• Organised Pharma Retail in India
    Executive summary The retailing arena in India has historically been dominated by traditional formats and only 2% of retail flows through organized sector vis a- vis USA where 85% retail sales come from Organized sector like Super markets. However, In recent years, a large number of business houses
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  • A Study on Consumer Behaviour on High End (Luxury) Brand Product Market in India.
    1. Introduction Luxury can be defined as an indulgence rather than a necessity. It comes with a heavy price and only the up-market population can afford to enjoy it. This does not make the market any smaller or short of demand. The luxury goods market include- fashion, fragrances, watches, automobi
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  • Hallyu Wave and Otaku Culture in India
    Influence of South Asian cultural content on Indian media: A study of ‘Otaku’ and ‘Hallyu/ Hanryu’ wave. Introduction Korean wave The Korean wave refers to the noteworthy increase in the fame of South Korean entertainment and culture starting in the 1990s, in Asia, and more r
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  • My Favourite City
    My Favourite City My favourite place is Hyderabad. I like it for it’s culture, location, good connectivity with other cities, somewhat moderate climate, the economy, infrastructure, education, different markets and lots of other things. It’s a city where you find all the useful things in one
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  • A Study on Role of Advertisement in Promotion of Tourism in India
    INTRODUCTION We live in a marketing and media-driven world. Any organization involved in the leisure and tourism business; arts centers, museums, sports clubs and small hotels to the largest theme parks, airlines and cruise companies, is interested in advertising Many companies think that they
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  • My Favourite Places
    My favourite place There are many interesting places in this world. Most of us will prefer beautiful place as Coliseum in Italy or Taj Mahal in India as their favourite place but I choose a tree house that I call “Kassim’s Palace”. It takes its named after the name of my late grandfather. T
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  • Aet and Culture of India
    MODULE - I Culture: An Introduction Understanding Culture Notes 1 CULTURE: AN INTRODUCTION T he English word ‘Culture’ is derived from the Latin term ‘cult or cultus’ meaning tilling, or cultivating or refining and worship. In sum it means cultivating and refining a...
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  • Airlines Industry India
    THE AIRLINES SECTOR The aviation industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years in terms of kilometers flown as well as customers serviced. The economy of a country is substantially determined by the quality of air transport. The airlines today have made themselves more popular a
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  • Bmw in India
    INTRODUCTION 1.01: Importance of This Study. Today the automobile industry is growing at an approximate rate of 18% per annum. As per surfindia.com in India there are 100 people per vehicle, while this figure is 82 in China. It is expected that Indian automobile industry will achieve mass
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  • Imported Wine Industry India vs Australia
    Analysis for the “Imported Wine” industry in Australia for Top Drops Pty Ltd Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 1. Executive Summary 4 2 Industry Overview 5 3 Determinants of changes in demand and supply 8 4 The impact of technological change and economies of scale 13
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  • Autmobile Industry in India
    Index 1. Automobile industy 1.1. Industry overview 1.2. Snippets:some facts about industry 1.3. Types of vehicles 2. Automobile marketing in India 3. History of automobile industry in India 4. Major players in the automobile sector 6.1. List of automobile manufacturers in India a. Indi
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  • Potential of Hotel and Tourism Industry in India
    Hotel industry going places, eyes 10m foreign visitors by 2010 The long-term outlook for the domestic hotel industry remains upbeat as the country's tourism industry experiences unprecedented growth, according to the latest Indian hotel market outlook report, 'India Digest 2008', by Jones Lang La
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  • Nokia- Marketing Strategy in India
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The report on Marketing Strategy of Nokia India is an overview of Nokia's entry and expansion strategies in India. Nokia Corporation a Finnish multinational communications corporation, headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighboring Finland's capital Helsinki. Nokia
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  • Toy Retailing in India
    PROJECT REPORT ON Identification of locations for the toy retail venture between Reliance and Hamleys Table of Content: 1. Introduction 4 2. Problem Definition 4 3. Review of Literature 5 4. Research Gap Analysis 7 5. Problem objective 7 6. Data to be Used 8 7. Research
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  • Top 5 Companies of India in Different Sectors
    AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Automobile Industry in India has witnessed a tremendous growth in recent years and is all set to carry on the momentum in the foreseeable future. Indian automobile industry has come a long way since the first car ran on the streets of Bombay in 1898. Today, automobile sector i
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  • Effects and Implications of Coalition Governments on the Political Scnerio in India
    Amity School of Communication AMITY UNIVERSITY RAJASTHAN Effects and implications of coalition governments on the political scenario in India Abstract: Parliamentary democracies ruled by multiparty cabinets make foreign policy decisions in a fairly unique institutional context, complicated by
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  • Common Wealth Games in India
    Commonwealth Games The Commonwealth Games is a multinational, multi-sport event. Held every four years, it involves the elite athletes of the Commonwealth of Nations. Attendance at the Commonwealth Games is typically around 5,000 athletes. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is the organizati
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  • Maruti India
    Maruti 800, India’s first affordable car was manufactured in 1983, the proud owner of which still drives it after 25 years. Maruti Suzuki Ltd, which was earlier Maruti Udyog Ltd, was a joint collaboration by the Indian government and Suzuki Motors, Japan in 1982. It went into production in a recor
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  • Coca-Cola India Limited
    COCA-COLA INDIA LIMITED Executive summary: Being a world’s largest soft drink manufacture, coke is growing in rapid way to capture the market. Company is producing varieties of brands apart from coke are thumps up, sprite, MMPO, mineral water – kinley and maaza. Such are well established a
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