• Marriage and Family Counseling
    In today's world more and more people are experiencing life struggles when it comes to family. These issues can range from problems in a marriage, how to deal with your children issues and understand yourself and how to deal with your family and certain issues. The area of marriage and family coun
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  • Should Marriage Be Converted Into a 3 Year Contract
    Should marriage be converted into a three year contract? Marriage was originated to unite a man and a woman in the closest and most endearing way. During a marriage ceremony, the couple vows to be together forever whether the situations they face together are good or bad, and death is the only
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  • Breathing Life Into Our Marriage Culture
    The Slow Death of a Marriage Culture Angela Donnell A distressing number of children in this nation will go to bed tonight without the participation of both a mother and father in an important family ritual: reading a bedtime story, saying nighttime prayers, and being tucked in with reassuring goo
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  • Marriage and Infidelity in the Odessey
    In this paper I am writing about marriage and infidelity in modern life and the books we have read in class. Marriage is a mutual bond in which a man and a woman decide to be with each other until they die. Infidelity is basically when the man or woman in a relationship cheat on the other person, wi
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  • Preparation Marriage
    The effective design and successful implementation of programs that target the transition to marriage has been limited in the family life education field. Some researchers have called for more of a family life education focus on newlyweds. In order to expand our understanding of this important tr
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  • The Effects of Effects of Early Marriage
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGBROUND OF THE STUDY. Marriage is found in all cultures. It is a process by which individuals select their life partners. It is an old institution which regulates the term upon which male and female reproduce according to well defined and acceptable social n
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  • Marriage Versus Living Together
    Tyler Maugherman English 1100 Marriage versus Living Together Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife, and in some jurisdictions, between two persons of the same sex, usually entailing legal obligations of each person to the other. A union between persons that is
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  • Family Counseling Approach
    Running head: THE ISSUE OF CHOICE The Issue of Choice: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Melissa Trask Liberty University May 12, 2010 Abstract Counseling has been in existence from the beginning of time. From Jethro to Freud, therapists and philosophers have been seeking insight into the core
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  • Marriage
    Success in Marriage – Handling your Differences with your Spouse You should keep in mind that when two different people decide to settle down and live under the same roof, troubles and conflicts are bound to happen. It is important to have this kind of mindset even before you tie the knot. Howeve
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  • Pastoral Counseling
    PASTORAL COUNCELING Melody Bragg College Writing and Research 101 Mrs Pickett December 16, 2008 Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………………………………………..3 The Personal Interview With Pastor Corrie Warren………..………
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  • E Counseling Applied in Online Mentoring Process
    E Counseling Applied in Online Mentoring Process By: Dr. Marita G. Sanchez Vice President on Academics Cagayan Valley Computer and Information Technology College Carreon Street, Centro east, Santiago City, Philippines Tel. No. (078) 682-1842 Abstract E counseling is a new modality
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  • Counseling Couples
    Title of the Article: Chapter 10 - Counseling Couples by Terrance D. Olson by: Rose Lynn De Dios Villanueva Short Summary of the Article: First and foremost, a marriage counselor must be positive upon any situation of each couple who has sought his/her help. Being positive means that the cou
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  • Counseling
    Counseling is based on insight of how an individual relates to their environment, manages stress and deal with crisis. Counseling helps individuals to develop skills to cope with and strengthen relationships. Counseling is usually short term and deals with a particular problem. Therapy deals wit
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  • Counseling and Diversity
    Abstract People of different cultures, including immigrants of today seem to differ from past generations in that they seek to retain many of their cultural values and are less interested in becoming homogenized within the U.S. culture. This distinctness can create a potentially complex situation
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  • 8 Week Pre-Marital Counseling Session
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  • Marriage Reform
    Eng. 112 15 July 2011 Marriage Reform In this day and age we hear so much about “reform”and “prevention”. Quite often these terms are referred to when speaking on healthcare, crime, education, wars and many other issues that surround America. If you really think about it though, have you
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  • Student Roles and Responsibilities for the Master of Counseling Marria
    Student Roles and Responsibilities for the Master of Counseling Marriage, Family and Child Therapy Specialty Daniel Kimball May 4, 1996 HCS 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies Instructor: Mark A. Nichols The student roles and responsibilities of the Masters of Counseli
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  • Marriage Asylum
    It is my belief that the institution of marriage is a sham, designed by pious Christain fanatics in order to subjugate, control, and furthermore oppress a woman's personal liberties, intellectual freedoms and artistic development. It is also my belief that much in the way of the institution of marri
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  • Counseling the Infertile Couple
    "Counseling the Infertile Couple" Being a pastor of family ministries with three healthy children, it is hard for me to counsel other couples on infertility. I have also been on the other side of the table facing these infertility choices in my first marriage. There was a choice we faced regardi
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  • Marriage Preparation Program
    My "ideal" Marriage Preparation Program will take place over a one month period before the wedding is to take place. It will be composed of four private sessions and three group sessions. Each session will be approximately two hours long and will be led by the Church Priest and the group sessions wi
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