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Local Literature Studies About Online Gaming Addiction

excessive online gaming may lead to symptoms commonly experienced by substance addicts. Since games are particularly appealing to children and adolescents, these individuals may be more at risks than other groups of developing gaming addiction. Methods: Given these potential concerns, a literature review was undertaken in order to present the classification basis of online gaming addiction using official mental disorder frameworks, to identify empirical studies that a session online gaming addiction...

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Gaming Addiction

video gaming addiction affect students? A. Overview According to experts, compulsive video gaming has become a modern-day psychological disorder each day becoming more popular. Although not as severe as other habits or vices, psychologists say that it is a clinical impulse control disorder, an addiction in the same sense as compulsive gambling. While most people associate addiction with substances, such as drugs or alcohol, doctors recognize addictive behaviors as well. Some gaming addicts...

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Online Gaming

Effects of Online Games Chapter 1 PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION When the internet was first created programmers from all over the world created different games that could be play over the internet. Internet games (also known as online games) are games that are played online via the Internet. They are distin Premium4322 Words18 Pages Effects of Online Games on Teenagers INTRODUCTION Development in technology brings many things that people don't have many years back. One of these things...

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Gaming Addiction and Its Effect to Their Academic Performance

ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI COLLEGE Graduate School of Education TITLE A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Saint Francis of Assisi College Admiral Village Talon 1, Las Pinas City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Management Jocelyn Serafin 2012 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND IT’S BACKGROUND Introduction  Technology has developed so much that it is almost crucial to have electronic devices particularly...

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Gaming Addiction study

Related Studies Author : Daria J. Kuss and Mark D. Griffiths Publication : November 14 Year : 2013 Link : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3832462/ International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, NotitinghamNG1 4BU, UK; According to Daria J Kuss in the 2000s, online games became popular, while studies of Internet gaming addiction emerged, outlining the negative consequences of excessive gaming, its prevalence, and associated risk factors. Internet gaming is a booming...

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effects of online gaming to students

MIDWAY MARITIME FOUNDATION Bitas, Cabanatuan City A survey on the Effects of Online Gaming to 1st Year BSMT Students SY. 2013-2014 A research study presented to Ms. Ria Marie V. Robles faculty of the MIDWAY MARITIME FOUNDATION By: GENEVA SP. SUPETRAN GEMMA LUCAS ANGEL FRANCES ESCAL CATHERINE BADUA REYNANTE SARMIENTO EFFECTS OF ONLINE GAMING TO 1ST YEAR BSMT STUDENTS INTRODUCTION In the past few decades, interactive electronic...

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Effect of Online Games Addiction on Study Habits

INTRODUCTION Online games are one of the medium of entertainment especially in the youth of modern era in Batangas. Virtual or cyber games over internet are direct personally to each individual user. It encourages and requires the participation of individual user or gamester. It is an inexpensive in the sense that the internet connections for the online games are easily accessible everywhere and anywhere and affordable these days. This aspect works in association with the personal characteristic...

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Gender Swapping in Online Gaming

In online gaming, players are represented by an avatar, which is a three dimensional (3D) model used in computer games or a two-dimensional icon like a picture. A player’s identity is not usually revealed. This has led to an internet phenomenon known as gender swapping. Gender swapping is when a player swaps the gender of their identity in the game they are playing. Assortments of studies have been done on gender swapping in online gaming, but most of them fail to find the real reason many online...

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Online Game Addiction

John Rench Louis R. Villas PS1A ONLINE VIDEO GAME ADDICTION: IDENTIFICATION OF ADDICTED ADOLESCENT GAMERS Studies have constantly verified the reality of a small subgroup of video gamers that is seemingly addicted to games. Although video game addiction is not a new observable fact, the introduction of an online component in the current generation of games has almost certainly increased the size and possibility of the problem. This online factor in gaming led to the instigation of handling...

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Online Gaming

Effect of Addiction in Online Gaming to the Selected High School Students in LWAD In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Research and Methodology Presented to the Faculty and Staff of Legacy of Wisdom Academy of Dasmarinas Inc. Presented by: Jhazelle Icotanim Reizon Calzado Marvilyn Holasca S.Y: 2014-2015 Chapter I The Problem, Rationale and Background of the Study Online gaming is due today latest technology. The people can easy to access on this Online World...

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online gaming

 ONLINE GAMING Thursday, August 16, 2012 Thesis Title: Developing a 2D Word Game to Enhance Early Graders' Cognitive Skills while Learning Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health (MAPEH) is trying to attain the needs of the student with the new scheme of education. The K-12 entails the addition of Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) subject in grades 1, 2 and 3. Music is a colorful sound that we hear after birth. Playing music for infants in their first year provides...

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Internet and Online Games Addiction

learn to socialize and compete. Computer and online games, in most instances, are no more dangerous than other games that kids play. But sometimes, computer and online games become more than just play. They become an addiction. And when they become an addiction, your child’s psychological and physical well-being may be in jeopardy. Escaping into games When your kids play games online, is it play? Or is it something darker? Addiction to computer and online games is a real and growing problem. It affects...

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Related Local and Foreign Literature and study

Local Literature An article from The Philippine Star dated August 7, 2012 by Louella D. Desiderio entitled “Businesses urged to use Internet to push products”. It shows that businesses are advised to use the Internet for promoting their products and services as more consumers are going online to research before making purchases. Companies should consider using online advertisements for the products and services they offer as more and more people are using the Internet to research goods they plan...

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Health and Social Issues of Online Gaming

Social Issues of Online Gaming With the technology advancements improving the gaming experience, more people are playing online games. Starting from children, teenagers, adults, people of all ages are playing online games. People that are addicted to online games have the tendency to lose interest in many hobbies, activities they enjoyed doing. They have little face-to-face interaction with their friends and family, assuming they are spending more than 4 hours a day playing online games. However...

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What Are The Effects Of Internet Addiction Of Large Number Of Youth Of Today

What are the Effects of Internet Addiction to Large Number of Youth of Today’s Generation? ______________________________ A Research Study Presented to The High School Faculty of Don Bosco Technical Institute Tarlac City ______________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Academic Subject Research 901 ______________________________ Santos, Nathaniel John L. Directo, DonsonMcklein C. Borela, Carl M. March 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page APPROVAL SHEET…………………………………………………………………………...

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Effects of Online Games to Teenagers

Effects of Online Games on selected 2nd year student’s Academic Performance: A basis to know the study habits of students. A Term Paper Presented to Ms. Rona Vibar High School Department University of Perpetual Help System-DALTA In partial fulfillment of the requirement For the subject English IV By Lawrence Cedric T. Salvador Peter Felix V. Lombos IV – Hope March 7, 2011 Table of Contents List of Tables Page Chapter 1 The Problem – Its Background ...

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effects of onine gaming


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Effects of Online Gaming Addiction in College Student

Online Multiplayer Video Games Create Greater Negative Consequences, Elicit Greater Enjoyment than Traditional Ones ScienceDaily (Oct. 22, 2007) — Online video games with thousands of simultaneous players, such as “World of Warcraft,” have become hugely popular in the last two decades and are now a multibillion dollar industry with tremendous financial success. Joshua Smyth, associate professor of psychology in The College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University, recently conducted a randomized...

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study of internet addiction

A Study of Internet Addiction: Status and Causes Introduction: A passion adds value to one's life, an addiction takes away value. When the line between these two is crossed, the addict is often the last to know, due to their denial. A family and social history will reveal that the subject is being evaluated by close friends as actually suffering a great loss from their activity. While time spent online can be hugely productive, compulsive Internet use can interfere...

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local literature about playing online games

LITERATURE MATRIX Bibliography (APA Format) Major Objectives/Research Questions Themes/Variables Method Major Findings De Looze, F., Reid, C., Seubsman, S., Sleigh, A., Thawornchaisit, P. (2013). Health risk factors and the incidence of hypertension: 4-year prospective findings from a national cohort of 60, 569 Thai Open University students. BMJ Open 3(6) doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-002826 This study evaluates the impact of a number...

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Computer Game Addiction

Computer Game Addiction Joe Ahn Clemson University jahn@clemson.edu George Randall Clemson University grandal@clemson.edu ABSTRACT With the constant improvements in gaming technology, ranging from graphics to new types of controllers to faster processors, there is a growing problem of computer game addiction. In order to fully understand this problem, one must define addiction. According to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, addiction is a psychological or a physical dependence...

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Online Gaming

Benefits from Online Gaming? Harikrishna A/L Ramalingam B1201968 HELP University Outline I. Introduction A. Opener. II. Thesis statement: Online games benefiting students in much ways, such as develop cognitive skills, risk taking, electronic communication styles, entertainment, and nurture social interaction. III. Children can improve their problem solving and cognitive development skills through playing online games. IV. Online gaming could make the player to estimate or study the mind...

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Game Addiction

Science and Computer Studies Computer Science Department Game Addiction Submitted to: Ms. Gina Tan-Sanfilip Submitted by: Chelsea Ann Montilla Brandon Kyle Davey Ricci Zerrudo Julian Robert July 15, 2013 CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Introduction In recent years, several studies have demonstrated that at least a small group of gamers has trouble controlling their online video game playing. Excessive amounts of time spent on playing online video games can be severely...

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Online Games Effects

invented by man itself. Some researcher wants to know the effects of playing online games on the academic performances of the students. The reason why the researcher have chosen this particular research topic was know the advantages of playing computer games on the academic performances of the selected high school students. Online games can have bad effects on people’s life specially the learners. Online game addiction has become popular in society which seriously influences children both...

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Online Gaming in youth

Online Gaming Play is associated with having a free mind, using imagination and creating a whole new world. On the other hand, in today’s world, we see and increasingly high percentage turning to electronic games to fill in most of our play time. Video games and the like are certainly entertaining and stimulating. With the advancements in technology and shocking effects, they sure give everyone, whether you play them or you don’t an adrenaline rush! Without knowing it forms...

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Video Game and Games Addiction Effects

their children will get obsessed with playing video games. You may be surprised at first, but when you think about it the results actually makes sense. Just take a look at the gaming consoles available today. You have the PlayStation 3, the Xbox360, and the Nintendo Wii – and that doesn’t count all of the older generations of these three consoles. Plus, there are also handheld gaming devices such as the PSP and the Nintendo DS. And don’t forget the PC which the use more for playing games –...

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The Computer Addiction

Coupled with this phenomenon, reports of excessive gaming (computer game playing) denominated as "computer/video game addiction" have been discussed in the popular press as well as in recent scientific research. The aim of the present study was the investigation of the addictive potential of gaming as well as the relationship between excessive gaming and aggressive attitudes and behavior. A sample comprising of 7069 gamers answered two questionnaires online. Data revealed that 11.9% of participants (840...

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Cyber Addiction

Chapter 1: Introduction Cyber addiction takes place when a person got hooked into the internet too much that makes it hard for him to do some more important things. A person who develops problems with his Internet usage may have started using the Internet casually and then that person did not notice that he have increased using it. A lot of people believe that too much time spent in the Internet is the main element of the disorder. But the amount of time by itself is not as important factor like...

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Video Game Addiction

Video Game Addiction New research identifies some video game users, particularly online users, who became hooked on interactive games and then see their lives become increasingly unmanageable. Many articles are available that look at the addictive qualities of the games and who is susceptible to becoming addicted. Other research looks at how this addiction compares to addictions such as drug and alcohol abuse and pathological gambling. Since computer game addiction is relatively new, there are...

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Computer Game Addiction & Emotional Dependence

Students and Video Game Addiction December 13, 2012 By Anonymous Until the academic warning letter from my son’s college arrived home last December 23rd following his fall freshman term, he assured us that he was getting Bs in his classes. Confronted with this letter, he broke down in tears, admitted that he spent most of the last half of the semester playing an online computer game, and didn’t attend the final weeks of classes nor even sit for his exams. An activity that started out in high...

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Gaming essay

The Threats of Online Gaming It seems that only now people are finally starting to be aware of the negative impact that online gaming has on both the physical and psychological aspect of the gamer’s lives. The more people that know about the social isolation, narcissism, increased aggression, and negative academic and occupational consequences that results from excessive online gaming, the bigger the drive will be to take the precautionary steps needed to at least reduce the negative by-products...

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Online Games on Teenagers Related Studies

Game Addiction as we commonly call someone playing (video/online) games as if there’s no tomorrow, is still out of theaddiction book” of the doctors. Isn’t that neat? Further showing how politicians and some members of the media are just using this topic so they have something to say, and have something to report? All that talk, just so people will think they are responsible, or maintain their reputation, without any consideration the result the gaming industry can contribute to the economy, and...

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Online Gaming Sa Filipino

Kabanata I. Ang Suliranin at ang Kapaligiran nito. Online Gaming Balakid sa Pag-aaral ng mga Estudyante ng Sekundarya sa Pilipinas A.Y. 2010-2011 Introduksyon: Ang bagong hinirasyon ng kabataan, pag-asa pa kaya ng ating bayan? Katanungang bumabagabag sa isipan naming mananaliksik. Karamihan sa mga kabataan ngayon ay wala nang sinasanto, napapasok na sa iba’t ibang bisyong alam nila’y masama ngunit nagsasawalang-bahala na lamang. Alak, sigarilyo, pagbababad sa computer, druga, premarital...

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Internet addiction

Date: 2013.11.26 Internet addiction Internet addiction is a growing problem for the whole world: estimates show that from 5 to 10 % of world population have this problem. Internet addiction is defined as any online-related, compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one's work environment (Johnson, 2009). Internet addiction has been called Internet dependency and Internet compulsivity...

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Computer Addiction

Introduction Constant Gaming is a mental illness which causes the excessive use of computers to the extent that it interferes with daily life. Excessive use may explain problems in social interaction, mood, personality, work ethic, relationships, thought processes, or sleep deprivation. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not include a diagnosis for such a disease. Some people develop bad habits in their computer use that cause them significant problems in their lives...

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Addiction: Effects of Playing on-Line Computer Games in Academic Performance

In present times , computer gaming has been popular mostly within the students’ societies worldwide. Like a virus , excessive gaming has also been contagious within the society , creating an indestructible and unstoppable problem concerning its effects. In local concept , students and non-students here in the Philippines has been massively influenced with the habit of computer gaming even it sometimes affects their daily productive activities such as work , studies or even family relations. Same...

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Background - Internet Addiction

Chapter 1 Brief Background of the Study The Internet has become a worldwide phenomenon used by children and adults for a variety of reasons. It is a convenient way of retrieving information and connecting with others. Unfortunately, some individuals, like students, develop an addiction to the Internet, which can be difficult to overcome. Addiction to the internet can be caused by: depression, compulsion, loneliness, or social disorder...

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Chapter two and Review Related Literature

« Study and create flashcards for free at Cram.com Sign In | Sign Up StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes Essays Book Notes AP Notes Citation Generator More Review Related Literature And Studies About Online Games Essays and Term Papers Search Advanced Search Documents 1 - 20 of 1000 Review of Related Literature and Studies CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Studies rely on information researched by the proponents. Review of Related Literature...

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The Effect of Online Games on the Filipino Youth

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the study The youth of today no longer seem to spend their leisure activities like in the olden days; outdoor games or playing with toys, instead, they spend their free time in their homes, internet cafés or computer shops simply to satisfy their hunger; and that hunger is Online Gaming. Online gaming has such a profound impact on not only the young, but dynamically every age group as well. So far, virtually anyone is able to go on a computer and punch through...

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Influence of Online Gaming

their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” – T.E. Lawrence. There are few things that dreams and online gaming have in common. One is their effect on people. Some people might think that it was just for fun, but some might act what they can do in online gaming. This essay was written to show the different effects of online gaming but first, let us define what is online gaming. Online gaming is played through different connections but there is something more than that. It might be a game played...

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Effects of Online Gaming

escape into a virtual world, where you can forget about everything that is happening in real life and just enjoy yourself, even play with your friends in a multiplayer game. In the past, for a group of video game players to play multiplayer games, it was necessary for them to all be together and all their computers or Xboxes connected to one another. Not only were they just playing a game, they were interacting on a personal level. Now with online gaming becoming a component of most every video game...

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The Effects of Online Gaming to the Studies of Students

Chapter II Definition An online game is a game played over some form of computer network. At the present, this almost always means the Internet or equivalent technology; but games have always used whatever technology was current: modems before the internet, and hard wired terminals before modems. The expansion of online gaming has reflected the overall expansion of computer networks from small local networks to the Internet and the growth of Internet access itself. Online games can range from simple...

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Local Literature

foriegn Literature review Follow-up or tracer studies have enjoyed popularity in LIS training needs/ assessment analyses over the past 20 years in Africa in studies by scholars such as Anadiran (1988) in Nigeria; Alemna (1991, 1999) and Kisie du (1993) in Ghana; Rosenberg (1989, 1994) in Kenya; Ocholla (2001 and 2005) and Stilwell (2004) in South Africa Rugambwa (1998) and Mammo (2007) in Ethiopia; Aina and Moahi (1999) in Botswana; and Lutwana and Kigongo - Bukenya (2004) in Uganda. Mammo (2007)...

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Related Studies/Literature

of Related Studies and Literature This section discussed both related studies and literature which were relevant to the proposed study. Reading these studies related to a certain topic of interest can be helpful in formulating a specific research problem. 2.1 Related Studies This contained the local and foreign studies that were related on the proposed project. The studies included in this chapter were similarities and differences to the proposed software. Local Studies This contained...

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DOTA Addiction

RESEARCH : “DOTA ADDICTION” Submitted by: Maverick V. Francisco Submitted to: Prof. Peñaranda Chapter I : Introduction Playing games is a natural part of growing. It’s one way that kids learn to socialize, compete, to fulfil their craving ego, to entertain, to have fun and sometimes to escape from depression. Computer and online games, in most instances, are no more dangerous than other games, which kids play outdoors. But sometimes, computer and online games with the touch...

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Effects on Online Games

Game online - from the original idea as a hobby for fun, killing time and reduce stress, has become a global cultural phenomenon, a form of culture are interacting with art other and the other media types. There is no denying the positive aspects of online gaming as practice for the player to look sharp, quick reaction capability, ability to concentrate ... However, there are unpredictable effects to the young people. Time spent on education has been affected by playing time. In addition, violence...

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Research about Computer Addiction

Chapter 1 in Research about Computer Games Addiction EFFECTS OF INVOLVEMENT IN COMPUTER GAMES TO THE STUDY HABITS OF INHS STUDENTS DURING SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015 A Research Presented to Ilo-Ilo National High School Magsaysay Village, La Paz, Iloilo City, Iloilo In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements in Project in Research Submitted By: Denzel Fajardo Chleman Lasara Jamie Clarisse Pelobelo Romar Caballero Joshua Leri Sumayo Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Rationale Modernization of...

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Computer Addiction

Paul College Foundation, INC. Mandaue Branch A Research on Computer addiction among 3rd year and 4th year students of St. Paul College Foundation INC Jason A. Labaya And Jed C. Gorgonio Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English IV High School Department St. Paul College Foundation INC Feb.21, 2011 APPROVAL SHEET The research paper attached hereto, entitled “Computer addiction among 3rd year and 4th year students of St. Paul College Foundation INC”, prepared...

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Related Literature of Computer Exposure

REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Most of our youth and students today are fond of going into internet shop to use computer, without knowledge of their parents what they are up to. They will ask money from their parents telling that they have something to search in the internet for their project or assignments, although others do so, but there are some who just make it as an alibi so that they can compete skills with their peers through playing games online like for example war craft, battle realms,...

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Online Gaming Addiction

Josh Kearney Media essay Online gaming addiction Online game addiction is caused by the constant updates and the never ending game play; this is solved by limiting online game downloads to one at a time. The problem with online game addiction is that it is distracting children and young adults from their needs. Online gaming distracts people from food, sleep, and schoolwork. Although certain people are able to control themselves, there are people who can’t. These people will play for...

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Effects of Online Gaming in Secondary Students

Effects Of Playing On-Line Computer Games In Academic Performance Of Students Introduction Online gaming has emerged as a popular and successful source of entertainment and play for people of all ages, especially for the students. It refers to the games that are played over some forms of computer network, typically on the internet. These games are played online, in which you can connect with multiple players. It is normally platform independent, relying on the web browser and appropriate plug-in...

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Online Games

Conceptual Framework Investigate Online Games or Internet Games are video games played over same form of computer Network, using a personal computer or video game console. If requires a connection to the internet to play, and it’s a type of pc game. It can also played in the computer shop, that’s why there is so many people use this as a form of business. EFFECT CAUSES Game designers make characters look and act like humans. Sometimes people or players feel this actions like they...

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Local Studies About Fraternities

based on educational research and do not represent as a personal stand of the researcher. Source: Sarmiento, Louie Blake S. (2011). Research studies and lectures on Philippine fraternalism. Further reading: Major O.W. Coursey, U.S. Volunteer, author of the History and Geography of the Philippine Islands Philippines Fraternity Websites Books about Fraternalism * Masonic Paraphernaliawww.FreeMasonStore.com Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_did_Fraternities_in_the_Philippines_started#ixzz27f5Gl094...

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Local Literature

CLEARINGHOUSE ON LANGUAGES AND LINGUISTICS Interest in and support for language study has been strengthened in the United States in recent years by the growing recognition that proficiency in more than one language benefits both individual learners and society. For the individual language learner, research has found a positive link between second language proficiency and cognitive and academic ability. Several studies indicate that individuals who learn a second language are more creative and better...

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Local studies

Theoretical Framework This chapter focuses on how the proposed advertising website with online inquiry would affect the company in terms of efficiency and effectiveness than their current advertising system. A. Related Literature This chapter presents related study and writing of recognized experts, both of which have significant bearing or relation to the problem under investigation. 1. Local Studies “In every place in this country, there is always a store. In every store, they sell...

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Online gaming addiction

Online Gaming With the rising popularity of online gaming, there have been studies that point to these games being very addictive, therefore gamers invest a huge amount of time playing. “The negative impact of Internet use on adolescents has received much popular attention and has also become a popular research topic”(Wen-Bin,Chiou). When people focus on the negative elements of a subject, they ignore the positive...

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Effect of Online Gaming to the Students

What is online gaming? * An online game is a video game played over some form of computer network, using a personal computer or video game console. * "Online gaming is a technology rather than a genre, a mechanism for connecting players together rather than a particular pattern of gameplay." Online games are played over some form of computer network, typically on the Internet. One advantage of online games is the ability to connect to multiplayer games, although single-player online games are...

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research paper about computer addiction

Chapter 1 in Research About Computer Games Addiction EFFECTS OF INVOLVEMENT IN COMPUTER GAMES TO THE STUDY HABITS OF THE MARIAN FRESHMEN STUDENTS DURING THE FIRST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL YEAR 2012-2013 A Research Presented to Mr. Paul C. Morales Saint Mary’s University Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements in _________________________ Submitted By: Kimberly Anne Martinez Lloyd Rico Antonio Manuel Douglas Inaldo Leigrich Salvador Herman Anthony Aseron February...

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Computer Addiction

Computer addiction  A disorder in which the individual turns to the Internet or plays computer games in an attempt to change moods, overcome anxiety, deal with depression, reduce isolation or loneliness, or distract themselves from overwhelming problems. The elderly, as well as children and adolescents, are particularly vulnerable because they may not realize the extent of their dependency. In many instances, individuals with computer addiction may seek help for another condition, such...

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Related Literature and Studies on Cybercrime

CHAPTER II Review of Related Literature This chapter presents the different literature and studies that have direct bearing on the topic undertaken. LOCAL LITERATURE 1. What are the common cybercrimes in the Philippines? In the Philippines, 87% of Filipino Internet users have been victims of cybercrimes–DOJ, the primer quoted a 2010 report of the security software firm Symantec that as many as 87 percent of Filipino internet users (nearly nine out of 10) were identified...

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