• Katherine Mansfield, Life of Ma Parker
    | Katherine MansfieldLife of Ma Parker When the literary gentleman, whose flat old Ma Parker cleaned every Tuesday, opened the door to her that morning, he asked after her grandson. Ma Parker stood on the doormat inside the dark little hall, and she stretched out her hand to help her gentleman shut
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  • Life of Ma Parker
    Katherine Mansfield's "Life of Ma Parker": Women's Plight Katherine Mansfield's "Life of Ma Parker" presents the plight of Ma Parker as a working-class woman at the turn of the century, in terms of her position in the sphere of the family and in the sphere of society. "Life
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  • The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield
    The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield 1. What kind of party was it going to be? What flowers were there in the garden? Who was responsible to arrange things for the party? 2. What workmen came to Laura? What place did Laura suggest for the marquee? Why didn’t the workmen agree? 3. What sur
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  • Ma Parker Essay
    Ma Parker is a strong woman who has suffered throughout her life.  She is a woman who has a good nature. Ma Parker realises the sorrows of her life and tries to find a place to cry.  That would be the very first time she was going to cry once she believed she only would be a strong woman if she h
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  • Katherine Mansfield - the Lady’s Maid
    Katherine Mansfield - The Lady’s Maid PRE-READING ASSIGNMENT You are about to read a short story written by the New Zealand author Katherine Mansfield. Katherine Mansfield is very famous in New Zealand, but as a student in The Netherlands is is very likely you never heard of her before. Th
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  • Katherine Mansfield and Sexuality
    One of the themes that can be found in the stories of Katherine Mansfield centres upon the role, status, sexuality, and "place" of women in society. According to Chantal Cornut-Gentille d'Arcy, "Mansfield's succinct narratives … are triumphs of style, a style which challenged the conventional para
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  • Mansfield
    The texts “Life of Ma Parker” and “Miss Brill” written by Katherine Mansfield use narrative techniques to convey ideas about the internal conflicts faced by each of the characters as well as those with the societies that they live in. Point of view and symbolism are common techniques used in
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  • Mansfield
    The work of Katherine Mansfield has been generally admired. It is not difficult to find superlatives directed at her writings. The critic Edward Wagenknect in 1928 called her “one of the finest stylists in the long record of English prose,” and goes on to declare “To many of us it seems that
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  • Summary About Life of Pi
    Life of Pi Summary Though it raises complex philosophical and religious questions, Life of Pi's plot is almost ridiculously easy to summarize. We'll take you through the main events, but remember much of the novel happens through digression and in Pi's meditations sprinkled throughout the novel.
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