• Was "Troy" the Movie Accurate According to Homer
    Was "Troy" the Movie Accurate According to Homer? Did the movie Troy, released in 2004, accurately depict the story of Homer's epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey, and was it a good movie from a critical point of view? I think it was a good movie from an entertainment standpoint, but it fe
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  • Troy (the movie) v. the Iliad
    Contrasts of Troy and the Iliad Troy and the Iliad are very similar in the story line and the all-around theme but there are huge fundamental changes the director made to the story to increase the likeability of the movie. Troy includes some of the significant events from the Iliad but...
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  • Troy Analysis
    PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF LEADERSHIP IN THE MAIN CHARACTER IN THE FILM “TROY” (A FILM BY WOLFGANG PETERSEN) A Final Assignment submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Bahasa Indonesia by Durratus Sadiyah 2201409087 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF LANGUAGES AND AR
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  • Movie Review of "Gladiator" the Movie
    TITLE: GLADIATOR PLOT: The story is about Maximus, one of the leading generals in the Roman army. He led the Romans to victory in a decisive battle with the Barbarians that ended a long war between them. This victory helped him gain trust and favour from the old Emperor Marcus Aurelius, which i
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  • Comparative Film Analysis on the Two Alice in Wonderland Movie Versions
    I. Synopsis A. Alice in Wonderland (Hallmark Version) The film follows the storyline of the book closely, save for adding some scenes from Through the Looking-Glass. It also changes the opening real world scene from Alice and her sister sitting at a riverbank to Alice in her bedroom, reluctantly
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  • With Honors Movie Review
    Introduction The film centers on Montgomery 'Monty' Kessler (Brendan Fraser) a government senior student at Harvard University, who thinks his life depends on his thesis. When his computer crashes, Monty decides that the reasonable thing to do is to rush to make copies of the only hard copy of the
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  • Gandhi (Movie)
    Gandhi Gandhi premiere on November 30, 1982 in New Delhi, India. The 190 minute film was wonderfully directed by Richard Attenborough and well written by John Briley. I found this film difficult to “briefly” summarize, however I would like to share a short timeline of events through the film
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  • The Lorax : a Movie Review
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  • Fueling the Fire Movie Review
    Fueling the Fire is a Joke; Don’t Bother Wasting Your Money Watch the movie once, twice, then a third time, and realize how disgraceful the movie is. Fueling the Fire, directed by Tanja Mairitsch, is like a bundle of boringness and sleeping pills, wrapped in a blanket. Released in 2002, this twen
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  • Movie Review Boses
    Characters: * Julian Duque – Onyok * Ricky Davao – Marcelo * Coke Bolipata – Ariel * Cherry Pie Picache – Amanda * Meryll Soriano – Bianca * Tala Santos – Shirley Settings: * The first setting of the story is at the house of Onyok when he was rescued by a co
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  • Reflection in the Movie "Anak"
    Reflection in the movie " Anak" A mother is not a perfect person because nobody’s perfect. She struggles for her family’s happiness and wellness. But as a person, she commits mistakes which are for a reason and has a reason. A child conversely should love and respect his/her parents as a...
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  • Film Critique of movie Elevator Gril
    Elevator Girl A Film Critique Paper Presented to The English Department De La Salle Lipa Integrated School March 17, 2011 I.Introduction The movie Elevator Girl is an original story directed by Bradford May. He directed this movie...
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  • Troy Book
    Troy is one of the most ambitious attempts in medieval vernacular poetry to recount the story of the Trojan war. John Lydgate, monk of the great Benedictine abbey of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk, began composing the poem in October 1412 on commission from Henry, Prince of Wales, later King Henry V, a
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  • Movie Review - a Few Good Men
    The movie “A Few Good Men” was a great story of a young attorney who was in the Navy, called to defend some Marines who were suspected of murdering a fellow Marine. During the investigation, it is discovered that the Marines practice something called a “Code Red”. The 'code red' is an unoffi
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  • 120 Days of Moral Deterioration: Pasolini’s Salò in the Misinterpretation of Nietzsche’s on the Genealogy of Morality
    120 Days of Moral Deterioration: Pasolini’s SALÒ in the Misinterpretation of Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality “Because we’re not their masters, even the most bizarre manias derive from a basic principle of refinement. Yes, old buggers. It’s a question of delicacy.” -The Bi
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  • The Movie 3 Idiots
    3 idiots At first, I felt that I would not like the movie because it has a different language. But as the scene pass by I became interested in watching because the first few scenes were funny. Then the movie caught my attention and I started to focus on watching. The movie “3 idiots” has many
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  • Troy
    Troilus and Criseyde. Geoffrey Chaucer ❦ Book I To tell the double sorrow in his love that Troilus, Son of King Priam of Troy, had, how his lot passed from woe to joy and afterwards to woe again, this is my purpose before I part from you. 5 Tisiphone, help me to compose these
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  • A Tribute to the Movie 300
    The phrase “300 Spartans” evokes not only the ancient battle of Thermopylae, but also the larger idea of fighting for freedom against all odds — a notion subsequently to be enshrined through some 2500 years of Western civilization. Even today we remember the power of the Spartans’ defiance.
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  • I Not Stupid Too (Movie Analysis)
    FIRST PAPER REQUIREMENT Movie Analysis Prepared by: LEONILA C. MIRANDA 2011-79515 Title: I NOT STUPID TOO Director: Jack Neo Producer: Chan Pui Yin Seah Saw Yam Writer: Jack Neo Casts: Shawn Lee (Tom Yeo) [pic] Ashley Leong (Jerry Yeo) Joshua Ang (Chengcai
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  • English Pay It Forward Movie Review
    TITLE: “Pay It Forward” will have you giving money to those in need Trevor introducing his revolutionary idea to his classmates My class and I walked into the classroom and soon realized we would be watching a movie today. Since the teacher was suggesting it, most of expected the movie to
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