• Yahoo! vs. Lycos
    Yahoo! Vs. Lycos When searching on the Internet, one may find it difficult sometimes to know where to start. With the seemingly limitless amount of information, one should use the resource suitable for the searcher's needs and tastes. Comparing different factors like databases, directory types, s
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  • Modernization vs. Dependency Theory
    POSC 311 Essay 1 LDC Advisement: Modernization Theory vs Dependency Theory The path to modernization is one never clearly defined. The following report will attempt to analyze and critique our nation's potential options concerning social and fiscal policy and use this information in an att
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  • Media and Politics: Agenda Setting and Framing
    How has media influenced public perception of political figures, issues, and institutions? Through agenda setting and framing, media has the power to set the agenda for political discussion by providing public attention to political figures, issues, and institutions. In addition, the media can fra
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  • Gore vs. Bush
    Gore vs. Bush Foreign Policy Ø CHINA Bush would like to redefine the relationship between China and the United States to become one of competitors, not partners. Both Bush and Gore feel that the free market will most likely produce more individual freedom in China and he also supports incr
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  • Evolution vs Creation
    Creation vs. Evolution Is Evolution Biologically Impossible? How creationists justify their position against the evolutionary process, and how evolutionists answer them. The Overwhelming Odds against Spontaneous Generation Perhaps the most common scientific argument against the evo
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  • Nature vs. Nurture
    Nature vs. Nurture Paper Emily Turner HP192, 3/13/01 For a long time, scientists and biologists have argued over whether our behavior is controlled solely by our genes or if the environment we are in has any effect. This is called nature versus nurture. No one knows which one dicta
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  • Buffy Media Analysis
    re to the aforementioned male qualities such as strength, competitiveness, etc, but more to the hope of increasing respect for typical female qualities (i.e. compassion, patience, etc) of which these characters do not share. "Symbol of desire" The female characters portray the most perfect symb
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  • Nature vs Nurture
    Oliver Konteh Perspectives on Human Nature Prof. Kurt Frey Nature vs Nurture For the past five weeks we have studied three different but influential people in our perspective on human nature class. They are Freud, Plato and Tzu. The main discussion between all of them is nature versus nur
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  • Discuss the Relationship Between Media and Information Technology
    Discuss the relationship between ‘Media' and ‘Information Technology' The term ‘Media' could today be defined as a collective term for television, radio, cinema and the press. The media are nowadays often discussed as a single entity, because of their combined importance as providers of enter
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  • Beowulf vs. Gilgamesh
    Beowulf Vs. Gilgamesh The two cultures I chose to compare heroic values for are the ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Anglo-Saxon cultures. The texts I used in the comparison are Gilgamesh for Mesopotamia and Beowulf for Anglo-Saxon. Although they posses many similar heroic characteristics they als
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  • Problem with the Media
    Celeste Yarbrough English 1100 12:00 ARW 6 December 2000 Problems with the Media There has been an ongoing dispute concerning the media's perception of how people are supposed to look. It seems that every year, the expectations of looking thin becomes harder and harder to meet. I kn
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  • 1984 vs Brave New World
    Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm each make commentary regarding the governing of society. Each story involves a so called perfect society, or Utopia. The people are given what they want, only to discover it wasn't really what they desired. It seems that bo
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  • Bethel School District vs. Fraser
    Bethel School District vs. Fraser This case involved a public high school student, Matthew Fraser who gave a speech nominating another student for a student elective office. The speech was given at an assembly during school as a part of a school-sponsored educational program in self-government. W
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  • Rhetoric in the Media
    Jamie Demetriou Jamie Demetriou Soc 202 Dr. Wood 02/28/01 Many times we hear things through media and don't actually listen to what they may say. When people hear something through mass media, they don't realize that there is a person's point of view stated in the story. And many times wh
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  • Media Violence
    According to news reports, 15-year-old high school freshman Charles "Andy" Williams methodically shot and killed two classmates and wounded 13 others - smiling as he went and stopping at least once to reload the revolver he used in the attack - before being taken into custody by sheriff's deputies.
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  • Youth Violence and the Mass Media
    Introduction The problem I am researching is the desensitizing of America's youth through violence in the mass media, specifically television and video games. I am interested in studying it because as violence on television and the violent content contained in video games has increased, so has you
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  • Cable Modems vs. Digital Subscriber Lines
    Cable Modems vs. Digital Subscriber Lines Bob Fager Econ 235ഊThe Internet has grabbed on to the world and it isn't letting go. Nearly 36 million U.S. homes currently have PCs and everyone is dying to jump on the information superhighway. The Internet, which started as a group of governme
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  • Protestant vs. Socially Engaged Buddhism
    Ben Ramsey Buddhist Thought Professor Kerin February 27, 2001 Protestant vs. Socially Engaged Buddhism Somewhere in the sixth century BCE Buddhism was born, born from a single man Siddhartha Guatama, the Buddha. After gaining his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha didn't thi
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  • Media and Tv
    "Communication remains God's great gift to humanity without which we cannot be truly human, reflecting God's image." (Cañaberal, 1993, 44) Freedom of speech is a right of individuals as they possess their own free will. Because of their free will, individuals have expressed their thoughts, desires,
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  • Kids vs Kids
    KIDS VS. KIDS The average child witnesses eight thousand murders and one hundred thousand acts of violence by the time he or she finishes elementary school. In the past fifteen years school violence has become a clear but present danger. It used to be children were involved in fistfight
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