• Persuasion in the Media
    When you get home at night from a long day of school or work, you sit down and turn on the television and you cycle through the stations trying to find ¡§THE SHOW¡¨ to watch. As you cycle through you witness something that you may not realize effect millions of people around the world. The prob
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  • Mac vs Pc
    Mac vs. PC: The Everlasting Debate In the world of computers, the choice of systems can be a complicated one. There are two competitors out there, PCs and Macs. Everyone has their own opinion on which is better, and there are many die-hard fans in each camp. The truth is, PC's are far more popula
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  • India vs. China
    INTRODUCTION With a combined population of close to two-and-a-half billion people , China and India- neighbors across the Himalayas- control a significant portion of world demand. Add to this the high GDP growth rates shown by the two economies in the past five years and you get what is now well
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  • 1984 vs V for Vendetta
    "A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having" (V from the film V for Vendetta). Since the first communist leader tried to over take a country, there has been another leader planning for a revolution. And Orwell was one to speak of how he sees the battle to be. Orwell has written se
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  • Kingdom of Heaven: History vs. Hollywood
    Kingdom of Heaven: History vs. Hollywood The Crusades were a series of military campaigns encouraged by the church and pope to capture the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from Muslim hold. They were carried out during the 11th through the 13th centuries. There were a series of at least 6 crusades, some of
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  • Media Malpractice
    THE MEDIATED NURSE What is the nature of media representations of the nurse? What are the implications of these representations? And more importantly, what can be done to proffer a more accurate, if not more positive, image of nurses and nursing. In short, "when the public conjures up the image o
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  • Differences in B2B vs B2C Marketing
    Differences in B2B Marketing vs B2C In the following paper differences in marketing techniques that focus on B2B customers as opposed to marketing to B2C customers will be examined. The different goals and approaches used in marketing to these different business types will also be examined. In th
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  • Fahrenheit 451 vs. Good Night, and Good Luck
    Fahrenheit 451 vs. Good Night, and Good Luck I have recently read Fahrenheit 451 and watched the movie Good Night, and Good Luck. Fahrenheit 451 was a very interesting book talking about the future. The movie Good Night, and Good Luck was about broadcasting and communism. I'm going to talk abo
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  • Xbox 360 vs. Ps3
    Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Video game technology has made remarkable advancements over the last few decades. All aspects of new video game systems keep improving and the game play and graphics are more realistic than ever. Two of the most impressive new systems to be released are Microsoft's Xbox 360 an
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  • Science vs. Religion
    Research paper Final Draft Science vs. religion "The nucleus of the cell derives its name from the Latin nux, meaning nut. Like the stone in a cheery , it is found in the center of the cell, and like this stone, keeps its precious kernel in a shell. -Susan Griffin" , "Our Secret" Ever since the
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  • Brown vs. Board of Education
    In 1951, a class action suit was filed against the Board of Education of the City of Topeka, Kansas in the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas. The plaintiffs were thirteen Topeka parents on behalf of their twenty children. The suit called for the school district to reverse its policy of
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  • Good vs. Evil: Rock and Hip Hop
    Good vs. Evil: Rock and Hip Hop Written by: Chanel Auguste In 1965, The Rolling Stones early hit, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction", is taken off of many radio station's play lists after they received complaints of the lyrics containing sexually suggestive lyrics. 1980, Pink Floyd's hit single
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  • Private vs Public Education for Your Child
    Which one will you choose? Private vs. Public School Education for your Child The issue of whether private education is better than public has been debated for many years. Strong advocates of public education feel that children grow and progress better in a mixed environment. Although most pri
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  • Aristotle vs. Copernicus
    Aristotle vs. Copernicus Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist, who shared with Plato the distinction of being the most famous of ancient philosophers. Aristotle was born at Stagira, in Macedonia, the son of a physician to the royal court. At the age of 17, he went to Athens to study at
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  • Creationism vs Evolution: Through the Eyes of Jay Gould
    Creationism vs Evolution: Through The Eyes of Jay Gould It has been over 100 years since English naturalist Charles Darwin first told the world his revolutionary concept about how livings things develop. Evolution through natural selection and adaptation was the basis of his argument as it remain
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  • The Human Brain vs. the Computer
    The Human Brain vs. the Computer Over the millennia, Man has come up with countless inventions, each more ingenious than the last. However, only now, as the computer arises that mankind's sentience itself is threatened. Ridiculous, some may cry, but I say look about you! The computer has alrea
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  • African American vs. Caucasian Americans
    African American vs. Caucasian Americans At first glance some people might consider this paper to be on the racial side, however it was all written by observations made. There are many differences between African Americans and Caucasians, some people don't see the differences because of ignorance
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  • Great Expectations: God's Law vs. Human Law
    Great Expectations: God's Law vs. Human Law In his book Great Expectations, the problematic nature of moral judgement and justice that stems from a conflict between God's law and human law is one of several topical themes that Charles Dickens addresses. This paradox regularly surfaces in his
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  • Hard Times: Struggle of Fact vs Imagination and Struggle Between Two C
    Hard Times: Struggle of Fact vs Imagination and Struggle Between Two Classes Charles Dickens' novel, Hard Times, is a story of two struggles--the struggle of fact versus imagination and the struggle between two classes. It takes place in Coketown, and industrial-age English city. The novel
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  • Battle of the Bytes: Macintosh vs. Windows 95
    Battle of the Bytes: Macintosh vs. Windows 95 It used to be that the choice between a Mac and a PC was pretty clear. If you wanted to go for the more expensive, easier to use, and better graphics and sound, you went to buy a Macintosh, for the cheaper price, it was the PC. Now it is a much differ
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