• Sa Sa in Malaysia
    Sa Sa International Holdings Limited is a leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia which listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1997. It has over 110 retail stores and counters in Asia which sells more than 400 brands of skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care products including t
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  • Malaysia and the Original People
    Malaysia and the "Original People" Neglecting aboriginal groups has been a common theme in the past when considering the advancement of developing countries. The United States had little to no regard for the Native Americans when developing a new nation. And now as Malaysia is a quickly develop
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  • The Influence of Organisational Culture Versus National Culture
    The Influence Of Organisational Culture Versus National Culture Within The Global Group of Companies Author: Paul RB Kelly Date: 12th March 2004 Course: Organisational Behaviour Table of Contents: Executive Summary Page 3 Company Background Page 4 Research
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  • Telecommunication Industry in Malaysia
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY IJM begun its operation in 1983 under the name of Solidates Sdn. Bhd and later in 1989 renamed as IJM Corporation Berhad taking the first alphabets of the merged three well-run construction companies – IGB Construction Sdn. Bhd, Jurutama Sdn. Bhd and Mudajaya Sdn. Bhd. Construc
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  • How to Measure Social Culture and Organizational Culture of One Country
    Introduction How to measure social culture and organizational culture of one country is an important issue (Miroshnik, 2002). Culture can be defined as the way of life of the group of people, which includes beliefs, art, law, morals, customs, and any capabilities and habits acquired by a man as
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  • Starting, Running and Growing Business in Malaysia
    Starting, Running and Growing Business in Malaysia Meysam Safari, University Putra Malaysia 10/14/2007 Table of Content • Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 • Malaysia -----------------------------------------------
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  • Country Risk Analysis for Malaysia
    Introduction To establish a business in another country, you need to analyse different aspects of the country such as culture, economy, politics, demographic data, and financial. All this is to be able to learn more about the country and to find out if it is risky or safe enough. During the la
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  • Malaysia Contemporary Art Issues: Art as Idea-a View from Jalaini Abu Hassan
    Malaysia Contemporary Art Art as Idea A view from Jalaini Abu Hassan Introduction In this discussion, we will discuss on how the art act as an idea in Malaysia contemporary art scoop and Jalaini Abu Hassan is one of the Malaysia leading contemporary artist will be the panel for this sessio
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  • Culture Diversity
    Cultural is defined as a shared design for living. It is based on the values and practices of society. People absorb culture through early process of socialization and the process carries over to the way in which they perceived themselves and the world. Some people agree that cultural diversity in t
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  • Malaysia
    Malaysia is a country in South East Asia whose strategic sea-lane position brought trade and foreign influences that fundamentally influenced its history. Hindu India, the Islamic Middle East and Christian Europe to its west, and China and Japan to the north-east were major influences brought by shi
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  • Buying Property in Malaysia
    BUYING A PROPERTY IN MALAYSIA 6 December 2007 INTRODUCTION OF MALAYSIA Malaysia is one of southeastern Asia (ASIAN) country and located in Southeastern Asia, peninsula bordering Thailand, northern one-third of the island of Borneo, bordering Indonesia, Brunei, and the South China Sea, South o
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  • Starbucks in Malaysia
    Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd is an authorized licensee of Starbucks Coffee International, Inc. It is wholly owned subsidiary of Berjaya Group Berhad which held 51% share and Starbuck Coffee International, Inc has 49% share capital of the company. As a Starbucks franchisee in Malaysia,
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  • Medical Tourism of Malaysia in Shanghai
    1. Executive Summary Prime Beauty International Medical Centre (PBIMC) is exploring on feasibility to extend its wing in Shanghai, the leading city in economic performance, foreign trade growth and infrastructure development. The objective of this strategic marketing plan is to boost PBIMC’
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  • Malaysian Culture
    Malaysia's population of over 19 million inhabitants presents the external business traveller with a minefield of cultural dilemmas. The country is strongly divided along ethnic lines with the three largest ethnic groups being (in order of size) Malays, Chinese and Indians. In addition, there are a
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  • Perak State in Malaysia
    Perak. The Land of Grace Stark, looming limestone cliffs, green valleys and steep drops greet you as an unforgettable introduction to the northern state of Perak. Beyond lies beyond a wealth of treasures from balmy warm white sand beaches to secluded islands and tranquil lakes, virgin rainforests
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  • Malaysia Ict Industry Status
    Abstract Nowadays, understanding and using information and communications technology (ICT) to make a much better competitiveness is impose by international markets. Since Malaysia is still under developing country, the businesses must keep updated with changes and progresses that are occurring. O
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  • Hr Blueprint in Malaysia
    Supporting Documents HR blueprint for Malaysia is explained in Chapter 11 of Ninth Malaysia Plan 2006 – 2010 book. During 8th Plan, the economy maintained full employment and recorded growth in labor productivity. Under 9th Malaysia Plan, quality of nation’s human capital is emphasized. In y
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  • Role of Ministry of Health in Malaysia
    The Ministry of Health’s role is basically to lay the policy and the direction of health services in the country and to show the commitment of the Government, and the powers-to-be, that health is of utmost importance in nation building. And the role of the ministry is to enforce regulations and be
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  • Malaysian Business Culture
    Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious, and multi-lingual country. It is made up of mostly Malay, Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups. Most Malaysians are Muslim, Chinese maybe believe in Buddhist, Christian or Taoism, and the Indians are generally Hindus. The official la
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  • Culture of Ikea
    INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND Ikea Svenska AB, founded in 1943 is the world's largest furniture retailer which specializes in stylish but inexpensive Scandinavian designed furniture. It has 128 fully-owned stores in 26 countries, visited by over 108 million people yearly and worldwide sales of about $5.
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