• Cellphones : Boon or Bane
    CELL PHONE : BOON OR BANE From the invention of fire to the world of digital, man has forced his scientific advance. In this fast moving generation computers are considered to be the greatest gift of science. Cellphones are modified forms of computers which are utilized mainly for communication t
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  • Is Mobile Phone a Boon or Bane?
    Today I am going to talk about usage of Mobile phone is boon or bane? Three important situations come in my mind! 1. Using mobile phones lead to safety related issues 2. With mobile phones, children are growing in a precocious manner (Children having developed certain abilities ea
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  • Working Mother Is a Boon or Bane
    M other's have always played a crucial role in child's development. From taking care of his daily needs to giving him emotional support. But in the present scenario the role of woman has changed drastically. Today life demands taking challenges. Survival requires the economical contribution of ever
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  • It Boon or Bane
    IT boon or bane. Modern civilization has become so complicated & sophisticated that one has to be competitive enough to survive. This compells people to keep themselves informed of all types of happenings in the society. And IT is an important field, awarness of which is a must, otherwise we wou
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  • Demographic Factors Such as Age, Income, Gender and Profession with Brand Choice and Brand Switching of Mobile Phone Handset Users in Mumbai
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY India being the country with the second largest population in the world it has unmatched scope for brands to exploit the large untapped market for mobile phones in India. Especially with recent statistics showing us that markets in the developed countries have already been exhau
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  • Technology - a Boon or Bane
    Pains & pleasures to be addicted to modern technology It would be ungrateful on our part not to recognize how immense the boons are which modern technology has given to mankind. Can we think of living without computers, mobile phones, electricity or modern methods of publishing? We all know the i
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  • Mobile Phone Usage Among Shool Going Adolescents in Chennai City
    Table of Contents A. Introduction 6 B. Objectives 7 C. Methodology 7 Phase I - Study 9 Phase II – Data Analysis and Interpretation 11 Phase III - Action Plan 20 D. Outcome 25 E. Suggestions 26 F. Learning 26 G. Limitations 27 H. Sponsors and Expenditure 27 I. Annexure 28 J. Notic
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  • Advance Technology Boon or Bane
      Technology: Boon or Bane Technology offers many advantages than disadvantages. It has made our life easy, comfortable, simple and luxurious. Technology is supporting human so much that now a person can work from his home. It has helped a lot in uniting people. In fact with the help of inte
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  • Social Networking boon or bane
    SOCIAL NETWORKING: BOON OR BANE Thesis Statement: This study entitled Social Networking Boon or Bane is limited to 30 night class students who are enrolled in 2nd Semester Year 2013 to 2014 in Private school. I. Introduction People who live in the past can only communicate through...
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  • Technology for Youth - Boon or Bane
    Technolgy has revolutionized the human existence. Much of the progress that mankind has made in different fields right from the stone age to the modern age is due to the progress made in the field of science and technology. Not only material progress but also the mental outlook of man has been influ
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  • Scientific Advancement Is Boon or Bane
    | New! .NET Interview Questions and Answers | ------------------------------------------------- Top of FormBottom of Form | * Aptitude ▼ * Reasoning ▼ * Verbal Ability *   GK   * Puzzles * Programming ▼ * Database * Engineering * Interview * Online Te
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  • Effects of Mobile Phone on Education
    Effects of Mobile Phones on Studies Fareeha Tariq Hajvery University Lahore. fareeha.tariq01@gmail.com Abstract: Mobile phones are rapidly growing technology all over the world. According to new United Nations report 60% of the world has mobile phones. People of any age using it for i
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  • Mobiles : Boon or Bane
    obilesAdvantages /Multipurpose of Cell Phones * Through cell phones we can communicate with people far away while doing the necessary work and even when travelling.  * If our hands aren’t free ear phones are provided through which we can talk and hear without the movement of our hands. 
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  • Advt - Boon or Bane?
    ADVERTISING – A BOON OR A BANE? Advertisements are a necessary evil. But they do more harm than good. They have invaded our personal lives and personal spaces and have led to crass consumerism. There should be some watchdog to oversee the advertisement industry. WHEN THINKING of advertisemen
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  • Cell Phone
    Mobile phone: Boon or Bane? - by M Lokeswara Rao 02 Sep 2008 This story has been read 16804 times. Category: Lifestyle Topic: What do you think about the Reality-TV shows Mobile phone: Boon or Bane? Communication among people is most important. Olden days letters were used to send through
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  • Mobile Mania
    Has it happened to you that sometimes you go out but forgot your cell phone at home and so you’re not feeling complete. There’s a feeling somewhere inside that you’re missing something, a sense of insecurity sometimes prevails… welcome to the world of cell phone addiction! Mobile Phones Boo
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  • Boon & Bane
    I agree that technology is more of boon than a bane as it offers many different advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how a person uses the technology that is being given to the user and how the user puts the technology to proper use. Example of technology includes social networking sites su
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  • mobiles a boon or a bane
    Mobile A Boon Or CURSE.... From the invention of fire to the world of digital,man has forced his scientific advance. In this fast moving genaration computers are considered to be the greatest gift of science. Cell phones are modified forms of computers which are utilized mainly for...
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  • Mobile Marketing Still Charging
    SPECIAL REPORT STILL CHARGING MOBILE MARKETING INSIDE Beginning this issue, The Brand Reporter has lined up a series of special reports. Each report will analyse categories in media, advertising and marketing. Next up: Sports Marketing SPECIAL REPORT Issue 1 I June 1-15, 2008 Focus o
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  • Mobile Industry
    Scenario Of Mobile Industry In India A lot of water has flowed under the bridge from the time that mobiles were unheard of in India to the present where they have become almost ubiquitous. Beginning from those days, Indian subscribers paid around Rs. 16.40 for a mobile to mobile call and around R
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