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Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap Maharana Pratap, the eldest son of the founder of Udaipur Maharana Udai Singh was born to Sonagari Queen Jayawanti on Jyestha Sudi third day of Vikram Era 1597 (i.e. May 9, 1540) Sunday at 47 Ghati 13 Pal past sunrise. Born is Ardra Naksatra, his birth was considered not only auspicious but the astrologers also made the prediction that the child will bring shining glory to the name of the clan. He was initiated into education and leasing worthy of a prince and, when adult, he...

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Das and Kunwar Man Singh occupy the first and the second place. Thus, the father and the son played an important part in suppressing the turbulent Afghans as a result of which Daud Khan had to flee towards Bengal. Kunwar Man Singh versus Maharana Pratap Up till now Kunwar Man Singh played a subordinate role in the cross of imperial politics and therefore, he did not attract the special attention of contemporary Muslim historians. It was in the battle of Haldighati that Kunwar Man Singh was entrusted...

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Dotnet Project

Online Library Management System DOEACC Society Chandigarh Center, Branch Office Lucknow Project Guide Submitted By Mr. Sanyam Shailendra Pratap Singh Acknowledgement A successful completion of this project is attributed to the great and indispensable help received from different people. I would like my sincere thanks to my project guide Mr. Chandrabhushan Sir for their...

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Social: Caste and 19th Century

write their correct names on the lines marked on the map. (A) A major soil type (B) A state having largest area under permanent forest On the same political outline map of India, locate and label the following items with appropriate symbols : (C) Rana pratap Sagar Dam (D) A major tea producing state of South India. 31 (31.1) (31.2) (31.3) (31.4) Note : The following questions are for the visually impaired candidates only in lieu of Q. No. 31. (31.1) Which soil is known as regur soil ? (31.2) Name the...

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Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal-Jaipur [pic] [pic] Hawa Mahal is a palace in Jaipur, India. It was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, and designed by Lal Chand Usta in the form of the crown of Krishna, the Hindu god. Its unique five-storey exterior is also akin to the honeycomb of the beehive with its 953 small windows called jharokhas that are decorated with intricate lattice work.[1] The original intention of the lattice was to allow royal ladies to observe everyday life in the...

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Harsh Pratap Singh

Harsh Pratap Singh Experienced Branding Associate, Operations Executive, Summer Intern at Pepsi-co. Contact Me: E-mail: singhharsh55@yahoo.com Voice: +918527071333 Summary A bottom line focused strategy executive with exposure to Branding, Back-end Operations and Business Development, Customer Service, Visual Merchandising, Market Research & Distributor-sales Management. Specialties: Branding and Identity, Production Management,Advertising, New business...

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 AMRITESH PRATAP SINGH INTRODUCTION: I am a Management graduate with a blend of more than 5 years of experience in Corporate and Training, looking forward to an organisation which provides me ample opportunities to enhance my skills while contributing to the benefit of the organisation. WORK EXPERIENCE: NOVEMBER 2013 TO TILL DATE UKLS (UK LEARNING SERVICES LTD.) Profile: Trainer/ International Operations Manager Delivering lectures across EDEXCEL BTEC...

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Rajasthan - Visit

Category: Bodies of Water 12. Saheliyon-ki-Bari Category: Historic Garden 13. Gulab Bagh and Zoo Category: Historic Garden 14. Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal Category: History Museums 15. Maharana Pratap Memorial or Moti Magri Category: Historic Sites 16. Bohara Ganesh Ji Category: Religious Sites 17. Nehru Garden Category: Garden 18. Udaipur Solar Observatory Category: Asia's only solar...

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Education important for girl

society. If they can be financially strong they will take proper care of their children and provide them good education. According to Mahatma Gandhi, "Due to her nature women possesses the best ability to teach the child". Chhatrapati Shivaji and Maharana Pratap are the best example of this saying. Thus, let us start educating the female children to change the face of society....

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13.Salim Chisti: He was a Sufi saint of the Chishti Order during the Mughal Empire in South Asia. Saleemuddin Chishti, popularly known as Salim Chisti, lead his Shaikzada division in the Battle of Haldighati on the side of Akbar against Maharana Pratap. 14.Shaikh Taj-ud-din Chishti: He was also called Taj Sarwar Chishti was a Sufi saint of Chishti Order in Chishtian, Punjab, India He was a grandson Shaikh Farid-ud-din Ganjshakar of Pakpattan and his descendants founded the village of Chishtian...

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Wireless Neural Network

who enlightened us with the knowledge of essential equipments and their working. NITI MISHRA PRIYANKA SINGH SHALINI PRADHAN B.TECH (FINAL YEAR) ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING MAHARANA PRATAP ENGINEERING COLLEGE, KANPUR. ABSTRACT Neural processing presents a different way to store and manipulate knowledge. It uses a connectionist approach, where connections emphasize the...

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India of My Dream

place of shri mad bhagvad geetaji and other purana and upnishads,crade of religion of Hinduism,Jainism and Buddhism. India had many great personalities like mahatma Gandhi,jawahar lal Nehru,sarojini naidu,etc. India has great rulers like Ashoka,maharana pratap,Akbar,shivaji,etc. the greatness of india is not possible to describe in words. It has very ancient heritage of the world. Now a days scenario of India has changed. My dream India is where there is no poverty,unemployment,corruption. There...

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The Top Monuments of India

built by the emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BC. Its nucleus was a simple hemispherical brick structure built over the relics of the Buddha. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur The Hawa Mahal (Palace of Wind) was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. It is shaped in the form of the crown of Lord Krishna, the Hindu god. Its uniqueness is that it is built entirely of red and pink sandstones. Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore The Vidhana Soudha is the seat of the state legislature of Karnataka...

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Lucknow Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Agra Hitkarini College of Engineering & Technology, Jabalpur Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science & Technology, Jabalpur National Institute of Technology, Bhopal Maharana Pratap College of Technology, Gwalior Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot Dhole Patil College of Engineering, Pune JSPM’s Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engineering...

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northern India. It was built in 1613 by Raja Bir Singh Deo of Orchha. The huge fort is built on a hilltop called Bangira. Udaipur Palace : City Palace, Udaipur, is a palace complex in Udaipur, in the Indian state Rajasthan. It was built by the Maharana Udai Singh as the capital of the Sisodia Rajput clan in 1559, after he moved from Chittor. It is located on the east bank of the Lake Pichola and has several palaces built within its complex. HISTORY : Jhansi Fort : Jhansi was a stronghold...

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Introduction to the Rajputs

period. The Rajput princes maintained their own independent princely kingdoms. Some of the brave Rajput rulers who have been made their names eternal in Indian history are Prithviraj Chauhan, Rana Kumbha, Rana Sangram Singh, Rana Udai Singh and Maharana Pratap. Prithviraj Chauhan proved to be the last Rajput ruler of Delhi. The Chauhans, led by Govinda, grandson of Prithviraj, later established a small state centered around Rathambore in present-day Rajasthan. The Rajput lifestyle was designed to foster...

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Education of the Girl Child Is a Burden

society. If they can be financially strong they will take proper care of their children and provide them good education. According to Mahatma Gandhi, "Due to her nature women possesses the best ability to teach the child". Chhatrapati Shivaji and Maharana Pratap are the best example of this saying. Thus, let us start educating the female children to change the face of society....

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The Great Legend Prithviraj Chauhan

as the paid servants in the Mughal armies against their fellow countrymen. Raja Man Singh and Raja Todar Mal helped the Mughals against Maharana Pratap - the valiant Rajput ruler of Mewad who defiantly held up the banner of Indian independence in face of overwhelmingly powerful alien attacks. But unfortunately, renegade Rajput soldiers fought against Maharana Pratap at the Battle of Haldighati. It was these dark sheep who, to save their throne and skin, brought defeat and dishonour to the nation. ...

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customer satisfaction and thus eventually the market share. This would also not incur any additional expense to the company But might lead to change in employee satisfaction. 3) Allow Yash to leave and let Major Pratap to manage the Bangalore operations * Major Pratap as no relevant experience and would need some time to understand the industry. Meanwhile releasing Yas go would also create dissatisfaction among the employees which might be amplified by reporting to a completely new person...

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Indian Nationalism

Empire, Mughal Empire, Indian Empire etc. Ages of war and invasion India today celebrates many kings and queens for combating foreign invasion and domination,[2] such as Shivaji of the Maratha Empire, Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, Kittur Chennamma, Maharana Pratap of Rajputana, Prithviraj Chauhan, who combated the Mahmud of Ghazni and Tipu Sultan who fought the British. The kings of Ancient India, such as Chandragupta Maurya and Emperor Ashoka the Great of the Magadha Empire, are also remembered for their...

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Mathematics? e. What fraction of the total number of students, like to study Science? 6. Vidya and Pratap went for a picnic. Their mother gave them a water bag that contained 5 liters of water. Vidya consumed 25 of the water. Pratap consumed the remaining water. f. How much water did Vidya drink? g. What fraction of the total quantity of water did Pratap drink? 7. Sushant reads 13 part of a book in 1 hour. How much part of the book will he read in 215 hours? ...

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Review: Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu

industry and acclaimed for his bold portrayals of social and human issues. Kamal Haasan, a three time national award winner for best actor, played the lead role in the film. The cast includes Sridevi, Dhilip, S.Vee. Sekhar, Poornam Viswanathan and Pratap Pothan. Film songs and background score were composed by M.S. Viswanathan. The film is considered as one of the best movies made on social issues. This film is a drama that takes place in New Delhi in 1980 when the unemployment was quite high. Plot...

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Patriotism in India

miracle that the country has maintained old traditions and culture. During different periods there have been patriots who sacrificed all they had to save the motherland from the foreigners. Right from the invasion of Babar we have Rana Sanga-Maharana Pratap during the expansionist designs of Akbar. The terror of Aurangzeb was faced by the Maratha and Punjabi patriots who gave Shivaji and Guru Govind Singh. The latter sacrificed all his four sons at the altar of the nation. Then comes Banda Bairagi...

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for Marathi film Dhag c) Annu Kapoor for Vicky Donor d) Virendra Pratap for Dekh Indian Circus    The correct answer is a) Shivaji Lotan Patil for the film Dhag (Marathi) 4. In National Film Awards 2013, the award for Best Actor was conferred on ____________.   a) Irrfan for Paan Singh Tomar and Vikram Gokhale for Anumati (Marathi) b) Usha Jadhav for Marathi film Dhag c) Annu Kapoor for Vicky Donor d) Virendra Pratap for Dekh Indian Circus    The correct answer is a) Irrfan for Paan...

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Conserve Water

various capacities, e.g. as Shikaris because of their knowledge of the terrain. Many had even become warriors in armies.Bhils respected their motherland and were ready to defend it if anybody tried to occupy it. They were in the Mewar army of Maharana Pratap and, like Shivaji, were experts in guerilla warfare which the Mughal Empire had so much trouble handling. Today, there is a Mewar Bhil Corps.'[6] In Hindu mythology, popular Bhil figures are Shabari, who offered Rama and Lakshmana half-eaten...

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LNW-8:LUCK For Office Use Only Direct/UPD/4959 BATCH SCHEDULE Examination Center Address Center Code EXAM DATE BATCH LNW-8:LUCK 22-10-2013 2 REPORTING TIME 10:45 am EXAM DURATION 90 MINS Address IPCC ,GROUND FLOOR .PRATAP BHAWAN,BEHIND LEELA CINEMA,HAZARATGANJ,LUCKNOW ************************************************************************************************************************** IMPORTANT: CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED TO PUT THEIR SIGNATURE ON THE ATTENDANCE...

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Study of Udaipur

center of attraction during the season. Maharana Udai Singh II founded Udaipur in 1568 after his citadel Chittorgarh was sacked by Mughal Emperor Akbar. The legends says that Udai Singh was guided by a holy man meditating on the hill near Pichola Lake to establish his capital on this very spot.  Surrounded by Aravali Ranges, forests and lakes this place was less vulnerable than Chittorgarh. Maharana Udai Singh died in 1572 and was succeeded by Maharana Pratap who valiantly defended Udaipur from subsequent...

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society. Ancient name of Rajasthan was Marudesh while Gujarat was called Gurjaratra. "Maru Gurjara art" literally means "art of Rajasthan and Gujarat".[1] [edit]Development Carved elephants on the walls of Jagdish Temple that was built by Maharana Jagat Singh Ist in 1651 A.D Māru-Gurjara Architecture show the deep understanding of structures and refined skills of Rajasthani craftmen of bygone era. Māru-Gurjara Architecture has two prominent styles Maha-Maru and Maru-Gurjara. According to M...

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super school sample paper

politics for political gains http://nm4.in/18eVV0m View summary Narendra Modi ‏@narendramodi 2h Recalled Atal ji's vision for IT sector that enabled Bengaluru & India's youth to be the pride of the world http://nm4.in/18eVV0m View summary Pratap Simha ‏@mepratap 2h At @narendramodiji's Bangalore rally! pic.twitter.com/a8909SxfF3 Expand Embedded image permalink TechCrunch India ‏@TechCrunchIndia 2h India's first ever TechCrunch in Bangalore ends on a high note. Read more about #TechCrunchIN...

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Leisure Mapping Essay

prevalent because I am South Asian. In the South Asian community, women are expected to learn how to be good wives essentially. They are encouraged to learn how to cook, how to take care of the house and how to attend to the needs of the men. (Jacobsen & Pratap, 2004) I am expected to go to University and get great grades so that I may pursue a rewarding career in some professional field because that’s what the eldest son in a traditional South Asian family is supposed to do. It is normal for me to go out...

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Mughal Emperor Akbar

named Ajit Singh. Officers loyal to Jaswant brought his family back to Jodhpur and rallied the clan to the standards of the infant. The Rajputs of Jodhpur (Rathore clan) forged an alliance with the neighboring Rajput state of Mewar (Sisodia clan). Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar withdrew his army to the western portion of his kingdom, marked by the rugged Aravalli hills and secured by numerous hill-forts. From this position, the smaller but faster Rajput cavalry units could surprise the Mughal outposts...

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Food Corporation of India

Kolkata High Court (Appellete Side) Kolkata High Court (Appellete Side) Food Corporation Of India vs Central Government Industrial ... on 25 February, 2009 Author: Pratap Kumar Ray IN THE HIGH COURT AT CALCUTTA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION (APPELLATE SIDE) Present: The Hon'ble Justice Pratap Kumar Ray And The Hon'ble Justice Manik Mohan Sarkar. F.M.A. No. 2345 of 2005 C.A.N. 8685 of 2007 C.A.N. 4726 of 2008 Food Corporation of India Versus Central Government Industrial Tribunal, Asansol...

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the indian linguistic philosophies


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History of Alwar

Finally Alwar received political stability in the hands of Thakur Pratap Singh belonging to the Kachhawaha Rajputs from Jaipur. Even with an average economic condition this ruling class was able to gift the district with splendid palaces and led a life in utmost luxury. However, such squandering nature resulted in the downfall of the Kachhawaha Rajputs. This disgruntled the masses. However, it cannot be denied that it was Pratap Singh who rescued Alwar from a political instability. He became an...

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Bay of Bengal, and from the Himalayas to the Narmada River. Through a shrewd blend of diplomacy, intimidation and brute force, Akbar won the allegiance of the Rajputs. This allegiance was not universal. Maharana Pratap and many other Rajputs always considered Akbar as a foreign invader. Maharana Pratap also banned inter marriages between Rajputs who had given their daughters to the Mughals and the ones who did not. But little did Akbar know that when he married Jodhaa (Aishwarya Rai), a fiery Rajput...

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Con Beh

Singh, Associate Professor presented a paper on “Analyzing the Competitiveness of Supply Chains: A Framework” (Co-author: P.B. Sharma) at 4th Conference on Excellence in Education and Research organized by IIM-Indore, during 9-12 May 2012. • Dr. Pratap C. Mohanty, Assistant Professor presented a paper entitled “Role of State versus Non-Market Institutions for CPRs in India: An Empirical Estimation based on NSS Data”, at the 48th Annual Conference of The Indian Econometric Society (TIES), during...

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Marketing of Zoo

Kirloskar Institue Of Advance Management Studies, Harihar 2011-2012 SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Prof. Satish Irde Nitish Pratap Singh Roll No – 67 Section – B ...

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Civilisation of Rajasthan, Kalibangan, Ahar, Ganeshwar, Bairath. History of Rajasthan from 8th to 18th Century - Gurjar Pratihars - Chauhans of Ajmer - Relations with Delhi Sultanate – Mewar, Ranthambore and Jalore. - Rajasthan and Mughals – Sanga, Pratap, Mansingh of Amer, Chandrasen, Rai Singh of Bikaner, Raj singh of Mewar. History of freedom struggle in Rajasthan - Peasants and Tribal Movements. - Prajamandal Movement. Integration of Rajasthan Role of women during Medieval and Modern period. Society...

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Managing Your Fixed Deposits

MANAGING YOUR FIXED DEPOSITS: RENEWAL OR WITHDRAWAL? By: Narendra Pratap FIXED DEPOSITS AS AN INVESTMENT OPTION  Bank fixed deposits (FDs) are a common favourite among Indian investors. Money is held in an FD account for a fixed period of time at a pre-determined interest rate.  The interest rates vary across banks but are guided by market movements.  On maturity, the deposit is either renewed at the new, prevalent rates or the principal and interest accrued are credited to...

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reality of akbar the great

name. I recall only three – Alexander, Ashoka and Akbar. This great title does not come easily. One has to indeed display exemplary greatness to be called ‘great’. This great land has produced one legend after another – Vikramaditya, Prithviraj, Rana Pratap, Shivaji – to name a few. But none qualified to be called ‘the Great’ by our noble historians. This is because the criteria for being called ‘the Great’ are very tough. You have to be simply the best killer for times to come to be called ‘the Great’...

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How and where should younger people Invest in India

HOW AND WHERE SHOULD YOUNGER PEOPLE INVEST MONEY IN THEIR EARLY DAYS OF EMPLOYMENT? By: Narendra Pratap INVESTMENT TIPS FOR YOUNGER PEOPLE • You must have noticed that people who have just started their careers are more prone to lavish spending, as for the first time they are earning money and they just want to enjoy it. • But, they realize it after some time, when they left with nothing in their accounts at that point of time when they are stepping ahead in their lives. And the end...

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Endangered Tigers

creating a larger demand for tiger parts beyond what can be supplied. An increased demand for tiger parts exist throughout the world. China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Great Britain are involved in tiger trade (Linden & Pratap, 1994). Why should we save the endangered tiger? Healthy tiger populations equal healthy ecosystems. As a large predator, the tiger plays a key role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by hunting other species and keeping the populations of these...

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Vark Analysis

Learning style is a way of learning that helps an individual learn best by a given modality (Cherry, 2014). Individuals typically display diverse modes of learning with multiple and varied talents with differing modalities of learning (Kumar, Smriti, Pratap, & Krishnee, 2012). The VAK instrument was expanded by Fleming and Mills in 1992 into the VARK. The original VAK founded in 1970 was original Visual, Aural, and Kinesthetic learning (Bernardes & Hannah, 2009, p. 1-12). The Read-Write method was added...

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Iocl Project Report


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Review Questions Chapter 4 1

geometric d. environmental e. three-dimensional Answer: a 5. Raphael’s The Madonna of the Meadows is composed using the implied shape of a a. trapezoid. b. square. c. pyramid. d. triangle. e. circle. Answer: d 6. The 18th-century Indian painting of Maharana Amar Singh and others watching musicians and acrobats utilizes the two most basic visual cues for implying depth on a flat surface. They are a. chiaroscuro and hatching. b. atmospheric perspective and foreshortening. c. implied line and a vanishing...

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Cultural Diversity in Mauritius: Myth or Reality?

who owe their status and influence mainly to their affiliation with the government which benefits in its turn by manipulating the population and projecting their conventional image to the public through such platforms. At the 473rd anniversary of Maharana Pratab Singh and the creation of the Indian state of Rajasthan on Sunday 19th May 2013 at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Phoenix the Prime Minister asserted that “Diversity should not be divisive. We are from different parts of India, but we are...

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Role of Press in Indian Freedom Struggle

shoe-beating! The government aid to journals like Kavi Vachan Sudha was stopped for publishing what was objectionable from the government point of view. Bhartendu Harish Chandra resigned from his post of an honorary Magistrate. His two friends, Pratap Narain Mishra and Bal Krishna Bhatt started publication of two important political journals Pradeep from Allahabad, and Brahman from Kanpur. The Pradeep was ordered to be closed down in 1910 for espousing the cause of freedom. The Bharat-Mitra...

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mohan@gmail.com; arpit_singh268@yahoo.co.in; Arunav Chakraverty (arunav.3@gmail.com); ashish mishra (ashish.85stu@gmail.com); ashish mittal (ashish_2mittal@yahoo.co.in); aswin vp (aswinveepey@gmail.com); abhinav singhal (avhinaysinghal1991@gmail.com); Bhanu Pratap (bhanu.p.govind@gmail.com); Bitan Nandi (bitannandi1@gmail.com); Aditya Mahesh (cat012.aditya@gmail.com); Chaitanya Reddy (chaitanya9909@gmail.com); chinaleegarg@gmail.com; Anurag Tyagi (contactanuragt@gmail.com); das v (daatch@gmail.com); dee.can1107@gmail...

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List of Prime Ministers of India

Janata Party 8 Indira Gandhi 14 Jan 1980 2 31 Oct 1984 1 19 Nov 1917 31 Oct 1984 Indian National Congress 1980 9 Rajiv Gandhi 31 Oct 1984 c 2 Dec 1989 20 Aug 1944 21 May 1991 Indian National Congress (Indira) 1984 10 Vishwanath Pratap Singh 2 Dec 1989 10 Nov 1990 3 25 Jun 1931 27 Nov 2008 Janata Dal National Front 1989 11 Chandra Shekhar 10 Nov 1990 21 Jun 1991 1 Jul 1927 8 Jul 2007 Samajwadi Janata Party National Front 12 P. V. Narasimha Rao 21 Jun 1991...

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notification, he asked me. Pisces, the 10th from his Ascendant, I guessed and answered "between February 6th and 8th 1984".        (h) On February 6th, it was notified. The P.T.I. news item carried the date-time of 7th February, and reported: "Mr Udai Pratap Singh, an advocate, has been appointed a judge of the Patna High Court with effect from the date he assumes charge of his office".  ...

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Review of Wing's of Fire

Botany, Microbiology Head Ethno botany. Asst. Prof Asst. Prof Microbiology Toxicology Asst. Prof Biochemistry 9861331197 binitadash@gmail.com 9438056455 9438421809 9861130580 debddd@redifmail.com 9439857990 sssardar_ouat@yahoo.com 32 33 Mr. Pratap. Kesari Asst. Prof Asst. Prof Micro biology Patnaik Dr. Mrs Abhijita Rout Microbiology Bioinformatics Microbiology, environmental Microbiology Environmental Biology, Microbiology 1.Cytology&Cytogenetics 2.Fish & Fisheries Reproductive Biology...

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world wild life day essay

Engineering M.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) Diploma in Electrical & Communication Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Diploma in Automobile Engineering Diploma in Mining Engineering More Pratap University Sunderpura (Chandwaji), Delhi-Jaipur Highway  Ajmer, Rajasthan Phone : (0142) 6213582, 6213581 B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering) B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering) B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) ...

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SCM PepsiCo

 PepsiCo, Organized Trade BY, GAURAV PRATAP SINGH (ROLL NO 15) EBREZ (ROLL NO 16) PepsiCo Organized Trade: The Beverage Industry is a mature sector and includes companies that market nonalcoholic and alcoholic items. Since growth opportunities are few compared to existing business,...

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Kingdom, Anga Kingdom, Harikela Kingdom Mauryan Period Classical Bengal The Classical Age Shashanka Age of Empires Pala Empire Sena Empire Medieval Bengal Arrival of Islam Sultanate of Bengal Deva Kingdom Bakhtiyar Khilji, Raja Ganesha Mughal Period Pratap Aditya, Raja Sitaram Ray Principality of Bengal Baro-Bhuyans Modern Bengal Company Raj Zamindari system, Bengal famine of 1770 British Indian Empire Bengal Renaissance Brahmo Samaj Swami Vivekananda, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Subhas...

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Hanuman Chalisa

and his hairs are long and curly. Hath Bajra Aur Dhvaja Biraje, Kandhe Moonj Janeu saage. Shri Hanumanji is holding in one hand a lighting bolt and in the other a banner with sacred thread across his shoulder. Shankar Suvna Kesari Nandan, Tej Pratap Maha Jag Vandan. Page 2 of 8 HANUMAN CHALISA Oh Hanumanji! You are the emanation of 'SHIVA' and you delight Shri Keshri. Being ever effulgent, you and hold vast sway over the universe. The entire world propitiates. You are adorable of all. ...

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India My Country

in the world - has a proud place in my droughts. The biggest democracy, the land of temples and one of the oldest civilisations of the world, the second most populous country in the world after China, my country has produced warriors like Rana Pratap and Shivaji; leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and Lala Lajpat Rai. In literature and science it has produced persons like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Prem Chand, Saratchandra, C.V. Ramman...

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7.62 Mm Caliber and Ans

(a) Battle of Haldighati was fought between Rajputs and Mughal Army in 1576. (b) It was fought between 20000 Rajputs and 80,000 Mughal army. (c) The battle was fierce but indecisive. (d) Maharana Pratap was saved by his estranged brother however famous loyal horse Chetak died while saving Maharana. Q.No. 65 (a) (b) (c) Answer the following:( 08) During which period did Akbar rule Mughal Empire? W ho was The Chief of the Indian Army during Indo -Pak War of 1971. W hich was the...

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Colony, Jhansi. C.L.Memorial High school, Jhansi. Shemford Futuristic School, Jhansi Government Aided Institutions Sri Laxmi Vyayam Mandir Inter College, Jhansi Saraswati Vidhya Mandir, Bahar datiya Gate ,Jhansi Sun Shine Public School, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Jhansi Saraswati inter college, behind Germany hospital, jhansi The city has two FM radio stations. All India Radio The state owned Akashvani service has a broadcast frequency of 103.0 MHz. All India Radio has started broadcasting...

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writer of the lesson ? (d) What had never occured to him ? Which quality of Mahatma Gandhi is described by Pt. Nehru ? OR 'A chain is as strong as its weakest link' explain. Describe the qualities of Maharan Pratap. OR 01 01 01 02 01 01 01 02 06 Q.12 Q.13 04 Why did Pratap Singh call BhamaSah the 'Saviour of Mewar' ? Q.14 Read any one extract carefully and answer the questions that 03 follows : (1) Change my darkness to Thy Light, And my evil into good Touch me but once and...

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