• My Favourite Hobby
    Everybody has different hobbies that they like to do for fun or just to relax. There are many kind of activities like badminton, basketball, swimming, or baseball. It all depends on each personality. For me, basketball is my favorite hobby because it's part of my life and I can not live without it
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  • Badminton vs Tennis
    ------------------------------------------------- International appeal ------------------------------------------------- Coming to the more serious aspects, both badminton and tennis are played in professional competitions. In both games, players can perform underhand serves. Although tennis play
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  • Badminton
    ------------------------------------------------- http://www.usm.edu/badminton/History.htm ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- http://www.badminton-information.com/badminton-art
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  • My Hobby
    hobby is different from work. A hobby is pursued during leisure. It gives relief from boredom and refreshes the mind after tiring physical or mental work. Hobbies differ from person to person. Manual workers may like to study books or magazines after hard physical work. Intel¬lectual workers may g
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  • my favourite hobby
    A hobby can be almost anything a person like to do in his spare time. Because the “Idle Mind is Devil’s workshop” therefore those who have developed a hobby never need to worry about what to do with their newly founded leisure hours. Every person in the world has a hobby of his own....
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