• Art History
    • Chapter 1 Notes - Prehistoric Period o Paleolithic Period – "Old Stone Age"  Old and primitive period  Around 50,000BC  Artwork consisted of cave paintings  Brutal period  Average life expectancy was about 20 years o Neolithic Period – "New Stone A
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  • Archaeology and History of Israel
    Old Testament 1 Essay Do you agree with this claim, "Archaeology does not provide any significant help in the history of Israel"? Support your answer with at least three archaeological examples. The history of Israel is one in which gives the nation of Israel its uniqueness and its people an ide
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  • Herodotus: the Father of History
    Herodotus: The Father of History Many students today propose the question, "why do we study history, what does it have to do with us?" This question is not a new idea; in fact, the Greeks didn't concern themselves with true scientific history until after 500 B.C. Up until this point the Greeks focu
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  • Ancient History
    John Punyko Humanities 111 11/9/05 1. Phoenicians: The Phoenicians were located in a small country on the coast of Syria in ancient times at the east end of the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the Fertile Crescent they were able to maintain control until around 287 BC. They were a major sea po
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  • The History of Chemical Warfare and Its Effect on the Environment
    There are so many issues facing the world today that it is sometimes hard to understand why they occur and what they affect. Today it is apparent that many people take the environment of the earth for granted. Pollution, energy, and natural resources are all seen as an environmental element that c
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  • History of Birth Control
    Birth Control: A History Throughout history people have tried to prevent pregnancy in many unique ways. Some methods were effective others were not, but as technology improved and more about the human body became known, the effectiveness of birth control steadily increased. The first evidence of
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  • Why Do We Study the History of Criminal Justice
    In this assignment I have been asked to detail two things why I think that it is important to study the history of criminal justice as well as how studying history helps us to I think that it is important to study the history of criminal justice because often times I have imagined a world where
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  • Islam: a Brief History
    AMDG BVMH 1-27-07 World Religions David Brennan Karen Armstrong's 202 page book, Islam: a Short History covers the religion Islam and what the teachings have to offer. The author herself has written books on Christianity and Buddhism as well. She is a former nun who now lives a self-
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  • Notes for History
    Allies -usually denotes the countries who fought together against the Central Powers in World War I. D-Day is a term often used in military parlance to denote the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated the best known D-Day is June 6, 1944 — the day on which the Battle of Norm
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  • History of Sauce
    The History of Sauces As in history, some say the Geeks was the being of civilization. They add an obsession with there reglious and philosophical meanings for there foods. Some of the earliest writing was written by the Geeks on food and how it should be used in ever day life. But little of it
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  • History 7
    7th Grade History: STUDY GUIDE FOR SEMESTER 2 FINAL The Final will test your knowledge of the Units we have covered this semester: • The Middle Ages / Medieval Europe • Medieval / Feudal Japan • The Renaissance • The Reformation • The Enlightenment (we will learning about this n
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  • History Course
    GUIDELINES FOR WRITING PAPERS IN HISTORY COURSES A. GENERAL POLICIES 1. Handing in a poorly-written paper need not happen as resources abound that can help you achieve the goal of writing a quality paper. The PC Writing Center can assist you. Use the tutors who are on duty. Ask a profe
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  • The History and Destruction of Vesuvius and Pompeii
    Pompeii was a great city in ancient Rome that was abruptly destroyed when the seemingly harmless and docile Mt. Vesuvius unexpectedly erupted destroying the city of Pompeii and the bordering city of Herculaneum. Before this tragedy struck Pompeii was a very wealthy city and a staple of Roman culture
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  • History of England
    Early Period to the Norman Conquest Although evidence of human habitation in Great Britain dates to 700,000 years ago, ice sheets forced the inhabitants from the island several times, and modern settlement dates only from about 12,000 years ago. Little is known about the earliest modern prehistoric
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  • British History 1945-1951
    B R I T I S H H I S T O R Y 1 9 4 5 - 1 9 5 1 July 26th 1945. The war still raged in the Pacific, where thousands of British soldiers were still fighting the Japanese army. In Britain, now freed from the dangers of bombings and air raids, a nation had been to the polls. Churchill had broke
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  • The History of Paper
    The History of Paper The history of paper dates back almost 2,000 years to when inventors in China first crafted cloth sheets to record their drawings and writings. Before then, people communicated through pictures and symbols etched on stone, bones, cave walls, or clay tablets. Paper as we know
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  • The History of Italian Opera
    The History of Italian Opera Introduction There are many forms of art such as, paintings, sculptures, buildings, etc. Opera is another form of art though it may not seem like art to many people. “Few forms of art… are as overtly involved as opera in the social and historical contexts within
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  • History of Art
    The Protestant Reformation and its impact on Art In the sixteenth century the Protestant Reformation took place in Northern Europe and put an end to the unity of the Roman Catholic Church. This movement started when a man by the name of Martin Luther got frustrated with what was going on ar
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  • Baroque Music: The History
    Baroque music From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia • Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia •Jump to: navigation, search History of European art music Early Medieval (500 – 1400) Renaissance (1400 – 1600) Common practice Baroque (1600 – 1760) Classical (1730 – 1820)
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  • Making History by Stephen Fry
    Making History by Stephen Fry Making History is a novel by Stephen Fry, who was born in Hampstead, London on Saturday, August 24, 1957 as the son of Alan and Marianne Fry. Except other books such as The Hippopotamus Fry also wrote some plays(e.g. Latin! in 1979) and films and the musical Me & M
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