• Retail in Bangladesh
    Retailing Retailing is a distribution channel function where one organization buys products from supplying firms or manufactures the product themselves, and then sells these directly to consumers. A retailer is a reseller (i.e., obtains product from one party in order to sell to another) from which
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  • Lead Contamination in Agro-Based Products as Current Public Health Threat in Bangladesh
    Lead contamination in agro-based products as current public health threat in Bangladesh A. M. M. Maruf Hossain1*, M. Shahidul Islam2, Md. Moklesur Rahman1, Md. Mustafa Mamun1, M. Azizul Islam Kazi2, and Syed Fazle Elahi1 1Department of Soil, Water and Environment, Faculty of Biological Science
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  • Bangladesh Statistics
    Appendix – 2 Bangladesh: Some Selected Statistics 189 Appendix – 2 Bangladesh: Some Selected Statistics Table-I : Bangladesh : Selected Social Indicators Indicators 1 Population Total population (million) Growth rate Urban population (% of population) Population density (per squ
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  • Price Hike in Bangladesh
    ABOUT RECENT PRICE HIKE IN Bangladesh | March 4 2010 | Prepared For-Kaikobad Rana Sir | Submitted By-Overcome Group | Group Members Of Overcome- * Group Leader- MD Sazzadur Rahman Chowdhury ID-082011013, Sec-A, 3rd Semester * Administrator- Riad Morshed Chowdhury ID-08201
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  • Marketin Analysis of Nestle Bangladesh
    1. Executive Summary: The report has been prepared as a mandatory requirement of our course MKT-101(Principle of marketing). It is the summarized outcome of what we have learned till now in the sectors Principle of Marketing. Executive summary presents a clear vision of the report with differ
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  • Project on Milk Market
    Milk market in India :- India is the largest producer of milk producing more than 100 million tons of milk per annum. Yet, her per capita milk consumption is around 250 g per day. India has a population of more than 1 billion with diverse food habits, cultures, traditions and religions. Regional
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  • Effects of Tcb on the Economy of Bangladesh
    Acknowledgement I would like to thank our honorable teacher for arranging such a good session and allowing me to take this topic for term paper. His special guidance has made it successful to prepare this document. I would like to convey my special gratitude to the authority of the Department of
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  • Hrm Practices in Bangladesh
    HR practices in Bangladesh Introduction ▪ Background Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma (Myanmar) to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Tog
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  • Bourn Vita
    Marketing Mix (4P’s) for Cadbury Bournvita Cadbury’s ‘Bourn Vita’ The nutritional drink or the health drink industry has been marked by competition from various companies in the past few years. The health drink manufacturers in India have tried to retain their brand image by improving th
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  • Haleeb Milk
    Acknowledgment In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious and the Lord of the Day of Judgment. Without His will, this would not have been possible. First of all we want to give honour and privilege to our respected Resource Person Sir Imran who had provided us the opportunity f
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  • Project on Haleeb Milk
    PROJECT of STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT Submitted to: MR. MOBIN UL HAQ Submitted by: Muhammad Qayyum REHMAT ID # 053632-022 Shamshad Irfan CHATHA ID # 053632-006 Awais AHMED ID # 053632-009 Muhammad Ayyaz SHAH ID # 053632-057 MBA-P Sec:A Batch:36 UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEM
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  • Consumer Rights in Bangladesh
    Consumer rights in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population. Perhaps it is the country with largest consumer comparing its small area. Though in many sectors Bangladesh improves but it is matter of sorrow that after 40 year of independence consumer rights are yet been intro
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  • Livestock Feed Marketing in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects
    Livestock Feed Marketing In Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Author Md. Mahbubar Rahman Assistant Professor Department of Marketing University of Rajshahi Bangladesh E-mail: mm_rahman69@yahoo.com Livestock Feed Marketing In Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Abstract: The presen
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  • Uht Milk
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  • Tourism in Bangladesh
    Table of contents 1. 2. 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. 2.5. 2.6. 5. 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4. 5.5. 5.6. The upcoming tourist industry ........................ 31 Transportation .............................................................................31 Accommodation, restaurants and night life ........
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  • Csr of Unilever Bangladesh Ltd
                                                      INTERNSHIP REPORT ON How strong brand building is leveraged through efficient operation in the market Prepared For Ms. Syeda Shaharbanu Shahbazi Lecturer BRAC Business School By Sumnum Sultana ID-06304059 BRAC Business
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  • Bangladesh Labor Code Implemantation on Lather Industry
    Chapter one introduction Introduction The Bangladesh Labor Code, 2006 is not enacted a day, Bangladesh has a long heritage in terms of labor laws. The main purpose of the Bangladesh Labor Code, 2006 is to consolidate and amend the existing loss relating to labor and industrial affairs. In thi
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  • Rapid Mass Urbanisation and Its Social Consequences in Bangladesh: the Case of the Megacity of Dhaka
    Rapid Mass Urbanisation and Its Social Consequences in Bangladesh: The Case of the Megacity of Dhaka 1 Shahadat Hossain PhD Candidate, School of Sociology and Anthropology, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia & Assistant Professor (leave), Department of Sociology, The U
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  • Haleeb Milk Plan
    MARKETING FINAL PROJECT [Type the document subtitle] 1/3/2011 HALEEB FOODS LTD   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The report includes an overview and introduction to Haleeb, the dairy industry and various other competitors within the industry. The report includes a detailed SWOT analysis in wh
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  • Arrival of the Europeans in Indian Sub-Continent and Bangladesh.
    CHAPTER TWO ARRIVAL OF THE EUROPEANS IN INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT AND BANGLADESH. A good connection existed between the Indian sub-continent and Europe since the ancient time. The Arab traders exported the commodities of Indian subcontinent to Venice and Genoa Ports of Italy in the middle age. The
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