• my greatest achievement
    My greatest achievement in my life When someone asks me what the greatest achievement of my life has been, I look at my certificates and awards, searching for the one I like best. However, each time, I end up with an answer that has nothing do with these certificates, and everything to do...
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  • The greatest achievement is selflessness. -buddha
    The greatest achievement is selflessness. -Buddha Buddhism is a religion of free thoughts and practices, one that tries to point humanity in the right direction when it comes to alleviating suffering. Buddha was a great prince but left that life to find th
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  • Life is challenging
    “Live Life with Love and Love the Life we Live” Every person has its personal philosophy of life that is already built in within each one of us. We have our personal principle because the flame of divine love of God enkindled individually in human heart. To lead a happy and fulfilling life, I
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  • life achievements
    I believe there is no such thing as a single greatest achievement in life. I believe there are good things that people can do to please themselves for a short period of time, but a single achievement cannot keep people happy forever. Life is a battle, a battle for happiness, a battle to...
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  • Ernest rutherford: life of
    ERNEST RUTHERFORD. Ernest Rutherford was born in Spring Grove in New Zealand on August 30th, 1871. His parents, James and Martha, had emigrated from Great Britain and believed their children, numbering 12, should have proper education. At the age of 16 Ernest won his first scholarship to Nelson C
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  • Life under stoicism (epictetus)
    The Difficulty in Living Life as a Stoic Life as a Stoic is one focused on improving the world. In more specific terms, Epictetus believed the purpose of moral philosophy was to help show people the way to lead better lives. A life as a Stoic philosopher is therefore an ideal one for members of
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  • I would call my home life to be...
    I would call my home life to be peaceful, loving and spiritual, since its just my father and I living together we have built a really good communicative relationship in where we share our thoughts on different point of views dealing from worldly issues, to sports and biblical truth. My outlook on au
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  • Why abraham lincoln is the greatest leader
    Why Abraham Lincoln is the Greatest Leader! Kathleen Belger English Comp II Baker Flint February 10, 2011 There was a boy born in the dust and silence of the country side, in a little log cabin, to a modest family of uneducated hard working laborers. Life was hard, yet simple. Days were fill
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  • How to have a purpose driven life
    How to Have A Purpose Driven Life.... Everyone in life has a purpose for being put on this Earth, but everyone doesn't know what that purpose is. We walk in life day by day wondering why we were put in this cruel world thinking that there is no answer, but the truth is, there is an answer. The Pu
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  • John dalton life?
    The English chemist John Dalton (1766-1844) provided the beginnings of the development of a scientific atomic theory, thus facilitating the development of chemistry as a separate science. His contributions to physics, particularly to meteorology, were also significant. John Dalton was the youngest
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  • Literary life in england in the 18th century
    Literary life in England flourishes so impressively in the early years of the 18th century that contemporaries draw parallels with the heyday of Virgil, Horace and Ovid at the time of the emperor Augustus. The new Augustan Age becomes identified with the reign of Queen Anne (1702-14), though the spi
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  • My life
    Sir Isaac Newton Jan 4 1643 - March 31 1727 Born Woolsthorpe, England. Died London, England. Welcome page The World Great Mathematician Newton's life can be divided into three quite distinct periods. The first is his boyhood days from 1643 up to
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  • A beautiful mind: dramatic life
    Conspiracy, challenge and triumph are where the story of John Nash had revolved. It was a dramatic life of a Mathematician’s success having been able to counterpart the disadvantages of his disease. It all started when John Nash had entered Princeton University, a vibrant community of scholars w
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  • My life reflection
    My Life Reflections on Family and Education Linda Davis PSY202 Chavonne McCall November 28, 2011 I. What was my family like a. 1 of 13 siblings b. Mother and father separated c. Close knit family II. What things you remember about your childhood?
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  • Rizal's life and travels
    MEANINGS OF NAME • Doctor- completed his medical course in Spain and was conferred the degree of Licentiate in Medicine by the Universidad Central de Madrid • Jose- was chosen by his mother who was a devotee of the Christian saint San Jose (St. Joseph) • Protacio- from Gervacio P. which com
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  • My life: past, present, and future - essay
    My Life, Past, Present, and Future Dale Kininmonth PSY 102 Scott Reed Nov. 14th 2011 My Life Page 1 My Life:
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  • Football achievement
    Football Achievement In my life time I have accomplished many extraordinary tasks that I’ve put my mind too. I discovered that my signature themes have greatly affected the methods that I use to complete these tasks. People use their strengths in everyday life as well as in crucial, life chang
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  • Jane achievement
    It was unbelievable to Jane when she was told to work as a Premium Officer in the Premium club at her office, hearing this news was one of the proudest moments of her life because she discovered that this was the only chance for her to display and expose all her capabilities to her employers Premiu
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  • An outline of jose rizal's life
    DR. JOSE PROTACIO MERCADO RIZAL ALONZO Y REALONDA MEANINGS OF NAME • Doctor- completed his medical course in Spain and was conferred the degree of Licentiate in Medicine by the Universidad Central de Madrid • Jose- was chosen by his mother who was a devotee of the Christian saint San Jose
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  • Life
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