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My Virtual Child Assignment

My Virtual Child Assignment 2 (75 Points) Corresponds with Chapters 3-6 in the textbook and ages 8-18 months in the program. DUE: Wednesday 2/6/13 (Must be turned in during class hours) Directions: 1. Assignment must be typed and printed (un-typed assignments are considered incomplete and will not be graded) 2. Bring your printed assignment to class on Wednesday (2/6/13). Assignments not turned in during class on this day will be considered late and penalized. 3. Insert your answers...

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My Virtual Child Final Paper

My Virtual Child Final Paper Samantha D. Gross Developmental Psychology; PSY360 Purdue University North Central With what I have learned from the My Virtual Child program, I now understand the complexities of raising and guiding a child. Mere decisions made during infancy can affect a child long term, physically, cognitively, and even emotionally. To make important developmental decisions cannot simply be classified as a challenge, it is one of the hardest things parents experience. Making...

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virtual child

My Virtual Child Assignment #5 1) One of the main activities that I believe that has promoted healthy behavioral practices and interest in physical activities is when we routinely take Jessica for walks to the park and continue to encourage her with age appropriate activities with her friends. When we take Jessica to the zoo and the park, she continuously asks questions and is very intrigued on why things happen. My partner and I physically interact with Jessica as much as possible. When...

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Child Development: My Virtual Child

My Virtual Child My Virtual Child has been a fun and interesting experience. In order to raise a child a person has to be patient, calm, and prepared for any situation. Raising a virtual child prepares and gives you tips for the real world. However, this essay will discuss and compare how my virtual child and I are similar by using specific examples while referring back to the child development concepts and research and also the similarities between my middle childhood and my child’s and how it...

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Laboratory Assignment: Virtual Microscopy

BIOL 1020 Lab Assignment: Virtual Microscopy Start by re-saving this file as follows: lab_surname_virtualmicroscopy.rtf, substituting your own surname. Type your responses to the questions below where indicated. Remember to save your work frequently. Viewing Magnification, Field of View, and Specimen Size 1. On the UD Virtual Compound Microscope, examine the onion root tip slide at 400X viewing magnification. Ensure that the image is centred. What is the approximate size of an onion root...

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My Virtual Child

My virtual child to me is a great program. My baby was a girl Skyhila Teagan. Raising a child is hard work. Raising children take financial, emotional, and a physical toll on couples or single parents and this program has showed me it takes a lot to be ready for a child. Although we don’t have to get up late night and do anything for the baby, we have to make decisions and care for it which is a huge part of being a parent. Of course children need the basics: diapers, baby wipes, burp clothes, receiving...

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Virtual Child Summary 2

Once you have raised your virtual child through age 5, respond thoroughly to the following questions. 1. Describe your child’s language and cognitive development throughout early childhood. Discuss how his/her language and cognition has affected interactions with you by giving specific examples. Olivia has always seemed to be ahead in her language abilities, such as in vocabulary and in advanced thinking skills of creating sentences and understandings of what someone is asking. At three...

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My Virtual Life Report

Set 1: 9 months-ATTACHMENT Attachment is defined as the positive emotional bond that develops between a child and a particular individual. Of the four major patterns of attachment (secure, avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized-disoriented), I would consider Blair securely attached. Like other children who have a secure attachment pattern, Blair uses me, her mother, as a type of home base (Feldman, 2012). At 8 months Blair is cautious and shy in new situations. She has a typical fear of strangers...

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my assignment

DEGREE PROGRAMME (BDP) ASSIGNMENTS For July 2012 and January 2013 Sessions Course Code: BSHF-101 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY MAIDAN GARHI, NEW DELHI – 110 068 Programme Code: BDP Course Code: BSHF-101 Dear Student, As explained in the Programme Guide for BDP, you will have to do 1 Tutor Marked (TMA) assignment for this course. Before attempting the assignment, please read the instructions...

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Law Assignment for Child Protection

worker given the case referral of Stephanie and Stephen. The essay shall be focusing on the laws, policy and procedures that will guide through the assessment process of this case and how these can be used to meet the needs of all concerned. The assignment includes discussions on some of the key aspects of framework for the assessment of children in need and their families and The Children’s Act 1989, in particular section 17, duty to safeguard and I will incorporate anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory...

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Virtual Child Ages 11-16

College April 15, 2013 Assignment #2 Adolescence is defined as the transition between childhood and adulthood. Many changes happen at this stage. Adolescence involves things such as puberty, greater independence, and a time when someone begins to construct their identity. Identity means their life value and goals including a secure sense of who they are in terms of sexual, vocational, and moral ethics. In the next few paragraphs I will be discussing my Virtual Child, Maeve as she went through...

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My Assignment

------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- NETHERLANDS MARITIME INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT COURSE: DIPLOMA IN SHIPPING MANAGEMENT SUBJECT CODE: DSM 2302 SUBJECT NAME: CUSTOM AND FORWARDING LECTURER: MR. NASIR Name : MOHAMAD NASYRULLAH BIN MOHAMAD ISMAILIC/ Passport No. : 951006-01-7123ID No. : 1130100305Batch/ Semester : 2 | NO. | TITLE | PAGE | 1. | INTRODUCTION...

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A Letter to My Future Child

A letter to my future child Dear Future Child, Daughter, son, adopted, down-syndrome, gay, straight, academically challenged or academically gifted - I love you. You have entered a world which works in mysterious ways. A world that will throw anything your way whether you’re expecting it or not. I have learned that life is difficult and everything comes with a price. You will not get what you want when you want it, you have to work for it and earn it. It’s as simple as that. A world where...

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Theoretical Reflections of The virtual Child

is presented by a student as their own and/or without citing sources of information. Breaches of academic honesty will be investigated and if warranted appropriate remedies and penalties will be applied, which may include a failing grade on the assignment/course, suspension or expulsion from the college. Grades Appeal Students and faculty have rights and responsibilities in the Grades Appeal process. Students who need to appeal a grade should consult the Grades Appeal policy and procedures. ...

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Society's Child - My autobiography

Society’s Child - My Autobiography In the excerpt from Society’s Child - My Autobiography (2009), Janis Ian, an American folksinger and writer, outlines a particular incident that occurred on a night in 1966 in Encino, California two years after the release of her very first hit single, “Society’s Child”. She was 15 at the time. As a matter of fact the very first line of the excerpt sets the stage for her account, so to speak. It starts in medias res with the quite aggressive chanting being...

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Birth of My Child

other morning. Little did I know my life would drastically change within the next twenty-four hours. I began getting ready for my doctor appointment, just as I had for the past nine months. My stomach was large, I looked like I had somehow swallowed a beach ball. I was going on my forty-second week of pregnancy. As I arrived at my doctor appointment the room was filled with a sea of people, all ranging from different sizes and stages of their pregnancy. When my name was finally called, I went back...

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BACHELOR' S DEGREE PROGRAMME (BDP) Assignment 2012-13 (for July, 2012 & Janu 8tY,2013 sessions) E,EG-OIIBEGE.1O1 E,LECTIVE COURSE IN ENGLISH w1,ffitr School of Humanities Indira Gandhi Nitional Open University MaidanGarhi, New Delhi-l 10068 Elective Course in English EEG.O1/BEGE.101 From Language to Literature (EEG-01/BEGE-101) Programme: BDP Course Code: EEG-01/BEGE-101 Dear Student' EEG-O1/BEGE-101, which You will have one assignment for the Elective Course in English It will...

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My Personal Theory of Child Development

 Brandi MacDonald My Personal Theory of Child Development Vanguard University ECED 101: Child, Growth & Development March 14, 2014 Caryn Vigil-Price Abstract There are many theories of child development largely because many different people have studied the field for many years. Each theory has their different factors; biology, sociology, genetics, environment, and relationships are just a few of them. “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your...

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Virtual Child Essay

and answer questions about a virtual child. When I was told this was an assignment I thought “this should be easy”. Boy was I wrong! I found many things can affect the outcome of my child. If I am too strict or too easy, the child’s behavior will show this. Over time, this will also affect the child’s temperament. I have learned that some of my classmates’ virtual children are harder to get along with and require more discipline then others. I decided to just trust my instinct and answer the questions...

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Virtual Child

When Milena was 8 months old. Q. How does your baby's eating, sleeping and motor development compare to the typical developmental patterns? It’s recommended to give solid foods to an infant at 6 months of age, but in my child Milena’s case she only started to become interested in them at 8 months of age. Her pediatrician recommended that Milena should eat different types of foods that are taken from our family dinners. The Doctor also recommended to ground up our table food. After the physical...

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Virtual Lab 1: Virtual Microscopy A. Estimate the size (length and width) of these microscopic objects in micrometers (microns): 1. An E. Coli cell. 3x 0.6 μm = 1.8 μm 2 A mitochondrion. 4x 0.8 μm = 3.2 μm 3. A Red blood cell. 8 μm 4. A virus. 220 nm = 0.00022 μm 5. A water molecule. 275 pm = 0.000275 μm B. 1 Describe three differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. The three differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are: Eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus inside...

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Child Protection

Unit 516 - Understand safeguarding of children and young people (for those working in the adult sector) 1. 1.1- For this assignment, I will be explaining my role in safeguarding children and young people. I am aware that I do not work with children or young people, however the protection and advocacy for this sector of society is, I believe, everyone’s responsibility. In 2013, the Government published ‘Working together to safeguard children’. Within this document, the term safeguarding is defined...

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Child Soldiers Assignment

Child Soldiers * Violates Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25: a) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. b) Motherhood and childhood are...

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The Child

work towards EYFS and meet Every Child Matters in everything I do. I would like children in my care achieve as much as they can so I start the learning and development process from torough talk to parents before child starts attending to my setting to find out child’s likes, dislikes, abilities, achievements. Then I do observe, asses particular child and plan activities following his interest, abilities, individual achievements, background. The important part of my observation is child’s response...

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Assignment 3 IT Support for Virtual Teams

 IT Support for Virtual Teams Maria A. Tisdale Strayer University CIS 336 Enterprise Architecture Professor Jessica Chisholm February 16, 2015 IT Support for Virtual Teams Virtual teams are also commonly referred to as remote units. They represent a cluster of people who do their work across organizational boundaries and space. So that results are achieved in real time because of the availability of communications technology (Parke, Campbell and Bartol, 2014). There are five issues...

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My Experiences

Outline I. My family life a. Growing up as a child b. Single life c. Married life II. Types of jobs a. U.S. Navy b. AutoCAD designer c. Management d. Customer Service e. Dispatcher III. Educational background a. Southwestern High School b. ITT Technical Institute c. Wayne State University d. Schoolcraft e. Park University f. Ashford University IV. What are my personal, professional, & academic goals? a. Set...

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Virtual Child

A "Virtual" Child Miguel Parra Troy university Human Lifespan Growth and Development Psychology 6668 Dr. Joyce Woodburn, Ed.D. February 19, 2011 A "Virtual" Child (abstract) This is the Santiago’s life story, a professional musician. Below I will go through all the events of his life, the more relevant facts and chronic about Santiago’s life and also what made the character he was. Also, I will tell the most important issues about his life, his major influences throughout his life, and all...

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My English Assignments

The Color Purple Study Questions Assignment 1 Entries 1-21 1. To whom does Celie address her letters? 2. What does Celie's father mean when he says, "You gonna do what your mammy wouldn't"? 3. What does Celie mean when she says she's "big"? 4. How many times has Celie given birth? Who is the father? 5. What does Celie believe has happened to her babies? 6. Who is Mr. ___? 7. Celie's father refuses to let Nettie marry Mr. ___ but says he can marry Celie. How does Celie's father describe...

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Week 2 Assignment 1

 Influential Impacts in my Life PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment Jaime Kulaga June 9, 2014 Influential Impacts in my Life Graduating from high school- I chose graduating from high school, because graduation signifies that I had accomplished something and moving on to the next step. As a child I attended other people graduations, but I did not really get the meaning to why it was so important. Some people do not graduate due to health problems, family situations, and sometimes it...

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make my trip assignment

INTRODUCTION: Instilled from only an idea make my trip became the pioneer of the entire online travel industry in India. It has revolutionised over years creating customer satisfaction through its cutting edge technology. It aimed to offer a range of best-value products and services along with dedicated round-the-clock customer support. It offered customers the convenience of online booking of tickets at rock bottom prices. Make My Trip proactively began to diversify its product offering, adding...

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Assignment 0a

Agreement to MCI within three months of receipt. The signed Learning Agreement will be kept on your file. An MCI countersigned copy will be sent back to you with the assignment. Agreement Provider: We will provide you with suitable course and support materials Assign you to an assignment marker who will mark your assignments. Offer academic support through a full-time tutor Return assessed work to you within agreed times Offer non-tutorial support and guidance Deal with any difficulties...

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Child Abuse- a Child Called It

today we fail to address several issues that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, child abuse is one of the major issues that our country is plagued with, yet we neglect to bring this to the attention of the entire nation. It is often over looked because everyone has a different view of what exactly defines child abuse. The International Child Abuse Network (ICAN) uses four basis catigories to docunment the child abuse cases. They are: emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse...

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As a child

Career Plan Since I was a child, I have always dreamt of being rich; having so much money I could be a bank, a mansion to live in, and an abundance of cars to drive. However, as I grew older, I quickly realized that my dreams and aspirations are directly correlated to my ambition, drive and motivation to obtain them. In recent years, I’ve been dedicating myself to my academics in hopes of achieving a better paying job later in life. My career dream career path is in the Health Care Industry, specifically...

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My Virtual Child - 4 Year Old Paper

Carley Agliata and Claudia Hill Developmental Psychology March 20, 2012 My Virtual Child 4 Year Old Paper 1. What signs indicate that your child is still in preoperational thinking and what signs indicate s/he is starting to move into concrete operational thinking. Give examples. One of Snooki’s favorite games to play is Hide and Seek, which shows preoperational thinking, even if she needs guidance to a hiding spot. Sometimes Snooki needs help finding the place to put her toy, but for...

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Assignment 9: Draft Review Two Questions and a Draft Assignment Instructions Create a draft of your final paper utilizing your topic Linear Outline or Mind Map, your Title Page, and your Reference Page assignments. Submit the draft of your final paper for a brief instructor review. Instructors will use a general checklist in feedback to indicate where additional work is needed for your paper. To assist you in your learning and academic success, students are to submit two specific questions...

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Building a Virtual Team

Building a virtual team Saturday August 26, 2012 Building a virtual team A virtual team is a group of individuals who work across time, space and organizational boundaries with links strengthened by webs of communication technology. Several key factors can cause a virtual team to succeed or to go down the drains such as lack of interest, lack of directions and difference of work ethic. We can describe the key challenges and pitfalls to virtual teams as such: Some virtual team lack of clear...

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virtual team - Organizational Behaviour

and disadvantages of virtual teams. Outline the factors required for virtual teams to be successful.(10 marks) A virtual team is a team whose members operate across space, time and organizational boundaries, and are linked through information technologies to achieve organizational tasks. [1] With more and more corporations having their business operations going global and being enabled by the advancement of technology, virtual team becomes an emerging new-age trend. [2] Virtual teams offer several...

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Virtual Child

Preslee as often as she likes, and take Preslee to meet new people often 8 Months: 1) Q: Preslee is comfortable in new situations, and seems to enjoy meeting new people even after an initial hesitation. A: You want Preslee to be a very sociable child, so you take her to meet lots of new relatives, neighbors and friends. 2) Q: You notice that Preslee seems to have little goals that involve two steps of planning ahead, so you encourage these cognitive advances by: A:encouraging Preslee to point...

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Assignment: Individual Reflection: Blueprint for Professional and Personal Growth –Your Future as a Manager, with Executive Summary of Class and Collaboration Skills As you begin this assignment, review the broad range of topics presented throughout the course related to managing people and fostering collaboration. Clearly, 8 weeks does not provide enough time to explore all the topics of this course as deeply as you might have liked. For this final Individual Reflection, select concepts or topics...

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Library Assignment

ENGL 111 English Composition Statewide Online Course Library Assignment IvyTilt Activity 1 Getting Started HINT: Instead of printing out this document, view it online. That way you can click on the embedded links to go to the various links and tutorials. Before starting these activities, be sure your computer has Macromedia Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave installed. Most Ivy Tech regions have access to the main Virtual Library screens, but if there is a problem accessing your local library...

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Child with Autism.

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew There are many books out there relative to the matter of Autism, but I have to say that “Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew” is a the must read for my parents and my colleagues at work, that’s why I chose it for this assignment. Summary This book is an expansion of a successful article that Ellen Notbohm published in 2005. She used the same title. Ellen is a mother of two special needs children, one with autism and the other...

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vitual child 0 months to 11 years

VIRTUAL CHILD #1 There lived a couple in New York City, they had a daughter named Amira was on September 2nd 2003. My child is a gift from god. Her Cognitive and Physical development along with her socioemotional activities have been massive over the past ten years. Her cognitive and physical development have been from the playground to going to first grade where she plays soccer every Saturday for an hour which according to Paget’s theory it’s the preoperational stage derived from Paiget’s theory...

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Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams in Action: Building the F-35 Fighter Case Study 1 By: Alyssa Dimeck MGT 404 10/09/2011 Professor Samuel Palmeri Virtual Teams in Action: Building the F-35 Fighter CASE SUMMARY The U.S. Department of Defense is known for their F-35 Lighting II Program; the focal point for defining affordable next generation stealth fighter aircraft. In 2002, the Department of Defense announced Lockheed Martin Aeronautic as the designer and builder of the fighter with Northrop Grumman and...

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Wild Child

Life Span Human Development II Writing Assignment 1 Angela Collins-Salboro Psychology 231 Dr. Winona Fleenor June 15, 2011 Part I When a child is born it is very important part of its life to have human contact. This is what has happen to what the experts have called “The Wild Child”. However instead of human contact they have had contact with animals that have adopted them into their pack. It could have been by dogs, monkeys, wolfs or even bears. Some children are lost in the woods...

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Universe and Child

i am doing my assignment about culture. the question is "discuss how montessori cultural subjects extend the child's knowledge and understanding of the world. " i just finished my essay.. please tell me whether it make sense... i will love to have anyone of u to help editing it... as my english essay writing skill is terrible.. here is my essay : Maria Montessori called her plan for the young child the “Cosmic Curriculum”. Cosmic in this context means comprehensive, holistic and purposeful. Cultural...

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PHONE NO. 0414250909 GIVEN NAMES Pradip E-MAIL rapper_prasun1@yahoo.com Instructions for submission are found in the unit description. Assignments with Cover Sheets not signed at the bottom will be returned unmarked and may then incur a penalty for late submission. ASSESSMENT INFORMATION UNIT NAME MANAGEMENT SKILLS UNIT CODE BUMGT2601 ASSIGNMENT DETAILS (title) MAKING EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION LECTURER / TUTOR’S NAME AJAY KUMAR Campus / Provider IIBIT DUE DATE 26/05/2014 SUBMITTED...

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who moved my cheese assignment

Ariana Delfino James Blair BUS140 14 January 2015 Who Moved My Cheese Assignment What do you think this story is about? This story is about change, how change is difficult and how most people get stuck in their ways. Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to in life, whether it is a good job, a loving relationship, or money. Cheese represents what we think will make us happy, and when circumstances take it away, different people deal with change in different ways. The author includes four...

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my son my compass

Writing Assignment 1 Family conflict affects everyone in the family however it’s more harmful to the children. Every family has a different approach in how they deal with the conflict. As a class we have read and discussed Caroline Hwang’s essay “The Good Daughter.” as well as Janna Malamud Smith’s essay “My Son, My Compass.” There is different approach illustrated by Hwang's and Smith's essay as they choose their own lifestyle and confront their parent’s arrogant behavior. Hwang essay explains...

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Assignment 1: Understanding the Ethics of My Major

Professional Development and Competencies Fall 2012 Assignment 1 Understanding the Ethics of My Major (10%=Individual written report) Purpose of Assignment • Each student has to submit a written report that discusses and illustrates the ethics of his major or field (IT, Business, Engineering). • This assignment will help students understand the importance of ethics, ethics within an organization, and ethical decision making. This assignment will create an awareness of ethical practice within...

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Discrimination and Gender Assignment

disability, religion or gender assignment. Diversity means to be accepting of others and to respect that each unique individual is different i.e. age, race, disability, religion or gender assignment. Inclusion means to include everybody regardless of their age, race, disability, religion or gender assignment to work as a team in partnership. Discrimination means to treat someone better or worse because of their gender, race, age, disability, religion or gender assignment. 1.2 Today is sports...

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Child Development

Elizabeth Barlow 4010 LDS - Child Development in the Early Years Within this assignment I will discuss the importance of practitioners in the children’s workforce having a good knowledge of infant and child development theory. I will demonstrate my knowledge of both infant and child developmental theory including historical theory and theories...

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Child Abuse

Villanueva 1 Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse Nursing 32 – Pediatric Clinical Instructor Gwen Green-Brown Nursing Research Article Villanueva 2 Erika Villanueva February 17, 2008 Nursing 32 – Pediatrics Clinical Nursing Research Article Gwen Green-Brown Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse Childhood abuse occurs nationwide among a variety of races and ethnicities. It affects several children...

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Assignment Assessment Report Campus: | | Year/semester | | Level: | ACL-I | Assignment Type | Work Shop Task - I | Module Name: | SALES | Assessor’s Name | | Student’s Name: | | Reqd Submission Date | | e-mail id & Mob No | | Actual Submission Date | | Stream | CORE | Submitted to : | | Certificate by the Student: Plagiarism is a serious College offence. I certify that this is my own work. I have referenced all relevant materials. Student’s...

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My Essay

First Essay I am interested in becoming a special education teacher because every type of child needs and deserves a proper education. Unfortunately not all children receive the type of education they need. Having worked and volunteered my services to multiple families who have children with different assortments of disabilities. Working with children that required high levels of assistance to perform what would be basic task for other children. While teaching these children the basic life skills...

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Nt2520 Unit 3 Assignment 1

Unit 3 Assignment 1: Homework Learning Objectives and Outcomes Use the database modeling template in MS Visio. Create entities and add attributes of a database. Define relationship between entities of a database. Create many-to-many relationships with a linking table. Assignment Requirements Answer the following True or False questions on the student answer sheet. Required Resources Textbook Submission Requirements Submit your written answers to your instructor at the beginning...

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My Very First Experience in Completing an Assignment

have to fulfill an assignment. I have to select an authentic text in the printed media such as newspaper, magazines or journal of a reasonable length and then I will have to identify one word for each type of verb from the authentic source that I have selected. After identifying the correct type of verb, I have to explain clearly the criteria used in identifying them according to the context. The first briefing of this assignment happened in an afternoon class which was my second tutorial session...

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Education and Diversity Issues Assignment

Diversity Issues Assignment Jessica Friedermann University of Phoenix Equity, Diversity, and Access in Education ADMIN 570 Dr. Jennifer T. Butcher August 12, 2013 Diversity Issues Assignment The three most pressing diversity issues in an educational setting or schools today are the race/ethnic background of a child affecting his or her education opportunities, professional development opportunity to train teachers on diversity, and allowing access to rich and rigorous curriculum and content...

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Custody and Child Support Paper

Custody and Child Support Argument A major issue we currently face in not only in my community of North Carolina but as a nation as a whole is the courts unjustified rulings in custody, child support, and health insurance. Through personal experiences and research, I have found that the courts favor mothers 9 out of 10 times regardless of their ability to properly care and support their children. The amount of child support differs for fathers and mothers and that the courts mandate fathers to...

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Assignment 201

Assignment 201 Task A 1. Three sources of information are Direct.gov website, Citizens advice and the company procedures. 2. (a) Three aspects covered by law work conditions (health and safety), wages and the amount of hours you work. (b) Three current features are minimum wage, holiday entitlement and the correct training. 3. Employment law exists to protect employee's and there employers, for example to stop exploitation on both sides. Task...

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Virtual Schools

in every arena, from homeschooled to new, virtual schools. Improvements are needed in the quality of teachers, ratio of classrooms, curriculum of study and the structural needs of public schools. All of these improvements need funding in a very limited economy. The article “Virtual Schools, real results” gives an option to help this crisis. The U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan wants the United States to embrace the online learning and virtual schools environment that is trending in today’s...

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