• My Ambition in Life Essay to Become a Teacher
    Ambition Different persons have different ambitions in life because they differ not only in tastes and temperament but also in innate tendencies and physical capabilities. There are three factors which guide persons to choose their profession. They are power, pelf and popularity. After long susta
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  • My Aim in Life (to Become a Teacher)
    A profession is usually consider a scale by which a man's prosperity is estimated. It works like a guiding star and a lighthouse top. it directs the gone-astray people to the right direction and finally brings them to their destination. it helps us to focus our heed and efforts on a particular
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  • My Ambition in Life
    Aimless life is certainly a sin. Many people have no definite aim in life. They are like the travelers going a head without any destination. Such people lead an aimless life and what they do in life, is largely a matter of chance, determined by the circumstances in which they happen to be placed. Ai
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  • My Ambition in Life
    641 Words Essay for kids on my ambition in life by Manish on August 8, 2011 in Example Essays A person without any ambition in life is like a ship without a rudder he no destination. He does not have any urge to make a start. He reaches now’ He is tossed about like a straw in the wind. He achiev
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  • My Ambition in Life
    Before I was studying Information Technology (IT) @ Holy Child College of Information Technology Inc. I had chosen 2 years course of Information Technology (IT) before and thank God that I passed it. And now I decided to start studying again with a course BSED, actually this was my second course to
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  • My Ambition
    People have their own dreams in life. It is always a good thing to have an ambition in one’s life. A person without an aim or ambition in life is an unfortunate person. Without a set aim, a person can achieve nothing in his life. An ambition is an incen-tive to a person to work hard and to achieve
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  • ambition
    AMBITION: Every person has his own dream or ambition in life. Someone wants to become a soldier, someone a doctor, some an engineer or a politician and so on. Some others aspire for the careers of authors, actors or singers. But my ambition is to become a police officer in my future life....
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  • my ambition
    There is no man without an ambition in life. Some aspire to be rich, many hanker after name and fame and still others crave for power, position and social status in life. Honour and position do not last long. Fortune turns like a wheel. I have a strong desire to become a doctor and serve...
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  • Learning to Become Literate
    Learning to Become Literate "In any literate society, people constantly see the best way to teach children how to read and write so that the younger generation can become fully functioning members of that society." (Savage 15) This is obviously an important goal of any society that wants their chi
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  • The English Teacher
    What about our own roots? Krishnan's journey in R K Narayan's The English Teacher [1] . . . something has been drained from the adult heart. Belief in the miraculous closes down [2] Krishnan, the central character of R. K. Narayan's The English Teacher, undertakes an emotional, intellectual, and
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  • Teacher Burnout
    The term 'burnout' was first introduced by the American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger in 1974, to describe the state of physical and mental exhaustion among people in ''helping professions,'' whose work requires contact with people in need (Sęk 7). Since this term was introduced, burnout resea
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  • Ambition Essay 7
    Ambition is an eager and sometimes an exorbitant desire for elevation, honor, power, supremacy or simply the achievement of something. The origin of this word comes from the word “ambicioun” and explains the yearning for money and wealth or power in general. Ambition is basically an instinct. No
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  • Will India Become a Superpower?
    Sixty years ago, in the summer of 1948, our nation, then newly born, was struggling for its very survival. In January, Mahatma Gandhi had been murdered by a Hindu fanatic. The act had shocked many Indians, but apparently it had the approval of some. According to one news report, the jailed assassin
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  • Teacher Importeace
    | | | The Importance of Teacher in Student’s Life Education is one of the greatest services provided by teachers. It is vital for anything. The role played by teachers becomes a very important component and in fact it can be said that they are in way our nation builders. For any student,
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  • The Englsih Teacher
    For your memory book a little about Narayan Born: October 10, 1906 Died: May 13, 2001 Achievement: Felicitated with Sahitya Akademi Award and Padma Bhushan. Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Iyer Narayanswamy stood shortened to R.K.Narayan, on Graham Greene’s advice. Narayan lived till ninety-five, writi
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  • The Will Power and Courage to Show Ambition.
    The will power and courage to show ambition. Ambition is one of the most common things people go through in their life time. Ambition is defined as the strongest desire success, achievement, or distinction, for example a goal or an aim towards their desire. (Collins) Many people can use ambition
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  • Teacher and Computer
    Computers, during the last two decades or so, have been instrumental in bringing about changes in the way we communicate and gather information and/or knowledge to such an extent that it is hard to find any sphere which has not undergone changes after the advent of computers. The system of teaching
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  • Ambition Essay 2
    My aim is to become a chef. To reach my goal I will work hard for it, to become a doctor we have to study MBBS. To become a highly qualified doctor, we have to do MS or MD. I want to serve my nation. to do so. I will choose my profession as a doctor. I want to set up my own clinic in a village where
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  • Teacher
    Case study- Scenario. Imagine you are preparing to go on your Teaching Practice Placement. Your allocated school is a large Community school in an urban setting. When you meet your co-operating teacher she gives you the following information on one of your classes. You will be teaching this class f
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  • Teacher Education
    Teacher Education Definition: Teacher education refers to the policies and procedures designed to equip prospective teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and wider community. Teacher education is th
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