• Employer Branding and Its Influence on Managers
    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/0309-0566.htm Employer branding and its influence on managers Gary Davies Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK Abstract Purpose – The paper seeks to explore the role of the employer brand i
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  • The Work of Managers in New Organizational Contexts
    The work of managers in new organizational contexts The Authors Judith Ann Chapman, University of Western Sydney, Richmond, Australia Abstract Focuses on the work of managers in new forms of organisations which are flexible, horizontally integrated, and decentralised. Although much has been wr
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  • An Analysis of the Key Factors That Influence the Levels of Motivation of Staff a Case Study of Allied Associates & Co
    hhOXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY Research and Analysis Report An analysis of the key factors that influence the levels of motivation of staff A case study of Allied Associates & Co By Everestus King ACCA Student Reg. No.: 1316312 September, 2
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  • Managers and Managing
    CMEC01 12/8/06 8:50 Page 1 Chapter 1 Managers and Managing LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying this chapter, you should be able to: ✓ Describe what management is, why management is important, what managers do, and how managers utilise organisational resources efficiently and effectively
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  • Why Do Managers Do What They Do
    British Journal of Management, Vol. 10, 335-350 (1999) Why do Managers Do What They Do? Reconciling Evidence and Theory in Accounts of Managerial Work Colin Hales Westminster Business School, University of Westminster, London NWl 5LS, UK This article seeks to show that there has been surprising
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  • How Might Criminology Help Explain Corporate Crime?
    ‘How might criminology help explain corporate crime?’ Corporate crime is a wide-ranging term, covering a vast range of offenses with differing types of perpetrators, modes of operation, effects and victims (Hale et al. 2005, p.268-9). Types of corporate crime range from financial crimes in
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  • Should Managers Either Be Scientists or Artists?
    “Managers should be either scientists or artists.” What do managers do? If one asked them, most of managers even would not know it too. Generally, managers have to manage a business, have to manage creative actions and have to manage its objectives (Drucker, 1955, p. 6). Many people think
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  • The Impact of Personal and Organisational Variables on the Leadership Styles of Managers
    The impact of personal and organisational variables on the leadership styles of managers Summary This study has attempted to collect and analyse data on a number of personal as well as organisational variables that are considered as potentially useful in explaining the leadership styles of ma
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  • What Do Managers Do
    WHAT DO MANAGERS DO? A CRITICAL REVIEW OF THE EVIDENCE COLIN P. HALES Department of Management Studies for Tourism and Hotel Industries, University of Surrey INTRODUCTION IN this article, I consider the extent to which the question 'What do managers do?' has been satisfact
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  • Accounting for Managers: Introduction to Accounting
    This watermark does not appear in the registered version - http://www.clicktoconvert.com LESSON 1 INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING Contents 1.0 Aims and Objectives 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Book- Keeping 1.2.1 Meaning 1.2.2 Definition 1.2.3 Objectives 1.3 Accounting 1.3.1 Meaning 1.3.2 Definition
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  • Ignou Ms-04 Accounting and Finance for Managers
    Accounting & Finance This ebook is useful for students of BCA, MCA, MBA, CA, etc. It presents a balanced treatment of the theory & practical system of accounting. Coverage Includes • Accounting & Its Functions • Accounting Concepts & Standards • Accounting Informat
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  • Managers
    1. FIGUREHEAD: The Manager performs ceremonial and symbolic duties as head of the organisation; 2. LEADER: Fosters a proper work atmosphere and motivates and develops subordinates; 3. LIASION: Develops and maintains a network of external contacts to gather information; 4. MONITOR: Gathers inte
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  • Explain How to Plan
    Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment Q1 - Explain the Function of assessment in learning and development The assessment cycle continues until all aspects of the qualification have been achieved by the learner:- Initial assessment – Prior knowledge of the subject to determine
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  • Managers
    Indian entrepreneurs Hall of fame Aniruddha Dange, CFA Head of India Research aniruddha.dange@clsa.com (91) 2256505060 Anshu Govil (91) 2256505059 February 2006 India Strategy Our Indian entrepreneurs Anand Mahindra Anil Agarwal Dhirubbhai Ambani Dilip Shanghvi Ekta Kapoor Gautam Th
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  • The effect of culture on managers decision making
    2009:023 MASTER'S THESIS The effects of Culture on managers decision making - a case study of Mexico and Germany Christian Becker Sandra Palmér Luleå University of Technology Master Thesis, Continuation Courses Marketing and e-commerce Department of Business Administration...
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  • Project Managers careers
    Available online at www.sciencedirect.com International Journal of Project Management 31 (2013) 889 – 902 www.elsevier.com/locate/ijproman Project managers and career models: An exploratory comparative study Karin Bredin a , Jonas Söderlund b,⁎ a Department of Management and...
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  • Critically Assess the Approach to People Management Both Espoused and Practiced Within Your Organisation or One Which You Are Familiar. Within Your Response You Should Compare Your Findings to Relevant Theories and Models and Justify Your Conclusion
    Critically assess the approach to ‘people management,’ both espoused and practiced, within your own organisation or one which you are familiar. Within your response you should compare your findings to relevant theories and models and justify your conclusions with relevant examples. This
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  • Interpretations of Information, Technology and Organisation
    Interpretations of Information, Technology and Organisation Discuss different ways of conceptualizing technology. Argue how these different ways shape our view of the ‘impact’ of technology on organizations and society more generally. Use a particular example of a technology to illustrate yo
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  • Organisation Management-Cultural Perspective
    Assessment -1 Cultural Perspective Introduction: Describe the organisation McDonalds: It all began in the USA in 1954 with a milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc. Ray received an order from the McDonald brothers’ hamburger outlet in California. He was fascinated by their operat
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  • Organisation Behaviour
    This watermark does not appear in the registered version - http://www.clicktoconvert.com UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR LESSON – 1 IMPORTANCE OF ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Contents 1.0 Aims and Objectives 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Organization behaviour – concepts 1.2.1 Organisation
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