• The Corruption Crisis of the E
    Abstract: The Corruption Scandal of the European Commission and its possible effects on the institutional balance and the question of legitimacy I. Defining Corruption The first chapter is an attempt to define corruption. It is important to divide overlapping and complicated terms such as corrup
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  • Internet Governance in Crisis
    Internet Governance in Crisis: The Political Economy of Top-Level Domains Milton L. Mueller Rutgers University USA Abstract Different approaches to top-level domain naming embody three conflicting visions of Internet governance. One vision, which bases top-level domain names on ISO 3166 co
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  • Assesment of Victory and Defeat in the Cuban Missile Crisis
    INTRODUCTION The closest the world has come to nuclear war was the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. The Soviets had installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of the United States. U.S. armed forces were at their highest state of readiness and demanded that the Sovie
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  • Countrywide & Subprime Lending Crisis
    Executive Summary Even though Countrywide stopped offering subprime loans 4 months ago, the company is still in the forefront of the subprime mortgage lending and foreclosure crisis. Lawsuits seem to be coming from all directions, federal and state investigative probes are launched against them, s
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  • Negotiations of the Cuban Missile Crisis
    Introduction By 1962, the Soviet Union was considerably behind the United States in the nuclear arms race. The Soviet Union had limited range missiles that were only capable of being launched against Europe, but the United States possessed missiles that were capable of striking anywhere
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  • Crisis Communication
    Best Practices in Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Risk Communication Team National Center for Food Safety and Defense Crisis Communication and the Psychology of Crisis “Terrorism is the ability to disrupt numerous aspects of individual and community functioning. Attending to the psyc
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  • Understanding Derivatives in Global Crisis
    Understanding Derivatives Following the Global Crisis of 2008 Graduate Finance Cluster Professor Jeff Lee June 15, 2009 Introduction Even before the financial crisis of the American economy in late 2008, the understanding and uses of derivatives has been a complicated subject matter,
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  • Image Crisis at British Petroleum
    Bp’s BRAND IMAGE More packaging than substance ? Introduction: Corporate image symbolises the values an organisation stands for. Organizations can create it to define themselves or get branded due to their actions. Therefore, its more important to have a the right image that reflect an org
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  • Democracy in Crisis (Good Governance & Islam)
    Democracy in Crisis How the Islamic Political System ensures Good Governance A pamphlet by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain 22nd Jumada-1 1431/6th May 2010 Democracy in both America and Britain is coming under scrutiny these days. Quite apart from the antics of MPs and congressmen, it is said to be slid
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  • Energy Crisis
    January 2010 United States and the Anti-Terrorist Strategies Kalim Bahadur   The Afghanistan Soviet-US imbroglio was the last episode of the cold war. It was the United States which promoted terrorism to brow beat the Soviet in Afghanistan. The Jihad against communism was funded and arm
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  • Crisis
    Global Financial Crisis Author and Page information • by Anup Shah • This Page Last Updated Saturday, July 25, 2009 • This page: http://www.globalissues.org/article/768/global-financial-crisis. • To print all information e.g. expanded side notes, shows alternative li
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  • Background to the Global Financial Crisis
    Background to the Global Financial Crisis John Cavanagh September 1998 [pic] On the day that this paper was initially drafted, September 11, 1998, media soundbites trumpeted crashing commodity prices, the collapse of Brazil's currency, and the growing crisis in leadership in the United State
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  • Recent Financial Crisis
    Introduction Lawrence R. Klein and Tayyeb Shabbir 1 ABOUT THIS BOOK This volume has been assembled to focus on specific analytical as well as policy-related issues pertaining to recent financial crises, most notably the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997–98 and the ripple effects that transla
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  • Kevin Rudd Global Financial Crisis
    Home » Kevin Rudd » The Global Financial Crisis   The Monthly Essays | February 2009  | The Global Financial Crisis The Global Financial Crisis KEVIN RUDD From time to time in human history there occur events of a truly seismic significance, events that mark a turning point betwe
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  • Crisis Management - Case Study
    European Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-216X Vol.27 No.3 (2009), pp.358-371 © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2009 http://www.eurojournals.com/ejsr.htm Crisis Management- A Case Study on Mumbai Terrorist Attack Manisha Shekhar Centre for Strategic Analysis & Research Deptt. of Electroni
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  • Convencion de Basileia Y La Crisis Financiera
    Basel Committee on Banking Supervision The Basel Committee’s response to the financial crisis: report to the G20 October 2010 Copies of publications are available from: Bank for International Settlements Communications CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland E-mail: publications@bis.org Fax: +41 61
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  • Managing the Crisis | Turkey Country Report
    Managing the Crisis | Turkey Country Report Sübidey Togan This report is part of the study Managing the Crisis which assesses 14 governments’ response to the global economic and financial crisis between September 2008 and September 2009 on the basis of a standardized set of criteria. Please
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  • Has Globalization Reinforced or Undermined the Legitimacy of the Nation
    Has Globalization reinforced or undermined the legitimacy of the nation-state. Introduction The Process of Globalization has completely dominated the era we live in from the end of the 20th century and still continues to dominate this century. We have seen how Hirst and Thompson claimed that â
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  • Has Globalization Reinforced or Undermined the Legitimacy of the Nation-State?
    Has Globalization reinforced or undermined the legitimacy of the nation-state? Globalisation is a phenomenon that has been increasingly used in the lexicon since the latter half of the 1980’s, achieving widespread and common currency amongst politicians, political analysts, academics, economist
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  • Global Financial Crisis
    RECOVERY The Global Financial Crisis and Middle-Income Countries Alejandro Foxley © 2009 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. All rights reserved. The Carnegie Endowment normally does not take institutional positions on public policy issues; the views represented here do not necessa
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