• Analysis of the poem \
    The Flea is written by John Donne. A Jacobean poet and preacher and a representative of the metaphysical poets of his time. I guess that's why it is not easy for some poetry readers to understand poems written by metaphysical poets. Even their writing formats seem to differ from those of the ordinar
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  • An in-depth look at sapphire's "poem for jennifer, marla, tawana and me"
    A Poem for jennifer, marla, tawana, and me written by Sapphire, shows how she believes society judges and scrutinizes the lives of women who claim to be victimized by men. These women are made to relive the horrible ordeal over and over in order to convince the public that they are the real victims.
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  • Two poem comparisons: the wild swans at coole vs. sailing to byzantium
    Expected change and unrequited love show up as major themes in William Yeats' poem The Wild Swans at Coole. Yeats sets up the poem in the first stanza to give a general feeling of sadness by describing "The trees are in their autumn beauty" and "The woodland paths are dry" (1-2). Autumn represents
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  • Poem commentary: in mrs. tilcher's class
    The poem ‘In Mrs. Tilscher's Class' written by Carol Ann Duffy, is written in free verses and includes four stanzas. The poem illustrates the perspective of a carefree, innocent and happy young girl going through the first stages of life, primary to high school. The poem examines the rites of passa
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  • Cliff's poem
    Cliff's Poem : The Parting Shot The single, most dominant impression of the poem is death. It is the miserable reality of death and war, we are introduce to. The dramatic situation of the poem is a funeral, in which all attend to memorise the five who lost their lives. We are told how their fr
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  • Woman's roles: adrienne rich, "aunt jennifer's tigers, " & the poem of maya angelou, "still i rise".
    Throughout history, in most cultures, women have often held a position and a voice that is clearly "other" in cultures dominated by men. They have been second class citizens whose needs (medical, political, psychological, spiritual, emotional, etc.) have been simply ignored with the assumption they
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  • Poem comparison
    The three poems "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson, "We Wear the Mask" by Paul Laurence Dunbar, and "Not Waving but Drowning" by Stevie Smith all have the same theme that appearances can be deceiving and that people are not always what they seem. The poems convey the idea that people can mi
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  • "Dulce et decorum est"& "the charge of the light brigade" - poem comparing and contrasting essay
    War is a subject that often stirs upon many emotions with those directly or indirectly involved. It may bring tears, memories of suffering and loneliness, struggles, or victories. Such disturbance of peace has wounded and killed many souls. It is on the battlefield we see the most hideous side of hu
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  • This be the verse by philip larkin(poem)
    Being punished as a young child, life seemed harsh and uneasy. The way parents would yell at you, tell you what to do, what not to do, and they always seemed to have gotten in the way of doing what us children wanted to do. It was all done for a reason however. The "cruelty" our parents showed us
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  • Compare ‘hitcher’ with one duffy poem and two pre-1914 poems that consider death or the threat of death.
    The poems I am going to be comparing are: ‘Havisham’ by Carol Ann Duffy, ‘On my first Sonne’ by Ben Johnson, ‘The Laboratory’ by Robert Browning and ‘Hitcher’ by Simon Armitage. Both ‘Hitcher’ and ‘Havisham’ present the threat of death but show no definite killing taking p
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  • Beowulf poem analysis
    “Heremod was different, the way he behaved to Ecgwela’s sons. His rise in the world brought lithe joy to the Danish people, only death and destruction. He vented his rage on men he caroused with, killed his own comrades, a pariah king Who cut himself off to his own kind, Even although Al
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  • This poem
    Analyze the message of the poem and write about how effectively the poet delivers the message. The message of "This poem..." is to offer critique of the way poetry is treated with caution and not properly interpreted. Hence, it has lost its meaningfulness and cannot deliver its me
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  • Analagy of a poem
    Leaving Home Linda Pastan, the author of To a Daughter Leaving Home, uses the transition in childhood of learning to ride a bike as an analogy to the pain a parent feels when their child grows up and leaves home. There are many moments in this poem that show the stages of a child’s growth and se
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  • Poem
    "Queen of the Blues" by Gwendolyn Brooks is a peom about a woman named Mame who spends her time at the Midnight Club singing the blues. This poem tells a story of a somewhat depressed woman because of the fact that she has no one to love her. Her mother passed away two to three years earlier, she ha
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  • September 1913 and easter 1916 poem
    September 1913 and Easter 1916 Poem Throughout many of his poems, W.B Yeats portrayed important aspects of Ireland’s history especially around the 1900’s when Ireland was fighting for independence. During this time, Ireland was going through an agonizing time of struggle. The Employers’ Fede
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  • Breaking down of a poem
    Chi Hoang Mr. Varbel English 1B 15 January 2008 The issue of racial discrimination has become societal norm in America. Poets like Sherman Alexie show that the injustice still exists. Born in 1966 to the tribe of Spokane/Coeur d’Alene, he suffered a great deal of discrimination against him
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  • Poem
    This poem maintains a form using meter, instead of free verse- which illustrates how Bishops statements are made under “tight control”, as if she is trying to maintain her composure over the death of a loved one. She uses a complex rhyme scheme, which suggests she is using unbending customs to
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  • Poem
    Acquainted with the night Another classical poem written by Robert Frost is acquainted with the night. Written in 1928, acquainted with the night is a short poem that talks about the life in the city and how depressing it can be. Using imagery and other aspects of city life, Frost depicts the
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  • An poem analysis of “hearing that his friend was coming back from the war” by wang chien
    In this poem, the poet describes a contemporary war which was more intense than those in the old days and the hopelessness for soldiers to come back from the war. When the speaker got the news that his friend, who saw service in that war, was coming back, he was then in an emotional conflict between
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  • Sympathy poem
    Analysis of Sympathy The metal cage holds in those who are turned away from society and hurts them in the process. The poem Sympathy was written by Paul Laurence Dunbar. It explores the racism that imprisons his soul. Dunbar uses the caged bird as a symbol of racism. The entrapped bird is hurt an
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