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Musical Instruments Of Mindanao

sea, devoid of any boundaries.  Every single musical instrument, right from the African djembe to the Indonesian gamelan angklung, and the Arabic shababa to the Indian sitar, is a testament to the fact that music is a universal language having multiple dialects. The tongue twisters that some of these musical instrument names are, it took me a while just to get their names right! Anyway, the sheer magnitude of the different musical instruments that I was exposed to, from all over the world was...

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Musical Instrument

their parents and ask, “Mom, Dad, can I learn to play an instrument?” Whether or not it is the guitar, drums, piano, or flute a child could possibly have the thought of wanting to learn how to play an instrument. When Mom and Dad end up saying no to their child they should stop and realize that when a child knows how to play a musical instrument it can help them out in many more ways than they know (iDiva). Having a young kid learn an instrument can help develop better coordination, build better concentration...

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Musical Instrument

Huzair Kalia Speech 1100 Persuasive Speech Why you should play an Instrument General Purpose: To inform my audience why they should play a musical instrument and persuade them. Introduction: I. Attention Getter: We live in a world that hardly knows anything about rest or leisure. We are so occupied by our daily routine and juggling between different responsibilities that we rarely have time for ourselves. It is important to have something in your life that you love to do and that relaxes you. ...

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Musical Instruments Speech

Playing Musical Instruments The Chinese philosopher Confucius said long ago that “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Being able to play any musical instrument is extremely satisfying. This includes everyone from the person who has mastered her instrument right down to the beginner who knows only a few chords. I personally believe that if there's one thing you should learn in your lifetime, it's how to play an instrument. Learning to play a musical instrument...

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Musical Instruments of India

it has evolved into a musical instrument by the permanent addition of small brass jingles.  This instrument is especially popular in Punjabi folk music and the Sikh religious music known as shabad. GHUNGHARU Traditional ghungaru (left) / padded ghungharu (right) Ghungharu are the "tinkle bells" or "jingle bells" which are used to adorn the feet of dancers.  When tied to the feet, they are played by the act of dancing.  They may also be played by hand.  This instrument evolved from the payal which...

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Kinds of Musical Instruments

Musical instruments according to their Family Trumpet A soprano brass wind instrument consisting of a long metal tube looped once and ending in a flared bell, the modern type being equipped with three valves for producing variations in pitch. Trombone A brass instrument consisting of a long cylindrical tube bent upon itself twice, ending in a bell-shaped mouth, and having a movable U-shaped slide for producing different pitches. French Horn A valved brass wind instrument that produces...

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Benifits on playing Musical Instruments

18 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument by Michael Matthews The Chinese philosopher Confucius said long ago that "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to you and to everyone around you. This article will provide you with 18 benefits of playing an instrument (in no particular order) and will hopefully give you a better sense of appreciation and pride for music. 1. Increases the capacity...

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science of musical instruments

The Science of Musical Instruments - Grade 10 teaching and learning project Music is an artform, but there's a lot of science in there too. Whether your instrument is your voice, a flute, a marimba, a recorder, a violin or a piano, sound is a form of energy and to make sound requires a change from one form of energy - usually kinetic (motion energy) - into sound energy. So whatever your instrument there's a scientific explanation to how it works. The art of music is how well you put that...

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Musical Instrument and Tonga

discarded some of their traditional musical culture and adopted new ones. Figure 2. The citizen of Tonga, Tongan. The traditional Tonga music is unique with their own set of instruments. Most of the Tonga music tradition is percussion based. Instruments play an important role in the music and are used while dancing and singing. Sometimes it is also used as a solo instrument and sometimes to compliment peaceful and meaningful songs. A long slit-gong instrument called Lali- figure 3, is like a drum...

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Musical Instrument in Mindoro

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT IN MINDORO MAR JOSHUA C. RAFAEL VII-KNOWLEDGE MRS.LOURDES SIOBAL * Strings * The kudlung is a form of zither. It is a stringed instrument having the body of a single piece of bamboo. The strings are composed of strips raised from its outer skin and bridged in place to produce various pitches. The kudlong is a two-stringed lute shaped like a boat. It has wooden tightening rods and frets made of beeswax. One string is often...

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Idiophone An idiophone is any musical instrument that creates sound primarily by the instrument as a whole vibrating—without the use of strings ormembranes. It is the first of the four main divisions in the original Hornbostel-Sachs scheme of musical instrument classification. The early classification of Victor-Charles Mahillon called this group of instruments autophones. Most percussion instruments that are not drums are idiophones. Hornbostel-Sachs divides idiophones into four main sub-categories...

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History of Fender® Musical Instruments Corporation

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world's foremost manufacturer of guitars, basses, amplifiers and related equipment. With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock ‘n' roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues and many others. Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world's most acclaimed artists and performers have used Fender instruments and amps, and legendary Fender instruments such...

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with note tubes tied together and hung horizontally from the rack. Played with small mallets, they have a bright, natural, distinct tone, sounding in a two octave pentatonic range in relative D major. Danmo   An amazing traditional percussion Instrument from Vietnam that has been used for centuries in Vietnamese Pagoda ceremonies. Hand carved from the highly resonant Jack Fruit tree, its unique sound and precise tuning make it a favorite of percussionists worldwide. The Danmo consists of a wooden...

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The Importance of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument: Debate

Learning to play a musical instrument is important – We all remember when we were young, going around and hitting things and calling it music - even if it wasn’t. We all remember going out with friends, and dancing and singing to our favourite song. We all remember the many different musical instruments that music teacher’s threw at us. We all remember thinking ‘this is pointless, how can music ever help us?’ Where some people believe that music isn’t important, I believe that music does help...

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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: ?Marketing Strategies and Planning

Existing company: Fender (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation) Fender is an American manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. The privately held company was founded by Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender in Clifornia in 1946. The company specializes in solid body electric guitars such as the Stratocaster and Telecaster, and solid body electric bass guitars such as the Precision and Jazz models. Fender instruments are widely considered to be the standard...

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Musical Instruments

known as bass sitar, is a plucked string instrument used in the Hindustani classical music of North India. It is closely related to the sitar, but has a lower tone. Depending on the instrument's size, it is usually pitched two to five whole steps below the standard sitar, but Indian classical music having no concept of absolute pitch, this may vary. The instrument can emit frequencies lower than20 Hz. Onavillu is a simple, short bow-shaped musical instrument. Its name may come from "Onam" and "Villu"...

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Musical Instrument

Renaissance Instruments and read the articles. 1. The following answers are located in the articles. Read through the articles to answer each question: a. Which instrument looks like a snake? Serpent. b. Which instrument is played by winding a crank? The Hurdy Gurdy c. Which instrument "is a loud reed-cap instrument with a double reed"? The Rauschpfeife. d. Which instrument has been called the most versatile of Renaissance wind instruments? The Rackett e. Which instrument was an instrument...

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Musical Approaches

 Musical Approaches Advantages/Disadvantages of Orff, Kodaly, & Dalcroze There are many thoughts and theories behind the methods used to teach music. Three methods used by educators in teaching music are: the Orff approach, the Kodaly approach, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics. All three share the belief that music is essential to the total education of the child. Essentially, each approach strives to broaden the musical horizons of students as they have meaningful experiences with and about music...

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Types of Musical Instruments

The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard. It is widely used inclassical and jazz music for soloperformances, ensemble use, chamber music and accompaniment and forcomposing and rehearsal. Although not portable and often expensive, the piano's versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the world's most A guitar is a popular musical instrument that makes sound by the playing of its (typically) six strings with the sound being projected either acoustically or through electrical...

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Pakistani Musical Culture

Lesson 10: Pakistani Musical Culture Music of Pakistani Pakistan 6th most populous country in the world. Pakistan has a cultural and ethnic background going back to the Indus Valley Civilization. known for its ordered cities, advanced sanitation, excellent roads, and uniquely structured society. modern name of a country once named as Sindu Supta and India (Land of Indus). National language is Urdu. Main religion is Islam. Pakistani is guided with two main ideas:
 ~ negate...

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Indian Instruments

Membranous | | | This instrument is Indian equivalent of the African instrument Djembe. It has membrane on only one side and has a typical torch shaped body. It is used for accompanying certain folk dances. | | | | | Dumroo is probably the oldest form of percussion instrument in India. It is the only remaining form of hour-glass drums which are so commonly seen in ancient Indian statues. Its musical role is minimal and it is most commonly known for its association with Lord...

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Musical Theatre

What is Musical theatre and what makes it different than any other theatre with music forms, especially Opera? Musical Theatre The art of music, dance and drama have been linked together since the dawn of time and are still really connected with one another that it is inadvisable to try to tell the difference between them too definitely. Figure 1 – Musical Theatre Performance4 Figure 1 – Musical Theatre Performance4 It is rare a production has no music in it whatsoever. Most plays either call...

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Nepali Music Instruments

Nepalese Musical Instruments MusicThe Newars are very much rich in traditional, classical and folk music as in dances. Various music and dance events take place in different parts of Newar societies on the occasion of different festivals. In fact, the Newars are so duly intermixed with music and dances that not a single festival, feast or ceremony, 'from womb to tomb', passes without a music or music and dances. Various songs, musical instruments and dances are connected with various religious...

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Musical Education

 A Research Paper Comparing Academic Achievement to Musical Education Chesapeake College Abstract Purpose The purpose of this research paper is to find evidence to support the theory that connects academic success to musical education. The hypothesis for this research is that students with musical education will be recognized for outstanding academic achievement more than the general student body. This paper will prove the hypothesis by quoting studies done on...

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Medieval Msic and Instruments

Music and Instruments Secular and religious music in Medieval Europe was an important part of everyday life in the Middle Ages, it was most important time was during festivities and celebrations. The people in those times would celebrate on any occasions from all holidays that we celebrate like Christmas, to even before meals. In that period of time music was more important and a great form of entertainment than it is modern time. They had many different types of music and instruments they played...

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The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Why a Musical Instrument is an Important Hobby Audience: Students just starting secondary school. I don't know how many of you play an instrument, but I personally have been playing the drums for just about two years now. Although I don't play in a band or even have a strict practising routine I find them to be a key part of my life now, something that I would find very difficult to live without. As you are starting secondary school, this is an ideal time to start playing an instrument. Not necessarily...

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Pythagorean Philosophy and Its Influence on Musical

Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics. New York: Dover Publications Ferrara, Lawrence (1991). Philosophy and the Analysis of Music. New York: Greenwood Press. Johnston, Ian (1989). Measured Tones. New York: IOP Publishing. Rowell, Lewis (1983). Thinking About Music. Amhurst: The University of Massachusetts Press. "Music is the harmonization of opposites, the unification of disparate things, and the conciliation of warring elements...Music is the basis of agreement among things in nature and of...

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Ancient Greek Musical Instruments.

was a seven stringed instrument and from many ancient sources we know that this type remained in use for a long time during the classical period. The addition of an eighth string in the 6th century BC is credited by Nicomachus of Gerasa to Pythagoras. By the fifth century there were Lyras with anything from 9 to 12 strings. The strings (neura) were made of animal gut of sinew, but there are also references of strings made of linen or hemp. Lyra was mainly used for the musical education of the young...

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Analysis of 'A Musical Instrument'

lines all end with a word that rhymes with “pan” and the fourth and fifth lines of each stanza rhyme with each other (independently from stanza to stanza). The consistent patterns and repetition throughout “A Musical Instrument” make it feel like just as the title states: a musical instrument. This piece utilizes a few more poetic devices as well. The line “The limpid water turbidly ran,” (ln 9) is an oxymoron. Limpid means clear and turbid means muddy. Browning uses this to again emphasize the...

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Favorite Instrument

The Saxophone is my favorite instrument. Despite being made entirely of brass, the saxophone is considered a woodwind because it utilizes a reed to create its sound. It looks smooth and sexy, yet the sound is rich and strong. Although it is more commonly found in jazz, military and marching bands than in orchestras, it is occasionally found in some classical music. 1. History and Manufacturers: A. http://library.thinkquest.org. This website was wonderfully rich in information. On...

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Conflict in Mindanao

The Origin of Conflict in Mindanao and the Role of the Moro National Liberation Front Ever since the Philippines were first colonized by Spain over 400 years ago, the Manila government has struggled to mesh the Muslim population of Mindanao with the rest of the predominantly Catholic nation. The large number of violent separatist groups operating in Mindanao has been the primary factor in the long raging conflict. The leading revolutionary group, who also facilitated the creation of splinter groups...

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Angklung; a Music Instrument

The Music Instrument of ‘Angklung’ In general, traditional performing arts have three main genres. First are the music or songs or melodies and its musical instruments. Second is dancing or a variety of body movements or gestures and the third is theatre; a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place and the performers may communicate this experience to the audience through combinations...

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of the Study Davao Region, designated as Region XI, is one of the regions of the Philippines that are located on the southeastern portion of Mindanao. Davao Region is consists of four provinces, namely: Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, and Davao Oriental. Its regional center is Davao city. Region XI was originally called Southern Mindanao, and in addition to the three Davao provinces also included Surigao del Sur and South Cotabato. At that time, Compostela Valley was still part...

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Musical Education Opportunities in America

Musical Education in the United States of America In Musical education, there are two major categories you can go into, one of which is private teaching, more focused on instruments, and music services; the other is public teaching, mostly academic in schools. Public music teaching is again split into a variety of ages from primary education, secondary education for GCSE and A-Level, and degree level University education. Due to music being taught in most, if not all schools to an A-Level...

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Starting a Business: Musical Instrument Dealership

attract almost all the people. In a country like Bangladesh historically people have practiced music for a long time. That implies that musical industry can get only bigger and bigger in the future which should increase the demand of the musical instruments. And with only a few competitors the opportunity in musical instrument dealership and selling musical instrument can be really huge. In our research we have observed that now day’s people are very brand conscious. Keeping that in mind we...

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Unit 23 Musical Instruments for Children

Award, Certificate and Diploma in Caring for Children Level One Scheme of work for CFC 23: Musical Activities for Young Children. (QCF) January 2013-February 2013 Tutor: Melissa. Hastie. In class support: Laura Caruth (LC), every Monday Unit AimThe aim of this unit is to enable the learner to gain an understanding of musical activities for young children | DateWeek beg. | Learning Outcomes | Activities/Learning experiences | Equality and Diversity | Resources | Week 18/01/13 | Introduce...

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Musical Links Investigation

Fred Kim Mr. Gillespie IB Music 12 April, 2011 Musical Links Investigation Music is a form of communication that varies distinctively among different countries just as each country has their own language. However, music does not only vary with region, but also with time period and the neighboring musical cultures. To investigate how two very distinct and different musical cultures can be connected through their musical qualities, I will compare the similarities and differences between romantic...

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Musical Theft? or Musical Art?

Sigi Esparza 11/02/11 Dr. Philip Jenks English 160 MWF 1-1:50 Musical theft or Musical art? Have you ever dreamt about becoming a famous musical artist one day? Maybe you might try to accomplish this by writing some of your own lyrics and adding them to the instrumentals of an already famous song. Well you might want to think twice about that due to a little thing known as the Copyright law. If you don’t, you could soon be receiving a cease-and desist letter in your mailbox, and/or possibly...

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The Musical Cannon

The Musical Canon The musical canon put simply, is a form of disciplining music. As Augustine once suggested “Music is the art of measuring well”. “The canon is a list of composers or works that are assigned value and greatness by consensus” 1 However, the canon will always call into question the nature of its exclusions and which composers make it in and which composers do not. “The Canon, promotes proper decorum, and ensures proper conduct”2 Authors such as Adorno and Horkheimer, members of...

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Musical Genres

and sophisticated form of writing incorporating a wide range of instruments and used the principle of multi instrumentation which achieved a very full symphonic sound which in turn led to the creation of specially designed halls to facilitate the sound. The origins of the music were also diverse, many compositions having been written for the stage, composers such as ‘Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky' who is responsible for the remarkable musical compositions of ‘Swan Lake' and ‘The Nutcracker' wrote his music...

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Mindanao conflict

OUTLINE OF THE CONFLICT In order to understand the Mindanao conflict it is necessary to go back to the beginning of the 14th century, when arab missionaries and Chinese traders brought Islam to the primarily pagan tribes that inhabited the Philippines. In 1521, Ferdinand Magellan arrived to the Philippines and imposed Spanish rule just as Muslim missionaries were converting to Islam all the ruling families in southern Mindanao. The Spanish began a campaign to try to Christianize them, calling...

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Musical Appreciation over the Years

Musical Appreciation over the Years Suzy L. Gayder ARTS340 7/8/2012 Instructor Wendy Page Music has been changed and impacted dramatically over the years. Four periods of music that have had major impacts include the Baroque Period, the Classical Period, the Romantic Period and Early 20th century. Each of these four periods provided artists and compositions that had a direct impact on the face of music and music’s future. During all of these periods different techniques were used, different...

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Flute Instrument

History and/or Manufacturers: http://www.fluteinfo.com/Doc/Origin.html http://www.flutekids.eu/en/historyflute_en.htm Well I choose Flute as my favorite instrument. But unfortunately it is nowhere mentioned that who actually discover Flute, but we have lot more information about the history of flute. Thousands of years ago it was found in the cave in Northern France with unknown number of holes. It was carved with bones. Those flutes were used during the hunting and magic rituals. As mentioned...

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A Comparison Between Medieval Instruments and Present Day Instruments

Comparison between Medieval Instruments and Present Day Instruments A Comparison between Medieval Instruments and Present Day Instruments The medieval time period is known as an era where every subject about social life exploded. It is known the era where the government, society, and religion made enormous advances. Music, art, and literature were also prevalent but one area that had the most impact on the medieval society was the use of musical instruments. They were used in plays...

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A Musical Journey of Sergei Prokofiev

Gill always make me cry? Music is a large part of most of our everyday lives. Sergei Prokofiev understood that considering the feelings and emotions of the listener was vital in the production of music, and demonstrates in “Peter and the Wolf” how musical properties can persuade us emotionally. The road to Prokofiev’s growth to being one of the most unique composers of his time started in Sontsovka, Ukraine in the year 1891. His mother was a pianist and his first piano teacher. Prokofiev began writing...

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NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT  According to Section 13 (a) of the Act, “Negotiable instrument means a promissory note, bill of exchange or cheque payable either to order or to bearer, whether the word “order” or “ bearer” appear on the instrument or not.”   A negotiable instrument is a document guaranteeing the payment of a specific amount of money, either on demand, or at a set time, with the payer named on the document. Examples of negotiable instruments include promissory...

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Comparing Two Dance Movements from a Musical

Compare two dance movements from different musicals that you have studied The two musicals that I will be comparing are Oklahoma and the West Side Story. Their dance movements, by comparing them both, I would say that they are both in different worlds, as West side story is based in the city and Oklahoma in the countryside so there are many differences however there are also many features of both the musicals that are similar. The dance scene in West Side Story is based in a gym with two different...

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fav instrument

the Flute). One of the most famous contributors of the modification of the flute is Theobald Boehm. He was the son of a goldsmith and used that trade to his advantage. Boehm started making improvements to the flute such as adding more keys to the instrument and making the flute itself out of metal (19th Century). There are many famous flute players in the world but Theobald Boehm stands out the most since he also helped to improve the flute. Boehm took flute lessons with Johann Nepomuck Kapeller and...

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Ensemble Musical Performance The world of music not only consists of the note and tempo, but it alsoconsists of mountains of different type fantastic performance. Throughout the history of music, different area own its special music, different period own itsdistinctive feature of music and in this research I want to gain theknowledgeabout some special ensemble musical performances-- symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra is a kind of enormous ensemble performance and it always...

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Hand Instruments

Dentistry: Hand Instruments Hand Instrument Parts Even though there is great variation among hand cutting instruments, they have certain design features in common. Each hand instrument is composed of three parts: the handle, the shank and the blade. The handle can be small, medium, or large, smooth or serrated. On the handle are two numbers. One is the instrument formula, and in this case it is 15-8-12. The instrument formula describes the dimensions and angulation of the instrument. The other...

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My Musical Identity

Assignment 1: My Musical Identity Music, in all its complexity can be seen as a living, breathing mechanism that has the ability to sink deep down into one’s soul and create feelings of awe, excitement and wonder. Music speaks to and connects people of all cultures, backgrounds and ideologies, creating a common bond between various members of the human species. When listening to a beautifully composed piece of music, I myself cannot help but feel connected to the instruments, the artists and the...

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English Speaking Proficiency of Ip Student in the University of Mindanao

chapter contains the description of the research design, the research subjects, research instrument and the data gathering procedure. Research Design This research was designed using qualitative way of gathering information such as opinion, ideas, and knowledge of every respondent. The researchers preferred to use an interview guide for the participant within the campus of the University of Mindanao. The method was design and suited to facilitate the respondents of giving their answer...

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Broadway Musicals

BTEC in Music Practise (Year 1) MUSIC HISTORY ASSIGNMENT BROADWAY MUSICALS Broadway Musicals When we are talking about the Broadway Musicals, we would think about the theatre music. In the very early 20th Century in America, the theatre music was booming, there were thirty-three legitimate Broadway theatres in New York, over 3,000 professional theatres across the United States, and more was going to be built to meet the audience demand. The famous actor was Al Jolson, a ‘charismatic performer’...

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Musical Impact

Musical Impact In society today, music is shown to have an impact on ways of life. People within the society are raised with it in some way. Music is always present in society. It is natural then, to wonder about the origin of music. Music is a special type of sound and noises mixed in together. People create the meanings of these sounds and noises to create their own opinions and emotions of expressing themselves. Many people believed that music is created in the mind for this same reason. That...

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Musical Theater

“ The Click” Musical Theater Research: Ancient History Musicals have had many different names throughout time: comic operas, operettas, opera bouffe, burlesque, burletta, extravaganza, musical comedy, etc. Musical Theater is a form of performance that combines songs, dancing and spoken word to tell a story. Musical theater has grown and developed from simple songs used for entertainment on the streets. However, the real purpose of a musicals is to aim or transport the audience into a different...

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Unit 7 Musical Assignment

as I can remember I have in one shape of form indulgenced in the passions of either playing a musical instrument such as the piano. Playing a musical instrument has always been an interest of mine. As a child I remember being quite timid and often pressured by my parents to play the piano and flute. Like many kids who are pressured through their childhood I stemmed away from playing any musical instrument yet I yarned to learn more in secret. However, now looking back to it I should of paid more attention...

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Instruments of Ifugaos and Negritos

Instruments of Ifugao Litguit  traditional Filipino instrument that is used to make percussion sounds that resemble those of maracas. The instrument has a long, thin wooden handle, and, when it is played, it is struck with another long, slim piece of wood to produce the distinctive sound. Tongali Four-holed nose flute. There are stories from this region that say that the nose flute was used to help rice grow when it was young, as the rice was attracted to the soft sounds of the flute, and...

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Chicago the Musical

Chicago Launched in 1975, the musical Chicago, created by a talented pair of composers and producers that included both John Kander and Fred Ebb later known as Kander and Ebb. Kander was born on March 18, 1927 in Kansas City, Missouri. His exposure to music began at an early age as a result of having had tuberculosis as a baby. During this time, Kander was cut off and not allowed to be around other people, that separation developed his ability for sound. Kander started piano lessons at the...

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American Musical History

In American musical history, thousands of composer, musician, singer, and songwriter contribute its life for music. Two names must be mention in early this earlier history, one is John Hill Hewitt, and the other is Stephen Foster. They were born at the same era, they both leave many great musical works even they have different life. John Hill Hewitt was born in 1805 within a wealthy family. His family was full of musical atmosphere. His father James Hewitt was a music publisher, composer, and musician;...

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Musical Acoustics Essay on the Harp

The Harp The Harp is the oldest known stringed instrument, made up of a frame that surrounds multiple strings. The amount of strings depends on the size and type of harp, the concert harp typically has 47 strings which ranges 6 and a half octaves. The word harp comes from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning “to pluck”. Smaller instruments similar to the harp include the lyre, which has strings of the same length but of varying thickness and tension; the psaltery, which has a frame open only on one...

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