• Ashford Math126 Week 3 Assignment
    Cynthia Harris Week 3 Assignment MAT126 Amy Glidewell May 20, 2012 For this assignment I will be working 2 projects. For project #1 I will solve equations ( a) x² - 2x - 13 = 0 and ( c ) x² + 12x - 64 = 0 using steps a-f from page 379 Mathematics in Our World. For project #2, I select
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  • Eng 125 Week 2 Theme & Narrative Paper
    Theme and Narrative Elements in a Short Story Essay Ashford University Week 2 Assignment ENG 125 10/24/2011 A short story illustrates the effectiveness of the plot, particularly one that has a surprise ending such as, “The Gift of the Magi”. In this story of
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  • Mat126 Week 1 Assignment
    Real World Applications Christopher Martinez MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods Instructor Kussiy Alyass September 17, 2012 Real World Applications Real World Applications are Mathematical problems that we use to help understand how a math problem can be solved
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  • Mat126 Week 2 Assignment
    Week Two Assignment By Christina Long MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods Instructor Chander Sekar October 1, 2012 I have chose three prepackaged foods for this assignment I most of the time do not eat breakfast but when I do I only eat cereal so for the breakfast i
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  • Mat 126 Week 1 Assignment
    Real world applications XXX MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods Instructor: XXX May 20, 2012 In this assignment I would like to talk about arithmetic sequences and geometric sequences and want to give an example each how to calculate with those sequences. First I wa
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  • Mat 126 Week 2 Assignment
    Grams of Fat Jessica Wallen MAT126 Prof. Kussiy Alyass September 23, 2012 Grams of Fat Everyday we consume large amounts of food that we absolutely love. On occasion we do question the content of these foods, but not enough to actually do the math to see percentages of fats and sugars that
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  • Mat126 Assignment4
    Running head: PYTHAGOREAN 1 Pythagorean Theorem equation Jessica Allen MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods Prof. Lisa Whitaker October 8, 2012 PYTHAGOREAN
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  • Ashford Accounting
    Ashford 4: - Week 3 - Instructor Guidance WEEK 3 Lecture:  Inventory Overview Over the last three weeks we have defined the financial statements used in business, how they are interrelated, how to prepare journal entries, adjust the books and close the books for a specific accounting period.
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  • Info 103 Week 3 - Assignment 2
    Week 3 - Assignment 2 How is searching in a specific database, such as Ashford’s library, different from searching in Bing, Google, or Yahoo? The Ashford University Online Library is a proprietary database which can only be accessed by students and faculty. The AU Online Library provides
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  • Ashford vs Pheonix
    When it comes to anyone choosing a school to further their education, everyone thinks and hopes they make the right decision. When looking at schools weather you’re eighteen or forty you have to factor in many things. Location, how far you want to travel, and if you can be away from your family.
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  • Week One Written Assignment
    Week One Written Assignment Shereka Pierce Mat 126 Elizabeth Stepp December 6, 2011 We have been learning how to develop our skills, in speaking, reading, and writing the English language. Did you know that when we were in math class, we were also learning how to speak, read, and write the l
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  • Week 3
    Week Three Assignment 2 Henry Stephens Ashford University Abstract Week three Assignment 2 I really can’t say that email is dead for teenagers although most teens like to use Facebook or Twitter to do their communication over the web. Most people use Facebook and Twitter to discuss some o
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  • Com200: Week 2
    Week Two Writing Assignment Melissa Liotta COM200: Interpersonal Communication Instructor: Latricia Carter January 16, 2012 Week 2 Assignment Do you think the results provide by the Language Style Matching website are accurate? I do not believe that the Language Style Matching rules can be
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  • Week 2 Orientatoin Assignment
    Week 2 Assignment I believe I have many strengths and challenges with regards to online schooling, but I have learned a few interesting thing that I hope will prove very useful with my future at Ashford University. I will briefly explain a couple of these strengths, challenges, and helpful know
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  • Week Five Assignment – Transformational Learning
    Week Five Assignment – Transformational Learning J. Victoria Holderby EXP 105 Professor Tara Malec May 11, 2012 TRANSITIONAL LEARNING There is nothing permanent but change. This change has the potential to be a positive experience. The lessons learned through change, and the step
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  • Week 1
    Week 2 Assignment 2 Edward Cassidy OMM 640 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Ronald Beach October 1, 2012 In our economy today everyone strives to be treated fairly and equal. Because of this, the United States Constitution established the Bill of Rights, which highlights the limita
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  • Written Assignment Week 2
    Online learning has different challenges and strengths for each student. Some of my challenges are writing papers, slowing myself down and not getting in a hurry so I can do my best, doing my assignments early and not waiting till the last minute to complete them. Some of my strengths are the conven
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  • 103 Week 2
    Stereotyping and its negative impact Nichol Anderson Ashford University PHI103: Informal Logic Instructor: Victor Reppert Abstract Stereotyping provides a view which may be based on some truths/facts, but is often limited and biased. They tend to be a neat and convenient
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  • Bus 630 Week 1 Discussion
    BUS630 WEEK 1 Ashford University MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING: This week students will: 1. Explain the primary ethical responsibilities of the management accountant. 2. Illustrate the key principles of managerial accounting including cost concepts. 3. Distinguish between the behavior of v
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  • Composition and Inverse - Week 5
    Composition and Inverse MAT222 Composition and Inverse The following functions will be used in this week’s assignment. 1. fx=2x+5 2. gx=x2-3 3. hx=7-x3 We are first asked to compute f-h4. Like many algebra problems, the solution becomes obvious, or at least easier, once it has
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