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Maza Avadta Shikshak

 Liza Largoza Maza (Leader) Gabriela Women’s Party Profile: Liza Largoza Maza is a Filipino politician, activist, and development worker. She is the GABRIELA Women’s Party president and its nominee to the House of Representatives in the 13th and 14th Congress. Maza was born on 8 September 1957. She was one of 10 children of a couple who owned a grocery store. She grew up in San Pablo, Laguna, finishing elementary school at San Pablo Elementary School in 1970 and high school at Canossa...

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speech of teachers day

Ozonehole Mein (Your Name) is Shikshak Divas jaise Vishesh Din mein aap sabka swagat karthi hoon.. Hum har saal 5 Sithambar ko shikshakon ko vishesh sammaan dene ke liye shikshak divas ka aayojan karthe hain.. Yeh Samaj ek Bade parivar Jaise hai.. Is parivar mein kayi Dharma aur kayi Jaat-paat ke log rehte hain.. Is samaj ko samaj banaye rakhne ka mahatvapoorna kaam karthe hai Samaj ke Shilpakar yaani Shikshak.. Shikshak Samaj ke aise shilpakar hain jo bina kisi moh ke is samaj...

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Divorce Bill Reactions

country. Divorce would not strengthen but in fact will destroy the family," Barzaga adds. Unfounded fears But former Gabriela party-list Representative Liza Maza says, the fear that most married couples will avail of divorce is unfounded. "Divorce is an option for marriages experiencing irreparable breakdown. This is not for happy marriages." Maza adds that a measure providing divorce as an option would, in fact, ensure the survival of problem-ridden families. "A strong family marked by violence violates...

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Re Report

generations. Here the guru’s or elders of the community train the youth in skills such as crafting, farming, cooking etc. The shikshaks (students) learn throughdekhana aur jananna (watch and learn). PARIKSHA (assessment) In the traditional context, the form of assessment was not through examination but more practical based. Pariksha was carried out by enabling the shikshaks to perform the tasks themselves while the guru would monitor them. If an individual fails to perform the task taught to them...

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Scotch Lychee Apple Juice Coffee Raspberry Mango & Orange Strawberry Fresh Lime Chocolate Vino Competitors: Primary: Pepsi, Coca Cola, Rooh Afza, Jam E Shereen, Etc. Secondary: Frooto, Maza, Rani, Slice, Nestle, Etc. Pops Pods Soft drink, juice, milk Natural taste varieties Disposable Tastes varieties in milk Diet Economical price Different sizes Pakistani company Energy drink Communication: Through T.V. , Newspaper...

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Eroticism and the Body Politic: A Review

husband was King of France, her son the Dauphin and her brother the Emperor of Austria, made Marie Antoinette a public figure, though a woman whose body has no place in the public. Marie Antoinette was ill-liked throughout France, described by Sarah Maza as, “the most famously infamous queen consort in European history.” (63). France was at war with Austria and many thought her partial to her brother, placing their potential gains together over the gains of her now people of France. Things would only...

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speech for freshers party


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Gijubhai on Education

writings for teachers and parents have not been translated into English. I share below some translated excerpts from these writings, first published in Gujarati in the mid 1930s. This Will Not Do ... In Our School Excerpted from Prathmikshalama Shikshak, first published in 1932. It will do if our school does not have a vast library of books on education. It will not do if no one reads a single book on education related topics. It will do if our school building isn't clad with fancy stones...

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Role of Newschannels

NEWSCHANNALS Newschannals – Past to Present In the past decade, the number of channels which are solely dedicated to news has increased. Presently we can see 24X7 news channels viz. NDTV, STAR NEWS, STAR MAZA, AAJ TAK, etc. The fresh, up-to-date news about the happenings around the world can get in fraction of seconds. This transformation did not happen overnight. The big official Grand Opening of the first TV Station after years of experimental broadcasts...

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Benito Juarez

sister worked as a cook, he took a job as a domestic servant for Antonio Maza.[1] A lay Franciscan, Antonio Salanueva, was impressed with young Benito's intelligence and thirst for learning, and arranged for his placement at the city's seminary. He studied there but decided to pursue law rather than the priesthood. He graduated from the seminary in 1827 and went on to gain a degree in law. In 1843 Benito married Margarita Maza. Benito Juárez with his sister Nela (left) and his wife Margarita (right)...

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Overturn Doma

the states” (Baker) and allowed the states to have the choice in recognizing a same-sex marriage or not. The fight to overturn DOMA has been an ongoing event in the United States, however the first publicly known lawsuit against DOMA, according to Maza, was filed around July 8, 2009 and there have been about five others since. The fight to overturn DOMA does not currently have an end date; however some people believe it would be over soon. DOMA has been in effect for 17 years and Mr. Clinton believes...

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teachers day speech

Namaha || Mein (Your Name) is Shikshak Divas jaise Vishesh Din mein aap sabka swagat karthi hoon.. Hum har saal 5 Sithambar ko shikshakon ko vishesh sammaan dene ke liye shikshak divas ka aayojan karthe hain.. Yeh Samaj ek Bade parivar Jaise hai.. Is parivar mein kayi Dharma aur kayi Jaat-paat ke log rehte hain.. Is samaj ko samaj banaye rakhne ka mahatvapoorna kaam karthe hai Samaj ke Shilpakar yaani Shikshak.. Shikshak Samaj ke aise shilpakar hain jo bina kisi moh ke is samaj ko Sajathe hain...

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Poverty in the Philippines

which will open a highway for immorality and degradation of Philippine culture and religious standards and beliefs. Here is a list of the known supporters of RH Bill and Divorce Bill RH-Bill                       Divorce Bill Liza Maza                    – Liza Maza Risa Hontiveros         – Risa Hontiveros Janette Garin               – Janette Garin Edcel Lagman             – Edcel Lagman Luzviminda Ilagan    Luzviminda Ilagan It is not what God wants. Since I started Biblical studies nothing...

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Operation Management +

Vidhya Shikshak Seva Mandal [pic] Government Registered INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY Government Recognized An ISO 9001: 2008 International B-School SUB: PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Section –A Fill in the blanks 1. Production planning functions can be broadly identified as ______, _______ and _______. a) Estimating , routing , distribution b) Estimating, routing, scheduling ...

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Masculinity and Mourning in Javier Cercas's Soldados de Salamina

between Barcelona and the French border, where retreating Republican troops executed Nationalist prisoners. One prominent prisoner, the writer and founder of the Falange, Rafael Sanchez Mazas, managed to escape execution but was later discovered hiding in a ditch by a Republican soldier. The soldier looked at Sanchez Mazas in the eyes, yet when his comrades at a distance asked him if he had found him, he replied "no," and walked away. The narrator learns of this story through a series of interviews, beginning...

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3 Idiots

3 Idiots - Facebook Style: Rancho: *Smiling* Teacher: Aap muskura kyu rahe ho? Rancho: Bohot dino se Facebook me account banane ki ichha thi...aaj bana diya hai...bohot maza aa raha hai. Teacher: Zyada maza lene ki zarurat nai hai...Tell me what is a Post? Rancho: Anything that is posted on Facebook is Post, Sir. Teacher: Can you please elaborate? Rancho: Sir...jo bhi Facebook pe log daalte hai post hai sir...Ghumne gaye...photo daal diya! Post hai Sir. Match dekha score daal...

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Professional Studies

Colonies tested are rubbed onto the filter paper with a wooden applicator stick Expected results An immediate colour is change to deep blue indicates a positive test results. If the test is negative there is no colour change. REFERANCE; L.M de la Maza, et al (1997) Color Atlas of Diagnostic Microbiology, A Times Mirror Company, Mosby, United States of America....

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Apple Strategijos

konkurencinį pranašumą. Išteklių išskirtinumas turi būti ilgalaikis, nes per trumpą laiką įmonė gali nespėti juo pasinaudoti. Norėdama išlaikyti išteklių išskirtinumą, įmonė turi nuolat investuoti į išteklių kūrimą, išlaikymą ir atnaujinimą. Macintosh kurė maža grupelė žmonių, vadovaujama S. Jobs’o. Ji greitai tapo legenda. Macintosh stovykloje tvyrojo revoliucinė dvasia - žmonės tikėjo, kad jų kuriamas kompiuteris pakeis pasaulį. Tokių nuotaikų kaltininkas - S. Jobs’as, kuris turėjo retą sugebėjimą iš vienos...

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phool gulab ka? Woh Soti rahi mein karta raha, Intezaar uske jawab ka. Abhi uske haath mei rakha hi tha ke usne pakad liya, Guldasta Gulabon ka. Usne kaha pichhe se nahi aaGe se karo, Deedar Mere husn-e-shabbab ka. Usne kaha bada maza aata hai jab andar jata hai, Kano Mein Ek Ek lafz Tere pyar ka. Movies of school life Classes- Bardasht. Attendance- Hera pheri. Class room- No entry. Teacher- Janidushman. Exam- Evil dead. Examiner- Don. Frnd during paper- Hum aapke...

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nasuma gamybos ir mazinti savikaina 9. Technologine specializavimo forma taikoma kai atskiri strukturiniai vienetai specializuojami apdirbti labai ivairius objektus kuriuos sieja tam tikros operacijos. 10. Gamybos nenutrukstamumas pasiekiamas kai maza darbo nomenklatura , o daug dirbiniu. 11. Gamybos lankstumo principas: gamyba organizuojama taip kad be dideliu islaidu ja galima butu tobulinti. 12. Gamybos integravimo procesas: visi imones veiklos gamybos ir funkciniai posistemiai sujungiami...

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Parle G

snacks and toast. * Margin war among the major  Brands Parle Monaco Smart Chips Parle Monaco Smart Chips | Parent Company | Parle | Category | Wafers | Sector | Food Products | Tagline/ Slogan | Smart khao smart raho; Ab taste ka maza bina dare | USP | Not fried chips | STP | Segment | Health conscious people | Target Group | All age groups Lower, middle class people | Positioning | Wafers for people who want to be healthy | SWOT Analysis | Strength | 1. Excellent...

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Official Modern Pizza

The evolution of pizza has come a long way, all the way from the Roman times until the present. The exact origin of pizza is unknown; most people would say that pizza originated in Italy. However, Greek civilizations talked about a food called Maza, which was a flat pie that included toppings. Even the world’s most famous navigator brought back flat bread from China in the1300’s. In the Middle Ages, milk used from water buffalos was formed in a way to make mozzarella cheese. Spanish explorers...

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Power Freedom and Justice

liberty, as they will have the same opportunities to exercise their own individuality. In order to guarantee the universal right of individuality, John Rawls developed “justice as fairness”, which referred to his own understanding of social justice (Maza, 2009). Rawls believed that social institutions, through two basic principles of justice, would guarantee the exercise of individuality. The first principle should require equality in the assignment of basic rights and duties, meaning that all individuals...

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George Clemenceau

newsletter, Le Travail, along with some friends. On 23 February 1862, he was arrested by the police for having placed posters summoning a demonstration. He spent 77 days in the Mazas prison. Mazas Prison   On his release he started a new journal, Le Matin, but this also got him into trouble with the authorities. He graduated as a doctor on 13 May 1865, after finishing...

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Primary Education

school voucher or education voucher is a certificate issued by the government which parents can apply toward tuition at a school * The government of Rajasthan has announced two schemes that use school vouchers- Gyanodaya for classes 6-12 and Shikshak ka Apna Vidyalaya for classes 1-5. Trends in Education Sector in Pre-school: Trends | Examples: | Entry of Big Corporate | * Many corporate houses have / are planning to set up their own chain of pre-schools - Pre schools are viewed as...

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Computer Education

facility provides the student the facility to communicate with the people but also to study many courses through it. It is a real blessing for the young students. In India the government has announced “Operation Knowledge” “Bidyarti Computer Scheme” “Shikshak Computer Scheme” and school computer scheme. They are the schemes for penetration of computers in school. Computer aided instruction (CAI) helps student to master a subject. Here a step by step a programme is used to display a concept at a time,...

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The Perception of some students towards Divorce Law

seeking for the legalization of divorce. This Congress (14th Congress), Gabriela again filed a bill to introduce divorce in the Philippines. Here’s the explanatory note of House Bill 3461, filed by GABRIELA Women’s Party Representatives Liza Largoza-Maza and Luzviminda Ilagan. Let’s open this topic for discussion by everyone. Let’s avoid name-calling and focus on the merits. If you support or oppose the bill, then perhaps you could talk to your respective representatives in the House. There have been...

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for Health Statistics, 1999) According to the 1988 National Survey on Family Growth, about 2 million women ages 15 to 44 (3.5%) had ever sought to adopt a child. Black and nonblack women were equally likely to have sought to adopt. (Bachrach, London, Maza, 1991) Philosophical arguments (1). If the human is a person only when neurologically functioning as a human, then by that same argument it would be permissible to kill people while they are in deep sleep, in comas, or mentally handicapped. (2)...

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1805 in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, Mexico. His parents were both peasants and both died of diabetes. He was then raised by his uncle. Juarez worked in corn fields until he was 12, and then went to Oaxaca to attend school. In 1843 he married Margarita Maza when she was 17 and Juarez was 37. In 1834, Juarez became a lawyer and in 1841 he became a judge. He became governor of Oaxaca from 1847 to 1852. In 1854 Juarez helped make the Plan of Ayutla, which called for Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s deposition...

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How to Be a Rj

Aaj mausam bada baiyman hai aaj mausam…..han ji mausam bahut baiyman ho gaya hai aur dewano ka hal behal kar raha hai. Dhalte Suraj ki sheetal kirane badalo ki piche se hute hue dharti ko choom rahi hai….isi tarah lakho diwane is sheetal kirno ka maza lete hua apne mehbooba kay saath Sunday kay chutti ka luft utha rahe hai…to agla gana main inhi diwano ko dedicate karta hon , to sunte rahiye radio mirchi 98.3 fm Its hot with your favourite RJ madhu SONG: Chookar mere man ko……….. Yaarana fim...

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A Brief About Popular Food Industries

variety of food categories, especially fruit juices. With an unmatched 30% share in the local market, The PFI endeavor to produce best quality fruit juices, using a highly advance technology, imported from tetra pak, Sweden. The popular brands, Polly, Maza, Real Fruit & Junior (for kids) simply won the hearts of native people. On the export front, they are successful with their brands, real fruit, Umdah, So-fruit & Juice on. Export range mostly covers UK, USA, France, Germany, Afghanistan and SAARC countries...

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Divorce in the Philippines

annulment of marriage. This does not answer the rampantly occurring cases of violence and infidelity that leaves women rather helpless. Philippines is among the last two countries in the world that do not yet legalize divorce. Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza first filed a divorce bill in Congress in 2005. The bill, known as House Bill 1799, or An Act Introducing Divorce in the Philippines, was re-filed in August 2010 by Gabriela Women's party-list. It should be no wonder now why it is the women who are...

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Class Routine

MKT301-MNJ Room-503 MON ECO101-MAZa Room-507 ECO101-MAZa Room-507 MKT301-MNJ Room-502 SCE101-ZA Room-502 TUE ACT101-MKH Room-608 ACT101-MKH Room-205 SCE101-ZA Room-205 WED MKT301-MNJ Room-602 ECO101-MAZa Room-203 ECO101-MAZa Room-203 THU ACT 101 Introduction to Financial Accounting MKH Mr. Md. Kamal Hossain ECO 101 Micro Economics MAZa Mr. Mohammad Amzad Hossain MKT 301 ...

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Baron Haussmann

up outside the old opera house. The new site, with its wide street, would offer more easily guarded approaches. Haussmann also built and widened a number of streets through and around revolutionary areas. On the Right Bank, boulevards Voltaire and Mazas surrounded the Faubourg St-Antoine and on the Left Bank, rues Monge, Gay-Lussac and Claude Bernard circled the Montagne St-Geneviève. He also tore down the lle de la Cité, which was the heart of old Paris, one of its densest areas of medieval buildings...

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Nestle Pak

operational strategies and vision for growth. Nestle Pakistan is also exporting their products and in the current year the company has experienced 25% growth in exports to Afghanistan The major new product launches during 2010 and 2011 included: MAGGI Umda Maza, MAGGI Noodles (Bar-B-Q, Masala & Karara), NESTLÉ Peach Nectar, LACTOGEN low lactose, & NESTLÉ Pure Life–5 liters. Nestle Pakistan has announced that the company is introducing their juices brand Fruita Vitals in prisma packaging format of...

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Women in the French Revolution

and the Shifting Ground of Revolutionary Politics: The case of Madame Roland." Canada Journal of History 36.2 (2001): 252 Landes, B, Joan. Women and the Public Sphere: In the Age of the French Revolutin. New York: Cornell University Press, 1988 Maza, Sarah, and Sarah E. Melzer. "Rebel Daughters: Women and the French Revolution." The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 25.2 (1994): 303 Roessler, E.S. Out of the Shadows: Women and Politics in the French Revolution, 1789-95. New York: Peter Lang...

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Profitability of Environmentally Friendly Companies

Profitability of Environmentally Friendly Companies By: Jayvee Maza BSBA- Financial Management TF (1:00pm-2:30pm) Corporations that have an eco-friendly philosophy are rewarded with greater profits. Outline: I. The Environment and your business II. The benefits of an environmentally friendly business A. Value of Being green B. Make your business environmentally friendly III. Support to help your business go green IV. A. Summary ...

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contract law formative assignment

uk/maf/wluk/app/document?&suppsrguid=ia744c0970000 01423263a04a70de9113&docguid=I7A629F50E4B811DAB61499BEED25CD3B&hitguid=I98 7DFFB1E42811DA8FC2A0F0355337E9&rank=1&spos=1&epos=1&td=1&crumbaction=append&context=51&resolvein=true>. Lucía Méndez de la Maza Westlaw.co.uk. *929 Tenax Steamship Co. Ltd. v The Brimnes (Owners) The Brimnes [1970 Folio no. 140] [1975] Q.B. 929. < http://0- login.westlaw.co.uk.unicat.bangor.ac.uk/maf/wluk/app/document?&suppsrguid=ia744c09a0000 01...

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Ict in Teacher Education

education institutions are unequipped or under-equipped in the terms of digitized and high-tech infrastructure. References Ahmed, S. and Singh, M. (2010). Multimedia in Teacher Education Empowering Accessible, Flexible and innovative learning, Shikshak - Shikha Shodh Patrika Vol. (04) No (1) pp. 32-33. Flecknoe, M. (2002).“How can ICT help us to improve education”? Innovations in Education &amp; Teaching International, Vol. 39, No. 4, Pp; 271-280 Mishra, P., &amp; Koehler, M. (2006). Technological...

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script for dance show

announce… They can’t wait any longer!!!Everyone put your hands together for our next bubbly performance ..the most awaited one !! LAVANI DANCE BY THE ELDER BATCH OF MAPA ! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Oye mere sher puttar!!! Aahh!!! Maza aa gaya.. aur kudiyon ki ada ..wah wah !!! wah wah!! Taaliyan … “If you can Dream it, you can do it”. I am sure everyone out here must have sometime, some moment definitely said…that’s destiny,mera naseeb ,my luck… But Is it true?? Yes ,I think...

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Chalna Hamara Kaam Hai PrayogShala

verified) nice one..for poetry on life...go to http://funexpressway.blogspot.com/2009/10/yehi-jeena-hai.html reply good poem 2009, November 22 - 10:40 — Anonymous (not verified) acchi hai lekin meri poem ko acchi tarah churaya. mere poem ko churake maza udata hai. reply kya yahan bhi sab ye sab 2010, July 6 - 04:18 — Anonymous (not verified) kya yahan bhi sab ye sab bakwas comment karte hain, achhi poem hain yaar appreciate karo, nahi kar sakte to muh band rakho.......... reply amazing, bahut...

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Welfare Measure

girls).Pani-Puri has different-different names in every state of India. Eating Pani-Puri is an Art. If you will not practice it you can never enjoy its taste. Its sweet & salty taste gives us refreshness, just like F5 on computer’s desktop. Bole too ‘maza aa gaya’. Me & my gang (group of girls, but I am not a college gabber) are a big fan of Pani-Puri, because the shop is situated just in front of my college gate, and the shop keeper very well knows the art of attracting customer. So the 4 P’s of...

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sports day

spontaneity. Hold your breath now is the time for another sweet performance by our superkids. With a huge round of applause,please welcome our little wonders who are coming to perform on______________________ Comparer 2: Grandparents agar aapko maza aaya ho toh zordaar taliyan ho jayein. Apne dada-dadi aur nana-nani ko toh jaise aaj sab bachche super impress karke chodenge. To give a glimpse of their childhood are ready the next group of little wonders,so please put your hands together for our...

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Jalosjos, Cesar G. Jalosjos-Carreon, Cecilia G. Javier, Exequiel B. Jikiri, Yusop H. Joson, Eduardo Nonato N. K Kho, Antonio T. L Labadlabad, Rosendo S. Lacson, Jose Carlos V. Lagdameo, Antonio Jr. F. Lagman, Edcel C. Lapus, Jeci A. Largoza -Maza, Liza T. Lazatin, Carmelo F. Ledesma, Julio IV A. Lim, Reno G. Locsin, Teodoro Jr. L. Lopez, Carol Jayne B. Lopez, Jaime C. M Macapagal-Arroyo, Juan Miguel Madrona, Eleandro Jesus F. Magsaysay, Ma. Milagros 'Mitos' H. Malapitan, Oscar...

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The Impact Of Foster Care On Developmen

international sources of adoption, focusing only on adoption from foster care. Most of the children who wait in foster care are not babies. Maza (2002) estimates that the mean age of waiting children was 7.9 years in 1999; in 2001, the mean age was 8.4. African American children wait longer for adoptive placement (Kapp, McDonald, & Diamond, 2001), and according to Maza, 41% of children waiting in foster care at the end of 1999 were African American. The children waiting in foster care often belong to a...

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The Prospects of Multilingual Education

Senate. In the present 14th Congress, the English bill is now known as House Bill 850 which has been consolidated with the two other versions, House Bills 305 and 446. 4 There was another language-in-education bill filed by Representative Liza Maza which pushed for the use of the national language as the primary medium of instruction. Not surprisingly, this bill didn’t survive through the committee level. 3. International and local research in language in education International and local studies...

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| |Katwa de baal, aur kar de savera | |Juice peene ka maza cup mein nahin, glass mein hota hai | |Greeting card dene ka maza gharwali ko nahin, saali ko hota hai | |Machal Machal kar arman mere khud hi dafan ho jate hai, ...

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Anchoring Sctipt

Aur bole Punjaabi ,”its only Bhaangada ”.. Aayiye dekhe punjaabi sone munde ka jalwa aur unki Punjabi kudis ka nakhra,latka ,jatka aur thodanu pyaar da tadka… Start of performance – Song 9 (Laung da lashkava) Oye mere sher puttar!!! Aahh!!! Maza aa gaya.. aur kudiyon ki ada ..wah wah !!! wah wah!! Taaliyan … “If you can Dream it, you can do it”. I am sure everyone out here must have sometime, some moment definitely said…that’s destiny,mera naseeb ,my luck… But Is it true?? Yes ,I think...

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Education System Comparison Between Usa and Latvia

sistēma ir laba? [pic]Jā, tā ir laba [pic]Nē, tā ir nesakārtota 4. Tavuprāt, kas ir GALVENAIS iemesls kāpēc izglītība (izglītības līmenis) Latvijā nav attīstījusies tiktāl, kā ASV? [pic]Izglītības budžets ir pārāk mazs [pic]Tādēļ, ka Latvija ir maza un jauna valsts [pic]Ekonomiskās krīzes dēļ, tā nespēj attīstīties [pic]Cits [pic] 5. Vai kādreiz esi domājis par mācīšanos ASV? [pic]Jā, esmu. [pic]Nē, neesmu [pic]Jā, esmu. Bet es labāk vēlētos mācīties Eiropā. Paldies! ...

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Project Initiation Document

have less bargaining power. Threat of new entrance: * Some factories try to produce very closed products to our success ones such as (FINO,RINO,ROTERDAM) * Expansion on the capacity of some competitors which may affect our market share (Maza,Cristal) and this expansion not required high capital. Threat of substitutes: * Many of small bossiness start produce and sale fresh juices * The producing of the flavored milk and fermented milk with juice contain may shift some of juice...

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Coca Cola

firms, sale people to motivate them to strive to increase their sale levels. A simple example is that, Coca-Cola and Philips join hands to launch TV Maza Promotion Philips Pakistan & the Coca-Cola Export Corporation Pakistan recently entered into a partnership to launch a joint consumer promotion for their consumers named “Coca-Cola TV Maza – Drink Coke & Win Philips TVs.” CHAPTER NO: 3 UNCONTROLLABLE FACTORS 3.1: COMPETITORS OF COCA-COLA:...

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be targeting all of the youngsters including all of those students ,professionals and last, but not the least, the house wives The main target for Candia will be class A,B and C. UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION Doodh Ka Aisa Maza ,Jo Pehli Bar Mila ……………. “Candia” POINTS OF DIFFERENCE * Caramelized milk * Unique convenient bottled milk * Unique Taste. * Double processed UHT treated milk. MARKETING PROGRAM Product Strategy PRODUCT ...

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Gayly's Docs

Justice (DOJ) and the Regional Trial Court of Makati City (RTC Makati) on the investigation and prosecution of petitioners’ cases. The Facts Petitioner in G.R. No. 175013, Crispin B. Beltran (Beltran), and petitioners in G.R. Nos. 172074-76, Liza L. Maza (Maza), Joel G. Virador (Virador), Saturnino C. Ocampo (Ocampo), Teodoro A. Casiño (Casiño), and Rafael V. Mariano (Mariano),1 are members of the House of Representatives representing various party-list groups.2Petitioners in G.R. Nos. 172070-72 are private...

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Strategic Marketing Haleeb Pakistan

evaluate the competitive position we have to take a look on the competitors of "HALEEB FOODS" in JUICE CATEGORY. Key Competitors 1. Nestle 2. Maza 3. Shezan 4. Country 5. Nurpur 6. Malee Nestle and Shezan are the main competitor of "HALEEB FOODS" offering pure juices. But the others are not offering the pure juices. Competitors including Maza Country & Nurpur are competitor in nectar. Nestle It is a multinational company operating in broad range of products but from the juices...

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Shades of Green: Measuring the Ecology of Urban Green Space in the Context of Human Health and Well-Being

measured in our shortlisted sample of papers, a rough distinction can be made between approaches that seek to measure biodiversity on-site and those deploying landscape metric proxies for biodiversity. Examples of the former approach include de la Maza et al. (2002), in which 6 different measures of biodiversity were used to study the association between biodiversity and the income level of residents in the 36 metropolitan boroughs of Santiago, Chile; Kinzig et al. (2005), in which plant and bird...

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Co-Operative Banks in India

Co-operative Bank Ltd. |Mumbai | |Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd. |Nagpur | |Shikshak Sahakari Bank Ltd. |Nagpur | |The Akola Janata Com.Co-operative Bank Ltd. |Akola ...

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Supply Voltage Effects on the Operation of Residential Air Conditioning Appliances: Theoretical Analysis

Supply Voltage Effects on the Operation of Residential Air Conditioning Appliances: Theoretical Analysis J.M. Maza Ortega1, M. Burgos Payán1, J.M. Romero Gordón2 and M. Pinilla Rodríguez2 Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Seville Camino de los Descubrimientos, s/n – 41092 Sevilla, Spain phone: +34 954 487283 – fax: +34 54 487284 - e-mail: jmmaza@us.es, mburgos@us.es 2 1 Department of Power Quality - Endesa-Sevillana Avda. de la Borbolla, 5 – 41004 Sevilla, Spain Abstract...

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Position Paper on Fault-based Divorce

time. Particularly, and I say it again, when it is deemed imperative for the defendant’s and their children’s safety and survival. With this ground, I will present my counterarguments for the cases stated above. First, I would like to quote Liza Maza, Gabriela Party-list representative, when she said that “the bill is a culture-sensitive bill”, which means that it was designed to address present day realities, and in our case, domestic or physical violence, adultery and infidelity, gross irresponsibility...

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appear independently of group-related motives such as the existence of an ingroup threat. These hypotheses received partial support in a paradigm marked by the conflictive intergroup relation between smokers and nonsmokers ( Falomir &amp; Sanchez-Mazas, 1998). The level of self-categorization was manipulated through a comparison task: Nonsmoker participants were asked to compare smokers either to nonsmokers (category-referent) or to themselves (personal-referent) through traits that were either positive...

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