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Long Essay Thank You Teacher

THANK YOU TEACHER! T eachers dwell in some far-distant heaven, E ven the most plain and down-to-earth A ll your expertise and dedication, C aptures our naïve imagination, H eightening the aura of your worth. E ventually, that youth admiration, R eturns as we embrace what you given, S erving as the seed of our rebirth. Teachers are the facade of a school. They teach students skills that prepare them for their whole life. Teachers are leaders not followers; they are the lyrics to a song...

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Thank you teacher

THANK YOU, TEACHER! “Stand up, class”, ordered Shaz as a new young Indian teacher entered 5 Science 1 with a broad smile on her face. “ Good morning, miss”, wishes Shaz to the new teacher followed by other 30 residents of the class. “Hi, students. Good morning. I am Miss Malini from Perak. Currently I’m doing my degree in UPSI. So I will be here as a practical teacher to teach you all English for three months time. Hope all of you could cooperate with me in order to finish my practical successfully...

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Thank You Teacher

THANK YOU, TEACHER The weather is wet outside and the sky is gloomy, almost describing the feelings of many around me. As I sit here through this memorial, a thousand and one thoughts run through my mind. This is the final time I will see the lady who saved my life. I can’t help but to go back to the years when I first met her. I was a Form 1 student who excelled in my UPSR examinations and got myself enrolled into an elite school. I was a happy child who loved life because life...

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Thank You Teacher

THANK YOU, TEACHER Lisa reads the letter again .The contents of the half torn letter was difficult for her to understand .She still does not want to give up as she wants to know the reason behind it .She reads the letter again. ‘Dear Lisa, I was so impressed when you won the state level public speaking competition .I adore you so much and treat you like my own daughter as you look exactly like my late sister .I loved your spirit especially on how you kept on although you were suffering from...

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Long essay

The Long Essay Themes and Sources is examined via a Long essay of 3,000 to 5,000 words. This is a ‘take-home’ examination paper which first-year students receive in May, after they have completed the course. Students submit their Long Essay the following January, at the start of the Lent term in their second year. The aims of the Long Essay are to test students’ understanding of the main problems and approaches of the course they have followed with reference to a specific question. The paper...

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Thank You Birthday Wishes

this Facebook world! Thank you all so much for taking a moment to wish me well and to evoke our connection, whatever it might be. 感谢所有朋友们对我的祝贺,谢谢大家!我在这里向朋友们鞠躬致谢! Hi everyone I hope you don't mind me sending this ''Thank you'' wish even though it's a little late. As I tried to thank you individually by liking your post or replying on the actual day it didn't quite turn out right as there was too many... Thank you so much and I appreciate the time you took to make my day.May you all have a wonderful...

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A Teacher Essay

school teacher is certainly one of the most challenging careers, but it is absolutely the most important profession there is. After all, without teachers, there wouldn't be any other professions! As a teacher, you create the foundation for your students upon which they will build the rest of their lives. You are not only influencing the future of your own students, but you are affecting the collective future of all of humanity for generations to come. You may not be able to see the long-term affect...

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Thank You for Smoking

Intro: The essayThank You for Smoking,” written by Peter Brimelow, is far from an influential essay on why people should smoke. Through this essay, Brimelow makes an effort to convince the audience smoking is actually beneficial to your health. I find it hard for people to write about what they think are the benefits of smoking when there are so many obvious reasons why you should not smoke. The main audience being targeted in this article is those who already smoke and those who are thinking...

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probably noticed, essay writing assignments can pop up in any class. An essay is a literary composition that expresses a certain idea, claim, or concept and backs it up with supporting statements. It will follow a logical pattern, to include an introductory paragraph (make the claim), a body (support), and a conclusion (summary of statements and support). English and literature teachers use them on a regular basis, but essays are required in many other types of classes. Essay exams are also a...

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Thank You Letter Sample

SAMPLE THANK YOU LETTERS 400C Hunter Ridge Blacksburg, VA 24060 (540) 555-1111 boles@vt.eduOctober 26, 2010Ms. Glenna Wright Human Resources Manager Fashion Department Store 2000 Line Drive Fairfax, VA 22030Dear Ms. Wright:Thank you so much for your time and the privilege of having an interview with you yesterday, October 25, during your recruiting visit to Virginia Tech. The management trainee program you outlined sounds both challenging and rewarding and I look forward to your decision...

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Thank You Letter Samples

The following are a few examples of thank you letters found on the career and job search advice website “Quintessential Careers”: http://www.quintcareers.com/ A Free General Thank You Letter Sample Mr. Archie Weatherby California Investments, Inc. 25 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA 94102 Dear Mr. Weatherby, Thank you for taking the time to discuss the insurance broker position at California Investments, Inc., with me. After meeting with you and observing the company's operations, I am further...

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Thank You M'Am

Suggested Short Stories Thank you M’am by Langston Hughes Form C: Characterization Examples From The Text Thank you M’am Roger Direct Characterization in the text 1. He is a male 2. He looks frail 3. He is willow-wild Indirect Characterization in the text 1. (“I’m very sorry , lady I’m sorry” )He got scared when the lady grabbed him 2. (“ I am going to wash your face “)He looks dirty in the face 3. (“He wanted to say something else other than “Thank You M’am”) He wanted...

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No thank you

1.01 LEARN Activity 1: Forensic Science Topics Overview (Online) Instructions Answer the questions as you work through this activity. What is forensic science? What information involving forensic science is sometimes portrayed inaccurately on television? Forensic scientists do not solve crimes. The actions that are displayed in television are actually done by the police and judicial system. What is evidence? List at least three of the most common pieces of evidence throughout the history...

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"Thank You Ma'M" Analysis

Critical Analysis: Thank you Ma’m ‘Thank you Ma’m’ is a short story written by a male African-American writer, Langston Hughes, around 1930’s where the racism was a big issue in the U.S. society. The story talks about an unexpected meeting between Mrs. Luella Jones Bates Washington Jones, a tough and independent black lady, and Roger, a little poor kid who tries to snatch Mrs. Jones purse. However, he fails and gets caught by Mrs. Jones, but instead of dragging him to a police, she takes him...

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Essay on Teacher

Makes a Good Teacher Every person has their own opinion of what a good teacher is. For me, the best kind of teacher is someone who enjoys the subject they are teaching. They generally care for their students, and want to see them succeed in their class. At the begining of each school year I would always be excited to see who my teachers were going to be. I would hope for someone who would make the classroom a fun place to be but still teach me things at the same time. I needed a teacher who could...

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Thank You Ma'M Analysis

THANK YOU MA’M Author :Langston Hughes,He had difficulties as a young African American in the early 1900’s,then he began writing poetry to cope with this.He felt it was important to write about his African American experience.This story is one of his many stories about city life for African Americans. Title:The title suggests that someone feels grateful for somebody else’s behaviour and thanks her.(or someone appreciates something done by a woman thanks her.) Setting:In Harlem, in a city /NY...

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Importance of Teachers

Importance Of Teachers A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where is influence stops. - Henry Adams Teaching is a timeless profession. It is the basis of all other professions. Good teachers plant seed that make good doctors, good accountants, good public servants, good statesmen, good taxi drivers, and good astronauts. When former students return to see me over the years, my heart fills up in the knowledge that I have been part of a wonderful accumulation of experiences that followed...

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Teachers' Day Messages

Teachers day messages,quotes and greetings You are the best teachers in this world. Where can I go in my life, I will always remember that I have excellent leadership as a teacher, you. I found the manual, friendship, discipline and love, all rolled into one. This person (name of your teacher) Without you, we would be lost. Thank you, the teacher is guiding us, inspiring us and makes us what we have today. We will always be grateful for all the hard work and effort that you put in the field of...

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Essay My Favourite Teacher

9/17/12 Essa on M Favourite Teacher H OME A B OU T SI TE P RESERV E OU R A RTI CLE CONTENT QU A LI T GU I DELI NES DI SCLA I MER TOS CONTA CT U GUIDELINES About Site Content Qualit Guidelines Terms of Service Privac Polic Disclaimer Cop right Recent Articles Essa on M Favourite Teacher ROHIT AGARWAL De igne Sa ee Online sare e sba aar.com /Sare e s-183.htm l Bu Latest Designer Sarees Online. Free Shipping WorldWide. Order now! O ganic Fa ming www.acre...

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“CAN you still remember your Grade I teacher?” This was once the by-line of an advertisement of one financial institution. This is also the base concept of the play “Ang Guro” staged by Stairs Production and Imagination Beyond Events Philippines at West Negros University Gym last Saturday, January 21. The musical play was written by occupational therapist Paul Ballano. This is his form of loving tribute to his Grade I school teacher, Mrs. Cecilia Resontoc, who was instrumental in making him pursue...

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Thank You For Arguing

Emily Long Mrs. Ward English 11AS August 26, 2014 11 AS Summer Reading Project Thank You For Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion is a title written by the not-so-famous, (but extremely well-versed) Jay Heinrichs. Although the title is indeed a mouthful, it serves its purpose in drawing the reader in. Also; the extremely long title is a little hint of what Heinrichs entails in his book, an endless supply of information on how to correctly and...

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Thank You Ma'M Analysis

in the story. 1. Who is the story really about? 2 . How does Roger react after Mrs. Jones asked him why he tried to steal her pocketbook? 3. Why do you think Roger lied to Mrs. Jones? 4. What does Mrs. Jones say when Roger apologizes? 5. Are you surprised with Mrs. Jones' reaction? Why or why not? 6. Why do you think Mrs. Jones makes Roger wash his face and then eat dinner with her? 7. How does Mrs. Jones treat Roger? 8. Why does Roger try to steal the purse? ...

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Thank You Mam

Jones is what people call a “black woman that made it”. She is humble, being that she is not very flashy, and she is always willing to give back, considering that she cleaned and fed, Roger, a young man that tried to rob her. Langston Hughes, in Thank You Ma’am, shows Jones’ woman qualities through her mother-like qualities, willingness to give back to the less fortunate, and ability to understand. Roger is taken in as if he was the child of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. Mrs. Jones sees a...

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Tale of Teachers (Choral Speaking Script)

TEACHERS’ TALE Ringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! Recess time is up! (x2) Faster everyone! Cikgu Zakir is coming! Run! Run! [ALL] A very good morning we bid to The Honourable judges, ladies and gentleman We would like to present you The tale of our teachers.. [ALL] Boys and girls, Can you remember all of your teachers? Well, good teachers, funny teachers or special teachers? Discipline teacher? Uh uh! BOYS: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh..... [ALL] Guys, listen! Teachers, Are the burning...

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Reflective Essay on a Good Teacher...

Reflective Essay: A Good Teacher… Standard 1: Development, learning, and motivation- A teacher has his or her own style or way of motivating their students. Motivation plays an important part in a student’s success of learning and development. There are times when teachers spend more time with their students than most parents do, thus, a teacher is fundamental in shaping their students success. If parents or teachers are poor leaders our children are the ones who are at a disadvantage. When...

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Thank you, Dad

 ENGL 101 Thank you, Daddy Learning a new thing is an unforgettable experience, and to me, there is no exception. Two- day experience with my dad was one of the most of memorable because of the feeling that I learnt riding a motorcycle and overcame my fear of riding. Before that time when I thought of riding a motorcycle, I began to sweat, and my heart rate increased. I realized that riding was not easy for me. It is more scary when riding in Vietnam. Riding a motorcycle in Vietnam is extremely...

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Reflection Essay of being a teacher - eportofolio

Reflection Essay Teaching is part of a life-long learning process. For effective teaching, teachers must be good learners. This certificate program in college teaching provided me with many opportunities to think about my teaching career. In this section of my teaching ePortfolio, I will answer several questions regarding teaching, ePortfolio, and the certificate program. What was the most striking or surprising thing you learned about yourself and about teaching as you developed your...

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Thank you letter Sample

August 13, 2013 Dear Ma’am/Sir, I am writing to thank you for the generous scholarship. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship. By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on school. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Again, thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift. God bless! Sincerely, ____________________________ ...

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Personal essay

my high school creative writing teacher did not sleep with one of his students, I would not be writing this essay right now. I know what you are probably thinking right now, reader. You are thinking somthing along the lines of, "Another essay about how a horny teacher and how said teachers inability to keep it in his pants turned you on to writing (see what I did there, kids?) Boring!" Before you give up on both this essay and myself, let me assure you that this essay is both based in truth and unique...

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Teacher Practices Essay

Teacher Practices Essay None of my teachers really focused on honing my creativity, and it is because of this that I can say I cannot be that way. I cannot accept that the most important thing in the classroom is the core curriculum like my former teachers thought. To the best of my abilities, if I know for a fact that I have a prodigy in my midst, I would go the extra yard even if it tires me to help that child grow, because who knows? I may have the next Leonardo da Vinci or J. R....

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Thank You for Smoking: Summary

Summary of “Thank You for Smoking” The movie “Thank You for Smoking” is primarily about the job and actions of the main character, Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart). Nick Nelson is a lobbyist, the vice president and spokesperson of The Academy of Tobacco Studies. His job is to acknowledge people of the research and findings about the effects of cigarettes. The company is financed mainly by tobacco companies and they claim to have found no defective linkage between smoking and major diseases. But what...

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Essay of shorts

do I have to write an essay? I just need help with my homework. It would be great if you could help me please. It's due tomorrow and this is taking to long. I hope you enjoy your pizza. Thank you. Pakhtuns Knowledge I downstairs Disown owns Die opened Isospin Keith Judo then Hallam Just by Haut so Thought so Splash poet Kite is Kebabs Loire Sound Organ Kaput Haifa Sites Heightens Roses are red Violets are blue This essay is stupid And so are you My homework is hard ...

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Ha Long Bay Speech

[pic] Top of Form [pic] Bottom of Form • Home • Members • Students • Teachers • Forums • Testing • Reference • Articles • Resources • Shop • Ask a Teacher... • Learning English • Analysing Language • English ESL Questions • Website and Forum • Teacher Forum • Members' Forums |[pic] |Top of Form ...

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Movie Review: I Fine, Thank You, Love You

Movie Review, “I Fine, Thank You, Love You” by Oat Chanukrit Thienkalaya 5604023092 Looking at the strange, grammatically incorrect title, you might think twice before buying a ticket. But let me tell you. You will regret it if you won’t don’t see this movie. The latest movie from GTH has set a new record for the highest sales on the first day. On the opening day, it cashed 125 million baht, beating P Mak Prakanong, the previous champion, by over 50 million baht. Thanks to the power of social...

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Sat Essay Writing

The Essay – Part 1 The essay is one of the easiest places to pick up points on the SAT. Most students have no idea what SAT graders are looking for. Here is the grading rubric for a perfect score of 6 on the essay: An essay in this category demonstrates clear and consistent mastery, although it may have a few minor errors. A typical essay: • • • • • Effectively and insightfully develops a point of view on the issue and demonstrates outstanding critical thinking, using clearly appropriate examples...

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Thank You for Smoking

full, resplendent flight. Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhardt) has what he cheerfully describes as a "challenging" job: he represents the interests of the tobacco industry in a world that generally considers the product reprehensible. At the beginning of "Thank You For Smoking," Nick is getting ready to defend himself on the Joan Lunden talk show, in the company of anti-smoking do-gooders and a cancer-stricken, bald teenaged boy. Did I say defend himself? No, Nick attacks. He asks the audience what the...

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As Long as You Love Me ..

The more you know the better you get along in the world. Unless you have a decent education jobs will be scarce and you will struggle for the rest of your life trying to make ends meet. You don't have to be rich to survive, but you sure do need your education to stay ahead of the tax man, hunger, and ending up out on the streets of the city. Education is wonderful and with every turn of it you learn something interesting. WikiAnswers is an example of how you can help others by what you know, but...

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Tf Essay

airplanes can be used to provide medical services to people who live in remote areas. They haven’t full live. They are destute of many things. So, people in the cities want to collect for them. But, the transportion by cars or trains is not simple and very long. That is why people need the helping of aircraft. In summary, airplanes and helicopters are very useful to save people. 2. Studying in another country is advantageous in many ways. A student is exposed to a new culture. He or she is able to have...

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Thank You for Smoking

In the movie Thank You for Smoking, Nick Naylor is a handsome man, smooth talking tobacco lobbyist and the vice-president of a tobacco lobby called the “Academy of Tobacco Studies”. Naylor’s job consists mainly of reporting the questionable research of the company to the public and defending Big Tobacco on television programs by questioning health claims and advocating their personal choice about cigarette. While Nick Naylor’s morals maybe questionable, he has the talent for whipping up an argument...

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Thank You for Arguing Outline

Devin Palmer Summer Reading Project Thank You For Arguing Introduction * Point 1 * Point 2 * Point 3 * Point 4 * Point 5 Offense * Control the tense * Blame is past * “The rhetoric of the past deals with issues of justice.” – page 29 * “Rhetoric threatens punishment” – page 30 * Values is present * “The rhetoric of the present handles praise and condemnation, separating the good from the bad.” – page 29 * “The present...

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Long essay

then I must only be convicted by something extraordinarily convincing. I say false confidence, but the truth is I trust this intuition and allow it to guide my actions regarding the “big” questions. Since most of my strongly held beliefs have taken a long time to form I am not ashamed to hold them once they reach maturity. I think this is a good thing. Another part of the way my mind works is that my convictions are subject to change. I think this is also a good thing. It feels to me that the Truth...

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essay topics

to control population. Support you opinion with reasons and arguments.” 2. Write a biographical essay (450-500 words) about any person. A biographical essay tells about the life, achievements and major events of a person’s life. It may be too difficult to tell the story of someone’s entire life. So you may focus on just a few important and interesting events of a person’s life. You may talk about a person’s personal life or professional life or both. Again, you may take a positive, negative or...

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Thank You for Arguing Notes

Thank You for arguing chapter notes Ch.2-Set your goal 1) The goal is to change your audience’s mood, mind, or willingness 2) An argument should be focused on winning over an audience rather than beating them 3) Decide what you want at the end of the argument Ch.3-Control the Tense 1) Future tense is the best in an argument 2) A good strategy is to switch tenses in an argument depending on the situation 3) Changing the tense can sometimes result in a smaller conflict with a simpler solution ...

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Thank You for Smoking - Fallacies

Nica Javier CRITHIN A62 Ms. Hazel Biana August 5, 2013 “Thank You for Smoking” film viewing Identifying fallacies paper. The movie, “Thank You for Smoking” is a comedy with a tobacco industry lobbyist, Nick Naylor as the lead. The movie has an eerie comic theme which tackles the serious issue of the addicting substance of tobacco, or to be more specific, nicotine. The idea which the movie was trying to portray was that this lobbyist was a great speaker who is able to manipulate many...

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Qualites on a Good Teacher

Kayla Vega English *093 Final Essay March 27,2013 “Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges”-Nikos Kazantzakis With my high school years behind me, I would like to reverse roles a bit and offer some advice to teachers. My senior year, I had one of my best teachers ever. Her name was Mrs. Jacob. The area where she excelled the most was in making math interesting and making her students motivated and interested in learning more about math. Some nights, I would look forward...

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Categories » Education and Communications » Research and Review » Essays How to Write a DBQ Essay Edited by Teresa, Lillian May, Maluniu, Chris Hadley and 21 others 55 Article Edit Discuss You're in an AP History class and you have a DBQ essay coming up. Don't panic! As long as you've been (mostly) paying attention in class and read these steps, you'll do just fine. EditSteps Prewriting for your DBQ Essay 1Know that you will be given 15 minutes to read the prompt, analyze the documents...

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Experience Best Teacher Essay

know-how or procedural knowledge, rather than propositional knowledge: on-the-job training rather than book-learning. Philosophers dub knowledge based on experience "empirical knowledge" or "a posteriori knowledge". The interrogation of experience has a long tradition in continental philosophy. Experience plays an important role in the philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard. The German term Erfahrung, often translated into English as "experience", has a slightly different implication, connoting the coherency...

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In many countries, Teachers' Days (or Teachers Day) are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honour them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. The date on which Teachers' day is celebrated varies from country to country. Teachers' days are distinct from World Teachers' Day which is officially celebrate* A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. --Author...

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Movie Analysis: Thank You for Smoking

Sarah Luna Hcom 100 Application 2 Thank You for Smoking In Hcom 100, Professor Zamora showed the movie calledThank You for Smoking”. This movie had many examples relating to the terms ethos, logos, and pathos, which were also taught in class. There are people who tend to believe people whom they respect this concept goes under the theme ethos. The Greek character for ethos refers to the credibility of the writer or speaker. In other words it is the amount of respectability of the person that...

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Thank You of Smoking

Rhetorical Analysis: Thank You for Smoking Rhetorical Analysis: Thank you for Smoking The film Thank You for Smoking is a dark comedy that follows a lobbyist, Nick Naylor, for the tobacco industry. Dark comedies take a serious topic, and make light of the topic through satire. A good example of rhetoric can be found inThank You for Smoking during a scene where Nick Naylor delivers an argument against putting a skull and crossbones label on every pack of cigarettes. This is done during a hearing...

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Writing Assignment #3 YOU MUST WRITE ABOUT ONE OF THE TOPICS BELOW. YOU MAY CHOOSE WHICHEVER ONE MOST INTERESTS YOU. - Write a multi-paragraph essay supporting your position on your chosen topic. - The essay should be a minimum of 5 paragraphs, with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion - Be sure to include specific details and examples from your own experiences or readings. As you write, remember your essay will be scored based on how well you: develop a multi-paragraph...

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How to Become a Teacher

The Path of Education The career that I really have a passion for is being a teacher. A teacher requires a person to have a lot of responsibility. The reason why I want to become a teacher is because I want to give the gift of knowledge to others. It takes a lot of hard work to become a teacher, and I can't just say I want to be something and wait for it to come to me. I have to chase after it and complete all of the steps necessary to achieve it. I choose this career by doing a lot of thinking...

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Dead Poets Society Essay

daring: But O heart! heart! heart! O the bleeding drops of red, Where on the deck my Captain lies, Fallen cold and dead. O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells; Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills; For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding; For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning; Here Captain! dear father! This arm beneath your head; It is some dream that on the deck, You’ve fallen cold and dead. My Captain...

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Question and In-class Essays

In-class essays require that you do your preparation...beforehand. Make sure you attend class and complete the necessary reading and assignments. If you have to miss a class, make arrangements with a trustworthy classmate to share notes with you, or ask your teacher or professor if a tape recorder is allowed. Most teachers will not be able to “re-teach” the class for you, so assume that you will be responsible for any material you’ve missed. 2) Practice. Draw up a list of possible questions you think...

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Child Development Essay Guide

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I am aware that many of you have been looking for assignment/essay exemplars. Unfortunately, I do not have any to send you! I would have been happy with sitting down and writing a model essay for you. However, the problem then becomes when other students start copy-pasting instead of modelling. I also would not want to influence your choice of development domain when writing your essay. Perhaps some of your struggles are not necessarily content-related but rather...

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Thank You for Smoking

English 103 Mr. Anderson Thank You For Smoking: Rhetorical Analysis The book/article Thank You For Not Smoking  is a 1994 satirical novel written by Christopher Buckley, and written as an e-article by Peter Brimelow. It was also made into a dark comedy film in 2005, written and directed by Jason Reitman and starring...

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Thank You for Arguing

the web including bullying, harassment, sexuality, and bizarre forms of celebrity. It reveals how virtual private lives online intercept with reality. This exposé on American online life is reported through many rhetoric techniques to help persuade you to think how much the computer has impact social culture and behaviors sometimes in a negatively way. This episode of Frontline opens up with a basic scenario. It’s Friday night and everyone is online, even if it’s for different reasons. One group...

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A Long Way Gone Essay

Alyda Mahachay Mrs. Barret English 9 Period 3 October 15Th, 2014 A Long Way Gone “One of the unsettling things about my journey, mentally, physically, and emotionally, was that I wasn’t sure when or where it was going to end. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life, I felt that I was starting over and over again.” Ishmael Beah A Long Way Gone written by Ishmael Beah is a memoir of a boy soldier and the experiences he has endured during the occurrence of the Sierra Leone Civil War. Ishmael’s...

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essay guidelines

 How to write an essay Paragraph 1 – Introduction (вступление, введение в тему) Типичное начало Many people think (are sure, believe) that…. As for me,….. People always say / have always thought / believed / said…… Some people….while others….But I think…. The problem / issue / phenomenon of … is/has always been….. It is a controversial / hot question… There is no agreement…… While - в то время как Paragraph 1-3 Автор рассматривает различные аспекты темы, например...

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effective teachers

Effective Teacher and Why We Should Assess It This is the value of the teacher, who looks at a face and says there's something behind that and I want to reach that person, I want to influence that person, I want to encourage that person, I want to enrich, I want to call out that person who is behind that face, behind that colour, behind that language, behind that tradition, behind that culture. I believe you can do it. I know what was done for me. The transformative power of an effective teacher is...

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