• reliving the past:the study of Amitav Ghosh novels
    SUMMARY Amitav Ghosh can be seen as the flag bearer of the fearlessness and freedom that the contemporary Indian writer in English embodies. Although Salman Rushdie is the pioneer who put the post colonial scene on the literary map, yet Amitav Ghosh has become one of the central figures...
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  • The Narrator’s Perception of Cosmopolitanism in Amitav Ghosh’s “the Shadow Lines”
    The Narrator’s Perception of Cosmopolitanism in Amitav Ghosh’s “The Shadow Lines” “The whole world is a man’s birthplace.” This quote by the Roman poet Publius Papinius Statius shows us the basic idea of cosmopolitanism. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines it as “the i
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  • Magic Realism in Haroun and the Sea of Stories
    [pic] What is Magic Realism? The definition for magic realism can be explained as fantasy combined with realism: a style of art or literature that depicts fantastic or mythological subjects in a realistic manner. “Magic realism--the capacity to enrich our idea of what is 'real' by incorporatin
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  • Magic Realism in Francis's Journey to the Past
    Jennifer Strauss Professor Vieira EN 102 04 April 25, 2010 Magic Realism in Francis’s Journey to the Past In the novel Ironweed by William Kennedy, the protagonist, Francis Phelan, is constantly trying to escape his past. He leaves the town he lives in to avoid dealing with problems and dec
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  • Magic Realism in Como Agua Para Chocolate
    Magic realism Magic realism (or magical realism) is a literary genre in which magical elements appear in an otherwise realistic setting. As used today the term is broadly descriptive rather than critically rigorous. The term was initially used by German art critic Franz Roh to describe painting w
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  • Magic Realism
    In the article “Magic Realism and Garciá Márquez’s Eréndira”, magic realism is described as a style that has expanded over time and has grown into a greater idea that influences various contemporary artistic achievements. Many Latin American and American film directors and writers have adop
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  • Amitav Ghosh the Hungry Tide and the Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano
    Both The Hungry Tide and The Interesting Narrative Of Olaudah Equiano are tales of sociological hardships combined with a life bound to the sea. The ocean plays a significant role in the text offering disempowerment to some whilst empowering others. In The Interesting Narrative the slave trade was
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  • The Magic Realism in Midnights Chilren
    Introduction to literature Term Paper October 5, 2012 What is Magical Realism? Magical realism is often regarded as a regional trend, restricted to the Latin American writers who popularized it as a literary form. It offers a broad range of critical perspectives and theoretical approaches to
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  • Magic Realism – Fusion of Real and Unreal Realms. a Comparison of F. Weldon's “Puffball” and J. Winterson's “the Passion”
    Magic realism – fusion of real and unreal realms. A comparison of F. Weldon's “Puffball” and J. Winterson's “The Passion” "My most important problem was destroying the lines of demarcation that separates what seems real from what seems fantastic" - Gabriel Garcia Marquez At the beginni
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  • Bulgacov's Use of Magic Realism in Master and Margarita
    | The Master and Margarita: Bulgakov’s Use of Magic Realism The Russian novel, Master and Margarita, was written in an environment of strict government control in early twentieth century, where even the presence of the manuscript in the author’s own house was something to fear. Bulgakov is
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  • Use of Magic Realism in Chronicle of a Death Foretold
    Chronicle of a Death Foretold Chronicle of a Death Foretold is a perfect example of a novel that showcased cultural and contextual elements. The technique that was the most interesting in Garcia Marquez' novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold, was his use of magic realism. One magical element in the
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  • Seminal Work of Magic Realism
    Magic Realism is a literary school that arose shortly after Realism. Unlike Realism, Magic Realism distinguishes everyday components with surrealistic elements to weave together myth in an effort to question the true nature of one’s interpretation. The short story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous
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  • Amitav Ghosh : a Pioneer Writer in English Literature
    The main objective of working on Ghosh is to reinterpret this huge iconic figure in contemporary Anglo Indian literature who has raised and answered a lot many questions about the identity of the subjugated in this world. His readings give us insights into the plight of émigré. In order to reach t
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  • Magic Realism
    Magical Realism Magical realism is a genre of film where magic elements are a natural part in a realistic environment. However, it is most commonly used as a literary genre, magic realism can also apply to visual arts and obviously films. This type of genre began in the Latin culture and now is kno
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  • Post-Colonial Melancholy:  an Examination Ofsadness in Amitav Ghosh’s the Shadow Lines 
      Post-Colonial Melancholy: An Examination ofSadness in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines  The article undertakes a study on melancholy and sadnessin Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines , concentrates on theforlorn figures of Tridib and the narrator in an attempt to analyse and eval
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  • Reality, Perspective, and Magic Realism
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said, “The interpretation of our reality through patterns not our own, serves only to make us ever more unknown, ever less free, ever more solitary,” meaning that we limit our own experience of the world if we only rely on how others perceive reality. In Chronicle of
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  • In What Ways Do Women Characters Contribute to the Story of Tridib in Amitav Ghosh’s the Shadow Lines?
    The story of Tridib in ‘Shadow Lines’ remain incomplete without the influence, or rather we should say the contribution, of the women characters in the novel. Main women characters in the novel namely Ila, May and the grandmother of the narrator, have a great influence on the coming-of-age of
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    Amitav Ghosh (born July 11, 1956),[1] is a Bengali Indian author best known for his work in English fiction Life : Amitav Ghosh was born in Calcutta on July 11, 1956 in a Bengali Hindu family, to Lieutenant Colonel Shailendra Chandra Ghosh, a retired officer of the pre-independence Indian...
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  • Bipolar Vision in Amitav Ghosh's Novels
    The Janus - Faced Amitav Ghosh : the Earlier Novels and The Ibis Trilogy Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee Amitav Ghosh , in spite of his fixed home is an itinerant. By nature he is a traveller, in his mind he is a voyager and he divides hi
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  • Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies: a Study Post Colonial Perspective.
    sea The Opium Wars, 1839-1842 and 1856-1860 ABSTRACT Sea of Poppies is the novel set prior to opium war, on the bank of the Ganges and in Calcutta. The author compares the Ganges with the Nile, the lifeline of the Egyptian civilization attributing the provenance. He portrays the charac
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