"List Local And National System That Are Designed To Support Personalisation" Essays and Research Papers

List Local And National System That Are Designed To Support Personalisation

Introduction of personalisation in care Outcome 1 1. There are many things that are included within an individual’s personal care. To start off with a social worker or care manager will work with the individual together to create a care and support plan. This plan details the individuals care and support needs, and will be used to work out the value of their "personal budget". Their support plan should consider:  what you want to achieve by managing your own support your hopes for the future...

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Safeguarding adults and personalisation

which in turn will recognise how this can protect or hinder their rights. In addition to this, it will also demonstrate my understanding of what the role and responsibilities of a social worker is in regards to safeguarding and personalisation. The adult safeguarding national policy agenda was set out in 2000 by the department of health called ‘No Secrets’; named such to outline that there can be no secrets or somewhere to hide when it comes to exposing the abuse of vulnerable adults. This guidance...

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Decision Support System

6.0 DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS A decision support system (DSS) is a computer-based information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities. DSSs serve the management, operations, and planning levels of an organization and help to make decisions, which may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance. DSSs include knowledge-based systems. A properly designed DSS is an interactive software-based system intended to help decision makers compile useful information...

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Disability and personalisation of care

social right. To what extent do the introduction of direct payments and the personalisation of services meet this demand? Word Count.2,224 The Disability Rights Commission (now part of the Equality and Human Rights Commission) argued that independent living should be a social right. To what extent do the introduction of direct payments and the personalisation of services meet this demand? Personalisation of care and direct payments are relatively new to policy, they both directly...

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National Innovation System in Australia

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSI 1358 Global Enterprise and Innovation National Innovation System in Australia Student name: Date of submission: 30th November 2013 Contents 1. National Innovation System in Australia The National Innovation System (NIS) means the flow of technology and information among people, enterprises and institutions which is the key factor for the innovative process on the national level (Edquist, 1997). With the development of innovation, it will affect...

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Unit 18 HSC 3046

Unit 18: Introduction to Personalisation in Social Care Unit code: HSC 3046 Unit reference number: K/601/9493 QCF level: 3 Credit value: 3 Guided learning hours: 22 Unit summary This unit is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings. It introduces understanding of how personalisation affects the provision of social care services, with a focus on the systems, skills and support needed to implement personalised provision. Assessment requirements This unit must be assessed in accordance...

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Personalisation in social care11 Personalisation starts

Personalisation in social care….. 1.1 Personalisation starts with the person and the individual circumstances rather than the service. This means that choices offered must not be limited to what the service decides to provide. personalisation is giving people who use social care support services a choice and control over how, when and by whom their support service is delivered by .(ref H&S care book) 1.2 It is giving control back to the person that is needing the support and letting them know they...

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Introduction to Personalization in Social Care

 EDI Qualification CT262: Introduction to Personalisation in Social Care Resources and Workbook Tel: 01727 733999 CT262: Introduction to Personalisation in Social Care Level 3 Credit Value 3 Learner Name Learner Registration Number Assessor / Tutor Name Centre Name / Number HSTA22 Unit Sign Off Learner Learner Signature: Date: I confirm the information within this workbook is my own work...

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Group Decision Support Systems

Introduction to GDSS Group decision support systems (GDSS) are interactive, computer-based systems that facilitate solution of semi-structured and unstructured problems by a designated set of decision-makers working together as a group. A GDSS can assist groups, especially groups of managers, in analyzing problem situations and in performing group decision making tasks. GDSS include structured decision tools for tasks like brainstorming, commenting on ideas, and rating and ranking of alternatives...

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Electoral System in Uk; Political Parties

the European Parliament • Local elections and mayoral elections  Elections are held on Election Day, which is conventionally a Thursday.  General elections have fixed dates, and must be called within five years of the opening of parliament following the last election. Other elections are held on fixed and well as well dates though in the case of the devolved assemblies and parliaments, early elections can occur in certain situations.  Presently, six electoral systems are used: • The single...

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Summarise the Roles and Responsibilities of National and Local Goverment for Education Policy and Practice

JANET MACDONALD CACHE LEVEL 3 SUPPORTING TEACHING AND LEARNING TDA 3.2 6.1 6.2 6.3 Summarise the roles and responsibilities of national and local government for education policy and practice National government are responsible for devising policies and ensuring that they are implemented. The UK government is split into two departments that deal with education in England. The first is the Department for Education who work with children aged up to 19, with any issues they may have from child protection...

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System Support

CIN502 Information Systems in Organization Topic 4: Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence The following questions needs to be answered before the next tutorial/lab class. Short – Answer Questions 1. What are the four types of decisions discussed? Structure Non-Structure Recurring Decision Non-recurring Decision 2. What are the four steps in making a decision? Intelligence Design Choice Implementation 3. What is a DSS? Describe its components. A system that is design...

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Decision Support Systems

Decision Support Systems (DSS) A Decision Support System (DSS) is an information system at the management level of an organization that combines data, analytical tools, and models to support semistructured and unstructured decision-making. A DSS can handle low volume or massive databases optimized for data analysis. DSS has more power than other systems. They are built explicitly with a variety of models to analyze data or they condense large amounts of data into a form where they can be analyzed...

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A Mixture of Presidential and Prime Ministerial System

GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL STUDIES SEMESTER ONE: AUG – DEC 2012 Question: ‘When examining Guyana, Cuba and Venezuela what are the features that make the mixture of the Presidential and Prime Ministerial system so attractive to so many democracies?’ “A prime ministerial government system is a system in which executive power is concentrated in the prime minister’s hands through the suppression of collective cabinet government” (Heywood: Pg 429: 2002). A Prime ministerial government has two key features...

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Local Study of Online Hotel Management System

ILIGAN COMPUTER INSTITUTE A PROPOSE LOCAL AUTOMATED ENROLLMENT SYSTEM OF THE ILIGAN COMPUTER INSTITUTE A Thesis Presented to the Board of Panelist of ILIGAN COMPUTER INSTITUTE 3rd floor Del Monte Coop Building, Bugo National Highway, Cagayan de Oro City In Partial Fulfillment of the Diploma In Information Technology Researchers Narisma, Vicmart Nepa, Ruel Castro, Jerome Viva, Dent Jhon Caasalan, Darie Biscyno, Dessie Malyn October 2012 Republic of the Philippines ...

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National budget vis-a-vis local budget

ref=MjBfMDVfMjFfMTNfMV8yN18xNzAwMTY= National budget vis-a-vis local budget An effective budget system of local government is important for both political and economic reasons. It shares power and promotes the accountability of local public services. It also helps to fit those services to local needs and preferences, writes M S Siddiqui A national budget is a statement of allocation of scarce resources to achieve national objectives for a specific time...

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The Components of a Decision Support System

information that you want your Decision Support System to use. The data management component, therefore, consists of both the Decision Support System information and the Decision Support System database management system. The information you use in your Decision Support System comes from one or more of three sources: Organizational information: One may want to use virtually any information available in the organization for your Decision Support System. What you use, of course, depends on what...

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Student Information System

Project Title: ACES Information System CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION: Kalinga- Apayao State College originated from Kalinga Community College formerly known as Kalinga Community College of Trades and Industries (KCCTI), which offers purely vocational courses. As year passes KASC offers other courses. In the year 2011, Association of Computer Engineering Students was organized. And, in the following year ACES has its By Laws and Constitution and ACES was approved by DSSA to be one of KASC’s official...

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Local Government Accounting System

area. With this autonomy, the area is given broad authority to take care of their own household with minimal government intervention. Local governments have the right and authority to use the vast financial resources in accordance with its needs and aspirations of communities that developed in the area. However, with broad authority, it is not meant that local governments can use the financial resources they have at will, without a clear direction and purpose. Extensive rights and powers granted...

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Decision Support Systems

faced with situations that need critical analysis, compilation of raw data, circulation of precise documents and effective utilization of computer systems. Frito Lay is an example of a company who implemented various decision support systems (DSS) into their business model. A DSS is a “highly flexible and interactive IT system that is designed to support decision making when the problem is not structured.” (Haag, Cummins p.162) Managers require information to guide their organization in the right...

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Enrollment System

shifting them to being done on the computer. It can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system. Computerized System can reduce human errors and processing time, and also it can boost productivity and resulted into high quality of product produce. Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of student to register on a particular school. Enrollment System is a good example of a computer generated process. This can...

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Provincial and Local Government in South African Law

Intervention Provincial and local government National government intervening in provincial government * The national government is given overall responsibility for ensuring that other spheres of government carry out their obligations under the constitution * Where a province cannot or does not fulfil an executive obligation in terms of legislation or the constitution, the national executive can intervene by taking appropriate steps to ensure the fulfilment of that obligation including ...

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First Post The Past Electoral System

elected as an MP. Voting directly for the party is a feature of PR systems such as MMP/AMS, List PR and DPR Voting. Slide 3: How does First Past The Post work? Under First Past The Post (FPTP) voting takes place in single-member constituencies. Voters put a cross in a box next to their favoured candidate and the candidate with the most votes in the constituency wins. All other votes count for nothing. In a ‘normal’ British national election or by-election (i.e. excluding the newer formats that...

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National Healthcare System

National Health Care System “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” Martin Luther King, Jr. A national health care system is a program operated by the government, designed to provide health care for people in need of medical assistance. All industrial nations except the United States have a national health care system that covers everyone. Generally, in the U.S. health care systems are privately funded insurance companies. The U.S. has three...

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Electoral Systems

Electoral Systems There is only one path to democracy and that is an election. It is the only way that a government can represent the will of the people. It gives legitimacy to government and ensures that the freedom one gives up in lieu of security and order is maintained. In a democratic state, the electoral process determines who will hold political office. The importance of a free, fair and representative election cannot be overstated in the 21st century nor can be the process of it undermined...

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Decision Support System


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The National Terrorism Advisory System

Running head: National Terrorism Advisory System The National Terrorism Advisory System Abstract As part of a series of initiatives to improve coordination and communication among all levels of government and the American public, the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) was created. This advisory system was the foundation for building a comprehensive and effective communications structure to give information regarding the risk of terrorist attacks. This system was revised...

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National Airspace System

The National Airspace System (NAS) March 16, 2013 Prepared for Dr. Daniel Nation Lecturer Prepared by Ong Wei Jian Lionel Introduction In this report, we will be looking at the National Airspace System (NAS). We will be taking an in depth look at the overview and the infrastructure of the NAS, discuss about the FAA Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), and also examine the future needs of the National Airspace System. ...

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Voter's List System

Republic of the Philippines Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University Bacolor, Pampanga Computerize voter’s list for Precinct no. of Barangay San Miguel Betis In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Information Technology By David, Randy F. Magtoto, Kenneth G. Pangan, Willie V. TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE ……………………………………………………. i CHAPTER THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS…………………………….............1 Introduction …….………………………………………………...

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Support Consultant

Arnab Kundu Designation: Support Consultant Contact No: +91-9771458189 / 8877097651 Email:kundu.ar@gmail.com Server Administrator with 5 + years of rich experience in Server Management Career Objective: Seeking a challenging atmosphere that encourages learning, creativity and provides exposure to the emerging latest technologies and scope for professional growth Professional Experience | * Currently working as a Support Consultant with HCL Infosystems Limited, Ranchi since...

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Decision Support System

 Figure 1: Decision Support Systems. Retrieved from http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-word-cloud-dss-decision-support-system-related-items-image35542029 INTRODUCTION Decision Support System (DSS) is a computer based system which uses analytical models, specialized databases and aids the decision makers in making complex decisions in an organization. In the old days, a group of professional people in a company used to consider various factors and variables while taking...

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Us Armys Supply Support Activity

The organization that will be used for this course is the U.S. Army’s supply support activity. Supply support activities are designed to provide supported units with various types of supplies. Supported units are ultimately considered the customer of the supply support activity. Supply support activities provide a service to their customers very similar to the method a local department or grocery store supports their customers. Supplies can be anything from food to major end items such...

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Electoral System in the Philippines

The Electoral System Elections: a device for filling an office through choices made by a designated body of people: the electorate; "very heart of the political process" A. Material Element: externalities involved in the organization and use of things (speeches, campaigns, the act of going to the election booth, writing the name of the candidate in the ballot) B. Discursive Element: how the material elements "fit into an existing wider pattern of meaning, symbols and understandings" (material...

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Personalisation: Service Provider and Support

MARIA WALTON PERSONALISATION UNIT 1 – Rights as a citizen 1: What is personalisation? Personalisation is placing the service user at the centre of the service, increasing service user’s ability to exercise choice, control of their care as it is their right, and focus on their Personalisation is a social care approach described by the Department of Health as meaning that “every person who receives support, whether provided by statutory services or funded by themselves, will have choice...

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It Systems

Explain TPS, OSS, KWS, DSS, MIS, ESS, find information related to these systems from Internet and find how many companies provide such kind of system around the globe. Name top 5 companies who provide such systems also enlist the capabilities of these systems. Compare different vendors who provide each type of systems with respect to the functionalities and capabilities of these systems. Information systems (IS) is the study of complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations...

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Political System of China

Political System of China Fundamental principles of Constitution The People's Republic of China is a socialist country led by the working class, based on the worker-peasant alliance and practicing people's democratic centralism. The socialist system is the primary system in China. The Constitution The Constitution is the fundamental law of the state. It usually stipulates a country's social system and basic principles of state system, the basic principles of activities and organizations...

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Philippine Tax System Assessment

“TAX SYSTEM OF THE PHILIPPINES: ITS ASSESSMENT” I. INTRODUCTION Taxation: Defined As defined by Cooley, taxation is the process or means by which the sovereign, through its law-making body, raises income to defray the necessary expenses of government. It is expressed in another way as a method of apportioning the cost of government among those who in some measure are privileged to enjoy its benefits and must, therefore, bear its burdens. In order to finance the necessary expenses of the government...

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President Barack Obama’s National Drug Control Strategy focuses

Assignment 6. Taught by, Sarah Kolks. Homework Assignment 6 CRJ110: Introduction to Criminology President Barack Obama’s National Drug Control Strategy focuses on the prevention of drug use through programs and policies which focus on the public health and safety challenges of the 21st century. Director Gil Kerlikowske, of the Office of National Control Policy notes in his introduction (preface) that the purpose of this strategy is to reduce the use of illicit drug use and its consequences...

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Decision Support Systems

Decision Support Systems Decision support systems are interactive, computer-based systems that aid users in judgment and choice activities. They provide data storage and retrieval but enhance the traditional information access and retrieval functions with support for model building and model-based reasoning. They support framing, modeling, and problem solving. Typical application areas of DSSs are management and planning in business, health care, the military, and any area in which management will...

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Library System

fast phased of technology attributed a lot to the improvementof the library system. Technology enabled software developers to computerize the librarysystem. The automated library system helped the academe greatly. Library, transactionsand queries can be created in a single click. Traditionally, library systems are implemented manually. Forms are given to librarian and they fill them of using pens. Computerized library system identifies the modern process of technology, on how it works quickly for...

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Business and Support Systems

regardless of time or price. The other feature would be the high frequency traders designed to purchase what was being sold and then sold when the price was lowered. Finally the automated systems put in low offers that are so low they are not very likely to ever to be accepted. In the conditions created by the electronic trading, those stocks sold. (Laudon & Laudon, 2012) Due to the programming of the automated systems this crash could have easily been prevented if humans were in control of the decisions...

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The British Voting System, Undemocratic

question how the British voting system tends to be undemocratic in comparison with two other European voting systems - the French and German. The United Kingdom counts five distinct types of elections: UK general elections, elections to national/regional parliaments and assemblies, elections to the European Parliament, local elections and mayoral elections.(wikipedia, 2008).According to the facts and in comparison with the French and German systems, the British voting system might be undemocratic. Held...

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Inventory System

“MySQL Database-equipped Cellphone Inventory System” A Project Presented to the Faculty of Far Eastern University - Makati In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Software Engineering Mikel Pierce T. Bataller Xavier V. Malay III Sir Rolando Fajardo February 21, 2014 I. Abstract The purpose of this study is to apply a MySQL database-equipped inventory system to a sample cellphone retail store where it would manage the store’s product inventory and improve...

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Reforming Medicare to a Premium Support System

Professor Joiner 17 April 2013 Changing Medicare to a Premium Support System The high and rising cost of the United States health care system is placing a huge burden on families, businesses, and the younger generations who are going to be stuck paying for the national debt that is continually increasing. The fiscal stability of our government and the United States as a whole is at risk due to the current health care system that is in place. Current health care spending in the United States...

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Qcf 3 Introduction to Personalisation in Health and Social Care (Hsc3046)

Task A Short answer questions (1) Define the term Personalisation The definition of Personalisation means that every person receiving support either provided by the government or funded by him or herself will have choice and control in what they would like their care to be. (2) Describe the relationship between rights/choice and Personalisation The individual get their rights from legislation, human rights, and equalityrights. Under this legislation the individuals have the right to...

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Interpreting the Perfect Electoral System

'There is no such thing as a perfect electoral system' The idea of perfection is interpreted differently amongst everybody in the UK. The word 'Perfect' is defined as having all the necessary or typical characteristics required for a given situation. So everybody will have different thoughts on what really is a perfect electoral system. Generally, a perfect electoral system is one which has the qualities of being simple, gives a varied choice to the electorate, is fair and proportional, gives...

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Turkey's local responses for global policies

to the local. This relationship takes on a complex nature when viewed from the perspective of global governance. Using the articles we have discussed in class give three examples of local responses to globalization and global governance using the Turkish case. Analyze how these dynamics lead to an intensification of social problems at the local and national levels. Local Responses to Globalization and Global Governance in Turkey The global is often understood in opposition to the local. The word...

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Automated Enrollment and Student’s Information System

institution is rapidly increasing so great demand in teaching force is also becoming higher. Fortunately, today’s generation of high technology machine and tools can substitute these workers. This proposed “Automated Enrollment and Student’s Information System of Nabua Educational Learning Center” will provide a high technology way of retrieving and managing student’s data. The study will be a great help to the following: Administrator and Faculty Teachers. This study will help them to process records...

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Local Lit

through the Use of Affordable, High-Quality, and Custom-Designed Development Tools Anne Margrette Q. Caccam (Advanced Science & Technology Institute) Emmanuel P. Balintec, Janice M. Ballesteros, Mabeth M. Borres, Bienvenido H. Galang Jr., and Billy S. Pucyutan (Advanced Science & Technology Institute) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract The 2nd National E-learning Conference defines e-learning as: “technologically-supported...

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Blottering System Foreign Literatures

the release.” (2010) FOREIGN STUDIES Police National Computer (PNC) United Kingdom The PNC is a computer system used extensively by law enforcement organisations across the United Kingdom. It went live in 1974 and now consists of several databases accessible 24 hours a day, giving access to information of national as well as local significance. As of 2009/10 the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) has said that there are...

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Payroll System

STUDIES This chapter discusses the related literatures and studies for both local and foreign that were gathered from the internet and other published materials. 2.1. Review of Related Literatures 2.1.1. Local Literatures Jeonsoft Solutions Enterprise Inventory System The aim of Jeonsoft Inventory System is to provide easier and faster way to monitor the movement of your business' stock of goods. It is interactively designed to possibly do the common tasks done in customary way. From item entry,...

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Local Government

Introduction…………………………………………………………………………p.g.2 2. What is local government?…………………………………………………………….p.2 3. Hierarchy Roles of local government…………………………………………………p.2-3 4. Functions of local government………………………………………………………..p.g.3 (4.1) Line functions………………………………………………………………………p.3 (4.2) Supporting functions……………………………………………………………….p.3 5. Values and principles for local government…………………………………………..p.4 6. Challenges that affect local government………………………………………………p.5 7. Strategies to overcome...

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Computer System in the Context of Retail Business

Computer System in the Context of Retail Business Anthony Wu 11CS2 Today, retailing businesses have to had up to date technology in order to be successful. Accurate, efficient communication sending and receiving can affect the business. So it is very important that to have the latest technology such as computers and networks. Retailing on a local and global scale can also affect how successful is the business. Locally, efficient networking that retailing businesses had allow customers purchase...

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business homework local national global

Kaylee 11.1 Business – Homework 1) Local businesses: 1. Beginning Boutique 2. Stannards Dry Cleaning 3. SGB Studio National businesses: 1. Myer 2. Terry White 3. The Good Guys Global businesses: 1. Seduce 2. Ally Fashion 3. Missguided 2) Local: 1. Beginning Boutique. The business started in 2008. It’s products include clothes for women such as dresses, tops, pants, shoes, accessories, and make-up, as well as home ware such as phone cases, books, stationary and towels. Its location is in South...

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National Security

National Security Strategy & Policy National Security Strategy & Policy – Basic Concepts 1. In order to understand the concept of National Security Strategy & Policy (NSSP), it is pertinent to understand certain fundamentals. They are: a. Concept of nation-state in its universal application and more so its relevancy to Pakistan b. National Purpose (NP), a statement of resolve and determination for which a Nation – State aspires to exist. c. Determination of...

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Payroll System

Computerized Payroll System of Capiz Electric Cooperative THESIS 1 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Nowadays all establishment are becoming modernized, they use modern technologies to make their transaction fast, easy, and accurate in order to avoid waste of time and for the sake of safety and security. It also helps human to solve and understand complex problem and analysis such us the computational need of humans. Especially to business establishment or corporation processing...

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introduction system

Assignment Identifying Opportunities for Strategic Information Systems Group Two-members-team, select a local company and visit the company’s Web site to find information about that company and to see how the firm is using the Web. On the basis of this information, analyze the business. Include a description of the organization’s features in the following sections: 1 Important business processes Describe the organization's important business processes. 2 Structure Describe...

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Management Information System

Management Information system Date: 01 /02 /2011 Time: 10. 30 am – 01.00 pm Total Marks: 70 Instructions: 1. Attempt all questions. 2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary. 3. Figures to the right indicate full marks. Q.1 (a) Identify and discuss the major types of information systems that serve the main management groups within a business. What are the r elationships among these systems? 07 (b) You are advising the owner of “Sarthak Computer”, a new, local computer repair ...

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Safeguarding: Local Government and Vulnerable Adults

authorities in Wales, called ‘In Safe Hands’. This established the national framework for the development of local policies/procedures and guidance for the protection of vulnerable adults. In Wales the guidance was issued under section 7 of the Local Social Services Act 1970, establishing the framework for these local policies and procedures. Therefore providing the basis for social services departments in Wales, to co-ordinate a process of local policy development, to prevent, identify, respond to and ameliorate...

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Reflection Paper on Local Government Innovation

Reflection Paper Section # 4 Omandam, Ruth B. Local Government Innovation Local government innovation was long been practiced in some progressive cities in the Philippines. San Fernando Pampanga, Bulacan, San Carlos Negros Occidental, Naga City to name some few. These cities local government leaders exhibits strong willed determinations on improving their constituents way of living to high quality of life. Innovation in local governance per se is different for every places, depending on the type...

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