• Making History Fun
    Steve Berg Period 2 08/28/10 Descriptive Essay Making History Fun Mr. Leonard is the AP American History teacher at Horizon High School. He has been teaching for more than twenty five years and uses his experience to educate the minds of young Horizon students. While Mr. Leonard can be a bi
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  • Decision Making Nintendo
    While the Nintendo name is most closely associated with a video game platform (the NES), the company's real focus has always been the games rather than the platform. Herein lies the true distinction between Nintendo and its two larger rivals. Nintendo seeks to make good games. Microsoft and Sony see
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  • Do the Math
    Headline: Do the Math. No, Really. Do the Math. The Problem Every year in grades 3-11, Texas children are subjected to a high-stakes mathematics test, the TAKS Math. The test determines whether children are promoted. The test gives a numeric worth to a student, a teacher, a campus, and a distr
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  • Improving Math and Science Scores in Middle School
    Program Evaluation Improving Math and Science scores in Middle School TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Needs Assessment 3 Program Theory 10 Logic Model 20 Conceptualization & Operationalization of Program Outcomes 24 Assessment of Pro
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  • Greatest Money Making Secret
    The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! – Joe Vitale – Page 1 The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! by Joe Vitale Author of the #1 best-seller, Spiritual Marketing, and way too many other books to list here The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! – Joe Vitale – Page
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  • Math & Science
    This is a hot issue that is being debated up until today. Many people are still confused, be it students, teachers, academicians, and even laymen like me. We are confused as this issue had been debated for such a long time and there had been no concrete stand on the issue. In what language shall Mat
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  • Inflence of Parental Monitoring on Adolescent Decision Making
    ABSTRACT Adolescents, who are neither children nor adults, stand with a foot in each world (childhood and adulthood). Their intellectual and emotional development is greater than that of young children, yet they are not fully mature. By age 14, their basic cognitive skills are substantially simi
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  • Making a Difference
    Over the past two years, I have done quite well as a friend, daughter, and student. I have had so much responsibility and commitment, and through my tireless efforts, I have been able to give it my all with the expectations that have been placed upon me. I truly believe that out of everything I have
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  • Math Is the Language of the Un
    Mathematics, the language of the universe, is one of the largest fields of study in the world today. With the roots of the math tree beginning in simple mathematics such as, one digit plus one digit, and one digit minus one digit, the tree of mathematics comes together in the more complex field of a
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  • School Has to Be More Fun
    School Has To Be More Fun Over the years school has become a very hated place for students. Many say it is because the classes are boring, others may tell you that it is because they have to wake up early for the sole purpose of going to school. The only way to make students like school once a
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  • History of Math
    History of Math Mathematics, study of relationships among quantities, magnitudes, and properties and of logical operations by which unknown quantities, magnitudes, and properties may be deduced. In the past, mathematics was regarded as the science of quantity, whether of magnitudes, as in geomet
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  • Mathematicians: Making Numerous Contributions
    MAT 1000 College Mathematics Mathematicians: Making numerous contributions By Bonnie Jodoin Presented to Professor Combs A paper presented to Florida Technical College in partial fulfillment Of the requirements for the Associate of Science Degree Presented on 12/17/2001
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  • Goup Decision Making
    Group Decision Making Let's define what is Group Decision Making, decisions made by committees, think tanks, teams and groups. They may include borrowers, lenders, producers, buyers, scientists and other experts, environmentalists, and real estate developers and so on. Decision making skills is
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  • Math Lesson
    Lesson Plan Title: Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday: Understanding Opportunity Costs Grade Level:2, 3, or 6th Duration: three 50-minute class periods Student Goal: To understand that there is an opportunity cost to every economic decision and that these costs come as a resu
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  • Batch Process of Wine Making
    Introduction The homemade production of wine is a fun and challenging hobby that many people can enjoy. In this paper the reader will be taken through several different steps and processes that must be accomplished for your wine to be of satisfactory flavor and clarity. Crushing and stemming
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  • Math Lesson Plan
    Lesson Plan Guide Topic: Math (To investigate and explore multiplication facts) Objectives In this activity, students will investigate and explore multiplication facts. The students will: • Work in groups to device a plan for making a multiplication matrix • Construct a multiplication
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  • Women's Inferiority in Math and Science
    Rhetorical Analysis of Paired Arguments: Women's inferiority in math and science Audience Analysis: "Sex Ed at Harvard" by Charles Murray Published in the New York Times, Murray is addressing a primarily liberal audience. However, it is read by a general audience both liberals and conservativ
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  • Ain't We Got Fun
    AIN'T WE GOT FUN Bill collectors gather 'Round and rather Haunt the cottage next door Men the grocer and butcher sent Men who call for the rent But with in a happy chappy And his bride of only a year Seem to be so cheerful Here's an earful Of the chatter you hear Just to make their tr
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  • Why Is Sex Fun?
    WHY IS SEX FUN? If you were a male would you rather have a beautiful, impressive, long tail that attracts a lot of women or would you rather have a shorter, less attractive tail that enables you to escape from predators more easily? Living out in the wild among many potential predators, a shorter
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  • For Fun?
    Movies and TV shows today express violence, vulgar behavior, and just simply stupidity. They are just a few of the many examples of how the media portrays how our societies lives through the eyes of the ever wonderful boob tube. Television and movies are most usually created to escape r
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