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Power/Interest Matrix  Indicates the type of relationship organisations would typically establish with stakeholder groups Source: Adapted from A. Mendelow, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information Systems,  Cambridge, MA, 1991. Exhibit 4.5 Stakeholder Mapping: the Power/Interest Matrix Source: Adapted from A. Mendelow, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information Systems,  Cambridge, MA, 1991. Exhibit 4.5 Stakeholder Mapping: the Power/Interest...

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Internal Audit of Ryanair

following would be the further explanation of the key potential drivers within its current internal environment. Figure [ 1 ] Stakeholder power/interest matrix adapted from Mendelow (1986) Stakeholder mapping help identify stakeholder expectations and power and help in understanding political priorities. (Mendelow, 1986 cited in Johnson et al, 2011) The mapping shows Michael O’Leary and David Bonderman are the main facilitators of the strategies. Their power and interest in Ryanair is so...

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Social Responsibility

three broad types of Stakeholder in an organisation: Internal Stakeholder - employees, management Connected Stakeholder - shareholders, customers, suppliers, financiers External Stakeholders - community, government, pressure group Caroll Mendelow These are methods of mapping stakeholders (see above); the power/dynamism matrix and the power/interest matrix. a + is used to indicate that the group will support the strategy a - is used to indicate that the group will oppose the strategy ...

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Stakeholder: Corporate Governance and Stakeholders

organizations typically might establish with stakeholder groups in the different quadrants. Level of Interest Power Low High Low A Minimal effort B Keep informed High C Keep satisfied D Key players Source: Adapted from A. Mendelow, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information Systems, Cambridge, MA, 1991. Clearly, the acceptability of strategies to key players (segment D) is of major importance. Often the most difficult issues relate to stakeholders...

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Stakeholder Management

between them. Management of the Stakeholder Groups As described above McDonalds have a number of Stakeholders, but what power and influence do they really have. To help McDonalds manage these groups a Mendelow Matrix has been produced which helps the organisation decide who lies where. A Mendelow Matrix categorises the stakeholders into four groups. (Sie Learning: 1991) 1. Minimal Effort: Direction. The groups in this section can be classed as “malleable”. This means that will most...

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determine the appropriate stakeholder analysis, the Mendelow power responses. interest matrix can be used to determine the To summarise, feasibility analysis likely stakeholder reaction and the approach evaluates each strategic choice within the to manage any adverse stakeholder actions. context of the resources available within the During the analysis, be aware of potential company. movements of stakeholder positioning within the Mendelow power interest matrix as they react to the new strategy...

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Nike Business Essay

Surrounding all organisations are stakeholders, all with varied levels of authority, power and interest towards the organisation Mendelow (1991) considered a matrix that classifies the level of power and interest a stakeholder has in an organisation. Although once each group of stakeholders is recognised, it cannot be assumed that their level of interest will remain the same (Mendelow (1991) cited in Scholes, K. & Johnson, J 1997:198). Jones (1995) argue that the stakeholder framework is practical for considering...

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21st Century Organization

defined by the group's IM and IT strategy. In some companies the group IT director/ CIO also has a degree of influence over the business unit IT managers through the annual performance appraisal and group-wide career development programs (Lederer, Mendelow, 1986). In Strategic Guidance companies the strategic control process is much less comprehensive - being limited primarily to challenging the quality of thinking behind business unit IT plans in a more ad hoc manner. Business unit IT plans are...

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business project

stakeholder mapping analysis Mendelow (1991) described the theory that extent to which stakeholders affect the activities of an organization depends on the relationship between the stakeholder and the organization. Mendelow's matrix provides a way of mapping stakeholders based on the power to affect the organization and their interest in doing so. It identifies the responses which management needs to make to the stakeholders in the different quadrants. Figure 8 (Mendelow,1991) According to this...

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Strategic Human Resource Development

group is to impress its expectations on the HRD function; · the power of the stakeholder to impress their expectations on the HRD function; · the likely impact of the stakeholder expectations on future strategies adopted by the HRD function. Mendelow[9] suggests a model which is useful for the purpose of this article. Figure 3 shows the power/ dynamism matrix for the internal stakeholders, the power they hold and the extent to which they are likely to show interest in the way HRD function's strategies...

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organizational design

deal with human which is complex, hence difficult behavior are encountered often within stakeholders. It’s necessary to be assertive but use neutral language to defuse any aggression. Stakeholder mapping using power/interest matrix as adapted from Mendelow (1981) and Johnson & Scholes (1993) can be used as a powerful tool to identify contribution of every stakeholders. ABC ltd. has developed similar approach as mentioned in the fig below. They indicated that power and dynamism are relevant factors;...

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Health Care Report

consciousness of most of the stakeholder groups. However it would be impossible to consider all the stakeholders, hence considering Mandalaw matrix, the management has to satisfy the subsequent stakeholders. Figure 2: The Mandalaw Matrix Source: (Mendelow, 1991) According to St Christopher’s Care home’s context, employees are the key players, which can heavily influence on the organizational activities. So, they have to be properly and clearly informed about almost all the aspects of the proposed...

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MNGT 220 Lecture 8 March 6th 2014 Student Copy

both a primary factor in its initial success but can also lead to strategic drift and be a major barrier to strategic change. Bibliography Please refer to Textbook for:  Freeman, 1984  Grinyer & Spender, 1979;  Johnson et al., 2007, 2011;  Mendelow, 1991;  Schein, 1997. Adams, R.B., Licht, A.N., & Sagiv, L. 2011. Shareholders and stakeholders: how do directors decide? Strategic Management Journal, 32, 1331-1355. Archer, M.S. 1996. Culture and Agency: The place of culture in social theory....

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By Comparison with the Other Factors, Evaluate How Important Stakeholders Are in Strategic Management.

important to understand the power of stakeholders of the organisation. This can be a good guide as to whom to satisfy, and in what order. In order for organisations to help identify stakeholders' expectations and power they can utilise tools such as Mendelows' (1991) stakeholder mapping: power interest matrix. Using this matrix organisations' can determine the interest each stakeholder group has about the purpose and strategic choices the organisation makes. Its also shows the power each group has in...

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Acca Topic 17 Sample Thesis

employees. Some are external to the business, such as BT's customers. Source: (The times 100 website) www.businesscasestudies.co.uk/bt/stakeholders-as-partners/what-is-a-stakeholder.html [Online] 1. Mendelow’s mapping of Stakeholders: Mendelow gave the following matrix of stakeholder mapping based on the interest and power of stakeholders: [pic] Source: www.stakeholdermap.com/stakeholder-analysis.html [online] Assessment of stakeholder’s mapping at British Telecom (BT): Following...

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Ryan Air Case Study

model: Having defined the types of stakeholder which may have an interest in the performance and activities of Ryan Air, we shall further map the stakeholders to show their level of power and interest in the organization by using a mapping model of Mendelow (1986, cited in Johnson et al, 2011): Interest Low High Power Low Travel Agency Competitors such as Irish Air and Easy Jet Employees Suppliers such as Boing Airports High EU regulatory body Ryan Family, CEO Trade Unions To analyze the purposes...

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Acca: Internal Control and Business

group.[K] Explain how the different stakeholder groups interact and how their objectives may conflict with one another.[K] Compare the power and influence of various stakeholder groups and how their needs should be accounted for, such as under the Mendelow framework.[K] 3. a) Political and legal factors affecting business Explain how the political system and government policy affect the organisation.[K] Describe the sources of legal authority, including supra-national bodies, national and regional...

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Strategic Planning & the Co-Operative

Competitors * Government * Local Community * Standards Agencies * Pressure Groups Stakeholder Mapping Once the stakeholders of a business are known, a way of analysing them is to map them on a stakeholder significance grid developed by Mendelow. By plotting stakeholders interest against power, a business can see which stakeholders will need the most effort with certain decisions being made by the company. Figure [ 6 ] - Stakeholder Significance Grid (http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newPPM_07...

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Threats & Opportunities for E Business

groups involved in the system development and use environments because it forms basis for political maneuvering. While, Flowers (1997; Markus, 1983; Drummond, 1996a, 1996b; Sauer, 1993; Checkland and Scholes, 1990; Mintzberg, 1989; Lederer and Mendelow, 1988; Markus and Bjorn-Andersen, 1987; Lyytinen, 1988; Weill and Olson, 1989; Lederer and Sethi, 1994; Ewusi-Mensah and Przasnyski, 1995; McGrath, 1997) considered the politically motivated resistance as a major contributing factor to the poor...

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Stakeholder Marketing

it should all be applied to your chosen organisation, ok! This (analysis) may be based on interviews with the key customer groups and backed up with stakeholder theories & concepts, as per page 9 & 10 of the brief. At the moment only Freeman and Mendelow constitute SM (CIM) theory, can you find some more as appropriate e.g. relating to: needs, wants, decision making, relationships etc.? Freeman's stakeholder mapping (Appendix Two) This particular model reflects organisations stakeholders. Namely...

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Acca P1 Notes

well are the directors identifying stakeholders and prioritising the conflicting claims of stakeholders? How legitimate is a claim of an individual stakeholder (ie how fair is their expectation that they can influence the business?) KEY KNOWLEDGE Mendelow Matrix This gives an indication of how directors of a business should prioritise their time and give relative weighting to different stakeholder claims in the event of stakeholder conflict. Level of influence Level of interest Low Low High Minimal...

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Ceecee Case Study Analysis

issues which should be taken into consideration include Juliette Lesperre (Sales and Marketing Director) and Carla Celli (CEO) conflicting views on the importance of marketing. 3. PERTINENT CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKS, MODELS & PERSPECTIVES Mendelows Matrix Porter’s 5 forces Threat of Entry * Decreasing customer loyalty led to increased competition in the industry which further attracted new entrants into the industry such as grocery supermarkets (e.g. Tesco) introducing clothing products...

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Pros and Cons of Teamwork

relations and networks in a changing world”, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 32 No. 2, pp. 87-91. Luehman, T.A. (1998), “Strategy as a portfolio of real options”, Harvard Business Review, September-October, pp. 89-99. McGrath, R.G., Ferrier, W. and Mendelow, A. (2004), “Real options as engines of choice and heterogeneity”, Academy of Management Review, Vol. 29 No. 1, pp. 102-10. McNamara, G., Luce, R. and Tomson, G. (2002), “Examining the effect of complexity in strategic group knowledge structures...

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Acca Paper P1

stakeholders If we ignore ethical concerns for a moment, and focus purely on practicalities, companies need to understand which groups of stakeholders can influence the company the most – as these stakeholders probably cannot be ignored. Using a Mendelow Map analysis, those stakeholders with high power and a high level of interest are likely to be active and influential – so they cannot be ignored and need to be actively managed by a company. Alternatively: ● ● High Power, Low Interest ... keep them...

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Information Technology Implementation Issues: an Analysis

the local governments who were on the leading edge of innovation (generally the largest and wealthiest) regularly adopted ITs within a ten-year time frame. Smaller localities (SMLGs) took longer—generally on the order of fifteen years or more.3 Mendelow, A. L. (1988) “Convincing Top Management of the Strategic Potential of Information Systems”, MIS Quarterly December. 2 See K.L. Kraemer, J.N. Danziger, and J.L. King, “Local Government and Information Technology in the United States,” in Local Government...

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Stakeholders are those parties interested in the decisions made by an organisation. 4.2 Stakeholders can be: ● Internal – employees and managers ● External – shareholders ● Connected – customers and suppliers. 4.3 MODEL – Mendelow - stakeholder mapping Stakeholders can be divided into those with: ● High Interest with High Power = Key players ● Low Interest with High Power = Keep satisfied ● High Interest with Low Power = Keep informed ...

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STRATEGY WHO ARE STAKEHOLDERS? Stakeholders are those parties interested in the decisions made by an organisation. Stakeholders can be: ● ● ● Internal – employees and managers External – shareholders Connected – customers and suppliers. MODEL – Mendelow - stakeholder mapping Stakeholders can be divided into those with: ● ● ● ● High Interest Low Interest High Interest Low Interest with with with with High Power = Key players High Power = Keep satisfied Low Power = Keep informed Low Power = Minimal...

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Accountancy Paper

no case for taking their views into account when making decisions. Managing stakeholder relations Stakeholder mapping: The Mendelow model        The model provides a framework for assessing the general nature of action  to be taken following classification of stakeholders according to power and  interest. KAPLAN PUBLISHING 123 Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance      Expandable text ­ Mendelow model     Assessing stakeholder importance  Customers, shareholders and employees may be the most important ...

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An Analysis of Stakeholder Management in Project Management of the Tianjin Binhai Airport Expansion “Phase Ii”

information of research concerns and the unnecessary part in the interview transcript which does not link with the research topic could not be written in the dissertation (Silverstain and Auerback, 2003). 3.4.3 Power and Interest Matrix: In 1991, Mendelow introduced a structure to analyze the power and interest of different - 37 - stakeholders, which has two purposes. Firstly, to exhibit the change of the different stakeholders impacts. Through drawing the matrix could be showed, stakeholder...

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ACCA P3 Business Analysis Exam Focused Study Text Book Free Download

..................................................86 Pilot Operations .......................................... 155 Measureable Benefits .................................155 Place.............................................................. 55 Mendelow matrix .........................................49 Portfolio Manager ........................................ 76 Methods ......................................................102 Position Based Strategies ............................. 93 Michael...

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Project Management and Jeffrey K. Pinto

Wheelen, T. L. and Hunger, J. D. (1992), Strategic Management and Business Policy, 4th ed. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. 8. Wiener, E. and Brown, A. (1986), “Stakeholder analysis for effective issues management,” Planning Review, 36, pp. 27–31. 9. Mendelow, A. (1986), “Stakeholder analysis for strategic planning and implementation,” in W. R. King and D. I. Cleland (Eds.), Strategic Planning and Management Handbook. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, pp. 67–81; Winch, G. M., (2002), Managing Construction...

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F1 Accountant in Business

the shareholders. Management has to be aware that there are conflicts and try its best to manage these. For latest course notes, free audio & video lectures, support and forums please visit June 2012 Examinations ACCA F1 / FAB 32 2. Mendelow About the only tool or model available for the analysis of stakeholders is Mendelow’s matrix. Level of interest Low High Low Minimal effort Keep informed Power High Keep satisfied Key players It sets out on one axis the power...

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Head Injury

Charles Galasko (British Orthopaedic Association) Ms Gabby Lomas (Royal College of Nursing, Accident and Emergency Association) Professor David Lloyd (British Association of Paediatric Surgeons) Mr Tim Lynch (Ambulance Association) Professor David Mendelow (Society of British Neurological Surgeons) Dr Edward Moss (Royal College of Anaesthetists) Dr David Murfin (Royal College of General Practitioners) Mr Graham Nickson (Headway; patient representative) Dr Christopher Rowland-Hill (British Society...

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Practice and Revision Kit

if they feel that there is a fundamental threat to their interests. (b) Use of stakeholder theory Stakeholder theory provides a framework for mapping the differing concerns of stakeholders, focusing on interest in activities and power held. Mendelow classifies stakeholders on a matrix whose axes are power held and likelihood of showing an interest in the organisation's activities. These factors will help define the type of relationship the organisation should seek with its stakeholders, and...

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T4 Case Study Analysis

quality of service. Possibility of branch closures (fixed cost savings?) Sample Solution Impact The reduction in value of the JAR contract over the next 2 years will be of concern to all shareholders in BVS, but of particular concern to PIE. In Mendelow terms, PIE would be categorised as a key player, having both high interest and high power in relation to BVS; PIE must feel fully involved in all developments in the company. It is therefore important that BVS communicate effectively with PIE from...

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Strategy: Association of Public and Land-grant Universities and Opening Case

21: 831–851. 68. T. Tong, J. Reuer, & M. W. Peng, 2008, International joint ventures and the value of growth options, AMJ (in press). 69. R. Adner & D. Levinthal, 2004, What is not a real option, AMR, 29: 74–85. 70. R. McGrath, W. Ferrier, & A. Mendelow, 2004, Real options as engines of choice and heterogeneity, AMR, 29: 86–101; J. Reuer & M. Leiblein, 2000, Downside risk implications of multinationality and international joint ventures, AMJ, 43: 203–214. 71. T. Chi, 2000, Option to acquire or divest...

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Exploring Corporate Strategy - Case

McCallaster, C. 536 McCann, Anne 200, 525 McCosker, P. 291 McDonald’s 294, 317, 363 McDonnel Douglas 264 McElvey, Bill 37 McGahan, Anita 69, 84 McGee, J. 76 McGrath, Rita 310, 339 McKenna, C.D. 584 McKinsey & Co. 18, 280, 565, 569, 584 McQuade, Aidan 289 Mendelow, A. 156 Merrill Lynch 136 Metropolitan Police 165 Microsoft 54, 63, 67, 235, 263–5, 331, 334, 337, 347, 354, 498, 514–16, 589–92 Miller, Danny 183, 402 Miller Group 89, 90 Ministry of Defence 522 Mintzberg, Henry 17, 185, 405, 425, 466 Mitsui 178...

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