for each other. The reminder note that Dado has kept in her ja-e-namaz, the post-it note that Faizan has put on the freezer to remind his mother about his lunch, and the instant message by Zara, all represent the family ties. On the other hand, the doctor’s prescription and Salman’s checklist represent the trust that...

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Prospect of Telecommunication in Bangladesh

Infinity Packages. Its VAS are more likely- International Voice SMS, Balance Transfer service, EasyLoad, AKTEL 8CRI, AKTEL Café8000, AKTEL Opener, AKTEL Missed Call Alert Service, Aktel Spice (GPRS), AKTEL Goongoon, Voice SMS, Friends & Family (F&F), Namaz timings, AKTEL Call Conferencing, Post-Paid Bill Info, Voice Mail Service (VMS), AKTEL International SMS etc. 10.3 PACIFIC BANGLADESH TELECOM LIMITED: CityCell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is Bangladesh’s another pioneering mobile communications...

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Understanding Islam

Lec 06 1. Meaning:Salat or Namaz means 'dua'.  2. Two important aspect of Islam 3. Salat is the practical sign of obedience of Allah. 4. purpose of Salat and object of Salat . 5. The five daily prayers consist of or Four categories of obligation 6. Fard Parts before the Salat 7. Fard Parts During the Salat 8. Things That Break Salat 9. Cases in Which Salat Can Be Broken. Salat Meaning : Salat or Namaz means 'dua'.  Two important aspect of Islam: ...

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Information Inquiry Itemized bill Bill payment Through credit card Package Migration SIM is Lost Re-Registration Call Barring From Handset Reach To Customer Service Center Value Added Services OF Banglalink i'info Namaz Alert i'Cook Payment through ATM Song Dedication i'top-up Ring Tones News Service Yellow Pages i'bubble SMS (Text, Quotes & Jokes ...) Conference Call Logos SMSemail SMSadda Picture Messages International...

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Quaid E Azam

ceremonies are hosted there on special occasions. He had two separate Funeral prayers: one was held privately at Mohatta Palace in a room of the Governor-General's House at which Yusuf Haroon, Hashim Raza and Aftab Hatim Alvi were present at the Namaz-e-Janaza held according to Shia Muslim rituals and was led by Syed Anisul Husnain,[2] while Liaquat Ali Khan waited outside. After the Shia prayers, the major public Funeral prayers were led by Allamah Shabbir Ahmad Usmani a renowned Deobandi Muslim...

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