• Interoffice Memorandum
    INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM To: Scott L. Haddock, Supervising Attorney From: Doe Paralegal Date: 2/25/2012 Re: Potential Crimes and Affirmative Defense of Wildlife on Private Property; Client File 1234: John Dunham On September 11, 2
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  • Interoffice Memorandum
    Interoffice Memorandum on Enforcing a Contract PA130: Contract Unit 5 Prof. Carlene DiPrenda Mahuampy Aducchi October 22nd, 2012 From: Mahuampy Aducchi To: Prof. DiPrenda Re: Interoffice Memorandum on Enforcing a Contract Turner v. Connor Our client Mr. Tunner wants to know if he has
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  • Interoffice Memorandum
    interoffice memorandum In this memo, is the annual budget for the Atlas Police Department? This is a written breakdown of every decision made by the Chief Aren Johnson. My base salary is $111,299.84 for the chief needed for the Atlas Police Department. I hired an assistant chief to aid me in my d
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  • Legal Writing Interoffice Memorandum
    INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM |TO:  |Morgan Burkhart, Senior Partner | |FROM: |Heidi Selman,  Paralegal Student
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  • Interoffice Memo
    Interoffice Memorandum Date: 7/5/04 From: John Dokes, Senior Vice President, Integrated Sales and Marketing To: Peter Cuneo, Vice Chairman CC: Allen Lipson, President and CEO; Isaac Perlmutter, Vice Chairman, Morton Handel, Chairman; Kenneth West, Executive VP and CFO; Gui Karyo, Publishing Pres
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  • Interoffice Memo
    Phoenix Advertising Interoffice Memorandum DATE: August 17, 2012 TO: Managing Director; Planning Director; Creative Director FROM: Vice President of Human Resources SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Update In recent months, the Roanoke branch office has been experiencing difficulties. After a
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  • Interoffice Memo for Lra
    INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM OF LAW RE: Jonnie Nino’s Prosecution DATE: November 20, 2012 ISSUES The issue is whether, under N.C. Gen.Stat. § 14-17, Jonnie Nino caused the death of Alexis Maddox by rape using constructive force if: (1) Alexis did not verbally object to sexual intercourse; (2) Alex
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  • Memorandum
    MEMORANDUM ____________________________________________________________ ___________ To: Betty Paismore From: Eidan Havas & Joel Coward Subject: Review of consultation conducted with Mr. Barry Fisher Date: March 5th, 2007_____________________________________________ An interview was conducte
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  • Interoffice Politics- Business English
    PAIS CORPORATION MEMORANDUM DATE: 28 April 2007 TO: , Vice President of Operations FROM: , Manager SUBJECT: Reducing Interoffice Politic Issues Here is the report you requested after our quarterly staff meeting discussing the interoffice politic issues we currently have here at PAIS
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  • Pre Marital Sex
    The Issue of Pre-Marital Sex by Lee Gatiss Pre-marital Sex in the World There is no longer any stigma attached to pre-marital sex in our society. Pop stars do it, sports stars do it, politicians do it. Hormone levels are raised by advertising, television, cinema, music and magazines. What is
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  • Professional Misconduct
    PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT By: Mrs. Surbhi Bansal M.Com., FCA Sec.2 (2): Members deemed to be in practice: If he i) Engages himself in practice of accountancy, or (ii) Offers to perform audit related services or holds himself out to the public as an accountant, or (iii) Re
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