• Pratt, Arts of the Contact Zone
    Understanding Pratt After talking to students in classroom who were assigned to do a project on Pratt, getting a frequent response “I didn’t read it, it’s too hard to comprehend” was an ordinary thing. Therefore, writing a response to Pratt’s essay in a language that is comprehendible by
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  • arts of the contact zone
    “Perhaps the greatest Utopia would be to realize that no Utopia is possible.” -Jack Carroll Growing up in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, one would notice that the two dominant races that occupied the city were the blacks and the whites. Being a part of the black community, I had...
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  • arts of the contact zone
    The idea of a contact zone and a community is distinct from one another, yet they can both be used to define the characteristics of the same group. Mary Louise Pratt believes that communities are often seen as the more dominant viewpoint to the general public but she also argues that we...
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  • Commentary Arts of the Contact Zone
    Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing, vendors on the beach are offering fresh cold coconuts; children are playing in the warm, equatorial water. The beach is serene and quiet compared to the wild parties of the night before. The sun is warming; the world is coming alive and the...
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  • Arts of the Contact Zone
    Arts of the Contact Zone For the twelfth grade English curriculum, we had to read and learn about the Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt. This essay opened up a whole new concept for us. The new term "contact zone" appeared and Pratt defined it as "social spaces where cultures meet,
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  • Comparing "Arts of the Contact Zone" and Animism and the Alphabet"
    Every breath you take is comprised of bits and pieces of your immediate surrounding. While outside the confines of the manmade structures that stand strong before you everyday, you’re unavoidably absorbing nature. You unconsciously and almost immediately determine how well the day will progress: C
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  • Arts of the Contact Zone
    Essay #2 Arts of the Contact Zone During a recent English Literature class we were asked to read and learn about the Arts of the Contact Zone by Mary Louise Pratt. This essay opened up a whole new concept for me. The new term “Contact Zone” appeared and Pratt defined it as “social spaces w
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  • Arts of the Contact Zone
     In Mary Louise Pratt’s words of “Arts of the Contact Zone”, a community is “held together by a homogeneous competence or grammar shared identically and equally among all the members.” (493) What she means by that is we all share the same traits. I am a member of the aviation...
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  • Arts of a Contact Zone
    English 110 February 19th, 2014 Home Away From Home Have you ever described a place as your “home away from home”? Do you think of the people there as your family or community? The place that I think of when I think of a somewhere is a place like college, to be specific, my dorm wing....
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  • arts of the contact zone
    Arts of the Contact Zone Q2R#3&4 In “”Arts of the Contact Zone” Pratt gets the point across that cultures should recognize the “contact zone.” By giving examples like Poma’s writing and a homework assignment that her son had, Pratt defines the contact zone as the “meeting of cultures...
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  • The “Contact Zone” of the Uw
    To what extent does a clash of culture within a particular community is associated with our lives? In Mary Louise Pratt’s article, “Arts of the Contact Zone” discusses the interacting power of social spaces where individuals from variant and even oppositional cultural backgrounds. Pratt writes
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  • The Community/Contact Zone of Chisholm
    English 110 9/24/2013 Being a citizen of the town of Chisholm is a community that I am a member of and that is very important to me. I have lived in this small town, located on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota, my whole life. The town has grown on me throughout the years and I...
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  • Contact Zone
    Mary Louise Pratt wrote A Contact Zone, a short story about how many different cultures interact through Transculturation and contact zones. A contact zone is defined as “is the gap in which transculturation takes place- where two different cultures meet and inform each other, in uneven...
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  • In the Zone
    In the Zone The "Arts of the Contact Zone" by Mary Louise Pratt is a speech that she wrote and presented as an MLA member. In it she analyzed a letter written by an unknown but literate Andean to King Philip III. She defines "social space where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other,
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  • Mary Louise Pratt Edward Said
    The key tools to maintaining your identity There are many tools that one can use to maintain their identity, nationally and internationally. A nation or land is where people have established their life, their culture and their heart; sadly it has happened where people have been forced out of their
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  • Contact Zones
    Alec Summers College Writing “Arts of the Contact Zone” #4 Professor Ober September 21 2010 In her essay, Mary Louise Pratt uses terms and phrases such as autoethnography, imagined community, transculturization, and safe house. These words express the boundaries between cultures and the d
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  • Pratt
    In Mary Louise Pratt’s Arts of the Contact Zone, she explores the concept of literacy through different ideas of understanding. Pratt first brings up the idea of the Contact Zone. This term “refers to social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in contexts of h
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  • Contact Zones in Chicano Culture
    Contact Zones in Chicano Culture Meeting someone from another culture expands your knowledge of the world. As you receive new information, you are giving some of your own. The experience of two different people meeting is far less than the experience of two different cultures of people meeting. The
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  • Contact Zones
    Conquering the Conqueror Parodies are pieces of writing or presentations that deliberately copy and make fun of other writings or subjects. Although parodies may offend or make others uncomfortable, they have a peculiar way of benefitting learners by forcing them outside of their natural
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  • Contact Zones
    Seminar in Composition Crystal Hoffman September 7, 2013 “The Bubble” Meets Reality When I picture a utopia, I think of the original definition that Sir Thomas More wrote about in 1516: an ideal society in which everyone is considered equal, the golden age never ends, and the same...
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