• Energy Profile and Consumption Pattern of Villages of Hp
    FIELDWORK SEGMENT PRM 2011-13 A Theme Paper on “Energy consumption patterns and related issues” Based on Studies in two Villages Village: Dandkala, District: Bikaner, State: Rajasthan Village: Darwa, District: Solan, State: Himachal Pradesh ---------------- Submitted by: Facu
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  • India
    The world has a population of 6 billion. As of March 2001, the total population of India was a little over 1 billion -- 1,027,015,247 to be exact (531,277,078; female: 495,738,169). Of this number, 157,863,145 are children up to the age of six years (81,911,041 males and 75,952,104 females). Despite
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  • Fab India
    SFI TERM PAPER Value Chain Analysis (VCA) for FabIndia Submitted By: Ebin S John 08MBI034 Abstract: Fabindia( Fabindia Overseas Pvt. Ltd.) is
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  • India 2020 - a Swot Analysis
    Title of the paper India 2020 – A SWOT Analysis Submitted By, Sunil B. Lalchandani Lecturer, Management Studies Department (BMS) Address : College Address : Residence Smt. CHM College, 404, Jeevandeep Tower, P.Box. No. 17, Opp. Railway Station, Near Post
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  • India Art and Culture
    CULTURAL HERITAGE OF INDIA WITH EMPHASIS ON 20TH CENTURY Culture is a central instrument of discovering, integrating and asserting the national identity of India which truly and inevitably pluralistic. Culture permeates every sphere of human activity, determines and governs life and pattern of In
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  • Online Public Services in India.
    Online public services in India. ICT as enabler in Government reform. Good Governance is the one which governs least as Government should not be visible but felt. India is a developing country rather more developed than other counterparts in the Asia pacific region. The use of Information Communic
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  • Man-Animal Conflicts in India
    The man- animal conflict in the valley of Kashmir has reached a point where conflict is leaving more casualties than before and has become a matter of concern for the people living this part of the world. Although this type of confrontation is not new to the places girded by the forests but never be
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  • Telecom India
    The Indian Telecom Success Story Foreword Having emerged as the fastest growing telecom market in the world, India has over 500 million telecom subscribers, with more than 120 million subscribers added in the last eight months. The teledensity too has shown significant increase to cross t
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  • Creating Customer Satisfaction and Profitable Value Chain with E-Commerce in Rural India
    Creating Customer Satisfaction And Profitable Value Chain With E-commerce In Rural India A case based approach Sanjeeve Verma1 ABSTRACT We live in a world increasingly propelled by technological change. The thrust lies in a quest to make our lives better, simpler and more productive through elect
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  • Marketing Research on Tea Industry in India
    MARKET RESEARCH ON MAJOR TEA BRANDS IN INDIA Siddhartha Lodha PG-A History of Packed Tea in India The history of tea dates back to 750-500 BC. Researchers have found that the cultivation and consumption of tea has been taking place since more than a thousand years. However, commercial consum
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  • India's Population Growth
    CHAPTER – 1 INTRODUCTION - POPULATION GROWTH The world experienced dramatic population growth during the twentieth century, with the number of inhabitants doubling from 3 to 6 billion between 1960 and 2000. India, too, saw very rapid population growth during this period – from 44
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  • Fdi in India
    Changing role of government INTRODUCTION The market was the most appropriate instrument for realizing economic growth &improving human welfare. The state’s role was thus to be restricted to certain core function – providing public good such as defense & highways, maintaining law & order to
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  • Our Indian Villages
    consider our country as a tree, then, cities are branches and villages are the root. Without roots tree can not grow. Cities may have all facilities but life is in cities going on mechanically on other hand life in villages holds more values of life Weakness. 1. The level of education in Indian
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  • Solar Power in Meerwada India
    Rosie Kerstetter Eric Hoffman Global Citizenship 18 December 2012 For most of us, electricity is a modern convenience we take for granted. This fundamental technology plays an important role in everything we do. It’s hard to imagine life without a television, computer, or even a simple la
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  • Caso India Escuela de Negocios.
    [pic] CASE: IB-58 DATE: 08/09/05 (REV 08/10/09) THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT OF INDIA: A NEW MANDATE FOR REFORM We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to t
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  • Medical Tourism in India
    CHAPTER .1 Introduction Medical tourism in India After the silicon rush India is now considered as the golden spot for treating patients mostly from the developed countries and Far East for ailments and procedures of relatively high cost and complexity. India is also aggressively promoting
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  • Book Review on Imagining India
    INDIA, BY ITS PEOPLE 39 Imagining India : ideas for the new century/ Nandan Nilekani; New Delhi: Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books, 2009. (38-61, 158-175, 256-282, 363-383 p.) INDIA, BY ITS PEOPLE IN DELHI THIS Monday morning, it is chaos. Despite its pristine new metro and expanding
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  • India Dairy Report
    THIS REPORT CONTAINS ASSESSMENTS OF COMMODITY AND TRADE ISSUES MADE BY USDA STAFF AND NOT NECESSARILY STATEMENTS OF OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICY Required Report - public distribution Date: 10/11/2011 GAIN Report Number: IN1197 India Dairy and Products Annual 2011 Approved By: Thom Wrigh
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  • India a Rising Superpower
    1. India Rising Pointers * India's per capita income increased at only around 1% annualized rate from 1950 - 1980 * In the late 2000s, India's growth has reached 7.5%, which will double the average income in a decade. * The highest annualized 1999-2008 growth rates are for states Gujarat
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  • Planning Commission Report India
    ANNUAL REPORT 2011-12 Planning Commission Government of india www.planningcommission.gov.in ANNUAL REPORT 2011-12 Government of India Planning Commission New Delhi Website: www.planningcommission.gov.in Chapter 1: Role, Composition and Functions CONTENTS Chapter No. Chapter 1 Chap
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