• Metrical Romances of the Middle Ages
    METRICAL ROMANCES OF THE MIDDLE AGES The very word 'romance' conjures up to our mind visions of battlemented castles, of fair ladies pining in the enchanters' castles and waiting for their brave knights to come to rescue them, of knights riding forth in search of gloriously impossible adventures.Th
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  • Romance in Medieval England
     Romance in Medieval England Table of Contents Introduction…………………………………..page 1 Chapter One………………………………….page 2 Origins and Understanding Concepts Chapter Two………………………………….page 6 Courtly Love Chapter Three………………………………...page 8 Devotional and...
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  • The Winter's Tale: the Tragedy Within a Romance
    The Winter's Tale: The Tragedy Within A Romance In 1623, the complete works of Shakespeare were published in the First Folio. Within this Folio were the works of Shakespeare categorized by their genre. There were tragedies, histories, comedies, and the final four were romances. Prior to
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  • A Comparison of Contemporary and Romance Literature
    A Comparison of Contemporary and Romance Literature Contemporary literature in the form of a short story consists of a plot, characters, point of view, setting, and theme (2). These elements can vary a great deal from one story to the next. An author of a short story also reveals a tone and a m
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  • A Farewell to Arms: Historical Romance
    A Farewell to Arms The novel "A Farewell to Arms" should be classified as a historical romance. Many people in reading this book could interpret this to be a war novel, when in fact it was one of the great romance novels written in its time. When reading this book you notice how every important
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  • The Romance of Lace
    The Romance of Lace Perhaps it’s the touch of romance it adds. Or the way light filters through it, suffused and softened. For others, it reminds them of the home of a beloved grandmother or a gentler time. The delicate threads, twisted and knotted, become a work of art, whether they
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  • To His Coy Mistress: Beneath the Romance
    Few would argue that on the surface level of Marvel's "To His Coy Mistress" the speaker is a lover advancing a conventional 'carpe diem' line of thought. He systematically reasons with his desired object about the futility of delaying their interlude when the hours available to them are limited, but
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  • John Smith and Pocahontas: a Disney Romance
    It can be easily assumed that almost everyone has heard the tale of the American Indian princess, Pocahontas – the narrative of a mysterious young girl who rescues an English explorer from death only to fall in love and win his affections in return. It is one that is quite popular and has even been
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  • True Romance
    Once again, Quentin Tarantino outdoes himself. The movie True Romance was excellent. It presented real issues that some people are forced to deal with in their lives. The title of the movie is misleading. You would think this was going to be a love story. Actually it is, but unlike any love story I'
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  • Romance - Fear of Death Gives an Aphrodisic Like Effect
    There are many ideals related to romance, including such things as love, excitement, violence, fear and commonly war. This is presented in such texts such as the ‘Trojan war' where men are fighting for the love of a woman. In Romeo and Juliet where Romeo is excited by fear of the Capulets, or in ‘
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  • How Romance Is Celebrated in Literature
    The course of time has opened many doors in terms of romance. The present age not only consists many different forms in which love can be expressed, but exhibits the essence of romance that dates back to the dawn of time. <br><br>Love has existed in many forms throughout time. There is no better exa
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  • True Romance
    Once again, Quentin Tarantino outdoes himself. The movie True Romance was excellent. It presented real issues that some people are forced to deal with in their lives. The title of the movie is misleading. You would think this was going to be a love tory. Actually it is, but unlike any love
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  • Heterosexuality and the Romance Novel
    Every aspect of our lives seems to be influenced in some way by society. Our sexuality is no different. Through the use of romance novels different aspects such as male/female relations, marriage, and our individual sexuality are used to produce the ideas that reinforce heterosexuality. These asp
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  • Grapes of Wrath: How It Relates to the Romance Archetype
    Grapes of Wrath By John Steinbeck A RETURN TO PARIDISE Mark Ayling Ms. Campbell Seminar English Period 4 5/4/01 How does California seem to modern America? Violent. Crowded. Filled with bad people. People who live in cities and have lost touch with the earth. These people are portra
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  • Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Coverdale or Cover-up? Blithedale Romance is one of Nathaniel Hawthorne's splendid works which tells the story of a group of utopians who set out to reform their deteriorating, meaningless existence. They went to live in Blithedale community overlooked by the famed Zenobia. They started out with
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  • Romance and Statistics
    ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart woman = marriage Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy ______________________________ OFFICE ARITHMETIC Smart boss + smart employee = profit Smart boss + dumb employee = produc
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  • Gender Identities in Tragedy and Romance
    It is a peculiar feature of Shakespeare's plays that they both participate in and reflect the ideas of gender roles in Western society. They reflect existing notions about the 'proper' roles of men and women, they can be said to be a product of their society. However, since they have been studied, p
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  • E.E. Cummings' on the Death of Romance in \
    E.E. Cummings' on the death of romance in "She being Brand/-new" Satire is most effective when its meaning can be picked up and its point understood. Some satiric poetry, however, attempts to be rhetorical yet at the same time eludes the comprehension of various readers. "She being Brand / -new"
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  • Afraid of Romance
    Romance, everyone wants it but others fear it, for it may show people a side of them that they do not wish to share. In her short story "Not a Good Girl", Perri Klass' main character, the narrator is a successful Immunologist speaking at a conference and has what she calls a "two-night stand" with
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  • Romance
    The Word Romance No one ever really taught me what the word romance really means. My search on the true definition starts where everyone would look up a definition of a word, the dictionary. Webster’s Dictionary defined romance as a love affair; mutual attraction; sentimental or idealized lo
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