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Musical Instruments Mindanao

their parents and ask, “Mom, Dad, can I learn to play an instrument?” Whether or not it is the guitar, drums, piano, or flute a child could possibly have the thought of wanting to learn how to play an instrument. When Mom and Dad end up saying no to their child they should stop and realize that when a child knows how to play a musical instrument it can help them out in many more ways than they know (iDiva). Having a young kid learn an instrument can help develop better coordination, build better concentration...

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musical instruments

sea, devoid of any boundaries.  Every single musical instrument, right from the African djembe to the Indonesian gamelan angklung, and the Arabic shababa to the Indian sitar, is a testament to the fact that music is a universal language having multiple dialects. The tongue twisters that some of these musical instrument names are, it took me a while just to get their names right! Anyway, the sheer magnitude of the different musical instruments that I was exposed to, from all over the world was...

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Musical Instrument

Huzair Kalia Speech 1100 Persuasive Speech Why you should play an Instrument General Purpose: To inform my audience why they should play a musical instrument and persuade them. Introduction: I. Attention Getter: We live in a world that hardly knows anything about rest or leisure. We are so occupied by our daily routine and juggling between different responsibilities that we rarely have time for ourselves. It is important to have something in your life that you love to do and that relaxes you. ...

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Musical Instruments of India

it has evolved into a musical instrument by the permanent addition of small brass jingles.  This instrument is especially popular in Punjabi folk music and the Sikh religious music known as shabad. GHUNGHARU Traditional ghungaru (left) / padded ghungharu (right) Ghungharu are the "tinkle bells" or "jingle bells" which are used to adorn the feet of dancers.  When tied to the feet, they are played by the act of dancing.  They may also be played by hand.  This instrument evolved from the payal which...

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Musical Instruments Speech

Playing Musical Instruments The Chinese philosopher Confucius said long ago that “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” Being able to play any musical instrument is extremely satisfying. This includes everyone from the person who has mastered her instrument right down to the beginner who knows only a few chords. I personally believe that if there's one thing you should learn in your lifetime, it's how to play an instrument. Learning to play a musical instrument...

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Kinds of Musical Instruments

Musical instruments according to their Family Trumpet A soprano brass wind instrument consisting of a long metal tube looped once and ending in a flared bell, the modern type being equipped with three valves for producing variations in pitch. Trombone A brass instrument consisting of a long cylindrical tube bent upon itself twice, ending in a bell-shaped mouth, and having a movable U-shaped slide for producing different pitches. French Horn A valved brass wind instrument that produces...

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Benifits on playing Musical Instruments

18 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument by Michael Matthews The Chinese philosopher Confucius said long ago that "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to you and to everyone around you. This article will provide you with 18 benefits of playing an instrument (in no particular order) and will hopefully give you a better sense of appreciation and pride for music. 1. Increases the capacity...

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science of musical instruments

The Science of Musical Instruments - Grade 10 teaching and learning project Music is an artform, but there's a lot of science in there too. Whether your instrument is your voice, a flute, a marimba, a recorder, a violin or a piano, sound is a form of energy and to make sound requires a change from one form of energy - usually kinetic (motion energy) - into sound energy. So whatever your instrument there's a scientific explanation to how it works. The art of music is how well you put that...

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Musical Instrument and Tonga

discarded some of their traditional musical culture and adopted new ones. Figure 2. The citizen of Tonga, Tongan. The traditional Tonga music is unique with their own set of instruments. Most of the Tonga music tradition is percussion based. Instruments play an important role in the music and are used while dancing and singing. Sometimes it is also used as a solo instrument and sometimes to compliment peaceful and meaningful songs. A long slit-gong instrument called Lali- figure 3, is like a drum...

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Idiophone An idiophone is any musical instrument that creates sound primarily by the instrument as a whole vibrating—without the use of strings ormembranes. It is the first of the four main divisions in the original Hornbostel-Sachs scheme of musical instrument classification. The early classification of Victor-Charles Mahillon called this group of instruments autophones. Most percussion instruments that are not drums are idiophones. Hornbostel-Sachs divides idiophones into four main sub-categories...

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Musical Instrument in Mindoro

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT IN MINDORO MAR JOSHUA C. RAFAEL VII-KNOWLEDGE MRS.LOURDES SIOBAL * Strings * The kudlung is a form of zither. It is a stringed instrument having the body of a single piece of bamboo. The strings are composed of strips raised from its outer skin and bridged in place to produce various pitches. The kudlong is a two-stringed lute shaped like a boat. It has wooden tightening rods and frets made of beeswax. One string is often...

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with note tubes tied together and hung horizontally from the rack. Played with small mallets, they have a bright, natural, distinct tone, sounding in a two octave pentatonic range in relative D major. Danmo   An amazing traditional percussion Instrument from Vietnam that has been used for centuries in Vietnamese Pagoda ceremonies. Hand carved from the highly resonant Jack Fruit tree, its unique sound and precise tuning make it a favorite of percussionists worldwide. The Danmo consists of a wooden...

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The Importance of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument: Debate

Learning to play a musical instrument is important – We all remember when we were young, going around and hitting things and calling it music - even if it wasn’t. We all remember going out with friends, and dancing and singing to our favourite song. We all remember the many different musical instruments that music teacher’s threw at us. We all remember thinking ‘this is pointless, how can music ever help us?’ Where some people believe that music isn’t important, I believe that music does help...

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Musical Approaches

 Musical Approaches Advantages/Disadvantages of Orff, Kodaly, & Dalcroze There are many thoughts and theories behind the methods used to teach music. Three methods used by educators in teaching music are: the Orff approach, the Kodaly approach, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics. All three share the belief that music is essential to the total education of the child. Essentially, each approach strives to broaden the musical horizons of students as they have meaningful experiences with and about music...

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Pakistani Musical Culture

Lesson 10: Pakistani Musical Culture Music of Pakistani Pakistan 6th most populous country in the world. Pakistan has a cultural and ethnic background going back to the Indus Valley Civilization. known for its ordered cities, advanced sanitation, excellent roads, and uniquely structured society. modern name of a country once named as Sindu Supta and India (Land of Indus). National language is Urdu. Main religion is Islam. Pakistani is guided with two main ideas:
 ~ negate...

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Indian Instruments

Membranous | | | This instrument is Indian equivalent of the African instrument Djembe. It has membrane on only one side and has a typical torch shaped body. It is used for accompanying certain folk dances. | | | | | Dumroo is probably the oldest form of percussion instrument in India. It is the only remaining form of hour-glass drums which are so commonly seen in ancient Indian statues. Its musical role is minimal and it is most commonly known for its association with Lord...

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Nepali Music Instruments

Nepalese Musical Instruments MusicThe Newars are very much rich in traditional, classical and folk music as in dances. Various music and dance events take place in different parts of Newar societies on the occasion of different festivals. In fact, the Newars are so duly intermixed with music and dances that not a single festival, feast or ceremony, 'from womb to tomb', passes without a music or music and dances. Various songs, musical instruments and dances are connected with various religious...

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Medieval Msic and Instruments

Music and Instruments Secular and religious music in Medieval Europe was an important part of everyday life in the Middle Ages, it was most important time was during festivities and celebrations. The people in those times would celebrate on any occasions from all holidays that we celebrate like Christmas, to even before meals. In that period of time music was more important and a great form of entertainment than it is modern time. They had many different types of music and instruments they played...

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Angklung; a Music Instrument

The Music Instrument of ‘Angklung’ In general, traditional performing arts have three main genres. First are the music or songs or melodies and its musical instruments. Second is dancing or a variety of body movements or gestures and the third is theatre; a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place and the performers may communicate this experience to the audience through combinations...

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A Comparison Between Medieval Instruments and Present Day Instruments

Comparison between Medieval Instruments and Present Day Instruments A Comparison between Medieval Instruments and Present Day Instruments The medieval time period is known as an era where every subject about social life exploded. It is known the era where the government, society, and religion made enormous advances. Music, art, and literature were also prevalent but one area that had the most impact on the medieval society was the use of musical instruments. They were used in plays...

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History of Fender® Musical Instruments Corporation

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world's foremost manufacturer of guitars, basses, amplifiers and related equipment. With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock ‘n' roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues and many others. Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world's most acclaimed artists and performers have used Fender instruments and amps, and legendary Fender instruments such...

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Flute Instrument

History and/or Manufacturers: http://www.fluteinfo.com/Doc/Origin.html http://www.flutekids.eu/en/historyflute_en.htm Well I choose Flute as my favorite instrument. But unfortunately it is nowhere mentioned that who actually discover Flute, but we have lot more information about the history of flute. Thousands of years ago it was found in the cave in Northern France with unknown number of holes. It was carved with bones. Those flutes were used during the hunting and magic rituals. As mentioned...

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Comparing Two Dance Movements from a Musical

Compare two dance movements from different musicals that you have studied The two musicals that I will be comparing are Oklahoma and the West Side Story. Their dance movements, by comparing them both, I would say that they are both in different worlds, as West side story is based in the city and Oklahoma in the countryside so there are many differences however there are also many features of both the musicals that are similar. The dance scene in West Side Story is based in a gym with two different...

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Unit 7 Musical Assignment

as I can remember I have in one shape of form indulgenced in the passions of either playing a musical instrument such as the piano. Playing a musical instrument has always been an interest of mine. As a child I remember being quite timid and often pressured by my parents to play the piano and flute. Like many kids who are pressured through their childhood I stemmed away from playing any musical instrument yet I yarned to learn more in secret. However, now looking back to it I should of paid more attention...

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A Musical Journey of Sergei Prokofiev

Gill always make me cry? Music is a large part of most of our everyday lives. Sergei Prokofiev understood that considering the feelings and emotions of the listener was vital in the production of music, and demonstrates in “Peter and the Wolf” how musical properties can persuade us emotionally. The road to Prokofiev’s growth to being one of the most unique composers of his time started in Sontsovka, Ukraine in the year 1891. His mother was a pianist and his first piano teacher. Prokofiev began writing...

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Musical Acoustics Essay on the Harp

The Harp The Harp is the oldest known stringed instrument, made up of a frame that surrounds multiple strings. The amount of strings depends on the size and type of harp, the concert harp typically has 47 strings which ranges 6 and a half octaves. The word harp comes from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning “to pluck”. Smaller instruments similar to the harp include the lyre, which has strings of the same length but of varying thickness and tension; the psaltery, which has a frame open only on one...

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Ensemble Musical Performance The world of music not only consists of the note and tempo, but it alsoconsists of mountains of different type fantastic performance. Throughout the history of music, different area own its special music, different period own itsdistinctive feature of music and in this research I want to gain theknowledgeabout some special ensemble musical performances-- symphony orchestra Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra is a kind of enormous ensemble performance and it always...

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The Effects of Cochlear Implants on Musical Perception in Hearing-Impaired Individuals

The Effects of Cochlear Implants on Musical Perception in Hearing-Impaired Individuals Communication Deviations and Disorders March 5, 2013 There are many effects that cochlear implants have on individuals with impaired hearing. Music is a major aspect of hearing that is affected by the presence of a cochlear implant in these individuals. Characteristics like pitch, rhythm and meter, melodic contour, and timbre are those that most affect the perception of music in those who have cochlear implants...

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Chinese Music Instruments

Chinese music Instruments In this research paper I will introduce four Chinese music instruments: Chinese drum, Guzheng, Qin and Chinese lute. Chinese drum is still very popular in china for the old generation, and they use drum as an exercise for body training. GuZheng is a Chinese traditional instrument; furthermore, I remember when I was in the secondary, one of my classmate played GuZheng very well. In every public holiday, she will show GuZheng; moreover, it’s really specially. The third...

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The Strathmore Experience: a Musical Awakening

Holding truth today and in the past, attending classical concerts is hailed as a sign of both sophistication and style. Very reminiscent of 18th Century attendances at places like the Music Center at Strathmore, my noteworthy experience broadened my musical horizon. As a newcomer to classical concert-going, I was enthralled by the aural masterpieces and the alluring atmosphere. In partaking in the National Philharmonic's opening concert of the year at the Music Center at Strathmore, one experiences the...

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String Instrument and Small Sea Fish

Die-stop living to cease to be alive , dye- colouring agent a natural or synthetic substance that can be used to colour something, e.g. a textile or hair, and is most often applied as a liquid Liar- somebody who tells lies, lyre-string instrument: a plucked string instrument associated with ancient Greece and consisting of a U-shaped frame with a crossbar from which the strings stretch down to the soundbox Sink-vti go beneath surface of liquid: to descend, or cause something to descend, beneath the surface...

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Musical Instruments

known as bass sitar, is a plucked string instrument used in the Hindustani classical music of North India. It is closely related to the sitar, but has a lower tone. Depending on the instrument's size, it is usually pitched two to five whole steps below the standard sitar, but Indian classical music having no concept of absolute pitch, this may vary. The instrument can emit frequencies lower than20 Hz. Onavillu is a simple, short bow-shaped musical instrument. Its name may come from "Onam" and "Villu"...

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Critical Argument

are in adherence to social paradigms and this means that for a girl, expectations of her playing a violin would be greater than that of a trumpet. Decisions relating music and gender are not limited to just instrumental choices as even genres and musical influences have specific gender associations. Boys playing the drums and listening to rock or hip hop music while girls play the violin and listen to boy bands and ballads are some common gender stereotypes. In comparison to issues such as gender...

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The Benefit of Music

OUTLINE The Advantages and Disadvantages when Playing A Musical Instrument. I. Introduction There are several advantages and disadvantages when playing a musical instrument. (Thesis Statement) Body II. The first advantage of playing musical instrument is increase the capacity of your memory. A. Stimulate your brain and can increase your memory. 1. The part of the brain that control motor skills such as using your hands, running and swimming will become more active. 2. Help your IQ increase...

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For such kind of relaxation music is the best way. Now I want to tell you about music and why it is important to study music; such as how music establish, where from it, why music becomes very popular to people over the world and what types of instruments are need to play a beautiful music and also the types of music. Music is found in every known culture, past and present. Varing widely between times and places since all people of the world, including the most isolated tribal groups have a form...

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example essay

 Playing a Musical Instrument Aranxa Pena October 14, 2013 Most people have heard sometime about the benefits of listening to music. We’ve heard about how listening to music can affect our mood: listening to happy music can make us happy and sad music can make us sad. We know that listening to classical music or quiet music can help us when we’re studying for a test or relax us (sometimes even to the point where we fall asleep). But what most of us don’t know...

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The Didgeridoo Acoustics: A Wind Instrument of the Aborigines

traditions. The instrument I became most familiar with was the didgeridoo. I was privileged to be giving the opportunity to make my own didgeridoo under the instruction of an Aboriginal. Ever since then, I have had a special interest in this instrument and how it works. This paper will examine with the viewpoint of a physicist how didgeridoos are constructed, their acoustic properties, and why it is they can make such a wide range of sounds. Didgeridoos are ancient instruments that are quite simply...

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The Squeaky Horn

Company Overview The Squeaky Horn is a musical instrument repair store which specialized in all major and minor repairs for band and orchestra instruments. Over the past ten year, The Squeaky Horn has established a great customer relationship with the music professionals from all over the country, and has been operated in a relatively less competitive environment as there were no many similar stores in the town. However, as the new store Best Instrument Repair opened across the town recently, the...

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My Study Guide

Members: Ogot,Marlene V. Magbanua,Raven Kaye Submitted to: Dr. Adelaida M. Pallones Professor MEDIUM OF MUSIC Tone is the medium of music and refers to the sound that travels through air and reaches the audience. It is produced by an instrument or by the voice and has 4 qualities: Timbre Pitch Duration Intensity Timbre (also called tone color or tone quality) is the distinctive quality of a tone. Pitch refers to the highness and lowness of a tone. The vibrations and sound-producing...

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Online Ordering

Effects of On-Line Ordering of Musical Instruments on its Sales In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject Marketing Research Submitted To: Dr. Rebecca T. Melgar Professor By: John Kenneth M. Muldong BSBA – Marketing Management October 2013 CHAPTER I PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND This study will determine the effect of online ordering of musical instruments on the sales enhancement. Introduction Growing interest by consumers to point...

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Ept Prompt

order to have more money for musical classes, McClish suggest that schools need to cut all athletic programs because the only teach you how to be aggressive and competitive while music classes helps you with school subjects. In my opinion I disagree with McClish solution that all athletic programs should be cut in order to give more money to the music department to have mandatory classes because sports keep you healthy and on shape, musical instruments may cost more money than...

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merak dance

Indonesian musical instruments commonly played in Balinese-Hindu temple ceremonies, weddings, tooth filing ceremonies and cremations. The instruments can also be seen in secular concerts, music competitions, school and government functions. They include the Kendang, Saron, Slentem, Gender and the Gambang amongst others.A Gamelan is a group of cremations. The instruments can also...

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The Extinction of Traditional Music of Dayaks

and Policy Study Title: THE EXTINCTION OF DAYAKS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PREPARED BY: BRANDONN ANYI (2012608912) (0135628020) : BRANDON ELINOR (2012693094) (0138444894) GROUP : AM110 3F COURSE CODE: BEL311 LECTURER’S NAME: PRISCILLA LAWRENCE AVIT DATE: 26 JULY 2013 The Extinction of Dayaks Musical Instruments Music is a part of human’s life...

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Keyboards in the Music Classroom

in the General Elementary Music Classroom Breeana Talley Kent State University Abstract The purpose of this study is to research the use of keyboards in the general music classroom. Studies show that the use of instruments at an early age will enhance students’ musical intelligence as well as spatial-temporal abilities (Rauscher & Zupan, 2000). Introducing keyboards to preschool and kindergarteners will improve fine motor skills, listening skills, problem solving skills, and self-esteem...

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The Vielle: a Short History

Short History Bowed instruments have been around since the ninth century AD, according to Werner Bachmann, author of The Origins of Bowing. They originated in Central Asia, where they produced very fine hunting bows, which eventually developed into the first musical bows. In the tenth century, bowed instruments had traveled to the lands of the Islamic and Byzantine Empires. (Remnant, 1989) In the eleventh century, the vielle was depicted in Byzantine manuscripts. The instrument then traveled up through...

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Clascical Music

These changes profoundly affected the lives of composers, makers of musical organs, and musicians were. Composers, unlike before started holding concerts in a bid to introduce their music to the public. There is great debate among academicians on what entails classical music. To some scholars music produced in the 18th century in the Western hemisphere is referred to as classical music. However to others, classical music is a musical style that differentiates this type of music from modern music styles...

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Music Appreciation Elements of Music

1. The four main properties of musical sounds are; Tone Color (Timbre), Pitch, Dynamics and Duration. Tone Color also known as timbre pertains to the distinguishing attributes of one voice or instrument from another. A good example is the tone difference between a saxophone and a guitar, or even between a nylon and steel string guitars. Pitch mainly has to do with the relative highness or the lowness of a sound. It is determined by the frequency of the vibration of sound. Smaller objects (shorter...

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Motivational Speech Outline

Name: Course Section: SPC-1608-39204 Speech: Motivational Speech Speech Title: Playing A Musical Instrument and Its Benefits. General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience into learning how to play a musical instrument, because there are several benefits to it. Thesis: Knowing how to play an instrument has several benefits. It has been known to help better our memory, cognitive skills, patience, discipline, stress relief, and happiness...

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How Use of Violin During the Classical Period Influenced Modern Music in Europe

There is a four-stringed musical instrument which has been making the history of music in Europe musically rich. This instrument is called the violin. This four-stringed instrument has been immensely used in both Classical and modern music. It has been a timeless instrument that has been present in European music history. Musicians adore it because of its delightful musical capabilities. As a background, Peter Gammond stressed that, “The violin is capable of great agility and violinists like to show...

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Mechanism Description of an Electric Guitar

Introduction An electric guitar is a stringed musical instrument played with fingers or a plectrum (pick). It consists of a body, a neck and a headstock to which usually six steel strings are attached. The magnetic pickups transform the vibrations of the steel strings into audio signals that are driven through an amplifier. Thus, the amplifier is also an essential part of the electric guitar. It was the need of amplified sound in musical instruments that started guitar manufacturers to innovate...

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Music Appreciation

– a sound that has a definite pitch. Interval – the distance in pitch between any two tones, ex: half step. Accent – emphasis on a certain tone. Tone Color/Timbre – quality of sound that distinguishes on instrument or voice from another. - timbre contrast, one instrument vs. another. Dynamics- Associated Terms – Degrees of loudness or soften in music: Pianissimo (pp) – very soft Piano (p) – soft Mezzopiano (mp) – moderately soft Mezzoforte (mf) – moderately loud ...

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Lesson Plan in Music Iii

Rosario, Pasig City Feb. 27, 2013 I. Objectives 1. Describe the different musical instruments of Latin America. 2. Recognize visually and aurally the different musical instruments of Latin America. 3. Perform a rhythmic pattern with the accompaniment of improvised Latin American instruments. 4. Appreciate Latin American music through their group performance. II. Content A. TOPIC: Instruments of Latin America B. MATERIALS: Cartolina, Projector, Pictures, Laptop, Speaker...

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the more sophisticated instruments of the early civilizations, they constructed instruments out of materials from their natural environment. Items such as animal bones, horns, and skins, wood and shells, stones, gourds, and sticks were used in a variety of functions to create various sounding instruments. The earliest music revolved primarily around rhythms and patterns. Melody was eventually discovered by the manipulation of the voice and the refining of instruments to better reproduce a...

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Is It Music? the Dispute About John Cage’s 4’33”

Dylan Shadoan Professor Morris English 1113 8 November 2012 Is it music? The Dispute about John Cage’s 4’33” When someone thinks about music, he or she is most likely to think of musical instruments, broadcasted radio, albums, musical artists, or record companies. These are all associated with music, yes, but do they actually define what music is? Within the realm of music, there are many different common interpretations of what music is, but there are few people who find time to sit and think...

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A Brief History of African Music Through the Colonial Period

the 20th century was very different when compared to the music of the 21st Century. There were distinctive occasions for each type of African music. West African music, the African Diaspora, and the music of the Colonies each had different musical instruments. West African music was the music of the African people before the Europeans captured and sold them into slavery in the Americas. It was unique in the manner in which it was played as well as the reasons why it was played. West African music...

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Celta Assignment 2:Skills -Related Task

students comprehend English language and allow students to practice new vocabulary in its context from the text. 1. Generating students’ interest in the topic of the text. The teacher gives the students a picture of a vegetable and then a musical instrument and then writes the title of the text on the board, “ Playing with your food”. The teacher then asks students to take some time and make predictions what they think the text will be about. After that some of their ideas will be listed on the...

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Music Is a Unique Expression of the Human Condition

keys imply happiness. It has been suggested that natural sounds made by animals are part of a universal music that provides an intuitive musical concept to both animals and humans. Only humans use music in a financially gaining way, most animals use calls and songs as a way to communicate or find a mate, whereas humans do not rely on music in this way. Musical materials include modes and scales; this is how much of music is structured. Different cultures have contrasting scales to the western Ionian...

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Description on Chopi Timblia Music, Shona Mbira Music and the Venda National Dance: Tshikhona

this field from most historical musicology¡¨ (Meyers, 1992: 3). In this essay one will discuss and give a description of the most important musical, social and historical features of the following music styles in Southern Africa: Chopi Timiblia Music, Shona Mbira Music and the Venda National Dance: Tshikona. The Timbila xylophone is the primary musical instrument of the elaborately choreographed and musically accompanied Migodo (sing. Ngodo) dance dramas of the Chopi people of Southern Mozambique...

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The History of the Piano

Piano In the early 1700s, a new modification to a classic favorite, the harpsichord, changed the world of music across all genres. In 1709 a new instrument, classy and sophisticated, yet loud and dynamic was brought into the world by Bartolomeo Cristofori. The piano has continued a well loved legacy of many instruments predating it, while changing its mechanics significantly. The mechanics of the piano consist of three main components. They are: a stretched string made from high-carbon steel...

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Classification and Examples of INDIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT Non-membranous Percussion(GHAN) The ghaṭam  is a percussion instrument used in the Carnatic music of South India. Its variant is also played in Punjab and is known as Gharha as is a part of Punjabifolk traditions. Its analogue in Rajasthan is known as the madga and pani mataqa "water jug". The ghatam is one of the most ancient percussion instruments of South India, is a clay pot with narrow mouth. From the mouth, it slants outwards...

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