• Marketing Plan
    Executive Summary This marketing plan is for a franchise branch of Dunn Bros Coffee located off of Hwy 169 in the city of Elk River. Dunn Bros is one of the fastest growing local small franchises in Minnesota. Founded in 1987 by Ed Dunn who opened a store on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Skip Fay
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  • Marketing Plan
    MARKETING PLAN McBride financial services Sharon Ledger October 26, 2007 McBride Financial Services will be looking at target
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  • Marketing Plan Example
    Marketing Plan I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Star Software, Inc., is a small, family-owned corporation in the first year of a transition from first-generation to second-generation leadership. Star Software sells custom-made calendar programs and related items to about 400 businesses, which use the sof
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  • Duracell Marketing Plan
    I. Executive Summary  Duracell is a member of the Gillette Co. and is the alkaline battery market leader holding approximately 50 percent of the U.S. market share. Duracell has been forced to realign its prices in order to stay competitive with competitors who have introduced lower-cost bra
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  • Li Ning Marketing Plan
    Marketing Plan: Li Ning to be the number one in China sportswear market 1.0 Executive Summary The primary objective is to increase Li Ning¡¦s overall market share from the current 17% to 20% in 3 years time and defend its first place in China sportswear market against strong competition. To a
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  • Samsung Smart Fridge Business to Business Marketing Plan
    Samsung Smart Fridge Marketing Plan Prepared by: Elizaveta Chernova Susanne Pfisterer Kelly Seawell Semih Yilmaz CONTENTS Page EXECUTIVE SUMMARY………….………………………………………………...4 MISSION STATEMENT……………………………………………………………...5 CURRENT MARKET
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  • Washington Mutual Marketing Plan
    A Marketing Success Story   Background: Browse the papers or search the internet today for Washington Mutual Bank, and most of what you'll find is bad news about the poor condition of the bank. Stocks have fallen from a high this year of $46.38 to $14.10. (Quote, 2007) Yet Washington Mut
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  • Marketing Plan
    There are a variety of styles and formats used for marketing plans. The following section headings will help you organize your plan. The content of the plan is much more important than rigid adherence to a specific format. I. Executive Summary The Executive Summary highlights the main goals an
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  • Grand Livina Marketing Plan
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nissan Grand Livina is the latest product of Nissan, launched on April 2007. It is projected as the "people's car", which fulfills the needs of the customers: an economical, wide-spaced vehicle with reasonable price. The objectives of the marketing plan is aligned with Nissan's
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  • Marketing Plan
    2.0 Introduction Founded in year 2001, Oriental-E Auto (OEA) is led by a team of experienced Sales Person & Directors in the automotive field who deals with the sales of used cars in Selangor, Malaysia. OEA consists of comprehensive and quality selection of the used cars in Malaysia. The cars r
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  • Marketing Plan for Scent Sense
    The purpose of this document is to outline the marketing strategies for the revolutionary product that is Scent Sense. This document will be used to set goals to be achieved in the foreseeable future by further developing strategic plans for each section included in this marketing plan. Scent Sens
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  • Nike Marketing Plan
    Nike Marketing Plan By: Marketing Management – MM522 March 2004 Outline I. Executive Summary II. Table of Contents III. Company History IV. Marcoenvironment a. Demographic b. Economic c. Social d. Political e. Technological f. Ecological V. Competitive Advantage a. Industry
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  • Marketing Plan
    McBride Financial services is a mortgage lender that provides loans for home purchasing and refinancing. McBride Financial Services' mission is to be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services. With a great a marketing plan we can make that statement true and prove that McBride Financia
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  • Day Spa Marketing Plan
    Industry Overview: There are an estimated 12,100 spas throughout the United States. In the U.S. the largest spa category, accounting for seven of every ten spas, is day spa. Resort and hotel spas are the second largest, with club spas, medical spas, mineral spring spas and destination spas resp
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  • Baderman Marketing Plan
    PR Campaign Introduction Industry leading organizations with successful strategies to influence stakeholders and convey a positive image use numerous tools. In today's world, communication is necessary to relay information to all stakeholders. To communicate the desired image to target groups
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  • Marketing Plan for Restaurant
    Executive Summary Company The Rams Head Pub & Eatery is an Irish style pub which is located at 1337 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario Problem Rams head is currently facing stagnant revenue, a lack of recognition in the area and a decrease in customers in the summer months. Marketing Audit
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  • Marketing Plan
    Background Lighting Ramp Technology (CRT) is a privately owned broadband solution provider headquartered in Tampa, FL. CRT was incorporated in 1997 by three industry pioneers with a common vision: to create innovative solutions for the communications industry and take Internet Protocol (IP) and Eth
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  • Spa Marketing Plan
    Strategies to Increase your business as a Licensed Hair Dresser. Trixie D Matthews Strayer University BUS 517 Managing the Business Project Professor Trina Greer September 3, 2006 Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to address various issues in ethnic hair salons. First
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  • Marketing Plan
    The process to develop a trade plan must be similar to the process when a boy begins to take his first steps. One is due to learn and to discover the market, to develop the enterprise capacities, to know the strengths and weaknesses, within the framework to establish clear and measurable objectives
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  • Marketing Plan for Starbucks
    Introduction The purpose of this paper is to describe the attributes of the Starbucks Chai Tea and energy drinks in detail. The pace at which this product will move through the product life cycle will be described as well as the factors that will impact its movement. Also, details on how the prod
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