• Favorite Room
    Calvin Stringfield Expository Writing 02/20/11 Everyone has a room they tend to stay in more than others. That room may be painted in your favorite color, It could have been a older sibling's room, or may have your favorite game system in it. My favorite room makes me feel as though no one ca
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  • Favorite Room
    My Favorite room in my house is my bedroom. A four by four secluded chamber my room is one of four bedrooms located in the very far corner of my house. One must stroll through a long winding spiral hallway to reach the entrance of my room. He or she will automatically be greeted by a sleeping se
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  • Favorite Room
    My Favorite Room Walking through the front door of my apartment, I enter my favorite and most relaxing place to be: the living room. Sitting in my living room I feel relaxed and stress free. The first thing I see when I walk in is my wife’s shoe rack. To the left is her creepy monkey picture. W
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    MY FAVORITE ROOM My room is my favorite place. The floor of my room is a golden brown carpet. A beige rug covers a small portion of the floor next to my bed. In an array of gloss and semi-gloss, shades of off-white cover these four walls. Entire sections are hidden by nearly a dozen...
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  • My Favorite Room
    My Den is a great place to hang out, play some pool, or just get away from the stress of every day life. My Den offers superior sound and entertainment. It has no stress related items such as a telephone, computer, desk, and no pagers are allowed. This room represents fun and relaxation for all
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  • My Room
    My room is my favorite place in my house. I feel as though nothing can describe anybody better than their room can. Just the little things in a room can describe a person more than anything. Such as bedroom suites, colors of the walls, and decorations. Until my brother had graduated high school
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  • My Room
    My room is my one and only domain where I carry out various leisure activities such as studying, watching films and television, listen to music, talk on the phone, surf the internet, etc. My room is painted all pink; also, most of the things in my room are all pink. As someone enters my room, the fi
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  • Favorite
    Prelude ONCE upon a time, when men still believed gods and goddesses walked the earth, Hecate, Great Goddess of Night, was granted dominion over the crossroads of man. The dark goddess took her charge seriously, for not only did she stand watch over mortal roads and byways, Hecate guarded the cros
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  • room essay
    My Bedchamber There are many rooms in a house. The bedroom is the most important room in a house. There are several reasons for why I consider the bedroom the most important one, among which relaxing, good memory and privacy are the most obvious ones. Although many places provide us with...
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  • A special room
    Everyone has a special room that they tend to kick it in. The room may be painted in your favorite color or it could had been a parent room or sibling’s room or it may just being your favorite game system in it. My favorite room makes me feel as though no one can touch me in it, it...
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  • Favorite Movies
    What makes a good movie? Many things can contribute to making a movie good, like the actors, plot, type of movie, the writing, special effects, its budget and so forth. But it actually depends on the person because one person may think a movie is good, and then the other may think it was a waste of
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  • My Favorite Vacation
    My Favorite Vacation I had a wonderful time at the Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells when I went there for vacation in 2001. It was on my mom’s birthday when we went there, son that was nice for her. We stayed for three days, and got home at six o’clock p.m. on the third day. The reason
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  • My Room
    My Room A secluded island with warm sandy beaches, a sunset over high cropped mountains, or the beauty and serenity of silence in a magnificent forest. A special place could as extravagant as those or as simple as your favorite cozy chair. They reach out with much more than picturesque or
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  • My Favorite Place: Las Vegas
    My Favorite Place: Las Vegas In the past summer vacation, my friend and I planned a trip to visit the densely populated city in Nevada, Las Vegas. We decided to visit there because both of us desired to have an enjoyable holiday and wonderful memories before the summer vacation is fini
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  • My Favorite Person
    MY FAVORITE PERSON My favorite person was born, February 24, 2002, and that day will forever be a milestone in my life. He is a bundle of joy from Heaven, and the way he smells is like the air drifting over the cold winter snow. He is my son Micah Jarrell Bailey. That day gave my life new meaning.
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  • The Room
    Descriptive Bedroom Setting As I walk down the hall leading to my room I hear strange noises coming from my room. I stop at the door to my room and think about how crazy it's been living there. Its been hectic living in the same room with two brothers when the room is not gargantuan. It’s almos
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  • My Favorite Color
    My Favorite Character My favorite character is Marty Grabstein who voices the character Courage from the T.V. series “Courage the Cowardly Dog”. To begin with, Courage is a scary dog. For example on one episode he wondered into his owner Murial’s room and saw her
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  • Room
    After long day of the school and work, this room is the place that gives me the most comfort and relaxation. When I enter this room; I get the most comfort I can get. I can feel relaxed by just entering the room because it is makes me feel like I am home. Whenever I enter this room, the first thing
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  • My Favorite Logic Probs
    Logic Problem #01: Albert Einstein's Logic Problem This quiz is said to have been written by Einstein in the 19th century, although there is some question as to whether this is true or not. He is said to have stated that 98% of the people in the world cannot solve the quiz. Since it can'
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  • My Favorite Pcal
    My Favorite Place If I had to pick one place in particular as my favorite place, I would have to say that it is my home. Many have always said that “Home is where the heart is.” I would have to definitely agree. Everything that I need or that holds any special meaning to me can be found rig
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