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Intro To Insurance: Introduction Filed Under » Auto Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance By Cathy Pareto In one form or another, we all own insurance. Whether it's auto, medical, liability, disability or life, insurance serves as an excellent risk-management and wealth-preservation tool. Having the right kind of insurance is a critical component of any good financial plan. While most of us own insurance, many of us don't understand what it is...

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STUDENT DECLARATION I QAISER QADEER QADRI under signed hereby declare that the project report on “BRAND POSITIONING OF PRIYA GOLD ” complied and submitted under the guidance of Mrs. PRIYA RATHI is my original work. The empirical finding in this reports are based on the annual reports of the company. While preparing this report, I have not copied material from any report. QAISER QADRI M.B.A. III Sem. Roll No. 0714670099 PHONE NO 9906407001 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Presenting...

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CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Administration Of Justice 3. Need for administration of justice 4. Legal justice and natural justice 5. Distinction between civil justice and criminal justice 6. Theories of punishment 7. Kinds of punishment 8. Justice in India 9. Conclusion ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE Introduction Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, equity and fairness. Understandings of justice differ in every culture...

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H Priya CV

Priya H Phone: 8892103120 Test Analyst Mailto: hanumanthaiah.priya@gmail.com OBJECTIVE To work as a catalyst in a challenging Software Testing and Quality Assurance Projects where I will have the opportunity to utilize...

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Priya Cement

An Industry Internship Report on “Horizontal Expansion”-Identifying And Fixing Additional Outlets For Coca-Cola In And Around Kompally for Submitted By: D.GANESH Submitted To: Corporate Guide: Faculty Guide: P. MAHESH MR.ANIL KUMAR ...

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Meri Jaan

The Reign of Terror (5 September 1793 – 28 July 1794),also known simply as The Terror, was a period of violence that occurred after the onset of the French Revolution, incited by conflict between rival political factions, the Girondins and the Jacobins, and marked by mass executions of "enemies of the revolution". The death toll ranged in the tens of thousands, with 16,594 executed by guillotine, another 25,000 in summary executions across France. The guillotine (called the "National Razor") became...

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23 rd March Pakistan day

Pakistan Jaan Jaan Pakistan Dil Dil Pakistan Jaan Jaan Pakistan… Happy Pakistan Day Yeh meri pehchan hai han yeh mera Pakistan Hai Meri mohabbat ka nishan hai Han yeh mera Pakistan haiMera dil o jaan her pal her qadam per es pe qurban hai Yeh meri izzat ka nishan han yeh mera Pakistan hai Meri saans saans, Meri aas aas, Meri tishnagi aur meri pyaasIski izzat pe bich jaey meri lash Mera Pakistan hai her pal meri aas. Nahi sirf Jashn Manana, Nahi sirf Jhande Lehrana, Yeh Kaafi nahi hai watanparasti...

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movie story

roles. The story follows the life of Rohit Mehra, a scientist, and Krishna "Krrish" Mehra, his superhero son, who face an elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by the evil genius Kaal and his female henchman Kaya. In the process, Krishna's pregnant wife Priya is kidnapped by Kaal and the form-changing Kaya takes her place at the Mehra home who eventually falls for Krishna. Krrish 3 was produced on a budget of at least 1 billion (US$15 million) and was initially scheduled to release in a 3D format as a...

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23 March

Having passed the Pakistan Resolution, the Muslims of India altered their ultimate goal. They set out on a path whose destination was a separate homeland for the Muslims of India, in lieu of seeking union with the Hindu community. Khuda Kray K Meri Arz E Pak Pe Utray Wo Fasl E Gul, Jisay Andaisha E Zawal Na Ho. Different participating leaders of the session of All-India Muslim League held on March 23, 1940, including the Quaid-i-Azam, agreed that India was never united; rather it was split...

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Review of Priya Satia’s Spies in Arabia: the Great War and the Cultural Foundations of Britain’s Covert Empire in the Middle East

In Priya Satia’s book Spies in Arabia: The Great War and the Cultural Foundations of Britain’s Covert Empire in the Middle East, Satia states without the advanced network fostered by Britain’s intelligence agency and the exploitation of the Bureaus in the Arab world World War I would not have been as successful and swift in defeating Axis powers. Another point Satia makes is that knowledge of a region and its history are what can make or break a mission, war, or other actions. She follows this up...

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in the arabic countries. In Hadees-e-Quodsi Aye ibne Adam!!!!! Ik Teri Chahat Hai Or Ik Meri Chahat Hai Ho ga Toh Wohi Jo Meri Chahat Hai Haan Agar Tu nay Superd (hawale) Kar dia Khud Ko Us kay Jo Meri Chahat hai Toh Main Tujhe Woh Bhi Doon ga Jo Teri Chahat Hai... Or Agar Tu nay Mukhalfat Ki Us ki Jo Meri Chahat Hai Tu Main Thaka Doon ga Tujhe Us Main Jo Teri Chahat Hai Phir Hoga Wohi Jo Meri Chahat Hai..... The basic theme of this marvelous novel expresses by this Hadees beautifully...

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My Country India

Contents [hide] * 1 Plot * 2 Cast * 3 Production * 4 Reception * 4.1 Critical reception * 4.2 Box office * 5 Soundtrack * 6 References * 7 External links | ------------------------------------------------- [edit]Plot Priya Malhotra (Kareena Kapoor) is an orphan who hopes to have a family of her own and keeps a diary outlining her dreams and the type of man she wants to meet – someone who does not drink, smoke or tell lies. She is skeptical when her friend Honey's (Delnaaz...

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Fmcg Diary

follows 1. To understand the buying behavior towards pickles of various choices – “Priya”, “MTR”, “Swastik”. 2. To evaluate how much competition is there between the above mentioned products. 3. Does a brand conscious person switch over another brand if the product is not available in the market(for eg: if a customer purchases only MTR and he din’t find MTR pickle in the market, does he purchase “priya” or “swastik”. 4. How the shelf space is allocated to these brands in various outlets ...

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Personal Influence on Consumer Behaviour Priya

REFERENCE GROUPS. A reference group is a group with whom an individual identifies to the point where the group dictates a standard of behavior. Reference groups exert tremendous influence on consumers’ hospitality and tourism purchase decisions. Every individual is influenced directly and indirectly. Marketing research has identified three types of reference groups: comparative, status, and normative. First, individual consumers use reference groups to compare their own feelings and thoughts...

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Prince charming with green eyes

the absolute idiot girl of high school standing to my right. I accidentally hit Miss Priya (idiot girl) while she attempted to apply make-up. In the reflection of the two mirrors that hung in her locker, I saw a brown smear across her acne-free, fluffy cheek. I also saw the image of the person responsible for this collision. When I turned to get a better glimpse, there he was. Lockers may have stroked, Miss Priya may have moped, but everything stopped for me. All I saw was him. It felt like someone...

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Quality in Higher Education

“Education Technology ,Management and Evaluation”, by J.C. Aggarwal,published byVinod Pustak Mandir,Dr.Rangeya Raghav Marg,Agra-2 3. “quality India”.vol no.2 2008,published byAQCI publications. 4. “ Quality Management Systems in Higher Education” by Armand Faganel and Slavko Dolinše University of Primorska Slovenia 5. Global World & Quality of Management Education in India By Dr. Ashutosh Priya,Reader & Dean (FD),Department of Management Studies,Amrapali Institute of Management...

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Meri Dus Lakh Ki Gaddi

Bhubaneswar in the past few years has come out of its dormancy and has shown considerable development in sectors that have placed it as one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. With the IT majors and MNCs opening up, the very face of the working class has now changed. Once the ‘hamara Bajaj’ family (with dad driving mom and two kids out in the unfailing trustworthy two wheeler) is now slowly transforming to mom’s shopping in malls ,groceries from retail shops and super busy dad’s driving...

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Na jane kyun meri zindagi me tum aaye te,  Na jane kyun mene tumhe chaha ta, Na jane kyun mene tumse milne ki bekarari dikhai ti, Na jaae kyun mene tumhe apne sanson me basaya ta, Na jane kyun mene tumhe zine  ki wajah banayi ti, Na jane kyun tumhe pane ki chah jagayi ti, Na jane kyun mene tum se hi dil lagaya ta, Na jane kyun mene tumse hi pyaar kiya ta, Jab chot is dil ko hi khana ta, Jab sansein meri hi thamni ti, Jab ansu mere hi behne te, Jab alag yun hi hona ta. Na jane....Na jane...

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Coin Operated Printer

UNIVERSITY BY ARGELINE B. BORLONGAN MAYCA ZUIZA S. CAISIP MERI MOCALYN Y. CRUZ MARY CARMINA A. ESGUERRA ANNA CARMELA M. SIMBULAN IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE SUBJECT RESEARCH METHODS ROSELIA G. DELA CRUZ INSTRUCTOR AUGUST 2013 ACCEPTANCE SHEET This paper for the proposed research study entitled Coin-Operated Public Printer prepared and submitted by Argeline B. Borlongan, Mayca Zuiza S. Caisip, Meri Mocalyn Y. Cruz, Mary Carmina A. Esguerra, Anna Carmela M....

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Abstract, Chptr3&4- 3 Idiots

by internal factor or external factor. In this movie, Priya a daughter of Dr. Virus try to help Raju for past in the final exam. This is because her father tries to make him fail during the final exam. She had asked a help from Ranchodass to make a copy final paper for Raju. Priya make a copy of key of her office dad and give it to Ranchodass. Attribution error may also happen while attribution process occurs such as self-serving bias. Priya get scold by her dad because she try to help Ranchodass...

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Compere' speech for Business Summit

our dearest teachers, Miss Priya, Miss Kruti and Miss Sonam, and my fellow students, we extend the warmest of welcomes to all of you for attending the Podar Business Summit 2013. I, Aqyan Alam alongside my colleague at Podar International College, Miss Natasha Nair, take the pleasure of being your on stage host today. Natasha: Good afternoon everybody! Before we kick start the actual summit, we would like to call upon our Business Event Management instructor, Miss Priya Chowdhury to inaugurate the...

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Pepsi Advertising Endeavour in India

line. Following are the examples of tag lines and associate lines Tag line | Associate Line | Yeh Dil maange more | Yeh hai right choice baby aha!!! | Yeh Dil maange more | Mausam garam hai Pepsi ke liye ham besharam hai | Yeh hai Youngistaan meri jaan | Chaho toh sab kuch hai asaan | Youngistaan ka wow | Chaho toh sab kuch hai asaan | Change the game | Helicopter shot | Change the game | Upar cut | Change the game | Palti hit | Change the game | Malinga’s slinga | Such lines have...

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Spice News

Mixes and Curry Pastes.  PriyaPRIYA” is a registered trademark of Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited. Once, making your favourite pickle was an arduous ritual: picking ingredients, washing, cutting, pounding, grinding, preventing contamination and ensuring long life etc. In 1980, the visionary Chairman Sri Ramoji Rao created Priya. Today Priya is a global brand. It is the preferred choice of millions across the world, taking India to nations and continents. Priya launched its exploration of...

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Gulabi aankhein jo teri dekhi sharabi ye dil hogaya 6) Charo pase dekhle kudiye charcha hotness teri da 7) Seedhi sadhi chhori sharabi hogai 8) main sharabi 9) Kya karu oh ladies main hu aadat se majboor 10) Daddy mjhse bola tu galti hai meri 11) Proper Patola 12) Baby you light up my wrld lyk nobudy else 13) Wo dekhne mein kesi seedhi sadhi lagti 14) Tonight i am lovin u 15) I knew u were trouble when u walked in.... 16) You belong with me 17) bholi si surat ankhon...

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Story Between Tech Mahindra Satyam Acquitision

doing all along. When the date of the bid approached it became evident that only 3 companies were to participate. LTITL, Tech Mahindra and one other company that I am not aware of. LTITL by now had almost decided that Satyam was theirs – Tum Meri Ho, Sirf Meri as Salman Khan announced in the movie Wanted!  Clearly LTITL Wanted Satyam badly. I am told that LTITL had already approached senior management at Satyam to let them know that they were coming in and not to worry; apparently policies had...

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really are... Wow I feel as DUMB... as you LOOK! Kabhi Kabhi Dil Ye Soch Ke Rota hai.. " Hum Sabh Ke hoke bhi....Kisi Ek Ke Apne Na ban PAye..." ''mAiN kInA bEvAfAa hAaN jO iK pAl vIcH oS nE mAiNU bHuLaA dItA, tE oS cH kInI vAfAa hOu jO aJj tAk mErI rOoH cH vAsDi hAi'' I'm not ignoring you, I'm just waiting for you to to realize your mistake and own up to it. If you can't do that, then there is nothing to say.. Love the one who loves you. Respect the one who deserves it. Value...

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Is Polygamy Socially Acceptable? The reality TV show Sister Wives follows the lives of a polygamist family of 22. The husband, Cody Brown, has 4 wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and the latest addition Robyn. The number of polygamists in North America, estimated at 50,000 or more, is doubling every decade. Polygamy by definition is a marriage that includes more than two partners. When a man is married to more than one woman at the same time it is called polygany and when a woman is married to more...

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Manzil Bhi Kho Chuki Hun Safar Bhi Na Raha, Meri Kisi Bhi Duaa Me Shayad Asaar Bhi Nhi Raha, Jab Se Huie Hai Dil Ko Khabar Wo Bichaddh Raha Hai Muzhse, Lafzoon Ko Jodne Ka Tabse Hunar Bhi Na Raha.......!!!!!!!!!!!

Manzil Bhi Kho Chuki Hun Safar Bhi Na Raha, Meri Kisi Bhi Duaa Me Shayad Asaar Bhi Nhi Raha, Jab Se Huie Hai Dil Ko Khabar wo bichaddh raha hai muzhse, Lafzoon Ko Jodne Ka Tabse Hunar Bhi Na Raha....... !!!!!!!!!!! Aasmaan ke taare aksar poochta hain humse - Kya tumhe ab bhi intezar hai uske laut aane ka? Aur ye dil muskura ke kehta hai - Mujhe to ab tak yaqeen na hua uske chale jaane ka....!!!!!!!!!! . Palko ki nami me chupa k sapno ko, Humne unhe jane ki izazat de di... Hum tut ker...

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Farewell: God and Mrs. Who-so-ever

away from us. K: A very good morning to all. P: we welcome you all, on this day, when we are bidding farewell to our dear Mrs. Who-so-ever--- K: ---with sad hearts for saying goodbye, as said earlier, is really not easy * PRAYER K: Tell me, Priya, who is the 1st one whose name occur in your mind when you are very happy or when you are going through the worst of your pains? P: Ummmm….. Is it God? K: yes, god, the creator of this whole universe. P: So, lets join our hands, bow our heads and...

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Culture Clash

College last year, I experienced firsthand how my story script clashed with others who came from a very different culture. At the technical college, I made friends with several of the foreign exchange students. Izhar was from Pakistan and Sanjukta and Priya were both from India. I was invited to their apartment one evening for a meal. As I stepped in the small apartment, my buddy Izhar and the two Indian ladies greeted me. I shook Izhar’s hand, gave him a quick hug and then turned to the others. Reaching...

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Tugas Akhir


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Death Penalty Pros and Cons

was truly committed. The murderer might try to argue that he doesn’t believe that he or she has killed someone in first degree murder. Fig.3. Courtesy of (The Family Project) Another argument against the death penalty is the cost According to Priya Johnson executing a death sentence is more expensive than keeping the same criminal in prison for life. Here are a few facts according to Amnesty International USA A 2003 legislative audit in Kansas found that the estimated cost of a death penalty...

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Tere Mere Sapne (1971). He also composed music for Kishore Kumar's home production Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958). Some of their initial hits included Maana Janaab Ne Pukara Nahin from Paying Guest, Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke from Nau Do Gyarah (1957), Ai Meri Topi Palat Ke Aa from Funtoosh, and Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si and Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958). When S. D. Burman was not on good terms with Lata Mangeshkar during 1957-62, he gave patronage to her younger sister, Asha...

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english phrases commonly used

Good bye! Alvida!   अलविदा। Asking for Help and Directions I'm lost Hum kho gaye hain.   हम खो गये हैं । Can I help you? Kya mein aapki madad kar sakta/ sakti (female) hoon? क्या मैं आपकी मदद कर सकता /सकती हुँ । Can you help me? Kya aap meri madad kar saktey hain? क्या आप मेरी मदद कर सकते हैं । Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? śaucaghara/ pharmacy kahaan hai?   शौचघर/ फार्मेसी कहां है Go straight! then turn left/ right! Seedhey jaaey! Phir bānyae/ dānyae mudiye सीधे जाएँ-फिर बाएँ-दाएँ...

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Questionnaire for Sunfeast

o Parle o Priya gold o Sunfeast o Britannia Q2. Which brand offers you better profit margin ? o Parle o Priya gold o Sunfeast o Britannia Q3. Rate on the basis of sales 1 2 3 4 5 Parle o o o o o Priya gold o o o o o Sunfeast o o o o o Britannia o o o o o Q4. Which brand gives maximum offers/discounts ? o Parle o Priya gold o Sunfeast o Britannia Q5.Which brand has the maximum product line ? o Parle o Priya gold o Sunfeast ...

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pahucha unko meri aahat hui aur unhone mujhe dekha aur khush hoke mujhe ‘ronit kaise ho?’ kaha aur comb table pe rakh ke merepass aai. aate hue unke chudiya sadi blouse aur bindi dekhke ke me pagal hogaya. Unka chalne ka style bhi bada pyara tha. Wo mere pass aayi, aur mere foreheaad pe kiss karke boli ”Tujko dekhke hamesha acha lagta he rohit. abhi jaldi se fresh hoja mere bathroom me aur fir sath me khana khaenge. Maine teri fav mutton handi banayi he ‘Maine kaha ‘thik he me meri airbag leke aata...

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Capital Budgeting Technology

TECHNIQUES USED BY CENTRAL MINE PLANNING & DESIGN INSTITUTE LIMITED Submitted to Lovely Professional University In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of Degree of Master of Business Administration Submitted by: PRIYA PAPNEJA MBA (FINANCE) 10904673, Q2920 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY JALANDHAR NEW DELHI GT ROAD PHAGWARA PUNJAB ...

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Phonetics: International Phonetic Alphabet and Aspirated Alveolar Stop

your pronunciation. Examples: knot [nat]; delightful [dilaɪtfəl] or [dəlaɪtfəl]. Some of you may pronounce some of these words the same. a b c d e f g h i j k l Word physics merry marry Mary yellow sticky Phonetic Transcription [fIzIks] [mɛri] [meri ] [mɛərɪ] [jeloU] [stIkI] transcription [trænskrɪpʃən] Fromkin tease weather coat Rodman [fromkIn] [tiz] [wɛðər] [kot] [rɑdmən] m heath [hiθ] n "your name" [tjm laI] [ tətʃ ] o touch p q r s t u cough larynx through beautiful honest president ...

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Annual Day

Rangamannar rangrajan 6) n elephant falls in luv wid n ent.but Ant’s parents r against their marrige…guess y?? they gave a solid reason…**Ladke k data bahar hai** 7)ones sardarji saw a very soni kudi in the market & thought.. ……kash k ye meri maa hondi to main v inna sona honda.. 8) Full form of MATHS???? Mentally Affected Teacher Harassing Students… 9) what wud u call a girl who never laughs?? Ans: hasina What is another word for lexicon? Dictionary. 15) What is the diameter...

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Child Labour

the money I earn to my mom. If I give the money to my dad, he will spend it on alcohol,” says Priya, who sells candies at Besant Nagar beach in Eastern Chennai. Priya, who goes to a government school in Adyar, works as a candy-seller after school because her family is facing acute financial crisis. “I want to be in the army when I grow up,” she adds in a cheerful tone. There are many other girls like Priya who fall prey to menial jobs and are deprived of a proper childhood. Throughout the American...

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shiyat ki chashni dalnay waly ye zindagi bhi tera qarz hai to tere hai naam kat jaye sir,lut jaye ghar hum ko ghum nhi zindagi meri hai sirf teri bandagi kay naam tera zikr kia hai hy karte hain,karte he rahenge ye aik zindagi kia?sou bar mily bhi to tere naam tere waseely sey ALLAH ne bohat kuch dia mujhe aye nemat beshumar dilwany waly meri saans tere naam gar hukum e Rab hota ghum e Hussain a.s 12 maa manany ka hamare har aik waqt ka har aik pal tera he naam tu ny...

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Criminal Law 2009 Exam Paper

liability of Antoine and Geezer. 8. Priya and her twin brother Dipak - both aged 16 - hated their next door neighbour, Hans. He swore at them if they made a noise and they were convinced that he spied on them and reported everything they did to their parents who were abroad. They decided that it was time to teach Hans a lesson and that Dipak would break into Hans' house and give Hans a fright while Priya kept watch outside. The following night, while Priya kept watch, Dipak entered Hans' house ...

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Environmental Indicators for Measuring Poverty in India

eliminated. The second source is published by the World Bank Environment Department. The World Bank is owned by 184 countries and contains 10,000 development professionals aiming to assist developing countries around the world. The author of this source, Priya Shyamsundar is the Director of the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics in the World Bank. I think this source is reliable not only because it is published by an international institution, but the quality of the presentation...

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Coriolis Force

catchcatch khel rahein hain Lekin main 0 degree equator pe khada hoon Maldives mein, aur tum 30 degree north pe khadi ho Chandigarh mein Ab equatorial circumference of earth = 40,000 km And earth moves one rotation in 24 hours, (west to east) Yani meri speed eastwards hai = 40,0000/24 = 1650 km/hr Aur aur 30 degree north pe earth ka circumference hoga = cos 30 x 40,000= 0.866 x 40,000 = 34,640 km (as you can see in above picture, the 30 degree latitude will be shorter than 0 degree latitude) matlab...

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Synopsis of Project Report

of children's attitudes towards television advertisements on their resultant buying behaviour. Author(s): Pankaj Priya, (Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida, India), Rajat Kanti Baisya, (Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India), Seema Sharma, (Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India) Citation: Pankaj Priya, Rajat Kanti Baisya, Seema Sharma, (2010) "Television  Advertisements and children's buying behaviour", Marketing...

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Top Women Enterprenuers in India

the Forbes list of the world’s 100 most powerful women and the Financial Times’ top 50 women in business list. She is also a member of the board of governors of the prestigious Indian School of Business  and Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. PRIYA PAUL Priya Paul (born 1967), is a prominent woman entrepreneur of India, and currently the Chairperson of Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels The Park Hotelschain of boutique hotels. she has a bachelor’s degree specialising in Economics from Wellesley College...

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if you were all,owed one wish that would come true .what would it be and why

lagdi mennu Glossy lips, uff yeh tricks Baby lagdi ai killer Oh yeah oh yeah Katal kare tera bomb figure Blue eyes, hypnotize teri kardi ai mennu I swear ! chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu (bomb lagdi mennu, bomb lagdi mennu) (mennu..) Meri aankhon mein dekha kar Jab mein baat karta hun Main woh londa nahi jo tere saath padta hun White ghini laya hun Tujhe pick kar lun Dekh lunga aashiq or teri teacher nu Leke chalu ride pe phir chhat kholke Seedhi baat karu, na karu tolmol ke...

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f n b notes


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Green Computing

recyclability of digital devices and printing paper. Green computing practices were primarily introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 with the launch of the Energy Star program.” As stated in Green Computing Saves Green written by Priya Rana “This environmentally sustainable computing can be defined as "the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers and associated subsystems such as monitors, printers, storage devices, networking, and communication...

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block placement report msw

KIDANGOOR region of KSSS with regards to the functioning of self help groups. ACTIVITIES 1. The social work trainee met the placement coordinator Sr. Linet and and she assigned Miss. Priya to provide orientation to the trainee. 2. The social work trainee got oriented about the agency of KSSS by Miss. Priya. 3. The social work trainee visited the house of the agency as to be familiarized with the institutions within the area of the agency in Thellakom. 4. the social work trainee visited...

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Parle G

consumers Institutional consumers – hospitals, factories, railway station, schools, government offices Increasing Income level of household Competitors Britania • Tiger • Good Day • Sunfeast Glucose • Sunfeast Dream cream ITC Surya • Priya Gold • Marie lite Anmol Product Hierarchy Parle G – Rs. 4/- SKU Glucose Biscuits Biscuits Ready To Eat/Packaged Food Items Food Items Hunger The Problem Input cost of raw materials (sugar and wheat flour), which comprised 55% of the manufacturing...

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Milaiyin ge! !پھر ملینگے Good bye! Khuda Hafiz! !خدا حافظ Asking for Help and Directions I'm lost Mai Kho Gya Hun میں کھوگیاہوں Can I help you? Kya Main Aapki Madat Kar Sakta Hun? کیا میں آپکی مدد کر سکتاہوں؟ Can you help me? Kya Aap Meri Madat Kar Sakte Hain? کیا آپ میرئ مدد کر سَکتےہیں؟ Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? Bathroom/Dawa Khana Khan Hai? باتھروم/داواخانہ کہاںہے؟ Go straight! then turn left/ right! Sidhe Jakar Dain/Bain Murh Jaiye !سیدھےجاکر داًہیں/باًہیں مڑجاًہے ...

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The elevator- horror story

a bath. Where is everyone? I walked to the living room to find it empty and messy. That was when I noticed the headless teddy. FLUFFY! Priyanka wouldn’t go anywhere without her Fluffy. At least, not by herself.. Someone screamed. Could that be Priya? Is she in danger? I grabbed my mobile and ran out of the house. Corridor. Empty. Someone screamed again. This time, it really sounded like Priyanka. Adrenaline rushed into my blood. I raced down the corridor. Priyanka screamed again, and I knew she...

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Adani Wilmar Limited Launches New Campaign for Fortune

captures that a child in the eyes of a mother is always remain a child, no matter how old he or she is. A mother's first need is to feed her child in a delightful fashion, and Fortune is her assistant in making that happen. We have used SD Burman's song "Meri Duniya hai Maa..." as perhaps the most perfect ode to a mother.I am delighted with the film, which I think will touch a chord with every member of every family" The new campaign will be a high impact blitz, with over 5000 spots (average 40 seconds...

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Student of the Year

hoti hain Aaja baahon mein aa meri Aise hi to raatein Shuru hoti hainKabhi kabhi pal do pal mein yun Fussy fussy baatein hoti hai Do hi mulaqaton mein Mil jaate hain zamaana Disco deewane..You know it so sing it Now go your hands up and say Disco deewana Aahan, aahan Ho disco deewane Aahaan, ahaan ho Nasheeli hai raat Ho haathon mein haath Naachein gaayein saath..Disco deewane Aahaan, ahaan ho Khel ja raaton ka Khel yeh todi der Jhoom ja bahon mein toh Aa gaya meri thodi der Nazron se hi main (Aahaan)...

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“the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on a Customer’s Buying Behaviour”

attention of the public, which can translate into higher sales. Basically, celebrity endorsements are being preferred for almost every kind of product categories, like hotels, toiletries, telecom, razor blades, soft drinks and hard drinks among others. (Meri News, 2006). Celebrity endorsements is a billion $ unpredictable game by any of the multi-national firm or even small scale industry in this modern era of cut throat competition (Kambitsis et al., 2002). The pinnacle is the prime target of the advertisers...

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Travel: English Language and Smart Packing Tips

is the domain of the Dravidian languages. It's either English or a regional language that will do the trick. So, pick up some words in both Hindi and Tamil and get going. Some phrases My name's John - Mera naam John hai Please help me - Meri madad karo Where can I get... ? - Kahan milega.... ? Where is the bathroom ? - Bathroom kahan hai ? How much shall I pay you ? - Kitna paisa hua And words.... Yes - Hahn No - Nahin OK - Achha Thank you - Dhanyavaad Water - Paani ...

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लेना देना ना हो।। जागो महाराष्ट्र जागो और सिर्फ और सिर्फ भाजपा को वोट दो।। Ek shadi me ek ladka 1 ladki ko bahut dhyan se dekh rha tha .... Girl : -- impress hokar -- kyo dekh rhe ho itni der de - . . . . Boy-- I was thinking agar aap meri mummy hoti to, . . . mai bhi kitna sundar hota A Muslim woman was raped by her husband's father at gun point in Muzaffarnagar (yes, the same Muazaffarnagar). The husband was serving Sheikhs in gulf for past two years and all the while woman...

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Motivationed and Social Adjustment

counseling. Delhi: Surjeet Publishers. Sodhi, T. S., & Suri, S. P. (1997). Publication. Aggarwal, J. C. (1991). Educational, vocational guidance and counseling. New Delhi: Doabai House. Sharma, N. R. (1989). Educational and vocational guidance. Agra: Vinod Pustak Mandir. Kochhar, S. K. (1984). Guidance and counseling in colleges and universities. New Delhi: Sterling Publishing Pvt.Ltd. Indu, D. (1983). The basic essentials of counseling. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Private Ltd. Madhusudan, M. (1983). Educational...

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PVR Case Study

was marked as a particularly slow year for the Indian film industry for various reasons. PVR Plaza and PVR Rivoli, represent the era of multiplexes which started in India with the advent of Priya Village Roadshow, (popularly known as PVR), in the market of cinema exhibition in 1997. A joint venture of Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited, an Australia based cinema exhibition company, PVR is now one of many corporate players that dominate the market. Before 1997, the single...

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