"Local Studies On The Effects Of Television On The Academic Performance Of Young Children" Essays and Research Papers

Local Studies On The Effects Of Television On The Academic Performance Of Young Children

Television is constantly being criticised as being bad for children. One of the first arguments to come up is the effect that violent TV has on children. It is a valid argument as most of the time TV violence begs for imitation because violence is demonstrated and promoted as a fun and effective way to get what you want. Many violent acts are perpetrated by the "good guys," whom children have been taught to emulate. Adding to the lure of imitation is TV's freedom from restraint. Children are taught...

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Effect of Watching Television of Young Children

EFFECT OF WATCHING TELEVISION OF YOUNG CHILDREN Television has become the most popular daily media tool of everybody around the world nowadays. It has been modernized through many years by technology engineers. Many people have taken advantage of it because it gives them entertainment and great profits. In our textbook “Born to Talk” by Lloyd M. Hulit and Merle R. Howard, they clearly said that watching television is greatest damage to young children throughout their language development stage....

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Effect of Nutrition on Academic Performance

Effect of Nutrition on Academic Performance RGS6035.E2 - Chapter 1 Kurt Cornett Amberton University Effect of Nutrition on Academic Performance Every year millions of tax dollars are spent on school nutrition programs all over the United States. Legislators across the nation lobby for coordinated school health programs and place increasing emphasis on student nutrition. Television commercials remind kids to eat a balanced diet and food products aimed...

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The Effects of Television Violence on Children

The Effects of Television Violence on Children What has the world come to these days? It often seems like everywhere one looks, violence rears its ugly head. We see it in the streets, back alleys, school, and even at home. The last of these is a major source of violence. In many peoples' living rooms there sits an outlet for violence that often goes unnoticed. It is the television, and the children who view it are often pulled into its realistic world of violence scenes with sometimes...

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Television Violence and Its Effect on Children

Television Violence and Its Effect on Children The children of today are surrounded by technology and entertainment that is full of violence. It is estimated that the average child watches from three to five hours of television a day! (Neilson 1993). Listening to music is also a time consuming pastime among children. With all of that exposure, one might pose the question, "How can seeing so much violence on television and video games and hearing about violence in in music affect a child's behavior...

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Children and Television

Television is a big part of everyone’s life, including young children and it is a concern for parents if it is in the child’s best interest to watch different programing. There are a lot of different shows that are directed to children, but not all of the shows are age appropriate. The ratings along with the content can help with deciding what children should watch. A variety of studies have been done in regards to how television can impact children in different age groups and whether it is beneficial...

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Effects of Playing Computer Games on the Academic Performance and Behavior of Every Student

Effects of Playing Computer games on the academic performance and behavior of every student By: Toshihiro Joshua F. Polo Introduction: I. Background of the study There was a time when the endless summer for a child referred to hours spent Basketball and badminton courts or even romping with neighborhood kids. Kids still do all these things but today’s kids have more ways of having fun including hours and hours in front of...

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Negative Effect of Media - Television

99 May 29, 2014 Negative Effect of Media – Television Many sociologists have studied the influence of television on kids and teens, and they indicated television programs have significant, negative impacts to them. The research have showed young people spend an average of 24.6 hours (Data from News.bbc.co.uk, 2014) watching television every week, and the reports also emphasize TV programs they watch includes a vast amount of embedded advertisements. Since the young generations can easily learn...

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effects of study habits in relation to the academic performance

their studies. Students must survive through college but it is not as easy as it seems to be. They must accomplish all the tasks given in a limited amount of time that is why a study habit is needed. Study habits are the ways a student study. These are the habits that students develop while studying. They can be good ones or bad ones. Study habits are considered as one of the major factor affecting the student’s academic performance. It means that if a student possesses an ineffective study habit...

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The Effect of Television on Children

The Effects Of Television On Children A young boy sets his bed on fire, imitating Beavis & Butthead, a popular, animated, nationwide TV show. A six-year-old girl is bombarded with news of murders, riots, wars, and natural disasters, frightening her to the point of hopelessness about the world around her. A brand new baseball glove and bat sit untouched for months because two brothers have grown accustomed to spending every free moment in front of their television set. In America, the average...

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Effects of Television as Mass Media on Children of 10 Years

http://customwritingtips.com/component/k2/item/11170-effect-of-mass-media-on-children.html Thursday, 01 November 2012 12:27 Effect of Mass Media on ChildrenFeatured Written by  customwritingtips.com Introduction Mass media is a collective term that refers to all the media technologies whose sole intention is reaching a vast audience through mass communication. There are two major categories of mass media, which are, broadcast media and print media. Transmission of information by broadcast...

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Dear Santa: the Effects of Television Advertising on Young Children*

http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/pp/01650254.html DOI: 10.1080/01650250143000481 Dear Santa: The effects of television advertising on young children* Karen J. Pine and Avril Nash University of Hertfordshire, HatŽeld, UK Every day children are exposed to the selling messages of advertisers via the television. There is some debate in the literature over the age at which young children can distinguish television advertisements from programmes, when they can remember and want what they see and when they...

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Effects of Television Violence on Children

Effects of Television Violence on Children Television is the mainstream of our culture. Violence on television has been a topic of conflict since before 1950. There have been repeated debates on how to protect children from the harmful effects of violence on television. Television is one form of modern media that influences the everyday lives of people. Televised violence has a major effect on how children perceive the world and how they behave. "American television has become the most violent...

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Educational Benefits of Television for Children

Childhood television viewing has long been controversial in regards to its impacts on many aspects, including its educational purpose. According to Early Childhood Development (ECD), early childhood, normally deemed to be a range between birth and the age of eight (UNESCO), is a crucial period that one experiences rapid brain development, and is considered to be significantly influential in many domains including abilities to learn (World Bank, 2011). While educative programmes are suggested to be...

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Children and the Effects of Television

Children and the Effects from Television Rebecca Cagle Com/156 November 10, 2012 Instructor Roland Children and the Effects from Television Television programs were created for children to learn everyday skills, but it can come to start affecting children today because they watch too much they start lacking in physical activity and some can become distant and violent. Studies have shown that children...

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how television effects children

 What are the effects of television on children When I was 2 years old, my family had the first TV. Since that time, television had become an inseparable thing in my life. In my memory, if I wanted to watch television for a long time, I needed to struggle with parents in many ways. For instance, I remember that my parents only allowed me in front of television for 2 hours per day. So, I would get up in the midnight and watch TV secretly. Although I could only see the image but could not hear...

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effects of television for children

The Effects of Television for Children The Effects of Television for Children Most people own a television, and many households have multiple television sets in their homes. Television is an American is more than just a pass time, but is part of our lifestyle. If we were to stop and think about when we started watching television, then when that would have been? For many of us it was when we were children. As we grow we have started to look at the effects that television has on children...

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The Effects of Computer Games to the Academic Performance of the Students

currently DOTA (Defense of the Ancient) and WOW (World of War craft). In some studies, statistics generally shows that a gamer, which is usually 13 to 17 years old, spends 10-20 hours a week playing computer games. Because of the ability of computer games to cajole players, some young people nowadays are addicted to it. This resulted to low grades and sometimes fails into one or more subjects. A consequence to this effect is the destruction of the view of parents, schools and government to computer...

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Learning Enviroment and Its Effects on Student Academic Performance in Integrated Science

BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY In Nigeria, secondary education is the education children receive after primary education and before the tertiary stage. Consequently, the broad goals of secondary education are geared to prepare the individual for useful living within the society and to progress to higher education (Federal Government of Nigeria, 2004). The school at this level is established so that students can learn in order to be able to transmit knowledge from one generation to another for the continuity...

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The Effects of Television Violence on Children

4/17/98 Final Draft The Effects of Television Violence on Children Television violence without doubt effects and influences children. Television violence effects children's development and makes them more aggressive. Children cannot distinguish between the real world and the television world, which makes them more susceptible to the violence on television. It is up to the parents and the television stations to monitor television more closely and restrict violence from children. According to Websters...

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Television Violence and its Effects on Children .

Television Violence and Its Effects on Children Often thought of as one of the most fascinating inventions of the Twentieth Century, television has undoubtedly become a major part of our lives, providing us with entertainment and information. However, much of what is on the television today involves violence. Why? Because viewers want to see action and excitement, which usually involves something being blown up, or someone being shot. The only problem is that many of these viewers are children....

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Home Environment and Academic Performance

Environment and Academic Performance INTRODUCTION Background of the Study. Nigerian environment is associated with unclassified problems entangled with impoverish outlook and being devoid of most modern facilities and infrastructure that could sustain an urban area. This is clearly manifested on the standard of living and the contribution of the people towards national development. This circumvented problem in the rural areas has adverse effect on the students’ academic performance. It is...

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Gaming Addiction and Its Effect to Their Academic Performance

ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI COLLEGE Graduate School of Education TITLE A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Saint Francis of Assisi College Admiral Village Talon 1, Las Pinas City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management Jocelyn Serafin 2012 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND IT’S BACKGROUND Introduction  Technology has developed so much that it is almost crucial to have electronic devices particularly...

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Effects of Study Habits in Academic Performance

“THE EFFECT OF STUDY HABITS ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCEOF FRESHMEN STUDENTS IN COLLEGE SCHOOLS OF TACLOBAN CITY, SCHOOL YEAR 2013-2014” A research proposal Presented to: Instructor Table of Contents Chapter Page   1 The Problem  Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . .1   Conceptual Framework.. . . . . . . . 3   Schematic Diagram. . . . . . . . . .3   Statement of the Problem . . . . . . . .. 5   Null Hypothesis . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Significance of the Study. . . ...

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Nutrition on Academic Performance

Critzer The Effect of Nutrition and Fitness on Academic Performance The health and overall fitness of adolescents and students has taken a radical turn in the most recent decades. Each year the overall body mass index of this particular group of individuals is steadily increasing. It seems to many that one’s health is a vital role in success, especially in the academic realm. Research was conducted to see whether this slight decrease of fitness and health has an impact on a student’s academic performance...

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Relationship in the Family and Its Effect to the Student's Academic Performance

RELATIONSHIP IN THE FAMILY; ITS EFFECT TO THE ACADEMMIC PERFORMANCE OF PALAWAN STATE UNIVERSITY-LABORATORY HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM: RATIONALE AND BACKGROUND Background of the Study Family, they are the ones that will always be there for you no matter how screwed up you become, they will always have your back. It has been increasingly recognised in the fields of education and psychology that family has a significant impact to the student’s development and learning. ...

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Effects of Television on Children

thousands of studies done on the effects of television on children. Most of these studies have leaned toward the negative effects that television has on children. According to a study by the University of Michigan, even though television can have positive effects it can also affect the health, behavior and family life of children in negative ways. Also while studies have been done on the effects that television has on children under the age of two there has been no clear evidence on the effects. Some...

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Effects of Television Violence on Children

Friend or Enemy? Television violence is a contributing factor to aggressive behavior in children. Recently focus has been placed on this issue, since the majority of violence occurs during prime time and in cartoons. "It's not watching that's bad for kids, it's what they watch and how much." (Seplow 2) Parents must accept television into their home and explain the violence that is occurring. TV and TV violence are not new, we have been hearing about TV's affects on children for quite some time...

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The Effect of Television Violence on Children and Teenagers.

The Effect of Television Violence on Children and Teenagers In every Saturday morning cartoon there are 20-25 violent acts, for every hour of prime time television, there are 5 violent acts, and the average grade seven student will have watched about 8,000 murders on T.V in their short lifetimes. This violent programming is having a detrimental effect on children and teens all over the world. Television violence is causing children and teens to be rude and anti-social. It is also causing them to...

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Television and the Effects on Its Viewers

English 121 24 Novemeber 2009 Television and the Effects on its Viewers Television is a big part of everyone’s life, it’s the largest format for sharing information and has the largest audience compared to the internet, radio and newspaper. Television can shape the way we learn for the better or worse. It’s no secret that too much of anything is bad for us and the same can be said about the television. The first 2 years of life are considered a critical time for brain development. The...

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Television and Children

Television and Children How big a presence is TV in kids' lives? Kids with a TV in their bedroom spend an average of almost 1.5 hours more per day watching TV than kids without a TV in the bedroom. Many parents encourage their toddlers to watch television. Most children' s programming does not teach what parents say they want their children to learn; many shows are filled with stereotypes, violent solutions to problems, and mean...

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the effects of neglect on young children

The Effects of Neglect on Young Children Young children who are often times neglected tend to suffer from the poor maintenance of physical health, psychological complications, and social and behavioral troubles. In 2006 the U.S. department of health and human services estimated 905,000 children are neglected or abused just in that year alone. Abuse and neglect can cause major difficulties that can last a lifetime. Not all abused or neglected children will have these lifelong problems it all depends...

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Academic Performance of Overseas Filipino Workes School Children

ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SCHOOL CHILDREN OF OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS (OFW) IN TACLOBAN CITY ______________ A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the Graduate School _______________ In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements for The Degree Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision _______________ By Jeanilen T. Salubon March 2014 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION` Background of the Study The academic performances of pupils differ...

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Effects of TV on children

Children, Please Tune Out” Technological advances in the electronic industry have made watching television a prominent source of entertainment. With present day technology being far more advanced than it used to be, advances like HD televisions and DVR’s have turned watching television into a luxury. Television has become an affordable and easily accessible luxury that many parents and their children turn to for entertainment, which unfortunately...

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The Effects of Scarcity on Facilities on the Academic performance of the students


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The Effect of Parent Socio Economic Status on the Academic Performance of Primary School Pupils

OF THE STUDY The purpose of the study is to investigate the impact of the parents’ social status or class on the academic performance of the pupils. Therefore, the objectives of the study are: i. To find out whether there is any relationship between pupils academic performance and parent’s economic background and the extent to which socio-economic status of parent can influence the academic performance of pupils. ii. To investigate the effect of socio-economic background on the academic performance...

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Effect of Relationship to Academic Performance

EFFECTS OF ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP ON SELF ESTEEM, IDENTITY AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE MUHAMMAD -. LUQMAN DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY BAHAUDDIN ZAKRIYA UNIVERSITY MULTAN Sponsored by: HUMA WASEEM (waseem.huma@yahoo.com) ABSTRACT The present study aims at studying romantic relationship and its effects on academic performance, identity and self esteem. Parent and peer influences on academic achievement are well documented, but little research has examined links to romantic involvement during the adolescent...

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Effects of Cartoons on Young Children

What are the effects of cartoons on children between ages 0-12? Generally, cartoons are accepted as a controversial issue. However, immediately after the emergence of this issue, many studies have been done about whether cartoon is a positive guidance for children or not and what the positive and negative effects of cartoons are. Unsurprisingly, there is a disagreement between the supporters of cartoon and the opponents of cartoon. Many studies focus on the effects of cartoons mainly, and the most...

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Television and Children

 Television and Children Television and Children For years pediatricians, psychologist as well as parents have debated whether television (TV) should be eliminated from the daily lives of younger children. The internet is filled with numerous articles and websites devoted to either supporting the parents that chose to let their children watch television or by providing an increasing amount of information that proves how detrimental allowing children to watch TV can be. The same...

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Television Violence and Children

Television Violence and Children Gregory Coryell General Psychology Dr. Warren Washington February 14, 2006 Television Violence and Children Does television promote violence and crime among children? Although most people look at television as an entertaining and educational way to spend time, some people think there is too much violence in television and it is influencing our youth into becoming aggressive in nature and to tolerate violence. Now scientists have discovered that all the...

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Negative Screen Time Effects

 Negative Screen Time Effects on Young Children Statistics show that screen time negatively affects children’s learning abilities and development. “The effects of so much screen time can include speech delays, aggressive behavior and obesity.” (Lavey) Since parents play a role in how much television their kids can watch, they can minimize the chances of their brains not developing correctly. “The first 2 years of life are considered a critical...

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The Effects of the Components of School Facilities in Academic Performance

Cagayan de Oro City “The Effects of the Components of School Facilities in Academic Performance” By: Allan L. Saturinas Introduction Several complaints regarding the lack of sufficient school facilities has been a great concern nowadays at Southern Philippines College. With regards to this, certain components like improper lighting and poor air quality affects the overall academic performance of the students. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effects of the components of school...

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The Effect of Viewing Television Violence on Childhood Aggression

COURSE: ACADEMIC WRITING GROUP: 24 LECTURER: MRS MARGARET ANSRE TOPIC: DISCUSS THE NEGATIVE EFFECT OF TELEVISION ON THE BEHAVIOR OF CHILDREN With the advancement of technology which has brought to the light the emergence of television, which intend brought to bear easy accessibility to issues, news, advertisement, learning etc. On the contrary, this emergence of television has contributed and yet still contributing negative influences on the behavior of children today. Nowadays...

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Violence in Television and the Effect It Has on Children

Teaching and Learning Research Project Study Area: Violence in Television and the effects it has on Children Is violence in television affecting our children? This is a topic that stirs emotions in parents, teachers, religious leaders and politicians. In approaching this topic, I wanted to get opinions and information from various sources. I gathered information from: books, observation, published articles, interviews and online resources...

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Children and Television

access to television programming. With the variety of programs available children are exposed to many factors concerning choice. These choices can lead to a wide array of results depending on the type of content which is viewed. Positive programming can promote the learning of valuable skills and knowledge to enable success in life, while negative programming may have diverse opposite effects. The contents of television programming affect the health, behaviors and learned life skills in children. First...

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Effects of Stress on Academic Performance

Purposes of the studies 1. What were the purposes of the studies? The purpose of the primary study was to determine whether student anxiety and depression increases after college entry, the extent to which adverse life experiences contribute to any increases, and the impact of adversity, anxiety and depression on exam performance (Andrews, & Wilding, 2004). The purpose of the secondary study was to investigate the relationship between stress factors, perceived stress and academic performance...

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The Effects of Television on a

brought. An innovation that has troubled the youth of America for many years is television. Although there is no certainty to eliminate this “plug-in drug,” there are many ways to control and monitor your television as a parent. Children between two and eleven years of age watch an average of 25 hours of television a week.(Children’s Television) Which means that children spend more time watching television than in school. With that statistic it is no wonder why this is such a huge...

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media and children

and need time to upload The influence of the media on the psychosocial development of children is profound. Thus, it is important for physicians to discuss with parents their child’s exposure to media and to provide guidance on age-appropriate use of all media, including television, radio, music, video games and the Internet. The objectives of this statement are to explore the beneficial and harmful effects of media on children’s mental and physical health, and to identify how physicians can counsel...

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should children watch television

lucy Eng1020 02-10-14 Should Children Watch Television? In United States, “Children watch 4 hours of television every day, 28 hours a week and, sometimes, 10 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Before their 18th birthday, children may view 25,000 hours of television” (Ni Chang 85). Nowadays, technology has been developed and used in different ways. Many children spend a large amount of time on IPad, smart phone, and computer. Clearly, television has played an important role in most of the younger...

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Technology: It’s Effect to Filipino Youth and Their Academic Performance

Technology: It’s Effect to Filipino Youth And Their Academic Performance Joy Anne R. Puazo Bataan Peninsula State University Balanga Campus Technology: It’s Effect to Filipino Youth And Their Academic Performance Technology has been subject of reliance for information overload, communication and entertainment. Computers, laptops and cell phones are not only for luxuries and wants nowadays but also considered as needs of everyone that is why even Filipino youth today is being dependent...

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Violence on Television and Its Effects on Children

With a click of the button, the viewing possibilities are endless. Television has changed the world and how we use it. There are literally hundreds of different channels to choose from in each household. News, sitcoms, reality tv, cartoons, cooking shows, and music videos fill our airways. Having so many viewing options, deciding what he or she should be watching has become a great concern, especially when it comes to young children. No wonder that households throughout the world have parental controls...

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The Negative Effects of Television for Children

Television has become a "member" of almost every single family on our planet. And not just an ordinary member, but a very important one, because the time spent next to it exceeds the amount of time spent together with any other family member. You do not have to apply any efforts to talk or listen to complaints while “communicating” with it. You do not have to play with your little son after a hard working day. You are SO tired! Can anybody respect that? You can simply turn the TV on and everything...

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Effect of Playing Computer Games among Grade IV Pupils on their Academic Performance

EFFECTS OF PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES AMONG GRADE IV PUPILS OF SULTAN NAGA DIMAPORO INTEGRATED SCHOOL ON THEIR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE A RESEARCH PAPER Presented to DR. ROSALIE P. SAYCON of Mindanao State University – Lanao Norte Agricultural College, Ramain, Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Educ. 200 – Methods of Research and Applied Statistics Prepared by: SITTIE SHAJARA M. AMIE October 2014 ...

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 EFFECT OF BROKEN FAMILY ON THE PERFORMANCE OF A CHILD BY KAYODE OLADIPUPO OLAYEMI Project Analyst DIPSON KAYUS COMPUTER PALACE LTD IBADAN, OYO STATE 08058573347, 07063796484 NOVEMBER, 2014 INTRODUCTION The family is the child's first place of contact with the world. The child as a result, acquires initial education and socialization from parents and other significant persons in the family. Agulana (2009) pointed out that the family lays the psychological, moral, and spiritual...

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effects of technology on children

 EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON CHILDREN In today’s world Technology is everywhere. We use computers for almost everything in everyday life, including “babysitting” our children. Computers can have both positive and negative effects on children, while some of the negative effects on health and development are unseen. As adults, we understand the physical world around us and the concepts inside computer programs. Children, on the other hand, need to learn this with traditional...

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Effects of Television for Children from Age 7 to 12

by: Ambrosio, Conrado Alfonso G. Balaquiot, Kenneth H. Bravo, Kathelyn Ann M. Cueto, Marvin Jom R. Kapangyarihan, Jayr A. Lendio, Ruth Joy E. Viñegas, Regina Rose A. Chapter I Introduction Effects of Television for Children from Age 7 to 12 Television, for children, is almost close to essentiality for their daily lives but little do we know that there are negative upshots from the concepts that they acquire on what they see from the shows particularly cartoons. Particularly...

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Impact of Television Violence on Children

Watching violence on television can have many affects on all age groups. I decided to write about the affects of television violence upon child development. Violence on television is one of the most common media influences in children these days. There are many reasons how television violence affects children, such as how much television they watch, their age and personality, and also whether they watch television alone or with adults. It also matters if their parents talk with them about the violence...

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Home Background on Academic Performanc

INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The academic performance of any child cannot be separated from the home background in which the child grows up. A healthy home background offers emotional security to a child.  Agholor (2005), This investigation that has adopted refined measure of family, influences have tended to show that they are related more strongly to academic outcome, than global measure of family background. The impact of family background on the academic achievement in school is today...

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Effects of Parents Working Abroad to the Scholastic Performance of Their Children

OFW affected by their working abroad? Title: The effects of the absence of both parents to children’s academic performance and social behavior. This study aims to answer the following: 1. What is the reason’s why both parents work? 2. Who takes care of the child in their absence? What will become of the child? 3. Effects of both parents working abroad: • Advantage and disadvantage • Social/Intellectual effect on child • Relationship between parents and...

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Does Television Make Children Violent

Does Watching Television Cause Children to be Violent? In today society the television play’s a prominent role in the majority of all houses in the U.S. In fact, more than half of the homes in America have over three or more TVs.(…) Numerous studies have been conducted about whether or not television influences children to be violent and once all the studies have been completed, they have proven the same thing- violence on TV does impact children. The purpose of this research essay is to shed...

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