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according to Google, and for me it’s not just being physically fit, but also mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Because when say that someone is fit and healthy, he or she must be healthy in all aspects. Every Tuesday, we meet with our MAPEH teacher, she often gives us physical activities and exercises for us to realize and experience the true meaning of fitness even for a while or maybe a lifetime. Those exercises where interesting and at the same time it was fun. Then, I realized that...

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Mapeh Exam

Laguna College San Pablo City 3rd Periodical Examination MAPEH 1ASc, 1A2 Name:____________________________________ Date:________ I.Identify the following:Write the correct answer on the space provided before each number.NO ERASURE ______________1. It is described as a fast, advanced evolving discipline of science. ______________2. It is a compound of fatty acids. ______________3. It is the micronutrients which include water and fat soluble. ______________4. It is the micronutrients...

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 Wolfgang Mozart Biography Pianist, Songwriter (1756–1791) Synopsis Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musician capable of playing multiple instruments who started playing in public at the age of 6. Over the years, Mozart aligned himself with a variety of European venues and patrons, composing hundreds of works that included sonatas, symphonies, masses, concertos and operas, marked by vivid emotion and sophisticated textures...

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Softball Rules The Game * There are 9 players on a softball team. * The playing field is divided into the infield and  outfield * The lines between the bases are 60 ft. apart  when joined they form a diamond inside the  baseline is known as the infield * Outside the baseline but inside the playing the  field is called the outfield. * Any ball going outside the 1st or 3rd base line  is a foul ball (runners cant advance the  batter gets another try unless the ball was  ...

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Classification and Examples of INDIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT Non-membranous Percussion(GHAN) The ghaṭam  is a percussion instrument used in the Carnatic music of South India. Its variant is also played in Punjab and is known as Gharha as is a part of Punjabifolk traditions. Its analogue in Rajasthan is known as the madga and pani mataqa "water jug". The ghatam is one of the most ancient percussion instruments of South India, is a clay pot with narrow mouth. From the mouth, it slants outwards...

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Lesson Plan in MAPEH

Teresita R. Dumlao BSED-MAPEH A Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the grade 7 students are expected to: 1. identify the Rudiments of Music 2. give the definitions of every rudiments; and 3. participate actively in classroom activities. II. Subject Matter Title: Rudiments of Music Reference: MAPEHI Materials: Visual Aid Value: Appreciation and identification III. Procedure 1. Preliminary Activities TEACHER ACTIVITY “Good morning students” ...

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BUDGET WORK FOR MUSIC GRADINGPERIOD | MUSIC I | MUSIC II | MUSIC III | MUSIC IV | 1stQuarter | Music of Highlands and Lowlands-Music of Cordilleras-Music of Lowlands of Luzon 1:(Music for Liturgy and Devotional Music)- Music of Lowlands of Luzon 2:(Secular Music with Spanish Influence)- Music of Lowlands of Luzon 3:(Philippine Music During the American and Japanese Period) | Southeast Asian MusicMusic of…-Indonesia-Thailand-Singapore-Vietnam-Cambodia-S.E. Asia | Music of Africa-Characteristics...

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A Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH drugs

A Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH Intended for First Year High School Students I. Objectives: within the given session, the students are expected to: identify the important kinds of drugs and their uses; discuss the common effects and risks of abusing drugs. II. Subject Matter : Classification of drugs according to use and effect Reference : MAPEH-I textbook, pp. 370-372 PSSLC # 1.1, pp. 25 Materials : Charts, Strips, Video clips, Photocopied materials, pictures Strategy : Cooperative Learning...

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Lesson Plan For MAPEH 13

Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan MAPEH 2 I – Objectives At the end of 1 hour and 30 minutes, 40 out of 45 Second year Durian students will be able to: 1. define Cariñosa. 2. execute the eight figures of Cariñosa dance. 3. enjoy dancing the Cariñosa. II – Subject Matter Cariñosa Dance, pp. 136 – 139, MAPEH 2 by Gonzales, et. al. III – Devices or Instructional Materials Manila paper, cartolina, pictures, music player IV – Procedure A. Routinary Matters 1. ...

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a detailed lesson plan in mapeh

A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MAPEH 2 FOR SECOND YEAR HIGH SCHOOL LUCEÑO, RON BRIAN M. OCTOBER 7, 2010 I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the 45-minutes session, the second year high school students will be able to identify the chord reading symbol of triad. II. SUBJECT MATTER: PRACTICING THE CHORD READING SYMBOL OF TRIAD. A. Reference: Text Book in MAPEH2 B. Materials: Keyboard, strips of cartolina, pentel pen C. Ideas: Triad is a chord reading symbol with a three note chord. D. Processes: ...

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Project in Mapeh-Arts

Submitted by: Submitted to: Maybelene Alagar Sir. Reynald Uy 7 – Saint Lorenzo Ruiz Teacher in MAPEH Visual Arts in Drama and Festivals Panagbenga (English: Flower Festival) is a month-long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. The term is of Malayo-Polynesian origin, meaning "season of blooming". The festival, held during the month of February, was created as a tribute to the city's flowers and as a...

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Lesson Plan in MAPEH

Professor Argie Mercenes Wilberto Sugbo Jr. Kecy Tolorio BSEd 4- (MAPEH) I. Objectives After the class lesson, the students are expected to do the following with 85% accuracy: a. Define the meaning of population and growth rates, b. Identify the different strategies to control rapid population, c. Create a scenario in a form of role playing. II. Subject Matter Topic - Population Growth Basic Text - MAPEH II Skills for Life, pp. 224-240 Materials - LCD Projector III. Procedure ...

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CRITERIA Excellent 10 pts. CRAFTSMANSHIP Sculpture is realistic and easy to identify subject. Time has been taken to smooth out the lines. Color choice is realistic. Relief (if attempted) shows skillful use of texture and detail. IN THE ROUND Sculpture is effectively created to be seen 360 degrees around. ARMATURE The frame or skeleton structure used to support modeling material such as clay or plaster in sculpture. Armatures were effectively used to give stability and strength to the sculpture...

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Ubd for Mapeh

UNDERSTANDING BY DESIGNLEARNING PLANSMAPEH 1 | Year Level: 1st Year | Subjects: | Music | Music 1 | Art and the Philippine Society | Arts 1 | Physical Fitness | P.E. 1 | Promoting Wellness in School | Health 1 | | Estimated No. of Weeks: 2 weeks | | June 4-8, 2013 | | June 11-15, 2013 | | | STAGE I – DESIRED RESULT | Goals: | Music 1 – To provide the knowledge on the importance of Music and Sounds | Arts 1 – To let the students understand and enjoy what you call art | P.E. 1...

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Comelab, Chester C. March 23, 2015 M 3:00-5:00 The show was all about Philippine folk dances it is entitled Ako ay Filipino. Philippines consist of different islands, and are broken down into three groups Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each of these regions has different languages, history, religion and traditions. The show takes as into a trip through each region and explores the different styles, costumes, dances and culture. First they presented about the dance of the Cordilleran people...

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Lesson Plan in Mapeh

LESSON PLAN IN MAPEH Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH 3    I   Objectives: At the end of the lesson , students will able to: 1. Identify the characteristics Music of Japan 2. Discuss the Culture of Japan 3. Appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of the Music of Japan II   Subject Matter: Topic: Music of Japan Materials: Laptop, projector,  cut pictures References: Asian  Music Values Integrated: Appreciation of one’s culture III Teacher’s Procedure: 1. Checking of attendance ...

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The word music comes from the Greek mousikê (tekhnê) by way of the Latin musica. It is ultimately derived from mousa, the Greek word for muse. In ancient Greece, the word mousike was used to mean any of the arts or sciences governed by the Muses. Later, in Rome, ars musica embraced poetry as well as instrument-oriented music. In the European Middle Ages, musica was part of the mathematical quadrivium: arithmetics, geometry, astronomy and musica. The concept of musica was split into four major kinds...

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Reminiscing My Mapeh Expeditions (a Reflection)

Reminiscing my MAPEH Expeditions (A Reflection) MAPEH is one of the most interesting subjects in secondary education. It tackles about music, arts, physical education, and health. This subject can also be an eye-opener for teens our age to become more responsible with our health and actions. Here, we can discover our hidden talents with arts, or music, or even both. My personal experience about learning MAPEH in my third year in Bukidnon National School of Home Industries is what I can say...

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Detailed Lesson Plan in Mapeh

DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MAPEH I I. OBJECTIVES: a. To distinguish the different kinds of notes. b. To read the notes that is located in the grand staff. c. To locate he Major Scales or called octave II. SUBJECT MATTER: Fundamentals of Music /,ACTIVE MAPEH 3, pp.10-31 III. PROCEDURE: TEACHERS ACTIVITY | STUDENTS ACTIVITY | A. Daily Routine B. REVIEW-Last meeting we tackled about body Movements isn’t it class?-Let’s have a short review, So what is movement? Yes…-Very...

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Detailed Lesson Plan in Mapeh 4

Lesson plan in MAPEH IV 1.Objectives : 1.1 Perform the basic steps of ballroom in cha-cha-cha, waltz and swing. 1.2 Describe the brief historical background style, characteristics and music of ballroom dance. 2. Subject Matter Topic : Social Dances Materials : Audio Player ,video player and Visual Aid References: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFJVjrjor0U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgPKNzhn5k8 Textbook: MAPEH IV Enjoy life with PE and Health page. 94-114 3.Procedure ...

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Egypt Periods Mapeh Reviewer

Periods[edit] Predynastic (4210 BC–2680 BC) Old Kingdom (2680 BC–2258 BC) Middle Kingdom (2258 BC–1786 BC) New Kingdom (1786 BC–1069 BC), including the Amarna Period (1085 BC–1055 BC) Third Intermediate Period (1069 BC–664 BC) First Persian Period, Late Period and Second Persian Period (664 BC–332 BC) Ptolemaic Kingdom (332- 30 BC) Roman Egypt (30 BC to Christianizatian in the 4th century AD) Sunk relief of the crocodile godSobek Symbolism[edit] Symbolism also played an important role in establishing...

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All About Mapeh

Intro: Em G D C E-----8-----7-----7------------------ B--8-----8-----8-----8--10--7--8----- G----------------------------------5- 2X D------------------------------------ A------------------------------------ E------------------------------------ Em G Everybody needs...

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Recruitment and Selection Process of Mapeh Teachers

Recruitment and Selection Process of MAPEH Teachers in EDDIS IV: Basis for Policy Formulation Reason for Conducting the Study The success of organizations in this modern business environment depends on the calibre of the manpower that steers the day to day affairs of the organizations. The process of recruiting and selecting all categories of employees into both private and public companies has been a matter of concern to many and needs attention. Even though it is the wish of every organization...

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Factors Affecting the Employability of Mapeh Majors by the Year 2009-2012...

FACTORS AFFECTING THE EMPLOYABILITY OF BSE-MAPEH GRADUATES IN UNIVERSITY OF RIZAL SYSTEM-ANGONO ACADEMIC YEAR 2009-2012 An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the School of Education in University of Rizal System Angono, Rizal In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of the Degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in MAPEH Rayvy G. Atizado Bernadith G. Faigao Lara S. Morcozo Marlene D. Perez March 2013 Acknowledgment Sincere thanks are...

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Mapeh Research

Research 1. Dadaism- was an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century. Many claim Dada began in Zurich, Switzerland in 1916, spreading to Berlin shortly thereafter but the height of New York Dada was the year before in 1915. To quote Dona Budd's The Language of Art Knowledge. Dada was born out of negative reaction to the horrors of World War I. This international movement was begun by a group of artist and poets associated with the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. Dada rejected...

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1902 and Yahoo.com

|09995097612 |nic_nice03@yahoo.com |English |September 2, 1989 | |8. Carnice, Japhet S. |09287841770 |japhet_carnice@yahoo.com |MAPEH |July 4, 1985 | |9. Crisol, Nolito |09065556136 |bhuloycrisol@yahoo.com |Mathematics |November 10, 1977 | |10. Dizon, Rose Angelie ...

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Detailed Lesson Plan in Mapeh

EFFECTIVENESS OF MOTHER TONGUE AS TOOL FOR MODERN TEACHING Chapter I INTRODUCTION Background of the study Everyone knows that a big part of teaching is communication. It is more than just imparting knowledge to students, but it is also about effective communication and that when it is missing, everything is nonsense inside the classroom. The communication of teachers plays the key role in teaching which depends upon the language and so effect on the learning of students. This study...

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online gaming

Thursday, August 16, 2012 Thesis Title: Developing a 2D Word Game to Enhance Early Graders' Cognitive Skills while Learning Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health (MAPEH) is trying to attain the needs of the student with the new scheme of education. The K-12 entails the addition of Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) subject in grades 1, 2 and 3. Music is a colorful sound that we hear after birth. Playing music for infants in their first year provides for enhancement and benefit...

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at 8:00 am, in the Social Hall of The National Teachers College, Quiapo, Manila PROGRAMME I. Doxology Ms. Lovely Baldos College Faculty II. National Anthem and NTC Hymm Ms. Rosanna Villar Head Of MAPEH Department III. Opening Remarks Mr. Allison Jean Panganiban Executive Dean Of Colleges IV. Introduction Of Speaker Mr. Jhex Mari Resurreccion Elementary Faculty V. Seminar Proper Mr. Marc Lester...

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Competencies * ENGLISH – Competencies Grade 1-3 * Gr1 English competencies * Gr 1 – Weekly Listing of Competencies Q3 & Q4 * FILIPINO – Batayang Kakayahan_1-3 * MATHEMATICS Curriculum Guide – Grade 1 * ARALING PANLIPUNAN * MAPEH * MUSIC Curriculum Guide GRADE 1 * ART Curriculum Guide GRADE 1 * PHYSICAL EDUCATION Curriculum Guide – Grade 1 * HEALTH – Curriculum Grade 1 * EDUKASYON SA PAGPAPAKATAO Curriculum Guide – Grade 1 | | K TO 12 TEACHER’S GUIDE...

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B. Lesson Proper

objectives) 1. 2. V. Remarks/ Agreements/ Assignments: A Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH Intended for First Year High School Students I. Objectives: Within the given session, the students are expected to: 1. Identify the important kinds of drugs and their uses; 2. Discuss the common effects and risks of abusing drugs. II. Subject Matter: Classification of drugs according to use and effect Reference: MAPEH-I textbook, pp. 370-372PSSLC # 1.1, pp. 25 Strategy: Cooperative Learning...

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Wala Lang

BSED Major in Music, Arts, PE and Health Foundation of MAPEH Deals with the educational foundations of Physical Education, Art and Music Education respectively. It covers the historical, philosophical, sociological and psychological theories and principles necessary to understand the bases for the various activities involved. The course shall interrelate the different subjects into common understanding of its importance in the MAPEH and in the life of a human being. Philippine and Asian...

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field study

GOOGLE Posting or Revision Date: March 1997 Organization Represented: GOOGLE.ORG Date of Access: September 16, 2011 URL: http://www.acronymfinder.com/Music,-Arts,-Physical,-Education-and-Health-(MAPEH).html Brief Description of the Materials in the Website: This website tells about our course MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, & Health). Therefore this site helps us to make the different acitivities or episodes in this particular subject which is FS 3. ...

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Tabungar Acting Academic Principal TEACHERS: Ms. Michelle B. Alday Teacher in MAPEH II, III and IV Ms. Joyce Ann V. Amalang Teacher in TLE I, II, IV and Values IV Adviser of IV-Charity Mr. Gerald M. Antonio Teacher in Math I and II Adviser of II-Humility Ms. Kharine M. Balictar Teacher in English III and IV Adviser of III-Integrity Mr. Joevanie R. Basilio Teacher in Physics and MAPEH I Adviser of I-Diligence Ms. Vivian M. Gabasan Teacher in Science I...

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Semi Finals in MAPE

Pampanga Central High School (San Simon) Inc. San Agustin, San Simon, Pampanga Semi Final Test in MAPEH IV Name:_______________________________ Date:____________ Grade:____________________ score:___________ I. Find the corresponding musical symbols inside the box, write the letter on the first line, and in second line write the value of the notes. (20 points) _____ _____1.sixteenth rest _____ _____2.quarter rest _____ _____3.sixteenth _____ _____4.eight note _____ _____5.eight rest _____...

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Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH (GRADE VII-SECONDARY) Prepared By: Mark Anthony P. Narciso I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: 1 describe the sources of folk design or motif of the indigenous communities from Mindanao. 2 recognize the plant fern as a common motif in the art of Mindanao. 3 create an assemblage made of varied plant materials. II. Subject Matter ART: Folk Art of Mindanao Reference/s: DepEd MAPEH Module Grade 7 Materials:...

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Lesson Plan in Music Iii

Student Teacher Checked by: Ms. Teresita S. Atienza MAPEH III - Cooperating Teacher Approved by: Helen V. Mercado ASTP/ MAPEH HT III...

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Instruments of Southern Asia

is generally played solo in an informal setting. The khloy is mostly played using the pentatonic s ALMERIA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Almeria, Biliran ASSIGNMENT IN MAPEH II Submitted by: JESSA BASAñEZ Student Submitted to: MRS. LOLINDA S. BAGDOC MAPEH II Teacher...

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File Management System

the performance of the pupils. 3. To develop games that will be enjoyable for the kids and will be full of fun. PROJECT SCOPE This project is only applicable on preparatory schools. It covers the subject English, math, science, Filipino, MAPEH and Sibika at Kultura. There are three levels for each of these games where the first level is the easy level, the second is the average level and the third is the difficult level. The game has the ability to capture the pupils score as when the...

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researchers gathered 87 respondents in which 16 respondents from BEED-Science and Health, 15 from BSE-Gen. Science, 13 BSE-Biology, 11 BSE-TLE, 9 BEED-English, 7 BSIED-Drafting, 5 BSE-Chemistry, 5 BSE-Mathematics, 3 BSE-Physics, 2 BS-HRM and 1 BSE-Mapeh respondents in College of Education. And majority of them were at the DSME in terms of year level majority of the respondents are in second year. Respondents are all single, in terms of age majority of respondents had ages 16-19 years old. With respect...

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University Of The Immaculate Conception

Secondary: Assumption Academy of Compostela College: University of the Immaculate Conception Achievements MELANSON’s CHOIR PRESIDENT CAT officer Volunteer Catechist Education CHESS player Education WORD FACTORY player MAPEH CLUB Assistant Secretary (S.Y. 2014-2105) 1st semester MAPEH CLUB Secretary (S.Y. 2014-2105) 2nd semester STATEMENT OF EDUCATION At the end of this FIELD STUDY 3 (Subject Learning Assessment Strategy), I should be able to: To apply the theory, knowledge, skills, and techniques...

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daily lesson log

Build a whole tone scale which starts on the following notes: Mi Re Sol 4-7 – 9:30-10:30 4-4 – 1:00 -2:00 Submitted by: Checked by: JONATHAN D. SISON ENRIQUETA A. RABANAL TEACHER I OIC, MAPEH Department DAILY LESSON LOG ARTS IV DATE SECTION & TIME LESSON / TOPIC MATERIALS NEEDED EVALUATION OTHER ACTIVITIES (Enrichment and Remedial) June 17, 2013 4.6 – 8:30-9:30 Arts of the 20th Century Art After 1945 Abstract Expressionism ...

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Liliw, Laguna 2004-2008 Elementary Level: Liliw Elementary School Liliw, Laguna 1998-2004 ORGANIZATIONS MAPEH CLUB MATH CLUB Officer/ Business Manager Officer/ Secretary Liliw National High school Liliw National High School 2005-2007...

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English Proficiency

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY LEVEL OF BSEd – MAPEH PRE – SERVICE TEACHERS IN TEACHING An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to The Committee on Research West Visayas State University – Extension Campus at Himamaylan City Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor in Secondary Education (MAPEH) by Gideon T. Ban Ann Frances M. Conclara Kimberly Jean R. Encabo Albert John T. Salem March 2015 Ban, Gideon T., Conclara, Ann Frances...

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Example of a Detailed Lesson Plan

SCHOOL-POBLACION Mariveles, Bataan SEMI-DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN MAPEH IV PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Social Dance) I. OBJECTIVES: A. Discuss the origin and special characteristics of Cha-cha-cha. B. Appreciate the significance of Social Dances. C. Perform the basic steps and variations of the Cha-cha-cha based on a performance. II. CONTENT: A. Subject Matter : Social Dance (Cha-cha-cha) B. Reference : Honing Your Skills through MAPEH IV Pages 310-313 C. Materials : Cassette / CD Player...

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action plan

rules. Those who violate the rules will be cleaning some areas of the campus and will be segregating trashes for 30 minutes during their free time. 8. Incentives will be given to those who follow the rules. They will be given extra points in their MAPEH subjects. For the students to be motivated in maintaining the cleanliness of the campus, there will be a contest among all the sections from grade 7 to grade 10. These rules apply to the said contest: 1. Each section will be given 1000 points...

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Reaction Paper in P.E

LOWELAJANE B. LACERNA INSTRUCTOR REACTION PAPER ON ‘’Mugna sa MAPEH’’ Asia is indeed a haven of diverse art and culture. Asia’s vibrant explosion of dance and art was depicted last February 7, 2013 with the program entitled ‘’Mugna sa MAPEH’’ as a part of IHK’s 11th year anniversary. The sequence of the show revealing one of Southeast Asia’s most famous dances from early times up to its modern genres was performed by MAPEH major students along with the faculty and staff of IHK. The performance...

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Capsule TMCNHS 19 02 15

E-LEARNING SYSTEM FOR TRECE MARTIRES CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL FOR K TO 12 PROGRAM – MAPEH (GRADE 9) Undergraduate Thesis Proposal Submitted to the Faculty of the Department of Information Technology College of Engineering and Information Technology Cavite State University Indang, Cavite In partial fulfillment of of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Benelyn M. Abo-abo Kimberly Grace U. Bagsic February 2015 RATIONALE Electronic...

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Workshop National Congress and Training on Physical Educational, Health, Health Music, Art, Dance and Sports April 21, 2014 April 23, 2014 National Association of Physical Educators Commission on Higher Education (NAPE) Mass Training for Grade 9 MAPEH Teachers of K-12 Basic education Curriculum May 12, 2014 May 16, 2014 Department of Education Arellano University 2013 Aerobic Gymnastics Sports Clinic October 11,2013 October 13,2013 Gymnastics Association of the Philippines "K-12 Curriculum...

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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan for Lesson 13 & 14

I. Objectives: At the end of 4o minutes 45 out of 50 2nd year Granada will be able to: give the meaning of Music in Africa. enumerate the uses if Music in Africa. determine the importance of Griots. II. Subject Matter: MAPEH II, Lesson 13 and 14 (Vocal Music and Instruments of Africa) pp. 69-76. III. Devices/ Instructional Materials * Pictures * Visual Aids A. Routinary Matters Teacher's Activities 1.) Prayer: Lord, once again we come before your Holy throne of grace, mercy...

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Pointers To Review Grade1

collecting and organizing data pictograph, tally chart and bar graph lesson 2: Reading Pictograph lesson 3: Likelihood of an event cause and effect always, sometimes and never more likely, less likely and equally likely as.. Pointers to review in Mapeh Staff hand hand signals beats (2,3 and 4 beats) Nature (sequencing of the story) environment (biodegradable and non biodegradable materials) Pointers to review in computer Lesson 2: How to open programs in windows XP arrowhead ellipsis run...

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Module for Physical Education Student

University of Southeastern Philippines College of Arts and Sciences ESP Module for the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in MAPEH ------------------------------------------------- Lesson 1: Music and Genres Music and Genres (Listening) INTRODUCTION Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music vary according...

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Research Paper About Rizal

Answer the following items briefly. 31 – 35. In 4 (four) to 6 (six) sentences give the qualities of a good leader. 36 – 40. Explain the relation of military courtesy and discipline Prepared by: MAPEH IV TEACHERS _________________________________ Parent’s Signature over Printed Name ...

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igor stravinsky

attempts at musical innovation strange. Compositions: Suite bergamasque Deux arabesques Children's Corner Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun La mer Préludes L'isle joyeuse Jeux Pelléas et Mélisande Nocturnes Estampes Voiles Project in MAPEH Submitted by: Julia P. Enriquez Submitted to: Mrs. Leah Sabagay Babalcon Arnold Schoenberg Composer Arnold Schoenberg was an Austrian composer and painter, associated with the expressionist movement in German poetry and art, and leader of the...

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Narrative Report: Teacher

smiles. I do not know what subject she’s teaching though. We also have Ma’am Han, the singer. I know her for a long time because she graduated at the same school but we aren’t close. She is a MAPEH teacher and I bet she’s good at the subject as well because I can see that she’s intelligent and talented. Another MAPEH teacher is Sir Dagi. He is the moderator of the Dance Troupe. He dances well. I don’t talk to him often. We have Ma’am Catherine too. I like her vibes when she gets into our room to substitute...

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Supreme Student Government (Ssg) Induction Program

Club----------------------------------------------Mam Leonila Orpilla Masters of Ceremony: Louise Lidem & Jasper Adriatico VI. Organizations SPA Innovation Band-----------------------Sir Edgar Castillo (MAPEH Dep’t Head) SPA Innovation Choir-----------------------Sir Edgar Castillo (MAPEH Dep’t Head) **Intermission Number---------------------Dance Number (Pretty Ladies) Girl Scout SPB Officers----------------Mam Ciaralyn Valencia (GSP Coordinator) K-Tribe-----------------------------------------------Sir...

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Filipino Language and Other Titles

| | |Araling Panlipunan I |Other Titles | | |MAPEH I |Music & Arts I: Enjoy Life with Music & Arts | | |MAPEH I |Other Titles | | | |...

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Class Program

12:30-1:20 | One-Topaz | Mother Tongue | 31 | 1:20-2:10 | One-Topaz | Mathematics | 31 | 2:10-2:40 | One-Topaz | Filipino | 31 | 2:40-3:00 | One-Topaz | Recess | | 3:00-3:40 | One-Topaz | AralingPanlipunan | 31 | 3:40-4:20 | One-Topaz | MAPEH | 31 | 4:20-6:00 | OneTopaz | Remedial Teaching | 31 | OTHER ASSIGNMENTS/AUXILLARY SERVICES/NON-TEACHING LOAD: ________________________________________ _____________________________ ________________________________________ _____________________________ ...

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Awareness on First Aid on Common Injuries

Common Injuries by the MAPEH Major Students In University of Rizal System ACADEMIC YEAR 2011- 2012 An Undergraduate Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of School of Education University of Rizal System Pililla, Rizal In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in MAPEH Mikko N. Buenaventura ...

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Curriculum and Basic Education

national development. 1. PELC or Philippine Elementary Competenecies 2. PSLC or Philippines Secondary Competencies Learning Learning 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. English Science Mathematics Filipino Makabayan 1.Sibika/HEKASI/Araling Panlipunan 2.MAPEH 3.EPP/THE 4.GMRC 1.Competency based 2.Mastery 1.Standard based 2.Mother Tongue 1.What are the core subjects in RBEC? 2.What are the components of Makabayan? 3.What are the reasons on restructuring the curriculum? 4.What are the four pillars...

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