• Favorite Norse Myths
    Favorite Norse Myths By: Mary Pope Osborne Published by: Scholastic Inc. Mythology Book Report By: Claudia Yaeger Mr. Clark C.P. English Due January 10, 2002 2.) The Types of stories found in this book are based on Norse Mythology. They contain information on the creation of
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  • Britney and Lynne Spears- a Mother's Gift
    A Mother's Gift by Brithey and Lynne Spears Holly Faye Lovell is a small town girl from Biscay, Mississippi. She sure can sing! At fourteen, she becomes the youngest student ever to win a full scholarship to a very prestigious music school- Haverty School of Music, and is on her way to pur
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  • My Favorite Vavcation
    My favorite vacation was when I was five years old and my Father took me to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. What made it even more memorable was the fact that it was my very first time on an airplane. I can never recall in my whole enti
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  • A Grandmother, as a Mother, the Greatest Gift
    Growing up, I was raised by my loving grandmother. She raised me from a little girl to a young lady. My grandmother cared for me when nobody else was there to care. Shelter, clothing, food, and love were what she provided for me, she was all I had. My grandmother played the biggest roll in my li
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  • My Favorite Logic Probs
    Logic Problem #01: Albert Einstein's Logic Problem This quiz is said to have been written by Einstein in the 19th century, although there is some question as to whether this is true or not. He is said to have stated that 98% of the people in the world cannot solve the quiz. Since it can'
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  • Themed Gift Baskets
    THEMED GIFT BASKETS A themed gift basket is a gift basket whose items have been customized according to the recipient’s likings and personality. A variety of themed gift baskets exist which might include car wash gift baskets, fishing gift baskets, pet gift baskets, pasta lover gift baskets and
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  • Gift Ideas
    Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas Here are some fun ways you, your children, fellow parents, or students can honor the teachers in your life, either for Teacher Appreciation Month in May, or as end of the year gifts. Don’t forget the dance or music teachers, preschool teachers, or directors, too!
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  • My Favorite Character
    Who is Your Favorite Character and Why? October 7, 2010 My favorite character from the novel These Boots Are Made for Stalking by Lisi Harrison is Massie Block. Massie is a fun, fashionable, and sometimes feisty friend. But at the end of the day she is always having fun whether with bean her l
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  • The Woodstock Art and Music Festival: What a Long Strange Gift It's Been.
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  • Favorite Roman
    Natasha L. 03/02/01 period 1 Virgil’s way of writing and freedom to write and create a world that is his own makes him my favorite Roman. He had the poetic power to create a world in which he chose the characters destiny. I think that
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  • Cheistmas Is My Favorite Holiday
    Christmas has always been a favorite holiday of the year. As a child it was the one time of year that I could get a glimpse of Santa Clause leaving me presents. I enjoyed waking up early in morning to be able to open my gifts. Christmas is also a wonderful time of the year because you can have so ma
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  • Marijuana Natures Gift
    Marcus Granadino C.Hoffman 5/7/12 Marijuana Natures Gift Do you know anyone who has ever died from marijuana directly? Marijuana is also commonly known as the billion dollar plant, referring to the industry it could become. Marijuana comes from the dried leaves of the cannabis stevia hemp pla
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  • Unforgettable Gift
    Unforgettable Gift In a mild summer day, Mrs. Andrew was setting on her favorite red couch watching TV when Mr. Andrew came and sat next to hair. They started talking about that day dinner, then Mr. Andrew with a thrilled face reminded his wife of his birthday which was on the next day. Mr. Andrew
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  • Favorite Artifact
    My Favorite Artifact “Holy Bible” The inner source of my courage, conviction and encouragement is the Holy Bible, which inspires me to be truthful, selfless and satisfied in life. Written in Nepali, my mother tongue, the Holy Book is just as dear to me as my soul. Wrapped with a thick blue hard
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  • Favorite Family Get-Together
    Getting together with family is something that most of us look forward to. Throughout the years our family has grown with all sorts of personalities, Making every get-together fun, interesting, and memorable. Even though I see my family quite often, our get-togethers are always quite entertaining. W
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  • My Favorite Holiday
    My Favorite Holiday: Christmas Christmas has come and gone. Regardlessly, giving thanks and proclaiming yourself to those around you should be more exercised. During Christmas, spending time with the people you care about means so much more than anything you can possibly buy. Families as well as
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  • Perfect Gift
    Michael Shuster English 4 Mrs. Flynn 9-6-11 The Perfect Gift The perfect gift to me would be the gift of amazing athletic ability, so that I could be a professional football player. That gift would help me to live out my dream. The reason I chose this gift is because I have alwa
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  • Gift of the Magi Remake
    The Gift of the Magi (Remake) It was the day before Christmas when Della was walking through the shopping mall. She had recently been fired from her job at the KIA plant because she was blamed for something she did not do. She wanted to get her husband Jim something really nice for Christmas. De
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  • A Gift Beyond Description
    A Gift Beyond Description Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:15 A. My text this morning is 2 Corinthians 9:15. It is a short verse, only 8 words long. Listen as the apostle Paul says, "Thanks be unto God for His indescribable gift."  This is the time of year when we are concerned about choosing jus
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  • The Messiah's Gift
    The Messiah’s Gift. As I remember a certain given to me by my Uncle Mat, I can not help remember how I felt after reading Dune and how my Uncle Mat showed me that books can have more then one interpretation. Sitting there, around the wicker table with family and friends; my brother and I were di
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