• Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    As a CEO on whom ride the hopes of a demanding billion people, the captain of Team India is like a batsman facing a flurry of nasty Yorkers. It's a leadership test that can make the most acclaimed CEO cringe. But not MSD.  The captain of the Indian cricket team delivered a dream result to his sh
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  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    Mahendra Singh Dhoni pronunciation (help•info) (born 7 July 1981), commonly known as M. S. Dhoni, is an Indian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian national cricket team and the Chennai Super Kings cricket team. He made his One Day International (ODI) debut in December 2004 against Ba
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  • Ms Dhoni
    Mahendra Singh Dhoni, pronunciation (help·info) (Hindi: महेन्द्र सिंह धोनी ) (born July 7, 1981 in Ranchi, Bihar) (now in Jharkhand) is an Indian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian national cricket team.nitially recognized as an extravagantly flamboyant
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  • Maharaja Dalip Singh (Daleep)
    Maharaja DALIP SINGH, the youngest son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who was born in Lahore, on Feb. 1837, to mother Maharani Jind Kaur. His date of birth is disputed by some and alternately suggested as Sept. 4, 1838. Many foreign journalists have wrongly named him as Dhalip Singh and Duleep Singh. How
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  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh: the Sikh Ruler, in the Eyes of Non-Sikhs
    According to the famous historian Carlyle, a worthy sovereign should be judged from a sole factor as to how he employs his sword after being victorious. <br> <br>********** <br>Le Griffin writes that: <br> <br>"Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled his kingdom exactly according to the Sikh way of life and Sik
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  • In 2007, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Elaborating His Vision for a Revolution in the Field of Modern Education Declared the Opening of 7 Indian Institute of Management (Iims) and 8 Indian Institute of Technology (
    according to sources close to the development, the states will be selected on the basis of their economic and social status. Also, the number of existing colleges these states have and their student population will be taken into account to determine the establishment of an IIT or an IIM in a state.
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  • Baba Harbhajan Singh
    Baba Harbhajan Singh: story of a dead sepoy He has defeated dead. Believe it or not but it is true, one of its kind of story in the world- a man from an Indian army in a Nathula border is still doing his duty even after his death some three decades back. 60 km from Gangtok towards the panora
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  • Manmohan Singh
    Dr. Manmohan Singh is the first Sikh Prime Minister of India who has spent a long career as a bureaucrat. He is not a crafty and shrewd politician, but a learned economist also. He has been a successful official, who has worked at various important posts. He is polite in nature, simple, plain, far f
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  • Bhagat Singh
    Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh was a freedom fighter and one of the most famous revolutionaries of Indian Independence Movement. It is also believed that he was one of the earliest Marxists in India. Bhagat Singh was born in a family that was actively involved in revolutionary activities against the Briti
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  • Singh
    O/0 Controllar of Communication Account UP(E) Circle, Vikas Khand-1 Gomati Nagar, Lucknow. Kindly arrange to supply of following Stationery items in the Office of Controllar of Communication Account- |Sl.No. |Items |Quantity | |1
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  • Harshita Singh
    POPULATION IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENT I PAT is the lettering of a formula put forward to describe the impact of human activity on the environment. I = P × A × T In words: Human Impact (I) on the environment equals the product of population (P), affluence (A: consumption per capita) and technology
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  • Sunder Singh
    CASE I Sunder Singh Sunder Singh had studied only up to high school. He was 32-years of age, lived alone in a rented room, and worked eight-hour shift at one petrol pump, then went to the other one for another eight-hour shift. He had a girl friend and was planning to marry. One day when he
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  • Bachan Singh Case
    The Practical Lawyer Bachan Singh v. Union of India (C.K. Thakker and Lokeshwar Singh Panta, JJ.) Bachan Singh ------------------ Appellant v. Union of India & Ors. -------------- Respondent(s) Civil Appeal No. 3110 of 2004, decided on July 10, 2008 The judgment of the Court was delivered by Lok
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  • Manmohan Singh
    Manmohan Singh: The world is watching India. We can feel proud of our standing Thursday, 20 August 2009 Our country is witnessing unprecedented economic growth. Last year, our economic growth rate was 7 per cent and it is likely to be similar this year as well. Our country has never witnessed such
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  • Ram Drari Singh Dinkar
    Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' (September 23, 1908 – April 24, 1974) was an Indian Hindi poet, essayist and academician, who is considered as one of the most important modern Hindi poets. Dinkar emerged as a rebellious poet with his nationalist poetry in pre-Independence days. His poetry exuded veer rasa
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  • Banda Singh Bahadur
    Baba Banda Singh Bahadur (16 October, 1670 - 9 June, 1716) (Lachhman Dev alias Madho dass Bairagi), originally from the Jammu region, is revered as one of greatest Sikh warriors as well as one of the most hallowed martyrs of the Khalsa Army. The Khalsa were engaged in a prolonged fight against the
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  • Relevance of Maharaja Ranjit Singh
    RELEVANCE OF MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s name stands like a tall citadel, symptomatic of the steely resolve that the modern man requires in his endeavor to convert his dreams to reality. Ranjit Singh, a man of visionary zeal had a dream of an extensive and colossal Sikh estate
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  • Baghath Singh
    Shaheed Bhagat Singh: An Immortal Revolutionary Ashok Dhawale Human history from the times of Charvaka and Spartacus is illuminated with a galaxy of shining martyrs who have died for noble and progressive causes dearer to them than their own lives. In the modern age, the greatest martyrs have b
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  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Speech on Independence Day
    prime minister manmohan singh speech on independence day 2006-08-15 My dear countrymen, brothers, sisters, and dear children My greetings to all of you on this day, the anniversary of our Independence. Today is an auspicious day for our country. Today we enter the 60th year of our Independenc
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  • Satvir Singh
    | |[pic] Satvir Singh 103-21 110 street 347-634-6660 South Richmond Hill, NY 11419 SSatvir211@yahoo.com [pic] | |Career Objective [pic]---- My goal is to be an Automobile Engineer/Designer/Technician. I always have been fascinated by cars, ever since I was a kid. The worl
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